degrassi: g1

Gene drama’s fun and all but can we talk about how delusional some people are about the worth of their dragons.  This is especially an issue with people selling gen1s who haven’t really caught up with the fact that gen1 market essentially crashed after the color expansion with everyone mass hatching eggs.  Someone with a heavily bred gen1 is trying to sell it for 10kg despite several people telling them that bred gen1s rarely sell for a high price, and then got mad at me for telling them that asking for a 4digit as a trade was absolutely ridiculous.

So anyway, if you guys want this 99 stack of chimera teeth I’ll trade them for a plague sprite since apparently supply and demand don’t mean anything and I can just inflate the price of whatever I want.

This is an entire universe, Skyfire, waiting for us! And we will experience all of it together!

A quick little thing for Valentine’s Day! (or Friend day or whatever type of day you would like to celebrate today!) I had wanted to make something cleaner and bigger, but today was work day so I didn’t get a lot of time for anything more than a colored scribble. Maybe later this week.

But!! I’d still like to take the opportunity and wish you all a very good day/evening/night, I appreciate all the kind words and support I’ve received from you lovely people over the three years that this blog has existed and just, thank you all! The Transformers experience has been a fantastic one for me thanks to you and I wish you all the Best!

So I’m watching G1, and I have come to realize that Starscream seems to be the only one who has any fucking sense. Everyone please go back and just watch the episodes Dinobot Island, parts one and two. It has the best example of what I’m saying. The whole episode is pretty much:

Starscream: This is a bad idea, we shouldn’t do this. Actually I know for a fact that we absolutely shouldn’t do this. why are we still doing this. let me explain to you the exact science behind why the fuck we shouldn’t be doing this. WE ARE FUCKING UP. MEGATRON CAN WE STOP FUCKING UP PLEASE