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Popular children’s holonet shows 

  • Wampy the Wampa (Imperial only)
  • Porg ‘n Pals (Republic only)
  • Captain Corellia (based on the very popular comic series about the defender of democracy himself)
  • Captain Mandalore (not endorsed by Mandalore. A terrible rip off written by someone with no understanding of Mandalorian culture. Essentially a bad WWE character)
  • The Adventures of Padawan Pelli
  • Korriban Academy: Junior Year (it’s Degrassi with more murder)

You know what’d be hilarious though

Accidental Outlander

aka Arcann and his minions pulled someone they THOUGHT was an important Jedi/Trooper/Sith/etc from the wreckage of Marr’s ship but due to their extreme isolation and xenophobia, can’t actually tell aliens apart very well, and this poor peon wakes up to find Prince Arcann looming over them when they thought they were dead for sure only to be told “I’ve heard of your accomplishments”

“… but I’m just Reggie from food prep, I worked in the mess hall”

straight men dot jpeg: when the worldbuilding for an alien language doesn’t have words for ‘baby/infant’, ‘hello’, the basic colours on a colour wheel, ‘water’ or ‘help’, but it does have the word for ‘slut’

I missed the large extent of the, ah, debate in the swtor fandom today, but because it apparently needs to be blatantly stated for some folk

Theron Shan is not white. He will never be white. Neither of his parents are white. Sensing a pattern yet? I’m not a visual artist, but you can be damn sure that every time I’ve written Theron in one of my stories, I have not been writing a white man

It’s not a headcanon to think otherwise, it’s racism. It’s erasure. It’s looking at biracial and asian fans of star wars and saying “I don’t want you in my universe”

Not that difficult a concept

Look, Theron’s haircut is very simple to explain really

Theron is a disaster, we all know that. He runs around in his underpants fighting sith, he gets beaten up by his great grandpa, he’s a wreck. That’s been his calling card, his point of pride, the essence of who he is- the Alliance Bisexual Disaster

… except that a few days ago, Arcann got announced as a bisexual romance. Arcann, arguably the biggest disaster to be spat out by the Force any time this millennium, is now a romance option, and a bisexual one at that

Theron was feeling threatened. Challenged, even. He needed to prove that he was once again the biggest bisexual disaster not only in the Alliance, but in the galaxy

Hence- running off with a cult, trying to activate a superweapon, potentially killing his father, trying to kill his spouse/friend/commanding officer, and getting a cool new haircut like he saw in some cool cyberpunk spy holo when he was a kid

The Australian Electoral Commission receives, on average, about four thousand submissions daily. Some of those include updating details, change of address etc

Today, the AEC reported that yesterday they received sixty-eight thousand in one day

Go the fuck off Australia, vote and show those motherfuckers in Canberra how to do their fucking jobs, I’m fucking proud

My Ewok Princess is hoooooooome

This has been a severely exhausting weekend for all of us but she’s home safe and she’s not out of the woods yet, but she’s a thousand percent better than what she was

Chloe is stable for the moment, for everyone who saw my post yesterday. We’re going to visit her this afternoon but she’ll be in hospital for at least a few more nights

Thank you everyone for your kindness and your love <3 it’s much appreciated 

I call tonight’s chapter “Defira attempts to do politics badly again” because the supposed legitimacy of the Alliance as far as the Republic and the Empire goes is just… so weird to me. It’s a vigilante state operating on stolen resources (we have ships Commander! that suspiciously look like Republic ships!!) so this is my apology ahead of time for the awful tension of politics I’m subjecting you all to

At the Vet ED, been up with Chloe since… well, she started getting sick at 2am, but I wasn’t asleep yet, so atm I’ve been up for 26 hours

She’s been admitted and I’m just sitting in the waiting room crying because I’m so tired and so frightened

90% of my job as a medical secretary is going “No, dear patient, you do actually need to take those medications, yes they are for a reason, yes you do have to take them, no I will not ask the doctor again if she’s absolutely sure”

Listen I know tumblr talks a lot about how people struggle with taking medications to improve their mental health but let me tell you- these people are staring imminent heart failure in the face and they’re like “but I don’t want to be reliant on pills”

Yeah being an independent adult is great and all, but you know what’s even better? Literally just lying face down on the ground and ignoring all the bad things escalating around you and consuming your life. Can’t recommend it enough. 5 stars.

