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Well, there’s only one planet with Veradera Beach, pizza shack looking over the water and the garlic knots and my mom’s hugs…I’m sorry. I think this Nunvil is getting to me. I gotta go.

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if your still doing requests, could you do a fic where Jughead is a serpent and goes to Southside high and Betty is head cheerleader at riverdale and is dating Chuck? thanks and I love your writing!

Jughead held the rag to his nose, cursing under his breath as his friends all tended to their injuries. They had been jumped, absolutely wrecked by some Riverdale goonies in Blue and Yellow Letterman Jackets. Jughead recognized them instantly when they ran onto the Southside Basketball courts, Chuck Clayton leading the way as he and his idiotic, brain dead jock teammates face off against The younger generation of he Southside Serpents, a notorious gang in the darker parts of Riverdale.

Neither side had won the fight, both groups of boys going home with some serious injuries, however they had stolen his Leather Jacket and he was fairly pissed about that.

“I’ll kill them” a burly boy named Dean stated, spitting tobacco on the ground as he cracked his knuckles, nursing a seriously bruised cheek.

“We have to retaliate, maybe hit up that Diner they’re always going too.“A dirty teenager shouted from the back.

Beside him his closest friend and fellow Serpent ,Keith, rolled his eyes, elbowing Jughead with an exasperated shrug.

Jughead shook his head, wincing as he removed the rag

“We’ll get them back, but for now…we make them wait.. they’ll be waiting for us. Make them shake a bit” he said simply, as the other boys nodded in agreement. The Serpents always listened to Jughead, he was the voice of reason
And with his father being the gang leader he had somewhat of a pull.

There was a soft knock on the door, all of the boys went quiet as it slowly opened, revealing the one thing no one was expecting.

In walked an incredibly beautiful, blonde teenaged girl, her long hair pulled tightly in a ponytail and her shiny green eyes looking nervously around the bar, she had on a floral blue skirt and a clean white sweater, considering the fact that it was definitely over eighty degrees the choice of top confused Jughead, she stepped forward a nervous smile gracing her perfect heart shaped lips. She had a familiar leather jacket clenched in her hands and she seemed taken aback by everyone staring at her

“Umm hello. I’m so sorry to interrupt but I have something to return.”

Even her voice was soft like cotton. She held out the leather jacket to the group

“I found this in my boyfriends car, I know it doesn’t belong to him so I thought I would bring it back on my own.” She looked around, waiting for someone to claim it, her fingers twitching.

Snapping out of his daze Jughead walked towards the gorgeous blonde.

“That’s mine, your boyfriends an asshole” he said simply, standing before her and gently taking the jacket, his eyes fluttering closed for a second as he inhaled the fresh vanilla and peach that wafted off of her.

“You have no idea” she smiled sadly, something in her eyes made Jughead want to reach for her, grab her and wrap her up. “I’m so sorry about this, he just.. he gets that way sometimes, Chuck should never have taken your things and he definitely should never have attacked you all.” She looked around, her sad green eyes growing more desperate by the second, he wanted to make her feel better, something he wasn’t used to feeling. Jughead jones didn’t care about anyone but himself and his gang.

“It’s not your fault he’s a dick” he said monotone .

He saw a glint of something in her eyes as she giggled and he felt a tiny bit of pride for being the one to put it there. She coughed a bit and nearly every Serpent ran towards her, shoving beers in her face.

“Oh!” She exclaimed, smiling at the gesture
“That’s very sweet, but I’m okay.” She coughed again and this time Keith pushed his beer a bit too fast, spilling most of it on her sleeves, Jughead shoved his friend away from the blonde and then rest of the Serpents shouted at him, smacking him upside the head

“That’s okay!” She laughed, an honest to god happy laugh “it’s just some beer” she rolled up her sleeves to her elbows and Jughead had to bite back the hiss at what he saw. Her arms were covered in purple and blue bruises, fingerprint shaped marks littered her wrists and by the collective growl he knew the other boys had seen it too. He was going to kill Chuck Clayton.

The Serpents didn’t make the best decisions but one thing they didn’t tolerate was abuse to any woman, especially this gorgeous angel.

Her eyes went wide and she began pulling her sleeves down
“Well, once again I want to apologize for my classmates behavior. I’d like to say it won’t happen again, but when you make Chuck Clayton mad.. well there’s really nothing you can do.” She shrugged helplessly as she headed towards the door, waving slightly to the people she passed.

When she was almost at the door Jughead looked up to see each and every Serpent looking at him with threatening eyes.

“Go after her you dumbass” dean whispered loudly.

Rolling his eyes Jughead headed for the door just in time to catch her before she stepped into her black minivan.

“Hey!” He called, causing her to spin around.

“Is everything okay?” She asked, concerned.

“Everything’s fine, you just didn’t tell me your name.” He smirked, pulling his leather jacket on and sticking a cigarette into his mouth.

