degrassi returns


Go behind the scenes with Shane Kippel on the set of Degrassi. Shane returns to play his classic character, Spinner, who interviews Eli for a position at The Dot!

I just got home and I’m going to form a very close relationship with my bed. I won’t be returning to Degrassi for a couple of months, so that’s going to be interesting. Gee, guess this means I’m missing the Valentine’s Day dance. What a shame.


Get your dancing shoes on…

Degrassi returns in 3 DAYS!!!

Here begins my glorious return to Degrassi!

Well, if you call creating a tumblr blog glorious.

I am already failing miserably at this, aren’t I? You guys can blame Blaine for introducing me to this site, but I’m glad he did so I have the chance to meet everyone and hopefully make some new friends. I will leave it at that, and I’m Kathryn but you can call me Katie.