Ep 9 Live blog
  • An exam.. the same day as prom.. where Zig needs a 75 to graduate… Degrassi has no chill
  • Maya falling asleep on top of Zig aww
  • Respect Yael’s choice of pronouns !!
  • Shay looks so gorgeous
  • When Esme asks Zig if he still loves her, I am Gronah in the background mouthing NO
  • It took Mr. Hollingsworth six seasons to be proud of his son, I’m crying
  • Miles needed to hear that, he really did
  • Mr. Hollingsworth is still an abusive dick tho
  • Honestly is there ever a prom at degrassi where there isn’t some type of emergency that shuts it down ??
  • poor Saad.. jesus
  • Can’t look at Winston and Miles’ friendship the same way knowing they send dick pics to each other 
  • Miles go get your boy !!!!
  • “The person you care most about” :’)
  • They aren’t saying goodbye, they’re never saying goodbye fucksjnknk
  • Also red and blue tuxes like the hoodies in Thunderstruck bye
  • Triles forever <333
  • They love each other so much :’))
  • Zaya is slow dancing to the fucking chainsmokers rn snfdjjfksfdn
  • I’m Grace yelling ‘kiss’
  • Esme picked up a knife talking about killing herself and now everyone’s just watching her walk away ???
  • WTF

Twinkly lights! Kisses! Dancing!

Join us for an inside look at the filming of Degrassi’s 2015 prom…