Betty stared at him, that same glint he had seen a few moments ago back in her eyes. She plucked the cigarette from his mouth, popping it into her pocket and beaming

“My names Betty Cooper, I’ll see you around…?” she trailed off, waiting for him to fill in the blank.

“Jughead. Jughead Jones” he answered, still in awe of the angel in front of him.

“Okay. I’ll see you around… Jughead Jones.” With that, she got in her car and drove towards her personal hell. Riverdale, the town with pep.

Meanwhile Jughead was staring at her retreating car, his face stuck in a stupid grin.

Keith and Dean came up behind him, calling for the other Serpents.

“So.. what’s her name?” Dean asked as the low mumble of the Serpents came from behind him.

“It’s Betty.. Betty Cooper. Maybe you were right, maybe we should pay the diner a friendly visit sooner than I thought.” He said, his eyes hardening at the thought of Betty’s “boyfriend”

You want a war Chuck Clayton? You got one. And this time?

He was gonna save fair Juliet.

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quick elsewhere university question: if a trans person was given a second name by their parents when they came out, what kind of power would that name have? (as it's a second name, but still a given one)

It wouldn’t be a danger to you - only the first given name would. All others come with some degree of choice on your part. You’d have the benefit, however, of promising to trade away your ‘true name’ and giving them the new name - it wouldn’t be a lie.


i couldnt choose which set i liked better so @evisms told me 2 post both lol 

name: kaitlyn 

age: 17 

zodiac: cancer 

favorite book: the freshman/the royal romance i love them both :// 

how long ive been playing pixelberry games: ever since hss so like,,,, 2014ish ??

Scandalous eh?

Hah! So everyone thinks what Leo did to Madeleine is scandalous, wait till Liam dump her, Live via Satellite with Steve Harvey Miss U 2k15 sprinkles on it. Madeleine better marry Burger King instead! Bwahahahaha! 🍔 👑


i really didn’t want to have to do this tbh, bc not once in my 6 years on this website have i had to, but i don’t have a choice at this point in time. given all the group projects i’ve got (and with this being my senior year of college), i just don’t have the time to get on every day, or even every week, so a semi-hiatus is the only plausible thing for me to do right now. while i am NOT leaving elizabeth, she is my baby and i’ve been with her since only a few days after the premiere of hotel, i’m not going to be able to get on in a consistent manner at all. not until at least winter break, which is in two or so weeks, so until then i’ll be on and off whenever i can manage to take a few minutes for myself. 

i love you guys so very much, and i hate to have to do this, but i really don’t have a choice rn. i’m always here if you need me, tho, both on discord (if you already have my username for it), as well as tumblr IM. i wanna be updated on everyone’s life and i wanna know everyone is doing okay; don’t be shy, babes. ♥

I'll tell you a secret...

Very few humans in history ever had a notion of where they were going and what they were doing. To look back on their success and hard work as the fulfillment of some plan they had for their lives from infancy…is revisionist and fundamentally detrimental to your psychology.

You young ones…some of you graduating or attempting to plan the rest of your lives as if writing a book report, are failing to see the truth: that great men become great by degrees, through difficult choices, and almost none of them plan to be where they end. Choose any famous person and do an in-depth analysis of their life. You will doubtlessly find a litany of things that they did before they became a figurehead or signpost for “success”. You will witness the crossroads of their lives and the path they walked. You won’t see what they went through to decide on the path, the leaps and bounds and personal hurdles they overcame to follow a branch to its terminus. All you see are the results.

Did you know that George Washington’s great-grandfather John only ended up in Virginia because he wrecked his ship? Ran it aground in a river and married the lady whose family took him in. He married into plantations and all because he failed at seafaring. Mind you, I don’t happen to find George Washington a particularly romantic figure, but there are many reasons for that, not limited to his ownership of slaves. But that is beside the point. Men uphold him as a hero and an icon who couldn’t lie about cherry trees or some such. It’s all silly. Let’s look at Ben Franklin. He’s a bit less controversial. His father was a chandler (a tallow merchant) and he ran away at 17. He worked a few odd jobs in a series of printing houses, until he went to London on a broken promise. That is to say, he was told he’d be fetching some equipment, only to be somewhat stranded there. He ended up working at the press in a church I know very well, and then wandered back to the colonies to found the Philadelphia Gazette. His first published works were under a pseudonym. Let’s have another go? Hmm…Mozart! Born to a minor composer and violinist he had almost no education but what his father gave him. People go on and on that the boy was a prodigy who seemed suddenly able to write music, but that is falsehood. His father Leopold was dedicated to his son’s education. People say that Mozart wrote his first symphony at 8, and while that’s terribly impressive you’re forgetting two things: firstly that his father was a musician who gave the boy’s talent all of his support, and secondly that his father transcribed and annotated all of his youthful works. Mozart did not compose alone until he was in his 20’s and most of his works are variations on themes. Not to diminish his prowess, but to suggest that all achievements are merely progressions that are varied and applied, altered and experimented with, given attention or ignored.