Random character musings, but one of the things I most appreciated about the Wonder Woman film was “I believe in love”

Because I’d be lying if I said Diana wasn’t one of the inspirations for the way I write Ona'la, and it took me a few years to reach a point where I was comfortable writing a character defined by her unflinching optimism and kindness, because we’re told that just isn’t interesting in a character so often, especially not women. It just makes them insipid and stupid, too naive and too meek and worthy of mockery

A lot of my earlier characters were far more bitter, far more cynical, and that’s not to say that they aren’t good characters and that there’s not a place for characters who are angry and jaded with or without a history of trauma, but there’s definitely an expectation that good characters are less interesting because they (presumably) have no/fewer flaws

And I don’t even know where I’m going with this anymore except to say that I appreciate Diana’s innocence and I appreciate her kindness and her unbridled joy, because it’s so validating to see that portrayed as empowering, to see it shown as her source of strength

Basically I love Diana and I love Ona'la and I feel proud to have a character who believes in love and who believes in the potential for goodness in everyone

yells softly about inability to talk about family related things anymore due to the Stalking Snitch

anyway guess who still isn’t being invited to family events because I guess I still need to apologise for having my privacy invaded and for not telling my family I have an ED and for letting them invalidate me and yell at me 

I wonder when they’ll work out I’m not going to apologise and that a half-assed “it was all in your head” apology by text message doesn’t interest me

at least my in-laws are wonderful

Hey I know it’s been out for a day now, but I haven’t seen any warnings for it on my dash, so for anyone who hasn’t yet watched the newest Discovery episode (ep 9), there’s a vaguely graphic rape flashback scene towards the end of the episode, probably about five minutes from the end, so please take care of yourselves lovelies

There’s nothing about Morrigan’s characterization or background that reads as heterosexual to me- it’s so awkwardly tacked on for the Straight Male Gamer, this wild woman for them to tame and command with the power of their Straight Male Penis (if you don’t believe me look up some of the deleted content for Morrigan, where she gets hysterical about the relationship and insists that she can’t risk falling in love with the Warden but then passionately starts making out with them)

The Dark Ritual was written with Straight Male Gamers in mind

This is a woman who grew up in isolation, under the watchful eye of an abusive mother who only valued her for her body (either as a potential vessel for her own consciousness or as a vessel for the OGB) and who had no reason to adhere to a heterosexual mindset (which the devs have tried to claim in the past isn’t default in Thedas anyway without providing any evidence for it?)

She’s disdainful of romance, frustrated by and mocks interdependence in an intimate context. She is the only LI to cut off sexual interactions, presumably again because she’s terrified of the strength of her affection for the SMG but she is never frightened of the strength of her friendship with a female warden- the passion in her voice (god bless Claudia Black for that) when she calls you sister is far more convincing than anything in her romance path

And she gives up her bodily autonomy for the Dark Ritual, partaking in something that gives her no pleasure or comfort (although she might delight in the power it gives her) for the sake of a warden, something that so many people in the fandom are quick to forget under claims that she’s grasping and power hungry and looking to corrupt Alistair/Loghain. She still submits to an uncomfortable ceremony so that the Warden can live, committing to a long and lonely pregnancy with a god growing in her body. Even if you want to believe that she’s power hungry, even if you are comfortable with the canon portrayal of her as heterosexual, that’s still a huge sacrifice and commitment that she’s willing to make, all to save the Warden’s life 

Morrigan is proof to me that it’s so easy to have asexual aromantic characters in our consumable media, because there’s so much in her characterization that easily reads as ace aro. The beauty of her friendship with a female warden is one of the most magnificent relationships I’ve ever encountered, and it’s no less intense and no less meaningful just because it’s not romantic or sexual  

I didn’t get two chapters done for the Raina fic this week as planned, but I am ahead of NaNo even though I haven’t signed up for it, so I’m gonna count that as a win? I think? And I DID post a chapter of Rebellion’s Heart and that was massively long and I really only wrote most of it since last Friday, so I think in general I’ve done okay

The only thing I want in star wars as badly as I want the Tirall family (minus Valkorion) to be safe and happy and loved (and in therapy), is to see Galen Marek safe and happy and loved (and in therapy) so I’D BETTER BLOODY WELL GET THAT IN THE TV SHOW