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I love the CEO!Kara AU's. Like Kara stayed involved in sciences to feel closer to her parents on earth and now she has a tech company. Cause it's HC for me that Kara is extremely intelligent, even if you think about flying she needs to be able to calculate how much she needs to decelerate to not put massive holes in the ground when landing. But the ones I've found have made Kara OCC(like Lord's personality almost), but what if she was still just Sunny Danvers? That would be cooler to me.


Kara coming into work in the mornings and her assistant (she always used to go through assistants rather quickly because she works to find out what their passion is and then promotes them, but finally; this retired grandma decides she wants to go back to work so she becomes Kara’s assistant and they just really hit it off.) so she comes in and Sheila hands her her coffee and Kara asks about the grandkids. And Sheila totally knows that Kara is Supergirl - figured it out on the first day -  and she covers for her whenever she needs to leave suddenly and makes sure no one else gets suspicious.

All of her employees love her, but they have a healthy respect for her because they all know that she has a tendency to crush expensive office equipment when she gets upset, and if she can do that on ACCIDENT then they never want to see her tear into something on purpose.

So when Lena moves L-Corp to National City, she makes the rounds to all the major CEO’s and of course Kara is one of them and she expects Kara to be just like the rest - super judgy and snarky, but Kara is super nice and welcoming, and Lena just has like an instant crush because no one has ever just been nice to her before - but she’s still wary because surely Kara must have some ulterior motive. 

Then Kara shows up with lunch at Lena’s office a few days later and Lena is just like WTF? And Kara explains that she thought Lena might need a friend in this town because she’s read the papers and all the mean things they have to say about Lena. And then they just talk about tech stuff and Lena is kinda surprised that the most powerful CEO in National City has such a high level knowledge of proton deflectors and so when Kara invites her to game night, she accidentally agrees. Like, oops?

Not that she’s complaining.

Headcannon: Rung doesn’t need glasses.

Rung is my favorite character in the entirety of the Transformers universe. He’s fucking adorable and the most altruistic character on the Lost Light. 

But no one remembers his name? No one notices him? 

His glasses aren’t there to help with his vision. 

They’re to keep him hidden. 

When ever he does something epic, or says something really important, he takes off his glasses. 

When Rung was trying to talk Brainstorm off the ledge in MTMTE38:

Also, when he’s having a very important conversation with Froid and he really needs Froid to listen to him:

His glasses aren’t glasses, they’re attention deflectors.

He’s already been found guilty of malpractice for having “an inappropriate patient/practitioner relationship” with a client. He uses these glasses to prevent that from happening. 

They’re not like the attention deflectors that Ravage has. These are subtle. They gloss over the edges of him until he seems boring and forgettable, until he blends in with a crowd. During a session, they are actually an asset, because instead of his client being worried about Rung’s reactions or what Rung might be thinking, they’re focused on themselves, and whatever issue brought them to his office in the first place.

He wears them to protect the most important thing: his career. Not in the selfish sense, but, more altruistically, he sees the great need the crew of the Lost Light have for him, and he knows he cant be trusted not to develop relationships with everyone he meets, because he just cares that deeply. 

He knows exactly what he’s giving up by wearing these. He knows that no one will think of him very much, and that he will go unnoticed most of the time. He knows it will hurt. He knows exactly how lonely this will make him.

But if it protects the people he loves from his foolish, foolish heart, then so be it.

literally all you learn from the voyager opening credits is that it’s deliberately paced and tom paris is a bad driver

“tom don’t fly the ship through a fucking solar flare”

“tom planetary rings are mostly big ice crystals and they’ll damage the deflector and hull”

“tom we don’t even know what’s in this gas cloud, please don’t ‘hang ten’”

“tom stay away from that-”




Rogue One planets: Scarif

Scarif was a secluded and tropical planet in the Outer Rim Territories region of the galaxy. Despite its remoteness, it played an important part in the Galactic Empire’s military-industrial complex, becoming a center for Imperial top-secret military research. In this capacity, it housed a multitude of different projects, including the construction of the first Death Star battle station. Because of its importance, the planet was protected by an impenetrable deflector shield that enveloped the entire world, with the only opening being the Shield Gate.


