The Terrorism of the Manosphere
As a long time purveyor, exposer, and writer about the Manosphere I have to confess that it hurts me to do this work. Scouring the misogynist hate sites that make up the Manosphere in search of the…

The Terrorism of the Manosphere. It ain’t no joke. This stuff is serious. Keep yourselves informed, *inform other women* and stay safe. 

Excerpt: “The message is: telling men ‘no’ can end in violence against us, or worse, death. We know this before we’ve ever had a sexual relationship with a man. We remember the first catcall from an old man. We remember the first man that stalks us down the street yelling sexual slurs at us. We know what we are to men: ‘bitch, cunt, slut, whore, slag.’

We understand that men are only interested in one thing and that we are very unlucky to be born female. We become prey and we are hunted and that’s what Roosh and his cronies do: hunt us.

In my view the Manosphere is honest. They tell us ‘we hate you because you’re a woman.’ They tell us emphatically that this hatred is all part of being a man. If we mention toxic masculinity, these same men get enraged, never having the psychological skills to take a good internal look. The problem they say, is women, not their view of us.

This type of feminist work isn’t for everyone and I think any woman that has to wade into the cesspool that is the Manosphere will find herself coming closer to embracing the fact that men hate us and it will sting and burn.”

The comment section is just as worth reading as the article itself. Most women, no matter who they are, can relate to/co-sign what these women are saying:

‘Men have always been terrorists and definitely the deadliest and most destructive predators alive.The Internet just enables it to a breathtaking degree, and there are no bigger braindead animals with a megaphone than the shitheads that populate the manosphere. I for one appreciate this space as a respite from libfem nonsense and a place to connect with other women who see it all for what it is, so thank you HMQ. And thank you also for thinking of women who might need this place as a resource.’

‘I can relate to a lot of what you said, particularly the part about looking at men on the street, and wondering if they are an MRA or not. But another part of me realizes, as you also said, that they are just (very loudly) vocalizing what most men have always thought about us. Obviously, the belief that women are inferiors is as old as history itself. A man needn’t identify as an MRA in order to hate women; that feature is automatically included in the Masculinity 101 programming package. Even men who claim to be “different” or “not like that” will engage in idiotic status jockeying games, using the most misogynistic language possible, to demonstrate that they are “real men” too. All they care about is what other men think of them (even to the detriment of their own livelihood). They are brain-washed pawns, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. The situation is only getting worse. I try not to think about the future because I can pretty much guess what it’s going to look like. Everything is going in reverse. Misogyny is mainstream, and we’re on the wrong side of the popularity contest. The ignorant masses only care about social acceptance, at the cost of their own freedom (see: handmaidens who proclaim “I don’t need feminism”). I often wonder just how bad things must get before such women will change their tune. I guess we’ll find out soon enough, eh?’

‘Some of the content made me feel physically sick, reading these sites provoked a deep anger in me; a real rage. It is very hard to read these sites as a woman . I don’t read them anymore because I honestly just can’t stomach what is written on them. These men and a few women too really do hate women, and its such a sadistic, demonic and evil hatred. The behaviour of these people really is psychopathic, they are devoid of empathy, callous, cruel, and extremely manipulative and deceitful. Since I discovered these sites I’ve come to the realisation that many men really do hate women. I’m reading a lot of radical feminist texts because I’m looking for answers, and I just don’t really understand WHY they hate us so much. I often wonder whether it is the socialization they go through, as it is my deep belief that we live in world that is quite profoundly misogynist.’