Okay. I need to just take a moment to explain an insanely massive part of why I love Oswald Cobblepot so god damn much and why this little bird is so incredibly important to me.

I feel like it’s something a lot of people who don’t live with chronic illness, invisible illness, chronic pain or any sort of disability tend to overlook or don’t understand why it’s such a huge thing to people like me.

This little shit went from being a regularly functioning person, able to get out of bed in the morning without a second thought, to not being able to take a step without being in impossible to ignore pain. Looking at him, when he’s not walking obviously, he looks perfectly normal and able-bodied. And as someone who lives with more than one invisible illness and chronic pain, all with later in life onset, who went from normally functioning to barely able even lie down without pain at 21 (6 years ago), it makes me feel better every time this little bird climbs his way to the top.

Oswald gets shit done. Never once has he been shown being held back by his chronic pain. Sure, he’s not the healthiest example of what I should strive for, but god damn it, seeing Oswald fight for his spot at the top in Gotham reminds me that on any given particularly bad pain day, I can get myself up and out of bed. If he can become the King of Gotham, I can take the dogs for an extra five minutes on their walk, go get done the errands I’ve been putting off during a particularly bad flare up, or to go out one night with friends and stop isolating myself at home because I don’t have the spoons to leave the house.

I also want to say that it actually made me cry to hear that Robin Lord Taylor puts something in his shoe to remind himself that Oswald is in pain with every step he takes. As someone who has gotten so used to being in pain literally every second of my life that I don’t genuinely don’t remember what it’s like to not be in pain or have to take a boatload of medications just to get out of bed in the morning, it means so much that there is a genuine effort to understand what it’s like living this way. It might not seem like a big deal, but it matters to me so much.

So I don’t care if it seems ridiculous, but this particular portrayal of Oswald means the fucking world to me. If Ozzie can go from Fish’s umbrella boy to the King of Gotham, I can handle just getting up and out of bed.


Degenerative Illnesses Exist.

Shout out to everyone who has to figure out how to live knowing it doesn’t always get better. 

I’m sorry about the people who try to make you believe it’s your attitude and not your illness that is making you sick.

They are wrong.  And you are fantastic and amazing for facing this head on, even when others try to shut you down for the sake of positivity.

Prion-like protein spotted in bacteria for the first time

Prions, the infectious agents best known for causing degenerative brain disorders such as ‘mad cow’ disease, may have been spotted in bacteria.

A section of a protein in Clostridium botulinum, the microbe that causes botulism, can behave like a prion when it is inserted into yeast and Escherichia coli bacteria, researchers report in the 13 January issue of Science1.

Prions are formed by proteins that can fold in a number of structurally distinct ways. A prion version of a protein can perpetuate itself in an infectious manner by converting normal forms of that protein into the prion version.

Scientists first discovered prions in the 1980s as the agents behind fatal brain disorders known as transmissible spongiform encephalopathies. Since then, researchers have found the misfolded proteins in mammals, insects, worms, plants and fungi2, and learned that not all prions harm their hosts.

But until now, prions were only seen in the cells of eukaryotic organisms, a group that includes animals, plants and fungi.

Clostridium botulinum harbours a protein that acts like a prion in other bacteria. James Cavallini/SPL

The Singing Detective/The Lying Detective - possible framework for the next episode?

I got a lot of pings for Dennis Potter’s “The Singing Detective” in TST as far as the method of the unreliable narrator and the knowledge that Sherlock uses the method of letting a situation play out in his mind to examine different variables. It wouldn’t make sense to me for Mark and Steven NOT to be thinking of it for season 4 and The Lying Detective in particular as it’s a major television work on metadetection having to do with a mystery writer dying of a degenerative disease while playing out layered detective scenarios from his hospital bed, using a case on the surface to ultimately examine his own guilt in a decades old crime. 

The creepy shot of the nurses and the theatrical nature of Culverton Smith are pinging to me as reasons this work would be on their minds, as some of Marlowe’s hallucinations include hospital staff breaking out in choreographed song and dance numbers. There’s also the fact that he’s at the mercy of a “nurse” he doesn’t trust that takes on different roles in his fantasies.


In “The Singing Detective” the real mystery Marlowe (the writer) is trying to solve involves a childhood trauma in which Marlowe framed another child because of something their father had done. I don’t think that’s quite important, but the young Sherlock flashback reminded me of the way the young Marlowe flashbacks begin in “The Singing Detective,” as apparently disjointed and random foggy shots that later shed light on the rest of the fantasy narrative. 

I love both of these works but atm I can’t tell if I’m simply comparing metamystery narratives of a high caliber because of my own associations or if something about Philip Marlowe’s childhood guilt and subsequent repression through layers of imagined detective narrative might give clues to Sherlock’s pirate fantasy and Redbeard. 

anybody familiar with this work have anything to add? I can’t tell if there’s anything here or if I just want there to be. 


It’s been a long ass time since I actually drew anything, but since Tilikum passed, I wanted to draw a memorial image for him.

I’ve drawn Tilikum several times through my cetacean drawing “career.” He was one of the first few orcas I drew way back when I first took an interest in them. Zar’s original design and personality was based partially on Tilikum, back when I first created him in 2007. Tilly had a heavy influence on my development as an artist, and on the general public as an icon of how tragic and degenerative captivity is for orcas. He met an unfortunate end, but at least now he can go wherever he wants to go.

Artwork © Shiverdam

Ooh my first mermaid picture is back from the photography creative night last night. This one is by Walker Photography and I love how to makeup looks! I’m trying really hard to feel positive about the weight I’ve gained from being on steroids for my adrenal problems so I’m hoping the world can accept a disabled, plus size mermaid!

More of these to come when I recieve them.

Kin Ishi

I am so so so so proud and happy for everyone at Emmerdale. When you’ve watched this show since you were a kid and it was ALWAYS the underdog, always under recognised for how special it was and over the past few years it has shown just how wonderful it is and how varied and fun and heartbreaking and interesting and unique it is and I couldn’t be happier that it is getting the recognition it deserves and has deserved for so long.

Get yourself a favourite show that can deal beautifully with the pains of degenerative illness or mental health in one scene and then in another have a bloke pass out into a chocolate cake because his bits are stuck in his zip… ❤️