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Hannibal Advent - Day 30: Aperetivo

My justification for giffing this particular scene for the Hannibal Advent is due to the fact that Will is essentially telling Jack that his choices regarding his feelings for Hannibal and the actions proceeding them are not entirely conscious on his part. For instance, he iterates to Jack that it was not a decision to call Hannibal because decision requires a degree of conscious choice. His choice to call Hannibal was impulsive. However, this seemingly unconscious course of action serves to parallel a decision that was entirely conscious on Will’s part yet it was one he would not give voice to until this interaction. He wanted to run away with Hannibal; all his unconscious choices leading to this one very active and deliberate decision. He chose Hannibal above Jack, above the FBI, above the life he was living. He chose him because his feelings in regards to Hannibal were not and are not consciously decisive. He chose Hannibal because love is not a conscious choice. You do not choose to love someone. Love is an unconscious response which sets conscious decisions in motion. Hence the profundity of this particular interaction. 

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What can I do with a bs in "International Affairs?"

Quick Tip: International Affairs & International Relations are generally interchangeable degree names. It just depends what title the University you want to attend offers.

Here’s a few jobs for a BS in International Affairs/ International Relations

  • Archivist
  • Demographer
  • Diplomat
  • Foreign Affairs Analyst
  • Foreign Affairs Specialist
  • Foreign Service Officer
  • Immigration Specialist
  • Intelligence Specialist
  • Journalist
  • Language Specialist
  • Market Research Analyst

Check out this article: What Jobs Can I Get With an International Relations Major?

So today two of those Genius White Boys™ who are physics postgrads were talking to me and trying to convince me to do Physics Honours and asking why I chose astro instead and I told them my reasons (funding - I have a bursary - mental health, e.t.c.) and they didn’t seem to get it. Like, it’s easy to chose the more difficult option when you’re already a self-made millionaire (one of the dudes) or on your 5th (?) degree choice and close to 30 (the other dude) but when you’re a 21 year old with uncontrolled anxiety, overall shitty health and just just just privileged enough to worry about not wanting to further burden your parents with the cost of a degree you can’t self-fund and probably will fail… The easier, better funded, but not as challenging and prestigious choice is the one that you’re going to take. I do kinda regret not doing physics Honours, because whenever I hear physics people talk about their work I feel utterly silly with my baby cosmology and baby python courses and somehow forget that, while they may know about quantum stuffs and Lie Algebra, they don’t have a CLUE how to deal with any of the most basic astronomy problems or have easy access to the mountain of information about space that I have been granted with my astronomy degree. They don’t know how to reduce the spectrum of a distant galaxy, find the age of a star cluster or even work with magnitudes.

So I’m basically so done with the intellectual superiority of physics. Astronomy for life ❤💪💫✨

In my first year of university, I was taking a class that had around 500 students in it. I’ll never forget one lecturer who I had who asked the class lots of questions, she had this amazing ability to turn any student’s answer (no matter how wrong the answer was) into the correct answer to save that person the embarrassment of being wildly wrong in front of 500 people.
In the same class, I had another lecturer who would often pick on students and make fun of people (especially their degree choice) and I remember skipping her classes to avoid the anxiety of being in that lecture.

It made me see how much our actions affect other people, from their self-esteem to their education.
Its my reminder to always be kind, you never know what it could do for someone.

Truths - Sith!AU Snippet

In which freshly-fallen Sith Apprentice/Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi has to report to the Jedi Council after returning alone from a fateful mission to a Sith temple.

This is a snippet for one of several Sith!AUs that occupy far too much of my brainspace to be healthy. It’s also a Qui-Gon-lives-and-takes-Anakin-as-a-Padawan-AU, which means Obi-Wan is a young Jedi knight left to figure things out on his own without a padawan or master to help ground him. At least the Supreme Chancellor of the Republic seems to be genuinely interested in his life, even though he is a politician.

Because I have only 20 days left to finish my 60-page thesis (of which I have already finished two pages- yay!), I decided today would be a great day to finally sit down and actually write some fanfic. Which I haven’t done in more than a decade and which I’ve never seriously attempted before in English.


For the first time in weeks, he genuinely feels the calm he is projecting.

It’s a decidedly odd feeling, given the circumstances. Almost serene, almost like the world hadn’t completely turned on its axis— like he hadn’t turned.

He feels no inner turmoil: no fear, no anger, not even self-loathing. Not anymore. In a way, Obi-Wan Kenobi has never felt more like a Jedi than in this very moment. There is no emotion, there is peace. It’s the one tenet of the Code he had struggled with the most during his younger years, a struggle that had almost cost him his place in the Order.

And isn’t that truly ironic? Qui-Gon has feared his emotions would leave him vulnerable to the dark, but in the end the dark turned out to be what helped Obi-Wan rid himself of them at long last.