Star Wars worlds : Scarif 
Scarif was a secluded and tropical planet in the Outer Rim used by the Galactic Empire to house the construction of the first Death Star, an armored battle station capable of destroying entire worlds. The Empire built a major Imperial security complex on Scarif and excavated large swaths of land in order to build ships and supply the Death Star. An orbiting docking station housed several Imperial Star Destroyers. The planet was protected by an impenetrable deflector shield that enveloped the entire world.

  • Milo Murphy: Uh oh, I'm running low on supplies. Looks like I'll have to stop by and resupply at the greatest store ever.
  • Zach: What store is that?
  • Milo Murphy: What stor-? Why the Hardware Store of course
  • Zach: What's so great about the Hardware St-
  • Melissa: Zach, no!
  • Milo Murphy: What's so great about the Hardware Store? they have everything,They've got allen wrenches, gerbil feeders, toilet seats, electric heaters, Trash compactors, juice extractor, shower rods and water meters. Walkie-talkies, copper wires safety goggles, radial tires, BB pellets, rubber mallets, fans and dehumidifiers. Picture hangers, paper cutters, waffle irons, window shutters, Paint removers, window louvres, masking tape and plastic gutters. Kitchen faucets, folding tables, weather stripping, jumper cables, Hooks and tackle, grout and spackle, power foggers, spoons and ladles
  • Pesticides for fumigation, high-performance lubrication
  • Metal roofing, water proofing, multi-purpose insulation
  • Air compressors, brass connectors, wrecking chisels, smoke detectors, Tire guages, hamster cages, thermostats and bug deflectors, Trailer hitch demagnetizers, automatic circumcisers, Tennis rackets, angle brackets, Duracells and Energizers, Soffit panels, circuit breakers, vacuum cleaners, coffee makers, Calculators, generators, matching salt and pepper shakers
  • Melissa: I tried to warn you....

Ive always found it interesting how when danny goes fully intangible/invisible his eyes turn green even though hes in human form. When he does this is he still technically “in human form”? In fact, what exactly is the difference between his human and ghost form besides appearances? He seems to have access to all his abilitys  in both forms, he gets picked up on ghost scanners, the specter deflector and other anti ghost stuff work on him in human form. As a human he can pass through ghost shields though, so that’s one difference. He really blurs the line between human and ghost half.

Time for a change, part 4

Pairing: Jim Kirk x Reader

Word Count: 1600

Warning: McCoy being McCoy

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3


You made it to the bridge, though the hypospray was starting to wear off.  There was now ringing in your ears from what you were certain was the concussion.  However, you held onto the wall as you walked out of the turbolift.  The crew on the bridge looked similar to that of sickbay. They were scrambling around looking for answers on what was going on.  Commander Spock was the first to notice you.  “Lieutenant is there a reason you are on the bridge.  That wound on your head needs medical attention.  I suggest you proceed to…”  You stopped him before he went further.  Jim turning around from his chair, jumping up as soon as he saw it was you.

“[Y/N], what are you doing? I thought you were going to the sickbay.”  As you shook your head, another wave of dizziness flared.  But you did not let it stop you.

“I went and Doctor McCoy looked at me but I heard something one of the crew said so I had to get to you. I have worked directly radiation for the last two years.   I have studied it my whole career.  All these things that are happening are related.   You have to adjust the sensors to search for iodized radiation.  If this sector had a super nova in the last decade, there may be rare pockets of iodized radiation.  These pockets can develop into anomalies that can pretty much wipe out the energy on a ship. Say pull a ship from warp…”  Commander Spock and Jim stood there in silence for a moment.  They looked at each other then looked back at you.

“Why haven’t we heard about this type of thing before?”  Jim asked quickly, his hands on his hips.

“It’s a rare occurrence. However, it is discussed in the science circles.  It’s called a Borden Anomaly.  An explorer many years ago documented it after the nova in the Dramen System.  It has only been seen a handful of times. Documented at least.  I wouldn’t be surprised if there were ships lost to them that we don’t know about.”  Jim looked conflicted but nodded to you.  

“Show Spock what needs to be done.”  Spock motioned for you to move to the closest terminal for you to begin your calibrations. “Kirk to McCoy.  Do you have a minute to come to the bridge and treat a wayward science officer before she tries to die on my bridge?”  You glanced over your shoulder noticing Jim looking at you with a raised brow.  As if to challenge you to disagree.  With a sigh, you turned back to the terminal and got to work.

“That wayward science officer snuck out of my sickbay.  She needs to return so I can treat her properly.”  McCoy sounded irritated with his terse response.  You cringed in your chair but you continued.

“As much as I would love to drag her down to the sickbay, she is in the process of saving the ship. So I will give her some leeway. Come on Bones just get up here.”

“Damn it.  Fine, I am on my way.  It’s your problem if she dies before I get there.”  You rolled your eyes, which did not help the dizziness, but you refused to die.  It was just a concussion, and you had too much work to do.  The calibrations took a few minutes to complete.  Once finished you moved over to work with the science officer already stationed there to get the scans started.  Doctor McCoy strolled onto the bridge with kit in hand.  You could feel him glaring at the back of your head.  “Do you need another hypo?  That last one probably wore off by now.”  

Turning to look at him with a small smile.  “Yes please. I have been dizzy and my ears have been ringing since I got up here.”  The doctor sighed, shaking his head at you.

“Damn woman.  You don’t understand how serious that head injury is. I can only treat symptoms here.  I need to get you back to the sickbay to treat the rest of it.”  With the tricorder in hand, he waved it over your head.

“I do understand.  But we have to get the ship out of this situation. Let me do what I need to and I swear I will go back to the sickbay.”  It was then Jim had gotten up from his chair, walking over to place a hand on Doctor McCoy’s shoulder.

“Bones do what you can and let her finish.  If she can’t get this figured out then I don’t know what will happen to the rest of the crew.” Jim looked over at you giving a half smile.  He looked concerned and you knew the only way to fix that was to finish the scans.

“Alright.  Do whatever it is you are doing.  But I am staying here until you finish and then I am going to drag you back there myself.  Got it?” You nodded as the smile grew on your face.

“Yes, sir.”  The scans took longer than you had anticipated as some of the sensors had been damaged when the ship was pulled from warp. During that time as you worked with the other science officer, Doctor McCoy gave you another hypospray and monitored you closely.    The bridge was far quieter than it had been when you arrived earlier.  There were the hushed conversations you could hear in the periphery as you worked.  Any other time it would have made you nervous but now the ship and its crew were in danger and you hoped that you were able to prevent anything worse from happening.

The last of the readings came in and were compiled.  You read over the information falling back into the chair with a sigh.  “What is it, [Y/N]?”  Jim asked as he moved up behind your chair.  

“I was able to map out the anomaly.  However, it is twice the size that I expected.  Meaning we are directly in the middle of it, of course.  It explains the odd readings and the crew sickness.  We are completely surrounded by it.  There is no way to go to warp while we are still inside.  I do not do those type of calculations considering I am not an engineer, but at subwarp, it is going to take us a while.  And that is only if we can figure out a way to get this thing moving without damaging the rest of the ship.”  A younger looking officer popped up from the front of the bridge.

“Keptin, vhat if we recalibrate zee deflectors and zee shields for zis type of radiation.  In theory, zis could repel zee radiation.  Zhen zee ship could use auxiliary power to move out of zee anomaly.”  Jim looked back at you with a raised brow.  

“Think this could work?” You shrugged.

“It sounds like a solid theory.  You will have to get with engineering to see if it’s possible.  I can compile what I have so they can get started.”  He nodded at you, a look of hope on his face.

“Chekov, get down to Scotty. Tell him what we came up with and see if he can do it.  Use Lieutenant [Y/L/N]’s information to make the changes.”  The young man nodded and ran off the bridge. You took a long breath, feeling as though a large weight was lifting.  A look around the bridge gave you the same feeling from everyone else. Jim walked over to you, touching your head lightly, looking at the still bloodied gash on your forehead.  “Let Bones take you to the sickbay.  You need to get fixed up.  I will come check on you in a little while.”  

“All right.  I will go this time.  Let me know if they need any further help.”  He laughed quietly.

“Just go and have Bones treat you.  I will let you know if you are needed for anything else once you are healed.”  You let doctor escort you to the turbolift. Leaning back against the wall as it descended floors, Doctor McCoy looked over at you.

“He cares about you, you know.”  Opening your eyes to look at him you were afraid to speak.  “Jim does.  He cares about you.  You don’t know him as I do.  He was scared about your safety while you were working.”  That was not what you had expected to hear.  You were surprised to say the least.

“I care about him too. I did not want to let him down or something happen to the crew.  If he survived he would never forgive himself.”  The man before you laughed as he looked down at the deck.

“Maybe you do know him a bit.”  The rest of the trip was silent as you thought about what had transpired.  A sharp flash of pain torn through your head as the doors of the turbolift opened.  If Doctor McCoy had not been there to catch your arm you would have fallen to the floor. Your vision was fading to black as it felt like your head was going to burst.  A cry of pain escaping your lips.  “Lieutenant? [Y/N]?  Talk to me.  What are you feeling?”

“It hurts…oh God… my head.  I can’t see..” You lost consciousness at that point. Doctor McCoy lifted you in his arms, almost running with your limp body into the sickbay.  

“Christine clear exam two. I think she has a subdural bleed.” The medical team stepping up to take care of the woman who had pretty much saved their ship and all their lives.

Part 5

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For the prompts, maybe “You know, I would help, but making fun of you is so much more satisfying.” with Danny and Vlad?

ofc my pall also ive never written vlad so i apologize in advance

It starts when the doorbell rings.

Actually, he figures it started last night when his parents called him down to see their latest invention. In all honesty, he screwed himself over when in a momentary lapse of control he let it slip that he was late for his curfew due to a ghost attack. In an instant he had been dragged to the basement laboratory and shoved roughly into a chair, restrained for just long enough for his parents to slap some sort of bracelet onto his arm and, after a quick explanation, had been pushed back up the stairs and to bed.

He had tried all night to remove it, resigning only after receiving a nasty shock in response to the ectoblast he had glanced off the side. It was different from the spectre deflector in that way. It didn’t attack him for having ectoplasm, but for using it, and that was almost more cruel. He couldn’t fly over to Tucker’s, and any remotely human tactic to remove the device had failed.

That had left him with no option. Jazz didn’t have the skill or the know-how to remove it, and he certainly couldn’t ask his parents. That would only raise more suspicion, and he had noticed the way they whispered in the basement as soon as they had thought he was out of earshot.

In fact, maybe it had really started as soon as his ghost sense went off on his way home that night. He figures this is the most likely option as soon as his dad bolts out of his chair and rushes to answer the front door. He’s practically bouncing on the balls of his feet, his wife hanging slightly behind. Grabbing the doorknob, he swings it wide and crushes the man at the door in his arms.


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Drabble #11 - Distraction

It took me wayyyy too long to be inspired by this pic, then it finally hit me.  I think it was for @supernovacoffee, sorry for the delay!  Here goes.

She has been telling me about this anomaly for the better part of fifteen minutes.  I think, maybe, I’ve registered ten of her words.  I can’t focus - not on wormholes or shield modulations or whether we will get our probe back or…. well, anything.  Unless you’re counting the shape of her lips.  The fire in her eyes.  The flippant way she puts two fingers together and points at the ceiling.  I bow my head to regard the screen.  And now I can’t not focus on the sound of her voice.  

If only those things were only for me. 

“Dinner,” I say suddenly, interrupting her sentence.

She stops.  “Excuse me?”

“Have dinner with me, tonight.”

She smiles.  “Okay.  We can discuss modifications to the deflector.”

I nod and she continues her dissertation.  Modifications to the deflector.  That’s good enough.  I can finish memorizing the way her hair lies against the side of her cheek.

Favors- Cassian Andor

Pairing: Cassian Andor/OC

Request: @elenawrit 

“What about Cassian wearing this empire uniform, and after his mission, he comes back on the base, and when he goes to see the reader, she doesn’t have attention, she just sees the uniform and she punch him in the face. And after, she feels so sorry, and he teases her by saying something like “You must give me a magic kiss to treat me.” what do you think about it ?”

Warnings: Just so much fluff. Like is it too much?? I dunno…I’m out of control. 

He had been gone for five days. In my world, it might as well have been a month. It was impossible to say what was more difficult…Cassian being away on a mission without me, or him being here with me. Although that wasn’t exactly true. Everything was better when he was around. He made me feel something I hadn’t felt since I was a child. Hope. Hope that maybe it was possible for good things to still exist, and hope that we still deserved them after everything we had done. It was having to hide the fact that I was ridiculously in love with him that made it hard. I settled on the fact that it was enough that he knew…yet there were days when some lovesick part of me wanted to tell everyone. Our reasons for not telling, though, were too necessary.

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Gif is mine

Imagine kissing data when he starts rambling? 

Requested by Anon~


“I can divert power to the deflector dish from Engineering for a short time. Any longer can cause significant damage.”


