dege and skinner


Bentley x Savile Row

It’s not often that a brand manages to establish itself in a way that its very mention evokes much more than its actual products, but an aspirational universe and lifestyle as a whole. The select few able to achieve such status have become immortalised in history and Bentley is amidst those ranks. On the occasion of the “Savile Row and America: A Sartorial Special Relationship” exhibition, Bentley Motors aimed to exude that universe by delivering a refreshing approach to the timeless driving jacket. 

Looking to portray the paramount standards of quality and craftsmanship it has become renowned for, Bentley teamed up with the epitome of such values when it comes to clothing: Savile Row. Gives & Hawkes, Henry Poole, Huntsman and Dege & Skinner were the quartet chosen to incorporate the mutually shared passion for detail and customisation, resulting in an outstanding selection of exclusive garments.