You cannot plan your life. Your life is not yours. Your life is a thing that unfolds with some consent from you, in an ever-changing kaleidoscope of environment, association, education, and circumstance. Cease planning your life. Stop making yourself anxious over the plan.

Live. Make the decision that is best for now, and then open yourselves to change and growth. Then make another decision when the need arises.

There’s only one goal you should have for your existence:

Be the best person you can. Always challenge and improve. Always find the joy. Always foster it in others. Be a better human.

If you can manage that, you’ve done better than the vast majority of history and you’re a hero in my very very very long book.

This has been your matriculation pep talk, courtesy of your friendly neighborhood cryptid.

It would seem that 8 years ago me reeeeeally set present day me up for success….

Blade Runner 2049 analysis *SPOILERS*


Is everyone wanting to avoid spoilers for both the original Blade Runner as well as 2049 gone? Okay? Good. First I’ll just address how I interpret the first movie so you know where I’m coming from with 2049.

To me, the original was about both a bad man finding his humanity by the grace of a machine, and a flawed man affirming his humanity through his final actions. To me, Deckard is unequivocally a human, not only because the “Deckard is a replicant twist!” feels like a hackneyed afterthought, but because his relative lack of human empathy and subsequent discovery of said empathy is far more interesting to me than a guy not knowing what he is. Deckard is a bit of a piece of garbage - he’s an alcoholic, he kinda-sorta-maybe rapes Rachel, and he is a cynical shell of a man after so many years on a corrupt police force in a destitute city.

So his lack of empathy at the start, contrast against his newfound sense of humanity, affirmed by the final act of Roy, is a really wonderful story of two men on opposite sides of the same coin both finding solace and affirmation in each other at the very end. Deckard finally understands, and Roy leaves behind a man who will carry his memory on, even if the rest of the world forgets him. His life had purpose, and it was his actions that defined him, not where he came from.

And so with that said, I’m so happy 2049 completely sidestepped the entire idea and ultimately said it doesn’t matter one bit, all that matters is what you know to be real and what you actually do that defines you.

K’s story is a mirror of both Deckard’s and Roys, except he’s not looking to just be human, he wants to be MORE human than human. He wants to be special. He has delusions of grandeur and is so high on his own dreams he inserts himself into his own case and makes it about him. He assumes the child is him because he just wants so damn bad to be that kid, to be special, to be not just human but THE human. Joi is the opposite side of the replicant coin - if replicants can have a soul because of their actions, then Joi is the counterpoint that says they can also just have absolutely nothing inside as well.

Joi is K’s personified dream of being special. Joi AIs are supposed to be “Anything You Want,” and what he wants to be is special, so she is constantly reassuring him that he is in fact very special. She insists the entire way that he’s the child, he’s important, she’s always there because she’s coddling him. He does love her, but it’s not reciprocated. I don’t think there’s even a hint of a soul in Joi, because she represents more of an idea than an individual to K.

And her giving him the name Joe is really the first clue that he’s just an utter nobody with no value. He’s just an Average Joe, your everyday replicant who dreams of being something greater, of saving the world. 2049 is the story of an arrogant man having his worldview and identity shattered, and ultimately finding a real sense of humanity in the idea of just simply being. He affirms his own humanity, he makes his own choices, he’s the one who has the final say and no one else gets to determine what his identity is. He chooses to save Deckard for the same reason Roy did - he made the human choice, the empathetic choice, and he left someone behind to remember him even when the rest of the world would forget. If Roy is remarkable for proving he had a soul, then K can’t be, and he finally makes peace with simply being. He doesn’t need external validation, he’s his own man in the end.

Just as Joi is a reflection of his own dreams, the LAPD and the Resistance both represent his aspiration to identity and external validation. With the LAPD, his identity is formed to that of a slave. There is some sense of purpose here, his role is concrete and fully realized. He has no real choice, but he does have purpose within the external formation of his identity as slave. However, just as Roy said, living in fear is what it is to be a slave. He fears that he is just regular, so he dreams of being special.

With the Resistance, his identity is formed to that of a freed replicant. There is no purpose, but there is some degree of choice. He must make a real choice to accept this, and within the role of a freed replicant he may have some degree of autonomy, but this also means he is not special for all share his dreams.

Immediately before being presented this choice he loses Joi, and his worldview begins to crumble. Once she is gone he learns there is not one ounce in him that is special, that he wasn’t born, and that he is utterly unremarkable on every front for even the other replicants made the same choices he did, came to the same conclusions he did about being special, they all dreamed it. This is where Gaff’s origami sheep is really important to me, because this point of the movie is where it draws most heavily from the title Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?. To me, I think the movie takes this quite literally, in that the replicants all dream of being special, of having some grander meaning, but in choosing to bound those dreams together in an aimless, shared cause, they all dilute themselves and the dream until they’re all just sheep chasing the same uniqueness.

