degrassi cartoon

Windblade as a high school student for a transformers HS AU where Jack (he makes a good straight man) goes to high school with all the prime (and some IDW chars *cough needs more girls*) transformers ala Eq******a Grrlz/Monster High. All his besties are girls and they explore the crazy that is high school with an emphasis on positive acceptance, real tiems degrassistyle issues that cartoon shows used to cover (drugs?? body disorders??? death????), open sexuality and all the things toy companies are too afraid of to talk about in cartoon shows any more that would make a positive influence on the youth of today! but with humour too! huzzah!

she had a mock monster high-esque bio but i was too lazy to add it in a spiffy way so it’s not here. :0 

tldr; here’s some more of my unfinished 2014 art~