The Walking Dead - Season 7 Episode 1 : The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be



Rick and his group kneel helplessly before Negan and the Saviors. What Negan does will haunt those who survive forever.

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consider: bakugou Really wants a dog, tries to get a huge intimidating one but there was a mix up and the shelter sends him a fat welsh corgi named something like Cupcake and either his parents or his dormmates love it too much to let him send it back

on one hand i think he’s a cat person, on the other hand i can absolutely imagine him trying to get a giant intimidating dog because that’s exactly the kind of person he is

i imagine that he’d end up with an angry little pomeranian with spikey little tuffs of fur. everyone decides to call it Baku Jr. (coined by Tsuyu)

the only time it calms down is when it’s sitting in Bakugou’s lap. everyone in class 1A is incredibly, horribly, unashamedly amused by this. 

Bakugou swears he’ll murder them all one day. he says as Baku Jr. snuggles into his stomach.

i’m gonna eat a whole tub of coconut oil until my hair starts growing leaves and i will plant myself in the Sequoia National Forest attempting to astral project to nirvana until Mother Nature comes and takes pity on me, turning me into a ray of sunlight traversing the entire universe