So when K has his world shattered and is presented with this choice to cobble that dream back together, he realizes it is a choice of one form of slavery or another. This moment in the story is framed by the two most important moments of the entire movie - K asking Deckard if the dog is real with Deckard responding “I don’t know, ask him,” and then seeing the pink Joi on the bridge. These two moments underpin the ENTIRE movie in my opinion and are the most profound moments of change in K as a character. The “Ask him” line plants the seed, and the bridge scene is where it bursts from the ground. This is where he finds his humanity. It’s not found in what others say, he needs no external validation. No one can make him human, no one can decide his identity, in the absence of his dreams he is left with only one realization - he is the one who gets to decide what he is, and his actions in life are all that matter.

When he sees the pink Joi, he realizes that his dream of being special was not just a facade, but that his entire love for Joi was misguided. He wasn’t in love with her, he was in love with the idea of her. He was in love with the idea of being special, and he thought she was special too. Seeing her naked, nothing more than commodified, electric sex, as big as a god for all the world to worship and fawn over, there was not one part of it that was genuine, not one element real. In the end he really was just all alone and docile, subservient to fantasy and the outside world. In this moment he realizes what is important and what defines him, and he chooses to defy everyone else and save Deckard.

And in saving Deckard, he finally realizes what it is to be human. It’s not to be special, it’s not to be fawned over, it’s just the choice. Your biology doesn’t matter, where you came from doesn’t matter, it doesn’t even matter what’s on the inside or outside. What defines a human is what one decides to do, and in that moment he reached out in empathy to save a life at no benefit to him. He made the human choice, the choice that mattered most. He fully validated himself as human, not to the world but to himself, and in doing so left behind a man who would remember him when the rest of the world forgot.

Luv is the mirror of K, in that she fully commits to the identity handed to her. She doesn’t even question it, even as she stands stricken in fear as Wallace kills the newborn. She’s terrified in that moment, and she is fully a slave, paralyzed by the control of Wallace. Wallace is Luv’s version of Joi, he is the personification of her desire to be special as well. He tells her she is “The best angel,” and she repeats that she’s “The best one” at the end. She fully embraces the identity handed to her and never makes a real decision because she accepts the lie of being special, and is ultimately drowned in the ocean, forgotten, with no one to remember.

Wallace and Joi occupy the same role on opposite sides, as do the LAPD and the Resistance. They are mere plot devices to further K’s story, they’re not integral at all on a basic plot-level, but are profound nonetheless. Joi/Wallace are K and Luv’s respective internal dreams, while the LAPD/Resistance is K’s dueling external pressures to shape his identity, whereas Luv only has Wallace to form her sense of identity.

In both films I feel like Deckard is less a character and more of a mirror to Roy and K, and the vehicle through which they find their sense of humanity. His scene with Wallace also reaffirmed that it truly does not matter who is a replicant or not. The conversation was not literally about whether Deckard was a replicant, but whether it mattered or not. Was it love or programming? What is ultimately the difference, if love is just a chemical reaction? Is man a product of programming, or something higher like a soul? Love is the driving force for Deckard, but this could just be programming. If so, he is not really different from a replicant but ultimately that does not even remotely matter. I think Luv also serves as the lynchpin to this conversation as well, since phonetically she shares the same name and follows her programming, she obeys both by code and by emotion. The two are the same thing, but ultimately this does not matter, because again the only thing that truly matters is one’s actions.

By this, we can see that K and Luv both followed their emotions, and thus biological programming, yet Luv’s choices were influenced by conformity out of fear whereas K acted outside of that. Truly then both are as human as human can be, but not moreso. There cannot be something more human than human, it is just a dream to aspire to yet never achieve. One must acknowledge that it will never be achieved and there is beauty in being average. It is okay to not be special, to not save the world, but you can save yourself.

Overall I think 2049 is a more profound movie than the original. It asks different questions and examines different yet similar themes. It is so damn thematically rich, and the clues are baked deep into every pore of this movie, from the visuals to the audio to the acting to the writing. It all runs deep and creates one hell of a poignant cacophony by the end. I think the “Tears in Rain” monologue is still my favorite individual moment between the two movies, it can’t really be topped, but I think on the whole 2049 is far more resonant, important, and timely. Just as the original was a reflection of contemporary society, so too is 2049. It is aimed at the millennial malaise, the dream of being special. It’s why we buy into K’s dreams so hard only for the rug to be yanked so violently from under us alongside him. We all share that dream, we’ve all been coddled and told we’re special, but we’re not, and that’s okay. It hit me right in the gut because I identified with K so much. He made me feel like it’s okay to just be me, because I’m not that special, I’m not the hero, the promised one, the chosen one, the leader of armies, the savior of a species. I’m unremarkable, but what I can choose to do with that is what I’ll be remembered by.

