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Love to the ladies...

A quick message to the ladies since I noticed most of my Tumblr followers are of the XX chromosomal nature,

I know I cover lots of models and women with ridiculous proportions on the show, but I hope that I never make any of my lady type viewers self conscious.  Secretly I don’t have a huge asian fetish.  Granted I find the whole rainbow of ladies beautiful, but what I really find sexy is confidence.  A girl with confidence talks, walks, and f*cks with confidence and thats sexy.  Being comfortable in your own skin.

I know I’ll never be ripped like Ryan Reynolds.  But there are some good things about me.  I make sure I recognize those things when I wake up.  


  • am able to make people think and laugh.
  • I like my smile, but not when I show teeth.
  • Having 2 dimples never hurt.
  • am amazing with my mouth.
  • like that I am 6 ft tall.

And I want you to make yourself a list of these things when you wake up.  Mentally or on a piece of paper to remind yourself.

Now granted….I will always have a weird sexual obsession with Salma Hayek.

External image

And my girlfriend will always not so secretly want Jason Statham.

External image

But you gotta love yourself.  Don’t look in the mirror and cry and always want “better”.  Don’t stress if those pants don’t fit or if you think something on you doesn’t look right.  You being you, and owning it is sexy.  Don’t be anyone else.