Chris’s S2000.

Competition Clutch x Deft Motion x Hybrid Racing x Dornon Photography

Developed and built in his garage, Chris has put years of hard work into this car. Everything from CNC work, starter placement, and exhaust routing were meticulously gone over to make sure they were perfect. Chris didn’t trust the kits on the market, and made a far superior (and much more fun) build in the end.

Chris has much more planned with beefier drivetrain currently being added by Puddymod, Kaaz, and Driveshaft Shop.

Plain and simple, this car is a blast. The added torque from the J-series really gives the car the bottom end it should have had stock. But the best part is the v6 isn’t a huge bump in weight, so the car is still balanced extremely well for track use.

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We went down to Road Atlanta for Round 1 Global Time Attack earlier this month. We were going to field 2 s2000 (Dan Walters and Wynn Suebhongsang) unfortunately Wynn was unable to get his car working correctly in time.

We arrived Thursday around noon and set up our tents and were met by Dan shortly thereafter. Dan informed us that he invited his friend and fellow S2000 driver, Dysen, to come and compete. Dysen had a test pipe on his car and we helped him swap it out and check his car out to make sure it was to spec for Street RWD. This brought upon a new friendship and sponsorship, allowing us to run a 2 man team again.

Dan’s S2000 with APR GTC-200 wing and 17x9+45 Enkei RPF1

Dysen’s S2000 with Voltex Type 1 and 17x8/17x9 Enkei RPF1

We arrived with high hopes of a 1-2 finish, but we were quickly slapped into reality, as our near stock s2000s were vastly unprepared for the 2013 competition. Other teams came with 620whp and/or full aero packages.

We had a very solid practice session, running what would have been a 2nd place time, but practice doesnt count. Temps were climbing all day, so the morning sessions were what really mattered. We were sitting in 4th and 5th place at the end of Friday.

Saturday Morning we returned and with a new APR splitter installed in hopes of picking up a good second or so. We got what we needed, and both s2000 were much faster on Saturday resulting in a 3rd/4th finish. We were only ~3ish seconds slower than first place (who had 400+hp advantage) so we plan to return in 2014 with full aero from our Partner, Voltex, along with a supercharger system.

We will reclaim our Street RWD record and Pole Position.