As he laid dying in the snow, and “Tears in Rain” began playing I was just wholly overwhelmed with so many emotions. I think it was a flawless and fitting end to a truly remarkable movie and I’m so grateful I got to witness it in theaters. It came at the exact right time in my life that it just moved me to tears by the end. It wasn’t perfect, but it didn’t have to be. With two viewings and some time to let it all sink in, I think it was one of the most beautiful and poetic movies I have ever seen. I think it legitimately trumps the original in regards to its narrative, character, and thematic exploration (and the visuals holy CRAP what a jaw droppingly beautiful movie) and it’s certainly a more impactful movie to me as a result. Time might tell whether it holds up, but to me it is nothing short of an elegant masterpiece.

small happy thing cause Im doing terrible things rn and also cause its literally freezing in roubaix wtf france

Buffy’s “Empty Places”: Deconstructing Merit, Luck, and Betterment

Anyone who’s spent five minutes with me knows that I love ranty metas, and Buffy’s “Empty Places” is something I’ve wanted to tackle since I finished it. However, rather than try to unravel the entirety of that shit-show conversation I want to focus in on what Anya says near the end.

You really do think you’re better than we are. But we don’t know. We don’t know if you’re actually better. I mean, you came into the world with certain advantages, sure. I mean, that’s the legacy. But you didn’t earn it. You didn’t work for it. You’ve never had anybody come up to you and say you deserve these things more than anyone else. They were just handed to you. So that doesn’t make you better than us. It makes you luckier than us.

Here Anya lays out three important questions that I think are crucial to interpreting the Buffyverse.

  • Did Buffy “earn” her power? 
  • Is she “luckier” than her friends? 
  • Is Buffy “better” than her friends? And what exactly does “better” mean in this context?

Honestly, I still stand amazed that Anya can even voice the first two questions among Buffy’s friends and not get immediate, wicked backlash. Admittedly her use of “luckier” could be interpreted to mean “randomly,” but her word choice is still significant. Buffy is by no stretch of the imagination lucky. Does her calling give her purpose? Yes. Does it give her cool superpowers? Absolutely. But none of these benefits are free gifts—they’re balanced, even outweighed, by her responsibilities. This calling means that Buffy has no other options in her life, no career or family as a ‘normal’ person would experience it. Her powers are to keep herself and others safe, not to have fun with. Buffy didn’t win the freaking lottery here, this life was forced on her.

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What can I do with a bs in "International Affairs?"

Quick Tip: International Affairs & International Relations are generally interchangeable degree names. It just depends what title the University you want to attend offers.

Here’s a few jobs for a BS in International Affairs/ International Relations

  • Archivist
  • Demographer
  • Diplomat
  • Foreign Affairs Analyst
  • Foreign Affairs Specialist
  • Foreign Service Officer
  • Immigration Specialist
  • Intelligence Specialist
  • Journalist
  • Language Specialist
  • Market Research Analyst

Check out this article: What Jobs Can I Get With an International Relations Major?

Late-Night Studying (Hercules Mulligan x Reader)

Originally posted by thinkingabouttheater

Pairing: Hercules Mulligan x Reader

Requested?: ‘27 herc or Benny?’

Prompt: “Did you hear that?”

Words: 700+

Warnings: Sassy Herc, Tired Fluff

A/N: I wrote this at 3 AM yesterday & never posted it until now. Oops ^^”



“Herccc,” You groaned as your head was slammed on the top of the desk, most likely leaving a bruise on your forehead. “I can’t do this.”

It was two-thirty in the morning on a Wednesday. The reason that you weren’t in bed with your boyfriend was because you were having a cram session for your final while Hercules sketched out fashion designs, sitting Indian style at the foot of the bed. You both attended the same art college and shared the same dorm along with your best friend Angelica and his friend Lafayette. While your roommates had classes during the day, you and Herc had evening and night classes, making you somewhat night owls. You and Angelica were studying in the field of Visual and Performing Arts, Lafayette was majoring in Music (specifically Songwriting), and Hercules was a Fashion Design prodigy. 

You were pursuing Performing Arts because your brother wanted to be in Theater and perform in public. You used to be very antisocial but he helped you out of your shell and you learned to embrace the limelight and the adrenaline of live performing. But, your brother had a terrible accident that left him paralyzed from the waist down. So, you vowed to keep going with your dream job and making Performing Arts your college degree choice. Your parents were proud of you but really wanted you to take on engineering like your dad but you didn’t want a boring life. So, they’ll have to deal with an actress for a daughter.

