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The Horrors, Degradations and Ass-Kicking Triumphs of NYC's Female Chefs

The Horrors, Degradations and Ass-Kicking Triumphs of NYC’s Female Chefs

By: Joe Keohane

IT STARTED WITH ONE CHEF. An accomplished veteran who regaled us a month or so ago with a load of stories about what it’s like to be a woman working in some of New York’s best restaurant kitchens. The takeaway: it sucks. And sometimes it really sucks. Then she suggested we get in touch with someone else, and we did, and on and on.

Pretty soon, we’d spoken to nearly two dozen…

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Degradations - Degradations | Review by Bucky

Degradations had me at hello. If that opening number doesn’t set the hook deep into your cavity with it’s twisted progressive crunch, then your just aren’t very hungry. Maybe you’re vegan or allergic to meaty bass and don’t prefer a side of oozing lard atop your hog roast? Well you can’t eat this shit, but it’s the musical equivalent to the whole roasted hog, apple and all, dripping with ferocious hooks and melodic groove.

I was sold on the opening number but it doesn’t stop there. Degradations degrades their smooth jazz into a wildly melodic, somewhat chaotic but controlled hardcore stoner sensation. Vocals alternate between brutal metal screams to euphonious echoes of rock and roll. 

I’ve expressed my recommendation for these dudes previously upon their release of this monster of a debut album released last fall. And rumor has it the chaps are hard at work crafting a follow up to this beast of a metal album. 

Equal parts stoner/hardcore/death/groove metal this self titled album gets better with every listen. Really sinks it’s teeth in with how catchy the hooks are while at the same time how brutally conditioned the overall tone is. Balance at its finest and proof that ultra heavy hardcore riffage can incorporate melody and smoothness without removal of any sort of valor. 

My initial favorite track back in the fall was Sea of Void, which slowed things down and thickened the groove to a sludge consistency. At this point re-listening it’s definitely a highlight, although I find myself liking many of the other tracks that pummel chaos through the speakers just as much. Sea of Void will definitely rope in more of the casual stoner rock fan with its smooth circulating vocals and medicinal riffs. 

Another plus is the inclusion of digital lyrics on bandcamp, which many of you may also appreciate. I do a lot if listening mobiley on my iPhone and the ability to look down at the artwork, touch the screen and read along to the lyrics is definitely a bonus. I read along a listen in my headphones while the wife is watching chick flics on TV, personally. I wouldn’t say this is family friendly music for the nuclear family, but for those going full force and married into metal, why the hell not crank this up first thing in the morning instead of cartoons. Your kids will come home with broken knuckles instead of black eyes. 

With 7 songs clocking in around the 30 minute mark, Degradations hits that high repeat status. Long enough to get your full freak on and short enough to have you begging for more. The velocity is deadly, the weight is crushing, and the energy is brutally beautiful. Can’t wait for more, which like I said, the band confirmed their motivation is progressing into the studio as we breathe. With promises of progression into cult sludge status, keep your ears toned, maybe do a candling treatment on them cause Degradations is actively pursuing an epic follow up to this amazing self titled album. Keep up with updates on Facebook, grab this one at bandcamp and continue your support of the heavy underground stoner/doom/sludge. Hell, you may even get sent a free CD and/or T-shirt just for spreading the good word to your friends as a token of appreciation from the bands. It does happen.

4.6/5 rounds to 5 skully rating!!