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I FINALLY FOUND WHO COLE’S JUGHEAD REMINDS ME OF! Even since I started watching Riverdale I have thought the way Cole has been playing Jughead has reminded me of something/someone. And after what feels like years of trying to figure it out, i finally realize that both Coles’s version of Jughead, and Munro Chambers’ Eli Goldsworthy have a lot in common. Please send me a message/ repost this if you where a fan when Munro was on Degrassi and can see the similar plot point! Would love to know am not alone on this, condescending it took me so long to be able to past them together. 😊 - both the “brooding loner” type/ give off the vibe when first introduced. -both give off the Emo/ all black waring vibe when first introduced to them -as a result of [^^above^^] both get bullied both physically and (mentally–..spoken..?) - both love/trying to be aspiring writers -both can be seen in shots with laptop/writing movie/book - both have dark past that takes time to learn about - both sarcastic sense of humor -both in to horror/murder mystery films & books - both start relationships with girls, others would never guess they would get with. - both like comics…(not 100% on this one, I thought in one of the episode Jughead said something about liking comics I could be wrong though) Bottom line is… pretty much my pre-/teen self is replaying in my mind when ever I see Jughead in Riverdale and there have been more times then one, when watching him and be like “OMG ELI!” Also P.S. I might miss Eli a lot bit! 😏😉😊 and this new Degrassi sucks!

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Morning After // Klaine

Kurt wiped tears from his eyes, he refused to let Anya’s words get to him. It was a hard task to stick to, seeing that he was already digging his nails into his upper arm. He flinch and pulled away before slowly letting his arm fall back and rub the abused area. He knew that it was just another nervous habit that he needed to quit, but he also knew that it would fade away in due time. He just didn’t enjoy feeling like he was a burden to others, which he honestly felt like at the moment. He didn’t think that news would circle around that he left home. He didn’t think that people would go out searching for him. All the boy wanted was space.

The anxiety that built up in Kurt slowly became anger as the thought of him not being able to do as he pleases without people freaking out polluted his thoughts. Yes, he was over-exaggerating, but he couldn’t help it. The boy got up from the mattress he slept on and pulled on the coat that was tossed aside the night before. He gave the room one last glance before he made his way over to the entrance. He never thought that he would sleep in the studio after the first engagement was called off so many months ago. 

It was the first place Kurt thought of when he left the house. He knew that no one would bother him there and he would most likely be alone and have the space he desperately wished for. 

Kurt stepped out the front door and locked it before making his way down the stairs and to the car. He really didn’t want to face going back home, but he really needed to take his heart medication and well, brush his teeth. The boy drove off and once he got home, he parked the car and walked over to the front door. He already heard the all-too familiar yelps of a few of the puppies from the other side of the door. The boy huffed and unlocked the door and stepped inside, Chance and two of the puppies ran to his feet. Kurt stepped around the dogs and made his way up the stairs to his and Blaine’s bedroom. He noted how eerily quiet the house was, despite the noise from the puppies downstairs, he wondered if anyone was even home, there was no car other than his own on the driveway, so he began to wonder if they went out.

The boy opened the door to his bedroom and stepped inside. His assumption that he was home alone became false when he saw that Blaine was asleep on the bed. Kurt could tell that he probably had a rough time doing so, seeing how the pillows were tossed around the bed and the blanket was down to the boy’s thigh and wrapped around awkwardly. Even though Kurt was upset with his husband, he couldn’t help but walk over to the bed and fix the blanket, pulling it gently to the boy’s shoulders an smoothing it out as well. Kurt stepped back at looked over at the night table, seeing that a small note was rested on there. He leaned over, reading the scribbled writing. ‘Fay and I went out today, call me if you need anything -Grandma' Kurt backed away and let out a long breath before making his way over to the bathroom and began to brush his teeth.


You might belong in Gryffindor, where dwell the brave at heart. Their daring, nerve, and chivalry set Gryffindors apart;
        You might belong in Hufflepuff, where they are just and loyal. Those patient Hufflepuffs are true and unafraid of toil;
                Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw, if you’ve a ready mind, where those of wit and learning will always find their kind;
                        Or perhaps in Slytherin, you’ll make your real friends. Those cunning folks use any means to achieve their ends.