Hercules looked up from his sketchpad and chuckled at your deflated form sitting at the desk, your head planted on the wooden tabletop. He thought you were so cute when you were exhausted from cram studying. He placed his sketchbook and package of drawing pencils back in his book bag and stood, stretched his arms, and yawned. Right now, you’d be drooling over his beautifully toned muscles, but you were too occupied with dozing to sleep at the desk. Herc moved over and pulled your chair back, making your head slide off the desk. Before you could fall forward out of your seat, Herc picked you up bridal style and lightly threw you onto the bed. You let out a comfortable sigh of air out of your nose, slipping under the warm covers and nestling into the mattress.

Hercules watched you with adoration. You were just so cute when you try to sleep! He could already imagine cuddling with you for the rest of the night. But, he had to finish his sketches or it will eat at his psyche for hours and cause him no sleep. So, he sat down, pulled the chair back up to the desk, and retrieved his book bag. He just took out his sketchpad and pencils when you sat up abruptly, your once messy bun now free from the hair tie that was now laying on the pillow. You blinked a few times before glaring tiredly at your boyfriend from across the room.

“Herc,” You said with a pouty tone. “Get in bed.” 

Hercules blinked a few times before softly smiling. “I will, my dear. I just need to finish this sketch.” 

“No. You come to bed now.”

“Just give me five minutes, okay?”

“No. Come to bed now.” You were practically whining.

“(Y/N), I need to finish this.” Hercules whined back.

“Hercules Mulligan, I need you to come over her a cuddle with me.” You shot back.

Hercules looked up to look at you. His soft features now held a tired frown. The room was silent besides from the crickets outside the open window and your breathing.

“Did you hear that?” Hercules whispered.You frowned. 

“Hear what?” You whispered back.

“The sound of complete silence where you’re asleep and not bothering me.” 

You glared darkly at Hercules, who was smirking smugly. You wanted to punch him but didn’t have the energy to argue any longer. You just fell back onto the pillow and murmured about how you were going to make Hercules sleep on the couch for a few nights as you tried to get comfortable. 

After a few moments, you felt a dip in the bed behind you. You felt strong arms wrap around you as you were turned around to face Hercules. You smirked.

“So you came crawling back to me, huh?” you said smugly but also tiredly.Hercules chuckled. 

“I can still leave this bed, (Y/N).” You pulled Herc closer to you. 

“Nope. You can’t. Goodnight Herc-y. I love you.” 

Hercules kissed your forehead lightly before tucking his head in the crook of your neck.

You slowly fell asleep as Hercules murmured: 

“Sweet dreams, my princess.”

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do you have any advice for convincing your parents to let you do the degree you want? i want to study dentistry but it's only offered as an undergraduate degree interstate, so my parents want me to just do something else instead when i know i'll be fine living by myself and won't be happy doing something else (。•́︿•̀。)

Anonymous asked: How do I deal with family that doesn’t support my major or career path? 

Anonymous asked: I’m in college but I’m not studying something that I honestly like. I’ve finally found something that I’m interested in but problem is my parents are fine with me studying it as a hobby but not as a career, and I’m not too sure what I kind of jobs I can do even if I switch. Do you have any advice for how I can convince them? 

Hey there!! Thank you all for asking!! 

  • This is a little bit tricky to answer because all relationships with parents will differ a little bit. I think if they’re expressing an interest in what you study, even if it’s a particularly controlling type of interest then they at least care about your future and where you end up. 
  • So with that in mind, when you do speak to them, make sure you let them know that you appreciate their concern, but explain that dentistry/your major is something that you’ve always wanted to do and why
  • Also consider: a lot of times people just want to study something because they find it interesting but do you actually want to do something with it? For example studying a language like Korean: do you want to work as a translator with it? Or do you want to work in Korea as any particular job? 
  • It would also be useful to explain the benefits of pursuing that particular degree e.g. salary. 
  • Work out why they’re worried about your degree/major or about sending you interstate, if it’s about you being alone and not being able to take care of yourself you can offer suggestions to overcome that. A suggestion would be that you offer to cook dinners or your own meals for a month or take on some more responsibility at your own house to show them that you’re independent enough to stay at a dorm interstate. 
  • It’s likely they don’t know what jobs you can get or think it’s there’s no jobs in that industry so of course they don’t want you to end up jobless
  • If you can find a job and show them that the job prospects in the workplace are good then they would be more willing to let you study it.  
  • At the end of the day, I think just voicing out gently and repeatedly that this is something you really care about and really want to do will help your parents realise that, and will hopefully persuade them to let you do the degree you want to study. 
  • Sometimes they just don’t think you’re too committed to the idea, or not aware of the (perceived) disadvantages of the degree. They may be thinking it’s fine with you studying it as a hobby because that’s all they think that *you* think it is. If you show them you know well enough about the career prospects, they’d be more supportive. If you show that you know about it well enough and have some sort of contingency plan to overcome it, then they’ll be more willing to let you pursue it. 

