SEASON 12 PREMIERES TONIGHT AT 10pm (ET) on Much Music & Teen Nick!

COME AS YOU ARE, PART 1 written by Michael Grassi & directed by Stefan Brogren.

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  • Clare:Eli?
  • *snoring*
  • Clare:Eli?
  • Eli:Good morning. I think we fell asleep on the phone.
  • Clare:I guess so. You have morning voice.
  • Eli:Look who's talking.
  • Clare:Is it weird that I already miss you?
  • Eli:It's been 8 hours since we last saw each other.
  • Clare:No more uniforms means I'm going to need extra time to get ready.
  • Eli:Are we still set for our first date our re-first date?
  • Clare:I said I was all in, didn't I?
  • Eli:I'll see you at school.
  • Eclare happy love smiles
  • Me:*dying*