deformities of the bone

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yeah the horse world is honestly p corrupt by their owners, there's a horse with a bone deformity gene that passes on the same gene to its offspring but people continue breeding it because it has a 'unique coat color'

what colour is that?

i only know about quarter horses and hypp

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It is true that Captain Kidd has a small detail on his right thigh that is basically (or at least what looks like) a bandage:

Here is a bit of a simple trivia/analysis about this though:

In the game it is confirmed that Ryuji’s leg was broken (not just a minor injury) he literally broke his femur, which is the strongest bone of the human body. It is hard as hell to break, but it is not impossible.

Besides, if Kamoshida broke it he wouldn’t have just kicked it with force or else he would be the one to get a broken foot instead (you see that a lot in boxing fights). If he broke it it is more likely that he would’ve had to brutally throw Ryuji on the ground instead or used his knees/foot carefully as a “hammer” (having a strong build would help to do that too) and even that would be difficult to cause this injury.

But this helps a lot to give us more insight on Ryuji’s character since injuries like that are more likely to affect not only on his sports career but on his whole health. A thigh injury is the most painful and difficult bone fracture to recover from and can affect nerves and blood vessels.

It may take even half a year to recover, but some people (like Ryuji) may never increase their flexibility or bear weight even with rehab.

You can see when they are running to get out of Kamoshida’s palace that Ryuji looks at his right side with pain:

He puts his hand over his right leg slightly to control the pain:

But then he falls when he puts his weight on his right side again (if you see the scene again you can clearly see that he is on his right foot when he loses balance):

And falls holding the same exactly place that Captain Kidd has covered in a bandage (the position is not the best, but you can see that his left leg is actually under his right one and he is holding his right thigh, close to his knee):

Ryuji also walks and runs slightly with a limp (his right leg doesn’t move as smoothly) and even his habit of putting his right leg over his left one can also be an indication of his injury. 

He may also have a scar or a deformity on the leg (something like a bone “tenting” the skin slightly) since femur fractures are mostly likely to cause it, but we can’t see that in the game.

It is a mark of his character and it is actually really nice to see the effort to make small details like that in game and how much Ryuji still thinks that this is just part of who he is and embodies this side of him in his own persona. It’s like he is saying “this is me now and I’ll deal with it”.

Now let us have happy Ryuji being cute after all this angst thing with my boy:


Couple of neat pathological skulls I just bought recently. Both were found in woods by the people I got them from.

The squirrel skull has a pretty horrifying case of malocclusion. I can’t imagine how painful it had to have been to have your teeth grow up through the bone in the roof of your mouth and up into your sinuses. Rodents must continuously gnaw to wear down their front incisors and this skull shows you what happens if they don’t.

The cat skull looks like it might have had a tumor on its forehead. That entire area of bone has a strange texture to it and then of course there are those gnarly holes! The bone around them has no clean breaks which shows that they were formed while the animal was still alive.

Looking forward to getting these two beauties cleaned up!

Trans Guys | Bind Kinder 

The use of ace bandages for binding is not only extremely uncomfortable, its dangerous. 

Ace bandages contract around the ribcage, not allowing your ribcage to expand as you breathe, furthermore, putting you at risk for deformed ribs from prolonged use, as well as broken rib bones. 

Always use a binder, which is specifically designed for binding and shaping the chest. 

Can’t afford a binder? contact Aydian Dowling at and get a binder for supporting a great organization and great cause. 

If you donate to the .5cc Surgery Fund or purchase a tee shirt from .5cc clothing company, you can get a free binder. 


Feeling deeply traumatized after watching a documentary about the chimney sweep boys in Victorian England. Boys and girls (usually sold to the upper class by their parents) as young as 3 were made to crawl up the chimneys of their master’s mansions and clean the soot from there.

Their knees and elbows were usually bruised and bloodied after they were done. To toughen them up, the master would usually pour water and salt on their wounds and mercilessly send them up another chimney. Because of this, calluses formed. Sometimes, to make the boys climb faster, the master would light a fire beneath them.

With the “job” came many hazards. It was not unusual for some boys to get stuck in the tight corners of the chimney, sometimes, without the knowledge of the master. These poor souls were left to suffocate from the soot and toxic fumes. Worse, some were BURNT to death when the fire was lit and their screams could be heard for 2 miles away.

Many of these chimney boys didn’t live to adulthood due to the daily breathing in of soot and other toxic chemicals. They also suffered from deformed bones due to their young bodies having to bend out of shape to fit into the chimney.

Never again will I whine about any uncomfortable setbacks in life.

Started a life-sized drawing of a newborn’s skeleton that is currently in the Anthropology lab. The baby has been in the collection for many years. Unfortunately, the left arm had fallen off but this can be repaired easily. The bones have not yet fused at this stage, and they are still fairly pliable. When dried, the bones and cartilage will deform and shrink, the cartilage especially. Water is an important part of the body, even in the bones. I felt that it was a humbling experience to see the skeleton of this individual, I felt that I should treat it with respect. The human being is a remarkable thing!

too good at goodbyes — prologue || stiles stilinski

author: @sincerelystiles
pairing: stiles x reader 
word count: 533 

authors note: the beginning of the soulmate au is here!! i’m so unbelievably excited for you guys to read this series!!! also, this part is set in 1902. 

series playlist. 
series masterlist.

summary: the beginning of his hell has just began, now he must figure out what it means. 

