y’all from the second season 14 came out: where is the proof that miles is bi? everyone keeps saying miles is bi and i just don’t see it. we shouldn’t assume people’s sexualities. i know stefan said miles is bi, but i don’t believe him.

y’all the second it got revealed miles was cheating: miles is bisexual

finally decided to make a degrassi related instagram!! I’ll be posting the cast/characters’ wardrobe and where you can find or buy the clothes

if you have a degrassi related instagram follow me and I’ll follow back xoxo

(side note: I used an old account hence the 700 followers lmao)

So because Degrassi is coming back soon, I wanted to start a Favorite Degrassi Character Meme. You don’t have to use a fave from Next Class - it can be anyone!

  • One season
  • Two reasons why you love them
  • Three sad moments 
  • Four relationships
  • Five smiles
  • Six outfits
  • Seven episodes
  • Eight scenes
  • Nine quotes
  • Ten anything

based on this meme


Degrassi Next Class | Musical Crack 2.0