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This is the best season of Degrassi since the original Next Generation kids. If you disagree, let me hit you with some facts.

- Maya not only mentioned Cam, but also Adam… AND she did it in a completely natural and fitting way.
- She’s finally dealing with his death and all her other negative life events.
- They brought back a sibling (Katie) so we wouldn’t be asking “Where the fuck is she during all of this.”
- They covered mental illness stigma by having Grace compare her situation to Maya. Huge.
- Hair and make up gave Olivia much better hair. (Hi. I’m shallow.)
- They used the word bisexual.
- I thought Lola and Miles would be awful like Manny and Craig. Instead it was nuanced, tender, and complicated. Not saying Manny and Craig didn’t have it’s moments… it’s just that we got sometjing new here. Whether you ship it or not, you have to admit it was much more than a trashy plot device. I’m trying to stay out of opinion territory, so let’s focus on what I see as a fact. We were all surprised by Lola and Miles, whether it was in a good or bad way. Those little surprise combinations are what I like to see in a Degrassi plot. Yael and Lola fall under that category.
- Their abortion plot was refreshingly different than Manny’s. Throughout her whole ordeal, Lola was the calm one. Miles was too preoccupied too react over the top like Craig did. Not saying the original story line was bad. I just liked getting a different view of thing.
- We also got to see what it was like in the procedure room. Can we talk about how big that is? They typically don’t show that stuff on most shows for adults.
- Esme got a backstory. You go, girl.
- There were so many cringe worthy TRUE Degrassi moments. From Hunter’s boner to Frankie getting dumped with the words “I have to go change all my computer passwords” to Shay getting her period blood all over Tiny’s pants. That last story line trumped Emma’s first period. I don’t even know how that’s possible. And Baaz! I know many fans dislike him… but everything he says is so early Degrassi. When Yael says he won longest penis (so Degrassi), his “USA” reaction made me laugh so hard to the point of tears… because it just reminded me so much of the kind of shit early JT and Toby would worry about. And he called Tiny garson! I can’t.
- Not only was the comedy there, but the serious issues. We had Syrian refugees, terminal illness, a gay kid getting kicked out, etc. And they did it all in a highly focused series of ten episodes.
- That last line deserves a prize. That’s a fact and don’t think anybody will disagree.

I just feel like we’re getting the Degrassi we love back. Teen nick must feel so fucking embarrassed right now.

My only complaint would be Winston… because he’s Winston. But hey, Degrassi, I still applaud you on nearing perfection the way you did.

First, I love the Eli/Alli friendship thing, and the hand holding cuteness… and everything else that remotely relates to Eclare…

Aww Eli was editing Clare’s article. Just like old times.


Also, Clare leaving Eli alone at her house… uhh Clare, I think you’re forgetting something…

Come back…

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Extraordinary Machine (2) Reactions

Imogen being rejected by Eli:

Eli putting the drugs in JakeClare’s bag:

Anya wanting to join the army:

Anya not getting into the army:

Eli flipping out on Clare:

Anya’s mom finding her coke:

Jenna and K.C. leaving Tyson:

Eli’s speech:

“I’m all wrong. There’s no happy ending.”:

“I loved them.” “I know. But sometimes love’s not enough.”:

Eli attacking the script:

Bullfrog and Eli’s talk:

Eli wanting to get better:

Eli walking down and Clare watching him:

Guys. That was…so sad.

U Don't Know (2) Reactions

Ooh boy…where do I start?

Imogen with her leopard ears:

Imogen and Eli:

Eli rejecting Immy:

Imogen setting up Clare:

Eli rejecting Imogen…again:

Imogen’s sad looks:

Eli not being over Clare:

Eli being all “Keep your enemies closer”

WTF Eli you never did that with Fitz!

Katie rejecting Adam:

Adam getting a binder:

Adam and Dave’s bromance:

Holly J’s birth mother having kids:

Holly J not asking Dawn to take the test:

Holly J having end kidney failure:

Dawn agreeing to get a blood test:

Dawn not wanting to do the transplant without $20,000:

Take a Bow (1) Reactions

Katie and Marisol’s renewed friendship:

Marisol thinking Drew wants sex:


Drew being so excited about sex:

Riley taking Anya to prom:

 (she’s supposed to go with OWEN!)

The scene with Owen and Anya:

Owen and Anya in the gym:

“I’m going to miss you.” “I’ll miss you too.”

Owen and Anya MAKE OUT:


Anya and Owen talking after making out:


Charlie and Fiona seeing each other again:

Fiona and Eli’s locker slide:

Holly J going to prom with Sav:

Fiona buying Charlie’s painting:

Charlie having a girlfriend:

Charlie and her girlfriend kissing:

Fiona looking so sad:

Fiona grabbing some wine:

Fiona crying:

“I’m unlovable.”

Fiona letting Mr. Tuxedo-Pants go:

Lose Yourself (1) Reactions


Sav randomly having a crush on Ms. Oh:

Sav’s music:

Adam and Clare being friends again:

Adam mentioning Fitz and the ipecac:

Jenna going back to school:

“I just gotta pump!”


Eli being scary:

Mo stealing Sav’s music:

Jenna leaving Tyson:

Tyson falling:

Mo singing:

Lose Yourself (2) Reactions


Jake and Clare mentioning Fitz:

Jake saying the ipecac was an accident:

Sav’s song:

Jenna finding out the truth:


K.C. being guitar-slapped by Jenna:

Imogen and Clare’s hissy fit:

Jake (as Fritz) saying “Don’t turn your back on the blade!”

Jake calling Eli weird:

Jenna walking and suddenly - RANDOM COUPLES appear!

Ms. Oh’s wink:

Jenna considering adoption:

“That’s because she is the hero.”

Ty going bye-bye:

K.C. and Jenna breaking up:

Don't Panic (2) Reactions

Sorry they’re so late!

“Oh, Mar? Thought you’d like to know: Drew’s a great kisser.”:

Eli wanting to help Jake:

Dave using an IPAD APP to tell if Katie is lying:

The way Katie hesitated before saying no:

Drew comforting Katie:

“Who should I vote for? The liar, the homewrecker, or this guy I’ve never seen before?”

Eli claiming he’s “changed”:

Drew kissing Katie on the cheek:

Eli trapping Clare and Jake in a tent:

Mo being chopped liver:

Marisol helping Katie in the election:

More random Cake fights:

Eli helping Clare and Jake:

Clare and Jake loving each other:

Sav and Mo singing their blues together:

Ms. Oh wanting to see Sav after graduation:

Eli and Imogen having a date:

Drew not wanting Marisol to be around:

Drop it Like It's Hot (1) Reactions

Dave thinking Alli wants sex:

Adam buying Dave condoms:

Alli freaking out at Dave:

Alli being good at poker:

Poker Face being played:

Imogen being friendly to Bianca:

Vince threatening Bianca:

Imogen having to pee:

Imogen asking about the story of Princess Bianca:

Bianca asking Imogen if she wants to buy drugs:

Imogen not taking the drugs:

Bianca stealing money from Imogen:

Alli’s apology card:

Alli getting Dave presents:


Liam getting between Wesley and Hannah:

Wesley going to drive Hannah:

“Driving with my boyfriend!”