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Red fox (Vulpes vulpes). These are the three reds I currently own! The first one is pretty standard save for an ingrown incisor. The second is the skull from Citrine, a red fox from a fur farm who showcases the more ‘doggy’ structure from the domestication process. The final guy is well…wild. He’s absolutely massive with that weird indent in his skull that seems to be a birth defect rather than an injury. Not to mention the pitting in the bone, deformed jaw, and blood staining on the teeth, likely due to an infection.

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HI im so glad you're gonna write spiderman fics because christ I love all your fics and new character means more fics from my fav writer!!!!!!! Here's a situation if you'd like (don't have to write it): Spiderman is surrounded by bad guys. He's outnumbered and needs help. Iron man is nowhere to be seen. Suddenly, reader appears with a sock loaded with a brick. She rescues spiderman. Love at first sight and they kiss but she disappears instead of spiderman disappearing. She is now his idol

“The odds of survival are… 12%” Karen chimed as yet another wave of thugs rounded the corner. Peter huffed, putting his fists up as he got into a fighting stance. All seemed hopeless; his web shooters were empty, he had been beaten so badly that he could feel his ribs brokenly cutting into his lungs, and he was running on fumes. The night had never seen such desperation. 

He could feel his body shutting down, the corners of his vision fading to black in a daunting vignette. He had managed to take the last wave of baddies down, but three more had shown up, armed with large bowie knives. 

“You’re going down, Spider-Man.” The largest one spat, his angered face causing a spike of fear to pierce Peter’s heart. 

“Guys, guys.” Peter brought his arms up. “Can’t we talk about this?”

“No talking.” The deformed one chuckled. “Only stabbing.” He let out a bone-chilling cackle, one only a deranged criminal could muster. 

Peter braced himself, going through the possible options he had. He could climb up the wall behind him, but it stretched so high before offering a way out, and he wasn’t confident he could haul his body up vertically while in his state. He could make a break for the fire escape to the bad guys’ side, but they would most likely capture him before he reached it. Every option was improbable, and he couldn’t help but let dread seep into his blood.

That was until he heard the sound of skull meeting brick with a disgusting crunch. The biggest man fell, revealing a teenage girl, her eyes wide with shock as the sock covered brick she wielded was now red with blood. The other two turned to her with their knives, but she made quick work of them with her brick, her exerted grunts echoing down the empty alleyway. 

“Assholes.” You murmured, spitting on their bodies. 

“H-hey, thanks for saving me.” Peter squeaked, somewhat impressed that such a simple looking girl could mange 3 buff dudes. 

You frowned at the bloodied Spider-Man. “Oh, didn’t see you there.” You replied nonchalantly. “…These guys tried to touch my friend, so I touched them back. With a brick.” You bit your lip, awkwardly titling your head. “Are you okay?”

Peter chuckled, struggling to stand to his full height as he clutched his side. “I’m good.” He then pulled the underside of his mask up, just to his nose, so that he could have unobstructed breaths of fresh air. “I should probably repay you or something. Should I walk you home?” 

“In your state?” You crossed your arms, looking him up and down. “I should probably walk you home.”

“No can do.” Peter waved the idea off. “Then you’d know my super secret identity.”

You huffed a laugh, taking a step towards him. “You’re funny, Spider-Man. I think you’re alright.”

“Uh thanks-” Peter was cut off as you had wrapped your arms around his neck, pressing a tender kiss to his lips. When you pulled away, you wore a pleased smirk.

“You’re a good kisser too.” You said, turning back. “I’ll take that as repayment.”

Then you prowled off, Peter too stunned to move after you as you walked away. His lips tingled in excitement, and he promised to himself that some day, he would find the brick-wielding heroine who had saved him. Maybe he’d save her next, and cash in another kiss. 

This perfectly preserved real raccoon skull is stained with a mixture of various teas and adorned with quartz crystals. It does come with lower jaws, but is missing two front teeth. (There are no spaces for teeth to go into those spaces, so I’m not sure if it is a deformity or they fell out in old age and the bone healed.

This crystalline skull is available on my Etsy shop now! 


yo ive… been on the fence about doing this for a long time cause i hate asking for help but here goes:

I have literally two dollars in my bank account and I’ve been out of work since February. I’m significantly disabled (I have ankylosing, bone deformities, pcos, autism, severe anxiety and depression, and psychosis) and shouldn’t really be working anyways. I’m about to lose car insurance because I can’t afford it, I don’t have health insurance and am out of meds, my last couple of bucks is going to gas and my fiancees check is all going to rent, and we still need to find some way to cover other housing related bills. I’m completely broke and out of options. I’m probably gonna end up with a massive fine if I cant get my taxes filed today bc I didn’t know how to do it until now without TurboTax, which also costs money I dont have

if anyone can help my gay trans disabled ass out with even a couple bucks or like literally anything, I would so super appreciate it and love you forever

my PayPal is

if u want I’m pretty good at writing fanfiction and I’m aces at tarot reading and can totally do that in exchange for a few bucks

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Emergency Response Tips Straight From A First Responder, For All Your Protest Needs:

If anyone plans on going to an anti-Nazi protest and wants to know
some real rudimentary emergency first aid, this is the post for you.