Or I’ve just gone into shock. It has been a long time coming, after all, and maybe the horror of what he has done— of what he has had to do, he reminds himself again— will only delay the inevitable appropriate emotional response. He isn’t sure which he prefers.

Peace is a lie, there is only passion.

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Let’s have a Ball (Bobby Finstock x Reader)

Request: Can you do a Couch Finstock one shot .. where a former student becomes a teacher at the school? -Anon

A/N: Here it is!  MASTERLIST

Word Count: 465

Warning: Fluff

It was your dream to become a PE teacher. You were on the Lacrosse team and the football team. You used to watch football matches and go to the gym. Where did you get all this enthusiasm? From Coach Finstock. He was surprised when he discovered that you liked sports because all the other girls were lazy and posh. He helped you with training. By time, you grew close and let him under your skin.

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After years of hard work and dedication, you got your degree. You got a choice where to teach…and you chose Beacon Hills. You entered the school and looked on your left. There was Finstock’s office. You knocked until you heard “Come in.” You walked in. “Y/L/N?” He asked as he sat up and kept staring at you. “I did it!” He began cheering at my response. He hugged you tightly and you hugged him back. “Thank you so much.” He gently released and looked in your eyes. “So…let me show you the new Lacrosse team.” I followed him to the pitch. “So Y/N, what’s an insect’s favorite game?” That was an old pun which he used to say. You laughed every time because it never got old. “Cricket.” You chuckled. The team was sitting lazily in the shade on the bleachers. “Get up lazy asses!” He shouted. slowly, they got up and stood on the white line. “This is Ms.Y/L/N. She will be helping me with you morons. I want you to show you respect and to keep your dirty hormones in the box. Do you understand me Greenberg?” The boy quickly nodded. Finstock moved up and down the boys, stating new rules. “Okay talk a lap!” The boys began jogging around the field. “So…Y/N, there’s a game tonight…and I was wondering if you’d like to come over to my place and watch it there.”

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“Sure. What time?” You asked.

“8:30pm.” He smiled. You took a moment and looked at him again. “But the game starts at 9:00pm.” 

 “We’ll find something to do in 30 minutes.” He winked at you and you blushed. You looked over his shoulder, and saw the team looking at you two. Finstock turned and saw the team making kissy faces and whistling. “Take another lap!” He yelled. He was red with embarrassment. You sat on the bleachers and talked about your old mates and about Greenberg who you didn’t know but you laughed at Finstock’s comments. Every time the team arrived  from their laps, he’ll order them to take more, getting more chance to talk to you. He decided to have some mercy and told them to stop. “My grandmother can move faster than that…and she’s dead.” Greenberg came tumbling after the team. “Terrible.” He whispered. You pursed your lips and held in the giggle.

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there’s a hot debate going on when it comes to the DiU anime and its style shift, and honestly i can see both sides of it, but i don’t see many people talking about the fact that the show’s palette choices are…. weird. and i can’t quite figure out what it is that makes them weird.

like any show, though, they tend to show up more than once.

i’m not and don’t claim to be an artist or colour theorist to any degree, but the colour choices were the biggest thing to stick out to me, and not in a particularly good way.

“Getting a part-time job that pays enough to live on and cover any tuition fees and other costs of going to university is as easy as that.” confirmed Allan with a single snap of his fingers as he sat atop his golden throne of self-righteous smugness, when Pointless Letters reached out for comment. “After all, it worked for me and there’s no way that things can have changed that much for students today. The world doesn’t just change, you know.”

“Next thing you’ll be telling me that people can’t afford to buy houses.” he added, later.

Things I wish I’d been told:

1) Living with people who study the same thing as you isn’t always positive. Spending too much time together might cause tension eventually. 

2) Join a society that you’re interested in. There you’ll find people with similar interests to yourself. 

3) Go to your lecturer’s office hours. It’s often helpful, even if you’re scared.

4) Don’t let it bother you when people deny your capability. They are probably just insecure. 

5) Cut out negative people who make you anxious. They’re not worth the trouble and you’ll feel better when you don’t let them emotionally drain you. 

6) Keep in contact with the friends that actually care about you. You’ll regret it when you need someone close to talk to. 

7) Don’t be afraid of failing. Not trying is much worse. 

8) Don’t play it safe with your degree choice. Transfer to dual honours when you’re doubting your subject in the first few weeks. 

9) Go home more often. Especially when you’re feeling really down. It really does help to take a break. 

10) Take the group work module. Have faith in other people. You’ll probably enjoy it more than the ones you actually took. 

11) Take French in second year. You’ll probably appreciate the variety. 

