The practice manager for oncology arranged to have the lifts turned off when their patients stopped for the day

He neglected to check whether the OTHER two departments on our floor have patients

We do. Until five. Which is three hours AFTER he arranged to have the lifts stop

So now we have no way of getting our patients to and from our floor

  • Coworker: Kirsty why have we run out of x
  • Me: Uh I dunno, that's your department, I only order what the nurses and technicians ask me to order, so if they don't tell me it doesn't get ordered
  • Coworker: But we've run out
  • Me: Well that would be because nobody told me
  • Coworker: Why didn't you check it?
  • Me: Because it's not my department? I can't go poking around in a cupboard full of medical supplies and amuse myself by deciding what to order, that's what you- the nurse- are supposed to do
  • Coworker: But now we have none. What are we supposed to do?
  • Me: I'll put a rush on an order-
  • Coworker: We shouldn't have run out in the first place though, why didn't you order it? Now that's more expensive for our department budget
  • Me: :|
  • ~Two hours later~
  • Coworker: Kirsty we've decided there's too many of us coming and going, and since you're here every day, you'll be better at keeping track of it than any of us, so can you make sure it's ordered on time next time?

“Hiii Kirsty, coworker x has called in sick and we have no one to replace them, can you act as medical secretary while running reception at the same time? Will you be okay?”

What the fuck are they gonna say if I say no, magically pull a staff member out of their ass

Maybe. Just maybe. If they’d HIRED SOMEONE A YEAR AGO when the vacancy first became available, they wouldn’t be in this position and I wouldn’t be constantly asked to fill multiple roles at once and then get passagg comments on my staff assessments about not working to my potential