Rewatching Degrassi S12

Omg!!! omg!!! omg!!! I miss this season. Will always be my favorite season.
Eclare finally at a good place!
Drianca finally together! (Hipster: Kiss)
My baby boy Campbell Saunders is alive and well!
Adam Torres & Becky Baker are my life!
We got Jatie & Fimogen!
The storylines!
Suicide, Hockey Team, Romeo & Jules, Asher…just ahh!
I am in love right now.!


Maya: “I just hope he thinks I’m mature enough.

Tori: “

Maya: “I used those bra-pads-chicken-cutlet thingies you gave me, do I look okay?

Tori: “Maya, you have…you have uniboob.

Maya: “What?”

Tori: “You only have one, you have to, kind of, since there are two- May I?”