12) Focus on yourself. Some people are better suited to exams. Just do the best that you can do, and don’t be intimidated by people with crazy good exam scores. It’s not the only thing employers are looking for. 

13) Spend time with people when you’re miserable. Even if you just go downstairs and say hello to your housemates. Being inside your head just makes you feel worse. 

14) If you’re feeling anxious, study with someone else, even if you’re doing different subjects. It helps to have someone nearby sometimes. 

15) Make the most of the places you love. When you graduate you probably won’t go back.

I just finished a replay of Oxenfree and I have a load of vague meta thoughts I’m trying to collate. I wish I could sit down with it like a book, and underline lines, write in the margins, but as is I took 350 screen shots while playing through in Steam so I might go through those later.

On my first playthrough I saw it as a kind of meta-artistic statement on the nature of video games. You finish the game and then can play again. There are variations in what happens but there are no consequences, ultimately. You can reload, restart, wipe your save, replay, etc. When playing Tales from the Borderlands, Mass Effect, Life is Strange, Baldur’s Gate or any game with a degree of choice in the narrative, I may be concerned about what happens to certain characters, the MC’s relationship with them, etc. but if I receive an unsatisfactory result I can always go back and fix it. Hence the name being thematic: Oxenfree, ”all the outs in free”–those hiding can come out without consequence.

I think this is totally true but second time through there’s a lot more I picked up on. My thoughts are currently somewhat inchoate but I wanted to get some of them out while it’s still stewing fresh in my mind.

One thing that was really evident was the way Michael’s death suffuses the entire narrative. I mean obviously this is quite apparent, given the flashbacks to him and his death as the source of tension between Alex and Clarissa, but it’s more far reaching than I saw at first. The recurrence of drowning, both literal and metaphoric, was pretty striking. The officers and passengers of the USS Kanaloa drowning triply–trapped (drowning) inside the Kanaloa named after a sea deity which could be read as a personification of the ocean (they are drowning in a sea within a sea), drowning in time (forever lost in some nebulous extra-dimensional stretch of sea) and drowning literally, as is suggested by the ghost’s saying they had until morning, suggesting that survivors held out for a period until the entire vessel flooded).

There’s even the parallel of friendly fire, if you want to buy Clarissa’s story and blame Alex for her brother’s death. Maggie is responsible for calling the strike on the Kanaloa. She doesn’t intend to, but she does, and so it is sunk by friendly fire. Alex didn’t mean to let her brother drown, but she was the impetus for the trip to the lake and observed helplessly as her brother died. I think much of Clarissa’s blaming Alex is rooted in taking her pain and grief out on someone else, but it’s interesting that the less involved Nona seems to also suspect Alex could have done more (she refers to it as “none of her business” which seems like a polite way of expressing at the very least doubt). But there is that interesting parallel; neither Maggie nor Alex intended for their actions to end in the deaths of others. They’re innocents who behaved within their limits (Maggie followed protocol; of course Alex wanted to spend time with her brother before he left & she wasn’t skilled enough a swimmer to rescue him, being terrified aside) none the less are saddled with a sense of guilt and responsibility for what happened. The ghosts/Clarissa & the towns people (Alex’s freaking out about being present at Clarissa’s “suicide” and how her mom will react implies that Alex does have a scarlet letter on her forehead to many of the townsfolk) blame Maggie/Alex for something which they unwittingly had a hand in but are ultimately not responsible for. Survivor’s guilt is definitely a theme I think.

Drowning comes up numerous times with other characters too. Jonas refers to possession as drowning inside himself, Alex has a vision of Ren drowning and even Nona’s mention over the loud speaker of almost falling off a bridge into the ocean evokes the specter of drowning. I feel like the fear Clarissa develops of the ocean is not only sensible in terms of how someone might react to the trauma of the games events, but is also thematically appropriate. Which links me to how a parallel is drawn between grief and drowning.

When asked by the ghost if Alex understands being caught in nothing she can answer yes. The ghost derisively implies that the grief she and Clarissa experience is less than what they go through, but the parallels are I think quite obvious. The ghosts describes it as “sitting in your room, *breaking* for your brother.” There’s this sense of being trapped in and suffocated by grief in the game.

