deformed fetus

I wanted to talk about abortion.

As some of you may know, I am definitely pro choice - because no one should be forced to go trough 9 fucking months of pregnancy, suffer a  painful delivery and possibly have to raise an unwanted child.

Unfortunately, I live in Poland, where abortion is only allowed if it’s a threat to the pregnant person’s live or health, there is a huge possibility of the fetus being deformed and disabled, or the pregnancy is a result of a prohibited act (such as rape). And even in those cases, the doctor can refuse to give you abortion. All they need to say is that their conscience doesn’t let them do this (seriosuly, it’s called “klauzula sumienia” which google translates to “clause of conscience”). Now, until not so long ago if they refused you an abortion, they needed to direct you to another doctor, but they don’t need to anymore! In other words, if the pregnancy is dangerous to you, you may die just because the doctor’s against abortion.Or carry a dead baby in you for months. Or give birth to your rapist’s child.

You may be thinking “at least it’s legal in some cases”.
Well, not for long.
Our government wants to ban it for good. You’re 13, have been raped and your child wouldn’t be able to function? Who cares. You have to give birth to them.
Oh and the morning-after pills? You can’t just buy them like that anymore. You need a prescription, which is probably also gonna be hard to get form now on.

I’m pissed. And I’m scared. And hell, I’m not the only one. What’s next, they’re gonna ban condoms? Are women gonna be punished for misscaring pregnancies? Will masturation be illegal?