Here were the final numbers!:


  • 7 votes for Sav and Anya
  • 4 votes for Drew and Bianca
  • 17 votes for Eli and Imogen
  • 1 vote for Dave and Alli
  • 1 vote for Eli and Clare
  • 4 votes for Eli and Fiona

Congrats! and thanks for voting PEEPS! :D

Degrassi Finale Week!

Omg these past 3 episodes of Degrassi have been INTENSE!  Tonights episode especially was really good.  I think Drew made a major mistake by having that “talk” with Vince.  He especially pushed it over the edge when Bianca called and said “Oh yah Bianca were still on for prom” with that smirk.  Not a good idea in my opinion.  Hes putting alot of people in danger by doing that whether he knows it or not.  Yay Holly J ! Haha im so glad shes going to be okay !  I’m so anxious to see the prom episode.  I saw a promo that showed Bianca with the gun? Correct me if Im wrong, might of been false info.  But if it is Bianca I think she tried to shoot Vince but missed and got someone else.  But in my opinion a more realistic scenerio would involve Vince with the gun.  He crashes the prom with a gun, and eaither aims directly for Drew, or even Bianca and gets someone else.  Or he just starts shooting.  I know for a fact if its directly aimed at someone, the shooter misses and gets someone else.  I think it will be a death, maybe.  But we for sure wont find out until next season aaahhh. 

Tonight was amazing. Perfect.
Prom with the most amazing girl in the world. I’m glad I got to spend it with you, Bianca DeSousa. Thank you. For taking me back. And thank you for being the most amazing date anyone could ever have.
I love you. Till tomorrow, Bee.

Prom Announcement

Prom is coming up guys and student council is letting outside students join the Prom Planning Committee, so if you’re interested there are sign up sheets that will be going up soon. Also, you can waiter the prom for extra credit if you want, just talk to Sav or me. c: