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the reign of the tudors  ♦ anne boleyn’s execution

Anne Boleyn, Queen consort of England, was charged with acts of treason and adultery and was executed on 19 may,1536.Why did England’s King Henry VIII, who risked his reputation and kingdom in order to marry her, have his beloved wife and queen charged with acts of treason and adultery, which swiftly led to her execution in May of 1536? According to Hester Chapman, an English historical biographer, the world in which Anne Boleyn lived was like that of a “…snake‐pit, of which nearly all the occupants were venomous…” In her 1974 book,The Challenge of Anne Boleyn, Chapman describes a sinister milieu without regard for the truth or kindness, and in which Anne herself was one of the major players.According to Chapman,Thomas Cromwell, concerned with the succession since Henry had no legitimate male heir by Anne, devised a plan to bring about “…Anne’s destruction.” Chapman asserts that Cromwell, knowing that if Anne was charged with “high treason,” there would be no escape.Chapman explains that during this time, those unfortunate enough to be charged with high treason were not allowed to have someone represent them, not allowed to interrogate any “witnesses”, nor allowed to see the proof of the alleged crime.The jurors themselves were not allowed to inquire about the validity of the supposed facts, or they themselves could be imprisoned. A guilty verdict was absolute.Through “bribery and threats,” as well as information freely given from her many enemies,Cromwell obtained the required evidence that he needed to make a damning case against Anne.Chapman asserts that Mark Smeaton, the court musician, only declared guilt because he was promised he would later be set free if he admitted to “carnal knowledge” with Anne.When Henry was told of the matter and shown the evidence, Chapman asserts that Henry was aghast, but believed the charges.Chapman concluded in her epilogue that, while Anne was innocent, there should be no “question of blame.”The King, Chapman claims, was bound by law to endorse her “death‐warrant.” While most historians share common themes or focus on the key players, Retha M. Warnicke, asserts in her 1989 book,The Rise and Fall of Anne Boleyn: Family Politics at the Court of Henry VIII, that the primary reason for the fall of Anne Boleyn was that Anne gave birth to a deformed fetus in January of 1536.  According to Warnicke, most Europeans during this time believed in demons and witches, and that “…witches gave birth to deformed children…and committed incest.In conclusion,this was all a bad timing for Anne Boleyn,surrounded by such lies ,it only took her step by step closer to the grave.

The Gnome of Girona

In September of 1989 two couples went camping in Girona, Spain. The four friends sat around a campfire listening to music on a cassette tape. A small strange creature appeared and was seemingly attracted to the music. The campers quickly threw a blanket over the creature trapped it in a bird cage. It had red eyes, and blueish skin. It was only 12 centimeters tall. The creature got media attention and was named “The Gnome of Girona.”

Despite the people giving the creature food it refused to eat. It died after four days in the cage. The people decided to preserve the creature and put it in a jar full of formaldehyde. It later was sold to parapsychologist Angel Gordon. Gordon showed off the dead creature on multiple TV shows and news broadcasts. He had everybody convinced until different people came forward saying that it was a hoax which got people curious. It turns out that the “Gnome” he had been showing off was actually a deceased deformed cow fetus and that Gordon had actually paid actors to fabricate the camping story.

teachers making kids share fun facts about themselves in class when they’re all first getting to know each other

most are like “i’m left-handed” or “i play soccer”

when it’s light’s turn he stands up, casually says ‘my twin died in the womb and i absorbed him, that’s why i’m twice as smart as all of you’, and then sits back down

anonymous asked:

I came across a post on blog.equalrightsinstitute. com. It's titled,"Autumn in the Sovereign Zone: Why "It's My Body, I Can Do What I Want" Won't Do. It's too long to summarize here, but I'd love to know your thoughts on it. It basically is against bodily autuonomy, and creates this ridiculous scenario where a woman intentionally deforms her fetus and a bunch of other crap that would almost never happen at all.

It’s an absolutely ridiculous argument. Anti-choicers go to such great lengths to justify violating pregnant people’s bodily autonomy, and they always fail so spectacularly.

For anyone who is curious, here* is a link to the story.

Rape, abortion ban drives pregnant teens to suicide in El Salvador

SAN SALVADOR (Reuters) - El Salvador’s ban on abortion is driving hundreds of girls who become pregnant after being raped to commit suicide every year because they see no other option, a government official said.

Teenage pregnancy is one of the leading causes of suicide in the Central American country of 6 million people. Three out of eight maternal deaths in El Salvador are the result of suicide among pregnant girls under 19, latest government figures show.

Many of these girls have not only suffered sexual abuse at the hands of relatives, stepfathers or gang members, but they are also often silenced and prevented from seeking help by the stigma surrounding rape.

On top of that, they face the unwelcome prospect of giving birth to an unwanted baby due to El Salvador’s total ban on abortion even in cases of rape, incest, a deformed fetus or when the women’s life is in danger, campaigners say.

When abortion isn’t available, women die. And the reason is simple: women don’t abort because they feel like it (or because, as conservatives would have you believe, pregnancy is merely “inconvenient”), women abort because they feel they have no choice. Combine this reality with a ban on abortions and women will either turn to unsafe methods to abort or just skip that and go straight to suicide.

And it’s here that the “pro-life” math fails completely. The woman is most definitely alive. If, for the sake of argument, we accept that a fetus is a lifeform as well, then abortion takes one life. Suicide or sepsis takes two. If you shut down an abortion clinic, you aren’t saving any lives – you’re just doubling the risk.

I wanted to talk about abortion.

As some of you may know, I am definitely pro choice - because no one should be forced to go trough 9 fucking months of pregnancy, suffer a  painful delivery and possibly have to raise an unwanted child.

Unfortunately, I live in Poland, where abortion is only allowed if it’s a threat to the pregnant person’s live or health, there is a huge possibility of the fetus being deformed and disabled, or the pregnancy is a result of a prohibited act (such as rape). And even in those cases, the doctor can refuse to give you abortion. All they need to say is that their conscience doesn’t let them do this (seriosuly, it’s called “klauzula sumienia” which google translates to “clause of conscience”). Now, until not so long ago if they refused you an abortion, they needed to direct you to another doctor, but they don’t need to anymore! In other words, if the pregnancy is dangerous to you, you may die just because the doctor’s against abortion.Or carry a dead baby in you for months. Or give birth to your rapist’s child.

You may be thinking “at least it’s legal in some cases”.
Well, not for long.
Our government wants to ban it for good. You’re 13, have been raped and your child wouldn’t be able to function? Who cares. You have to give birth to them.
Oh and the morning-after pills? You can’t just buy them like that anymore. You need a prescription, which is probably also gonna be hard to get form now on.

I’m pissed. And I’m scared. And hell, I’m not the only one. What’s next, they’re gonna ban condoms? Are women gonna be punished for misscaring pregnancies? Will masturation be illegal?