Season 12: students face real issues such as depression, cutting, developing PTSD, suicide, feelings of desperation for how to pay for college, teen marriage and if it’s too early to get married, parent/child relationships, Adam beginning his hormones, dealing with a parent with dementia, parental abuse, moving out on your own, diabetes, sexual harassment at work, feelings about poverty and social class, etc.

Season 14: who can i fuck next

  • 14A
  • Degrassi Writers:Here, have some Zoemund buildup.
  • Fans:Cool, we can get behind this.
  • 14B
  • Degrassi Writers:What's Zoemund? Zaya's where it's at. Also, remember Ziles? We're bringing that back due to popular demand.
  • Fans:Wait what -
  • Don't Look Back
  • Degrassi Writers:Did we say Ziles? We meant Gracevas.
  • Fans:???????????