And I think this all draws together in interesting ways. It’s really important in terms of Clarissa being chosen by the ghosts as the embodiment of Alex’s antagonist. I think the invitation to give Clarissa up to the ghosts is, thematically, an invitation to handle grief poorly. To take your pain out on others, as the ghosts do (all they have left is their anger), as Clarissa does. And it’s interesting, having gotten both the bonding with Jonas & the Michael is alive again (and with Clarissa) endings, that the latter feels… less satisfying. Both as a player, and for Alex. The most assent she can give is an “No, he’s uh… yeah, he’s cool.” She notes that she felt sad about only talking to Jonas once after graduation. She seems really discomfited by Michael’s return. As opposed to her comfort at having been able to say a final “I love you” to Michael in the Jonas ending, she seems more alarmed. You can say it’s because she suspects time trickery, which is true, but I think it’s quite telling that she never has a “Yay! You’re alive!” moment on the boat at the end. I think Alex, and we players, are supposed to be unsatisfied with choices that involve holding on to grief or expressing it in unhealthy ways. Of course, one never ceases grieving for someone one has lost. “If somebody you love and is close to you dies, you’re not doing okay with it ever. You’re just kinda sad and that’s how you are from now on,” to quote a somber part of a Rye Silverman stand-up bit. But there are ways to stay with grief (drown in it?) and ways to move on with your life while grieving and remembering. 

And I kinda wonder if the story is about that. The circumstances of Michael’s death were also traumatic for Alex. The repetition of circumstances fits well for both the affective experiences of grief and of trauma. Flashbacks, dissociation, dreams and nightmares, being unable to stop thinking and fixating on the trauma or the person lost, the way it unmakes you and saps your energy. Much of the way Alex is jerked around by the ghosts fits as a metaphor for those psychological pains and processes.

It even keys in on a broader sense. Alex is compared to Anna. Maggie loses Anna and Alex loses Michael, but it could easily be the other way around for one or both pairs. The losses one experiences are part of a history-long legacy of loss and death. It is a repetition with variation throughout history, much like the game’s narrative.

There’s also the memory motif. IIRC Ren refers to the slides as frozen memories? Or something. In the quiz in Adler’s house you have to find a picture of a memory. The ghosts are preoccupied with the question of remembrance and being forgotten. It’s a preoccupation for both Maggie and Alex, evidently, and of course Clarissa. In my own experiences of grief, I think one can easily mistake processing grief for forgetting, and it seems like that concern (memory/forgetfulness vis-a-vis grief) is operative within the text.

There’s a lot more going on here, I think. Metaphors of colonization: the Kanaloa is a Hawaiin god, the game takes place in a settler colonialist nation, there’s the anomaly by the bunker door where Alex is told she’ll be part of the tradition of genocide and colonization, the ghosts referring to the town as a “*depraved* tourist trap they’ve built upon our carcass”). Some stuff with faces (the ghosts forget their faces, theirs a poster in Alex’s room that says FACE DEATH on it). Probably more depth to what I rambled about above (I didn’t even touch on Jonas and his mom). Overall I just think there’s a lot to dig into here. 

Didn’t mean for this to get so long but, one final thought: in my first run through I collected all the letters/anomalies and in my second I only got 8 anomalies and 2 letters. I liked how not getting all the letters changed your dialogue options with the ghosts. Really clever design.

It’d also be interesting to do a textual comparison between Oxenfree and recent games that play with issues of time, loss and repetition (Life is Strange) and meta statements on gaming as a medium (Undertale). But I’ve gone on long enough.

If any of my Oxenfree buddies have thoughts I’d love to hear them: @explosionshark @wussygirl @sanzuwuya

sooo @letaizawarest tagged me so i have to write down 11 facts about myself

1. i got my tonsils removed when i was 7 or 8 because i kept having thorat infection

2. i don’t like having long nails, it’s impractical, though i do like to have them painted

3. i’ve never broken any bone

4. i feel so deprived having no oven or microwave in my little student room that i’ve started DREAMING about baking/cooking

5. i regret my choice of degree so much sometimes

6. im writing my own novel and it’s slow going but im pumped about it!

7. every time a kid is staring at my blue hair i feel so happy and like i’ve accomplished something

8. i understand maths very easily but im terrible at explaining it to people

9. i have really bad memory when it comes to remembering things i’ve lived. learing stuff?? usually okay if im interested. what i did last monday?? the conversations i have?? my childhood?? i have fragments and feelings but it’s usually very nebulous

10. i used to be afraid of spiders, until we moved in what’s still my parent’s house when i was 4, and while exploring i ended up seeing a spider that looked enormous to tiny me in a spare bedroom. i walked out, thought i was being stupid, and walked back in to look at it again. it was gone but since then i’ve been okay with spiders (which is good because there are plenty in the house :’))

11. i know how to swim but i don’t like doing it and i WILL try to rip the head off anybody who tries to put my head underwater, even as a joke

aaaaand im tagging @ohohohobro @bluekittxn @shittygomu @candy-harlot @goodfellowes and whoever else wants to do it

I got into university!!!

Today I received the news that I got into the Adelaide University (my dream university) early entry program. I have a guaranteed place in any science degree. I’m really happy about this because it means that whatever happens this year I’ve at least got into my second choice degree.