Ces joies violentes ont des fins violentes, et meurent dans leur triomphe : flamme et poudre, elles se consument en un baiser. Le plus doux miel devient écœurant par sa suavité même, et détruit l'appétit par le goût : aime donc modérément : modéré est l'amour durable : la précipitation n'atteint pas le but plus tôt que la lenteur.
—  Shakespeare - Roméo et Juliette
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Now on YouTube: a full performance of Rameau’s opera Hippolyte et Aricie in period style from the Palais Garnier, courtesy of YouTube user Ffooc.

Sarah Connolly, Phèdre
Anne-Catherine Gillet, Aricie
Andrea Hill, Diane
Jaël Azzaretti, l’Amour
Marc Mauillon, Tisiphone
Aurélia Lagay, le grandre prêtresse de Diane, une chasseresse
Topi Lehtipuu, Hippolyte
Stéphane Degout, Thésée
François Lis, Pluton, Jupiter
Aimery Lefèvre, Arcas, deuxième Parque
Manuel Nuñez Camelino, un suivant de l’Amour, Mercure
Jérôme Varnier, Neptune, troisième Parque
Sydney Fierro, un chasseur
Direction: Emmanuelle Haïm
Chef de chœur: Xavier Ribes
Mise en scène: Ivan Alexandre
Chorégraphie: Natalie Van Parys
Marine Le Pen dans le

CNN, New York Times… La présidente du Front national intrigue à l'international où on semble lui reconnaître une volonté de trancher avec le FN de son père. Une forme d’influence suffisante pour que le magazine Time décide de la placer dans le top 100 des personnalités les plus influentes du monde.

donc, pour faire simple, mes sentiments maintenant :



Last semester, I was hooking up with a guy, J. It was a casual thing. No commitment, non-exclusive. Around mid-December, he told me we couldn’t keep seeing each other because he was going to enter a relationship with another girl. A week or so later, right before we left school, he told me that she had given him a “free pass” until they had established their relationship. In late December, while on a trip, I met someone with whom I got along very well, let’s call him M. There was a lot of tension between us, but nothing happened because he had a girlfriend at the time. He broke up with her when he returned home (not because of me or anything). Anyway he’s visiting this weekend (I go to school in his home town) and it has been implied that something might happen. J has been hinting recently that he might want to enter a relationship with me. (The other girl decided to rekindle an old flame back home.) I don’t think being in a relationship would be good for me right now. My mental health is not such that I feel comfortable considering other people in my life. I’m also interested in M and kind of want to see where things go this weekend. Despite what I’m feeling regarding these people, I feel like a gigantic slut. O can;t stick to one person- I’m scared of it. J makes me feel safe but I don’t know if I feel as strongly as he does. I don’t want to use him for how he treats me if I don’t feel the same. To add to this lovely mess, I have a crush on someone, but she can’t ever know. She has no romantic or sexual experience. I spend a lot of my time I spend with her reminding myself that I can’t kiss her. It’s driving me crazy though because, since we’re really close friends I hug her a lot/put my arms around her and sometimes hold her hand (this isn’t unusual behavior for me with my friends but it’s just so much more with her.) I’m living with her next year, too. This whole situation is driving me to distraction. I’m an infinitely shitty human. #degoutant


Hey love! To start off, you are not a bad person. Almost everyone out there has been caught up in their feelings at some point of life. Whatever decision you make, just please make sure that you are doing it for you. I once heard someone say “If you can’t decide between two people, go for the second person. Because if you really cared for the first one, you wouldn’t even consider anyone else.” it’s just a silly saying, but it does have a point. It sounds like you prefer M over J, and if you want to explore your feelings and attraction for them, you should go for it. If you don’t want a relationship, that is completely fine - but your mental health related problems should not stop you from it! However, if you would just like to focus on yourself, that’s fine, really. But perhaps the girl you have a crush on is the one you really want to be with - maybe that’s why you don’t want a relationship with J or M? Consider the pros and cons of telling her. I know it may seem hard, but you could gain a lot of good if it actually works out! I really hope I helped. Lots of love, Ivana x