Hope that helps!! Let me know how it goes ^__^

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Hiiiiii (x Could you please do a royal headcanon about an omega prince and an alpha knight secretly be in love and going out with each other? XD

Yesssss fuck me UP I love this so much

  • The omega prince is probably going to end up married to another royal alpha from another kingdom. He’ll get a degree of choice provided no wars break out, but he’s still kind of bummed out he can’t just choose
  • He often hears the guards and knights talking about their mates, and he gets very jealous
  • One day he’s at some fancy gathering at a duke’s palace, and he gets lost wandering around the halls
  • As he walks, he finds himself in the gardens, and the doors are being guarded by a solitary knight bearing the duke’s family crest across his breast plate
  • The knight notices that the omega prince is alone, and he rushes over and says “your highness, are you alright? Why aren’t you in the banquet hall?”
  • The omega blushes because holy shit does this alpha smell good and admits that he’s lost
  • The knight, in true alpha style, puffs his chest out and salutes the omega and asks “would you allow me to escort you to the hall, your highness?”
  • The omega accepts, of course, and the knight waits for omega to begin walking so he can follow from behind (as is customary to do), but the omega simply smiles and says “I would like you to walk by my side”
  • By this point, the alpha is very flustered and nervous, but accepts, internally screaming because not only are they escorting a prince but the prince is very cute
  • The omega is sad when they reach the hall, and as they bid the knight goodbye, the decide that first thing tomorrow morning, they’ll order that the knight be transferred to his palace
  • Lo and behold, the duke is delighted to offer the knight in service to the prince, and the knight is thrilled and shocked and amazed that the prince actually remembered him
  • The prince sees the knight around the castle, and he’ll smile, and even greet him if they’re alone
  • Gradually, the omega begins to go out of his way to be with the knight, and this doesn’t go unnoticed by his beta escort, who suggests that he promote the knight to part of his royal guard
  • Meanwhile, the prince’s parents are ecstatic, because their son is finally showing a interest in royal proceedings, and is supplementing their own royal guard instead of just letting it be picked for them
  • When in reality, the prince is just showing an interest in the knight
  • The prince, although shy, is the first to move. One day, as his guard is being escorted, he feigns anger, and dismisses all the knights except his alpha knight, acting as though he’s furious with the alpha
  • The poor alpha has NO CLUE what’s going on, and his heart is slowly breaking because he really doesn’t want to leave this omega’s side
  • Once the guards are gone and the two are alone, the omega steps up to the knight, pulls his helmet back, and kisses him
  • The knight’s heart is suddenly repaired and racing and his mind is going a mile a minute because hOLY SHIT THIS BEAUTIFUL OMEGA PRINCE IS KISSING HIM
  • They stare at each other in shocked silence for a few minutes after, their scents shifting between content, nervous, and adoring
  • Then, the knight clears his throat and puffs out his chest, and gets down on one knee, bowing his head
  • “Your majesty” he says “I pledge my life and loyalty to you and only you, for as long as your reign may last and beyond”
  • The omega giggles and tells them to get to their feet, and then kisses them briefly
  • Every time they see each other from then on, they give each other furtive and wanting glances, and when they’re alone, which is very rarely, they’ll fall on each other like long lost lovers
  • The prince sometimes sneaks out of his room during the night to go to the guard quarters
  • The other knights and guards all think the knight is in Really Big Trouble with the prince, because the prince asks to see him so much in private
  • Only the prince’s escort knows what’s happening, but that’s because they found the knight hiding under the prince’s bed when they had almost gotten caught by the king
  • They’ll give each other looks during formal events, and every possible moment, the prince will ‘slip out to get some air’ and take his personal guard with him
  • When in reality they’re just slipping out for a quick snog

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Hi Emma – just out of curiosity, what do you think of art-based subjects? I’m hoping to start a degree in film next year, but I see so many people (strangers and friends alike) who insist that it’s not a ‘worthy’ subject as such. It sucks to be made to feel that I can’t be intelligent just because I want to study an art. I’m just interested in your thoughts!

