Sometimes when I’m down, I remember that scene at a convention when Leonard Nimoy and De Kelley are reading fanfiction to the audience, and they pause at a scene to remember the destroyed Enterprise and place their hands over their hearts

and De does a double-take, skips over to Nimoy, and fixes his hand so it’s on his lower ribcage, where the vulcan heart actually is, and then goes back to his spot and remarks something like “I should know I’m his doctor” and continues on.


                    gene roddenberry (1921 – 1991), deforest kelley (1920 – 1999)
              james doohan (1920 – 2005), majel barrett-roddenberry (1932 – 2008)
                                                 leonard nimoy (1931 – 2015)

                                           live long and prosper.

i think people forget that leonard mccoy is a genius too??

like yeah they’re always talking about the genius and incredible intelligence of kirk and spock but bones is up there with them 

first of all he’s the cmo of starfleet’s flagship like he has more authority than the fucking captain so you know he’s a hella good doctor

he is a master surgeon and is an expert in biology, psychology, xenobiology, and god knows what else, not to mention he’s spock’s doctor–spock who is the literal first of his species, spock whose whole being is entirely unique–meaning that bones is making shit up while he goes when taking care of spock 

not to mention how inventive he is?? remember when they were sent to that faux old west place to act out the OK corral and he made a fucking tranquilizer out of some snake venom and other shit and put it in a sort of bomb thing?? like that isn’t crazy resourceful and ingenious?

mccoy is a fucking genius he has so much knowledge up in that head of his idk how he sorts through it all


The trouble with tribbles is… everything.