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Things you should know about UMG (Universal Music Group)

This is a massive entertainment company that owns DefJams the label BTS is actually signed under. This isn’t the first time UMG have engaged in controversial and indiscriminate copyright acts. They have removed content from Artist Prince, abused copyright acts with company Digital Millennium Copyright Act and even muted singer Katherine Jenkins rendition of the British national anthem God Save the Queen.

The reason why this is important is because they are not learning from their mistakes and could potentially ruin BTS chances of reaching a larger audience since reaction videos, lyric videos and dance tutorials contribute to Bts recognition and also affect their social chart for Billboard. They are unfairly copyrighting content related to BST that is not Japanese, and claiming aspects of BST to be from them when in fact it originated by a KOREAN company Leon entertainment which created the BST MV and therefore have copyright claim not UMG

We cannot let this happen and need Bighit to be aware of the consequences it could have for Bts especially since YouTube content is such a major reasons for their interaction with global fans.

Guys please spread this as this is a BIG ISSUE especially if not dealt with now as it can affect Bts future MV and fan made content. Some army’s have already began spreading the hashtag #UMGdon'ttouchbts and I encourage fellow army’s to work together and make this a worldwide trend so we can stop them fro taking advantage and using bts.

UPDATE: Army’s you truly are the best fandom because of our complaints videos have begun to be unblocked, I hope they continue to unblock all the videos they wrongly removed. Fighting!
Big K.R.I.T | Album Review

In the Intro, K.R.I.T.‘s hoopty won’t start. So, he decides to walk on his path. You instantly get it. He is broke and upset. Not just at the car but seemingly at the course of his life and the people around him (A bad car can really push you over the edge, trust me) You can clearly see that this is not the breakdown but the turning point. K.R.I.T doesn’t inform us in the skit whether he is coming or going, starting or nearing the end. Let’s say he is just in the middle of his journey. And being stuck in the middle of anything you’re pursuing can be down right depressing. But what is clear is that there is a destination, a promised land if you will.  And trekking of foot isn’t settling or nor is it a slower option, but a better one. A teachable one of patience and the test of strength. It’s a risk, but K.R.I.T. is  willing to take it.

And so the mixtape unfolds, he isn’t so much frustrated on this walk but he is contemplating and it’s entertaining. Seriously, one line your chuckling and the next line you’re nodding like the mother of the church to the pastor.  K.R.I.T spits on everything from finding and keeping motivation to ho niggas who don’t tip the hand that feeds them (aka Strippers…Really niggas? rappers need strippers more than strippers need rappers these days, but I digress) with furious ease.The album features guest appearances from legends like Warren G and Ludacris (Luda is a legend. Debate me.) and new voices like K Camp and BJ the Chicago Kid. The beats are dramatic and jazzy but are still bass heavy because of course you’re messin’ with a Southern underground king here so you’ll be constantly boppin’ to this one.

All in all, K.R.I.T. understands that, no matter what you are creating and how hard it gets, you cannot be too complacent in this game that we call life and you must always take the road less traveled. And it’s never over no matter how far you’ve come from the bottom. Or the middle.

Written by: @jacjonestillinfinity | Music Journalist | HipHopClassicks

I am not angry; I am anger.
I am not dangerous; I am danger.
I am abominable stress, eliotic, relentless.
I’m a breath of vengeance.
I’m a death sentence.
I’m forsaking repentance,
to the beast in his hench men.
Armed forces and policemen
that survived off of oils and prisons until there cup runneth over with lost souls.
That wear over-sized caps like blind-folds
Shiny necklaces like lassoes
Draggin’ them into black-holes
And I may have to holla out to Fidel Castro
To get my other brothers outta Guantanamo
And the innocence on death row?
It’s probably in the same proportion to criminals in black robes
That smack gavels
That crack domes
That smack gavels
That smash homes
Justice is somewhere between reading sad poems and 40 oz of gasoline crashing through windows
It is between plans and action
It is between writing letters to congressmen and clocking the captain
It is between raising legal defense funds and putting a gun to the bailiff and taking the judge captive
It is between prayer and fasting
Between burning and blasting
Freedom is between the mind and the soul
Between the lock and the load
Between the zeal of the young and the patience of the old
Freedom is between a finger and the trigger
It is between the page and the pen
It is between the grenade and the pin
Between righteous and keeping one in the chamber
So what can they do with a cat with a heart like Turner
A mind like Douglass
A mouth like Malcolm
And a voice like Chris?!
That is why I am not dangerous; I am danger
I am not angry, I am anger
I am abominable, stress, Eliotic relentless
I’m a death sentence
For the beast and his henchmen
Politicians and big businessmen
I’m a teenage Palestinian
Opening fire at an Israeli checkpoint, point blank, check-mate, now what?!
I’m a rape victim with a gun cocked to his cock, cock BANG! Bangkok! Now what?!
I am sitting Bull with Colonel Custard’s scalp in my hands
I am Sincay with a slave trader’s blood on my hands
I am Jonathan Jackson and a gun to my man
I am David with a slingshot and a rock
And if David lived today, he’d have a Molotov cocktail and a Glock
So down with Goliath, I say down with Goliath
But we must learn, know, write, read
We must kick, bite, yell, scream
We must pray, fast, live, dream, fight, kill and die free!
—  Amir Sulaiman - Danger