“And while the extra power is in the deflector dish, we will be able to momentarily boost power to the shields.”

It was clear that you weren’t going to get Data’s attention this way. He was entirely focused on the task at hand, which wasn’t such a bad thing. But you needed to get his attention. He continued to speak, even as your hand curled over his cheek and turned his head to face you. Data’s words stopped immediately once you pulled the android down for a kiss, and it continued for a short while until you ultimately pulled away.

Data’s eyes were wide with surprise, even as you gave a little smile. “Data, can you listen to my suggestions?”

the more you know

Natasha—Nat, she does like Nat—is only just beginning to unravel who she is when Tony asks them all to move into Stark Tower.

She likes the idea of being around the others though—she wants to surround herself with people who can teach her what it is to be honest, to embrace the terrifying transparency she’s dumped in her own lap. Clint and Tony aren’t the best examples—Clint plays dumb and Tony is one of the best deflectors she’s ever seen, but Steve, Thor, and Sam are all perfect.

All of her things fit into one big duffel bag, which she carries in on her shoulder, peering up at the slickly designed lobby of Stark Tower.

“Agent Romanova!” Tony calls, voice echoing across the space, and a smile tugs at the corner of her mouth. God, she’s always liked Tony, even at his worst. What does that say about her? He comes striding across the lobby, grabs on to her shoulders, grinning. “Welcome to the casa de la Avengers.”

“Thanks,” she says, “this is gonna be fun.”

Tony seems pleased with her response. Over near the elevator, Thor and two tiny women are standing waiting with luggage heaped onto what look like a couple of mechanic’s carts. Tony follows her gaze and says, “Oh, yeah, hey, have you met Foster and Lewis?”

“Agent Romanova!” Thor calls and Nat can’t help the way she smiles reflexively at his beaming.

“Hi, Thor. Nice to see you. And it’s Nat. Call me Nat.”

“Nat,” he echoes warmly and squeezes her shoulder. “I am pleased to see you looking hale. It is not easy to humble oneself as you did in Washington.”

She smiles crookedly. “I hear you had some fun in London.”

“I don’t know that I would call what we had ‘fun’,” one of the tiny women says. Nat knows immediately when Thor smiles at her that this is Jane Foster.

She holds out a hand. “Nice to meet you, Doctor Foster. Are you moving in, too?”

Jane shakes her hand and gives Thor a long-suffering look. “Thor insisted.” Then she brightens with a smile. “And Tony bribed me.”

“A personal lab with a vault is a personal lab with a vault,” Tony says cheerfully and Thor laughs.

“I did thank thee for the assist, as I believe you would say, did I not?”

“You did, big guy. You did. I expect that Asgardian mead any day now.”

Thor laughs again and Jane huffs and rolls her eyes, but there’s a fond smile tugging at her mouth.

“Yo,” the other woman says, from somewhere behind Natasha. “This thing is huge. Don’t you wanna put it down? We’ve got carts.”

Nat cranes her head around to catch a glimpse of the dark haired woman behind her with thick black-rimmed glasses. “Doesn’t bother me.”

She looks up, eyebrows crawling up her forehead and says, “Ookay, color me attracted.” Then she breaks into a gap-toothed smile that makes Nat’s stomach do a barrel roll and they shake hands over Nat’s left shoulder. “Hiya. Darcy Lewis. You are mind-bogglingly gorgeous and we’re standing next to a demi-god.”

“What am I, chopped liver?” Tony says.

“Darcy!” Jane hisses.

Nat barely hears them over the rush of blood in her ears.

New fact learned: she is very into this girl in the brightly colored scarf with the gap-toothed smile.

“You’re not so bad yourself,” she replies, and delights in the way a pretty pink flush creeps up over Darcy’s cheeks.

Oh, this is going to be fun.


“Ghosts? Ha! I ain’t afraid of no ghosts. Every sailor knows a ghost won’t come near a fella as long as he’s wearing his spotted neckerchief. And his dried-up sea leprechaun. And a bit of gold never hurt. 

But to be on the safe side, I’m also wearing me pants in a melvin knot, got me shivering timber brace, and the hairs on the back of me neck are taped down. And I’m all wrapped up in a suit of anti-ghost armor. 

And if none of this stuff works, I’ve got me secret weapon—the specter deflector. So just try and get me, you ghosts. Bring it on!”