defunct airlines

Indefinite Delays

Northwest once told their passengers Now You’re Flying Smart.
      They’d never argue. They’re never yell.
      And their customer was their number one priority.
      Anderson bought them on October 29, 2008.

L'Avion flew from Newark to Orly, non-stop.
      Their 757s were retro-fitted to please the richest king,
      And their in-flight meals were immaculate.
      “Project Lauren” took them over in the summer of ‘08.

ATA said to Go Easy.
      They were big,
      And annoyed the crap outta their peers.
      But they did it for 35 years.
      And closed on April 3, 2008.

Independance Air claimed you could Go Your Own Way.
      They used celebs as their spokespeople
      And had the highest on-time percentage in DC-area.
      They filed in January, 2005
      In the unincorporated County of Loudoun.

TWA was The Most Comfortable Way to Fly.
      They were the best.
      They owned the Atlantic.
      And had the world’s best pilots.

      Compton sold it in 2001.

To all the ones who didn’t make it: we miss you.