degrassi junior high


Arthur Adventures (Arthur Kobalewscuy Fashion)
DJH S3E13: Making Whoopee
Aired: 1989

And this is THE Arthur episode so I hope you’re in an Athury mood! I’m delighted to record that he still indeed sports the housekey necklace like the coolest guy in school. First he wears this interesting grey sweatshirt that’s got some poncho element to it. Then he wears his rich-guy leather jacket with a super cool tie-dye Jack’s Joke Emporium  t-shirt. Then we get a brief glimpse of his drab pajama shirt when he walks in on his dad naked in bed with a naked lady. He mopes at school in another tie-dye shirt, and then a flannel. He’s like, almost cool.

The Zit Remedy/The Zit's Album track list (probably)

- Everybody wants something

- Everybody wants something extended version

- Everybody wants something remix

- Everybody wants something version 2

- Everybody wants something music video version

- Everybody wants somethng singalong

- Everybody wants something ft Simon Dexter


Amy/Allison Amalgamation (Amy Holmes/Allison Hunter Fashion)
DJH S3E13: Making Whoopee
Aired: 1989

You know what? I’m just combining Amy and Allison into one post this time. They’re more attached at the hip than the twins are and it’s too much work to crop them apart from each other. Speaking of the twins, they are even dressed more like twins than the Farrells. So yeah first they are twinning in these green and yellow sweaters. Then for parents night, Allison is wearing a weird navy and green sweater with big earrings and a scrunchie. Amy looks a tad cuter in this baby blue button down and khaki skirt.