I’m a certified Wilderness First Responder who specializes in being
able to provide ER-level care without any ER equipment. I’m going
to tell you the same advice I used to save a life on the 4th of July,
as well as ideas for DIY-protective armor and what to do if assaulted.
I would appreciate reblogs to get the word out there far and wide.

1) Don’t just yell that someone should call 911. Physically
point to someone, make eye contact, and say YOU, dial 911.

2) Remember to make sure the scene is safe before you put
yourself in danger to help. Two victims is worse than one.

3) Remember your ABCDE! Airway (obstruction), Breathing
(lack of or difficulty in), Circulation (lack of pulse), Deformity
(broken bones, bad body position), Environment (cold ground,
trampling hazards) will be most likely to kill someone quickest,
in order for ABC and circumstantial for DE. Check for breathing
before you check for a pulse
. If not breathing, check airway first.

4) If there is no breathing and no pulse, perform CPR. Align the
heel of your hand over the sternum (chest bone) in between the
victim’s nipples. Apply pressure in quick, sharp bursts at 100bpm

(picture the song “Stayin’ Alive” in your head for the correct tempo).

In many people you will hear/feel ribs break; this is normal. Repeat
chest compressions until EMTs arrive. DO NOT provide rescue
breathing, as it is no longer seen as medically advisable

5) If you are going to handle blood, attempt to minimize liquid
. Ask around for waterproof gloves or sandwich bags or
even condoms to protect your hands. If someone is gushing blood,
elevate the affected area above the heart and apply pressure

If someone is SPURTING blood, do not attempt a tourniquet
unless you know how to do it safely
. Instead, it is advisable
to attempt to pinch the severed artery shut with your fingers.

6) When a person is in shock, they will be pale, breathing heavily
but quickly, and have a fast but weak pulse. Lay them down on their
back and elevate their feet on a backpack or other height higher
than six inches
. Keep them there and try getting them to drink.

7) Again, make sure YOU are not in danger while you offer
. If the scene is not safe or becoming dangerous, move
the victim either by dragging them on a blanket or with other’s help

8) If you see an obvious broken bone deformity, try to immobilize
the joints on either side of the break if possible
. For fingers, use
some pencils and tape. For arms, use brooms or protest signs
and blankets or jackets. IMPORTANT: If someone’s upper leg
is broken, keep them still and DO NOT attempt to move them!

The femoral artery runs down the femur point with the highest
chance of breaking; if a bone edge severs it, they will bleed out!

9) If someone is unconscious, look for a medical bracelet or
medical tattoo
. If they are diabetic, feed them sugary food.
If they are asthmatic, find their inhaler. If you think they’ve
had a seizure, make sure they’re comfortable and don’t put
anything in their mouth
! If you think they’re in anaphylaxis,
look/ask around for an EpiPen and give Benadryl if possible.

10) Make sure that the area around you is clear so that your
patient can breathe a higher oxygen ratio. Have people set up
a perimeter if you can. Be sure while you are there to take
vitals every five to ten minutes
. For pulse, feel the vein on their
wrists or neck. For breathing, monitor chest movement and count
breaths per minute (24 is normal). If they’re unconscious, rub
their sternum with your knuckle hard and wait for a response

11) If a person has a head injury, lean them against something.
If they can answer who they are, where they are, what happened,
and a common trivia question, they’re clear for the moment.
If any of those drops off, there may be brain trauma
. If a
person has gone unconscious and regained it and become
aggressive, there is likely pressure on their brain. Attempt
to immobilize the victim without hurting them if you can

12) PERSONAL PROTECTION: shin guards from your local
sports Depot can be worn on your arms like bracers and legs
as intended. Around the chest, layer cardboard and notebooks
and secure with duct tape
. Bicycle kneepads, elbowpads, gloves,
and helmets may also be useful. For shoulders, football padding
is advisable. If you are not prepared to physically fight others to
defend someone, RECORD the actions going on with your phone.

13) IF YOU ARE ASSAULTED: Go for the eyes. Do not be afraid
to claw them out, these people mean to kill you. If they grab you,
pull their middle finger back as HARD as you can. Kicking in the
nuts will likely cause them to be more violent. If you’re being choked,
then play dead. If it comes to punching, block with your forearms.

If you’re doing the punching, hit with your first two fingers
and don’t tuck your thumb into your palm
, that’ll break it.

This is just SOME of the stuff I know. For more information,
please message me. Feel free to share. You could save a life.