I’ll start by saying I absolutely know how you feel. I’ve had people turn their nose up by the fact I’m doing a communications or digital/social media degree since they think it is worthless and perhaps “not a real degree”. I think it is such a rude thing to say to someone. My choice in education isn’t up for your debate. I think it is extremely ignorant of someone to say a degree in art/film isn’t proper. How I see it is, if everyone involved in the art/film/media/etc industry stopped doing their job or never pursued in the first place, we would have nothing. Art is such a massive part of our lives and to deny its value is completely and utterly ridiculous. For me, I love watching films and TV shows especially ones which amazing cinematography. Without having people with the skills and knowledge doing that, no-one would get a chance to see stories come to life. To be blunt, the people making these comments are probably the same people who need validation by people thinking they’re smart because of their degree choice. They have probably never thought about the work behind their beloved tv shows, or even appreciated the complexities involved. You definitely shouldn’t let anyone try to determine your value from your degree. Pursue what you enjoy. When it comes to studying and really involving yourself in your degree, it is much easier when you have a passion. Best of luck with everything! Keep me updated!! xx

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Hey Andy!! I was just wondering why you decided not to pursue art as a career or go to art school?? I’m kinda of stuck between going for law (for more practical reasons) and art so I was wondering if you could give any advice? Thanks so much!! :) also I really wanted to say that I absolutely loveeeeee the way u draw BNHA characters, the original style and yours are just really compatible?? Hehe have a great day!!

Hey anon! Oh…ooh man lol ok why don’t you pull up a chair and sit down cos here we go:

I ended up doing an academic degree because 1) high school me thought I wasn’t good enough for art school and that I’d never make it in an art industry or be able to support myself/have stability, 2) I figured I could go back later to study it? 3) I had NO idea what to do with my life? I was ok back then with just drawing as a hobby. I got good grades across all my subjects and enjoyed several at school so ended up studying Economics since it seemed like a safe/flexible option at the time lol

Anyway to cut a long story short, I landed a very lucrative graduate job offer in my second year of college, realised I actually fucking hated economics and that it was a load of uninteresting BS to me at a higher level, almost gave up drawing forever, graduated this June, started working and realise…I think I actually DO want to do art as a career after all? Maybe? I don’t know??? Maybe find a middle ground with a creative-ish day job and then freelance illustrate on the side? HAHAHA HOLY CRAP THE EXISTENTIAL CRISIS IS REAL. WHAT AM I DOING… WHY ARE YOU ASKING ME FOR ADVICE…I’m the one who needs it more than anything

IDK where I’m going with this but I think…everyone’s path in life is different and you need to figure out what’s important to you, what your goals are, what’s the best option given your financial situation etc (because let’s be real, schooling and life is expensive and our generation needs to kill the idea of “selling out” because a lot of us are in so much debt already jeez). However, you won’t know this right away, maybe not even till you graduate! I’m in that position now and I’m legit just floundering around trying to get my life together and disentangle what I want out of life from what parents/society/friends/your faculty tell you, whilst trying to support myself and move out of home. It’s super hectic and scary but I had some friends who reassured me that’s fairly normal and it takes a while to work things out! Law is a solid degree that will open many career options for you once you graduate - but it’s also extremely tough. Remember that at the end of the day, money is nice and it’s important to support yourself, but your mental health is equally so. I realise that even if I’m being paid crazy amounts, it’s not worth staying at a job if I’m miserable 24/7 you know? So I’m giving myself the next 1-2 years to work,  improve my art and see if I can figure out where to go next bc right now I have no idea LOOOL

College is what you make of it and tbh I feel like in THIS day and age, your degree choice is not a prison sentence into a single industry for life. Pick something you think you’d be able to stomach for however long your bachelors is and figure out the rest as you go. Society, parents & uni environment can put crippling pressure on kids to go into a certain field or have all your career aspirations mapped out at 19-20 (I felt that, and now I realise how shitty it was), which is total crap. 

Where am I even going with this lmfao ok. Let’s put it this way. I don’t regret my college experience overall because it was a choice I made myself (parents would’ve supported me no matter what I did), I went through lots of personal change and also am fortunate enough to have a very stable/well paid job straight out of uni whilst I figure out what to do with my life, but at the end of the day, you will change and learn what you like/dislike as you grow up! So don’t worry too much, you’re not boxing yourself in and you can still get an art job even if you didn’t do an art degree, as long as you put in the work yourself. College is scary but also lots of fun, so don’t panic too much! You have your entire life ahead of you and if you realise you wanna change paths after graduating and entering a field, that’s cool. You’ll be fine. Sorry this is not even advice just me spilling my leadup to my existential crisis and being preachy but yeah haha I’m probably not the best person to ask about this. 

Good luck! Talk to lots of other people/do research about certain careers and degree courses too - if you’re proactive it’ll be helpful. For example, I also thought of pursuing law at school, went to an insight day with professionals and realised it was Definitely Not For Me 😂, but for some things you’ll just have to try them out and see how you feel once you get there! Sorry for the unhelpful rambly essay it’s 2am…and thanks for your kind words about my art! That really means a lot. *hugs you* 

Worry is melting away to contentment. Today is sunny and warm, spring is coming, we went on a family walk, and I received my inspection back; my little Camry has passed with flying colors and I have an opportunity to possibly trade in for a gorgeously red Subaru. My brother comes out in a month or so and work is getting easier. Time passes and so do anxieties about the future. Now only if I can get a career/degree choice in order. Happy Friday loves! 🌲❄️💕