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I love reading Emily Dickinson's love poems, knowing that she was a lesbian. They're beautiful and they're beloved by so many people, and knowing that they were written by a woman about other women make me feel like being a lesbian can be something pure and good, rather than something twisted or dirty or evil. Lesbians should definitely read her poetry. She was a hero and a feminist who lived her life with courage and rebellion and dignity ---

— and who refused to succumb to the religious and heteronormative pressures that surrounded her in her austere Victorian world. She refused to ever marry, to convert, and declined to attend church at a time when that was something really enormous and unusual. She once described her poems as her “letter to the World that never wrote to me.” She was wonderful and brilliant, and her work and life are an inspiration to me as a lesbian.

I never knew she was a lesbian! I hate how we read all these amazing authors in school, but are led to believe they’re all heterosexual. Thank you for telling us more about her, because it sounds like she had an incredible life and now I’d like to read more about it.

-Mod Noel

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Edward!! 21, 23, and 46!!

21: Turn ons and turn offs?

Again not sexual.

Turn ons: Loyalty, strength, having a specific skill. 

Turn offs: Rudeness, someone who’s two-faced or fake

23: How organized are they? How does that organization/disorganization manifest in their everyday life?

He tries very hard to be organized, but its really hard for him. He sometimes cleans things without asking if he should.

46: Do they express their thoughts through words or deeds?

Both. He’s definitely learned enough poetry and writing to be good at it, and he’s also the kind of person to act instead of talk.

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This may be out of the blue, but you're one of my favorite blogs on here and I was wondering if you might be able to help me out with a little English homework? So basically I picked sign of the times as a reference song and you have to describe the meaning behind it and what kind of poetry style it is, and I was wondering if you would know what type of poetry style it would be, It's okay if you don't of course and if you can't it's okay :) xx.

Aww hi love! And thank you! Now what kind of style are they asking about? I would say it’s lyrical if that’s what they mean. I’m just curious if they also are looking for like, rhyming scheme? Because as far as song lyrics go, it’s rhyme scheme is a bit erratic. But I would definitely call it lyric poetry.

:) I hope that helps my dear! Best of luck to you!

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Didn't they know about other fan fiction? I'm pretty sure they already know. I do think they would enjoy some fics from leatherclad-spikecollared though. Or Alex would enjoy some erotic poetry. (On that note please tell us your dream if it was naughty)

I think they have some idea yeah. And I would really want them to read some stuff on @leatherclad-spikecollared because at least it’ll be some well written stuff and not the weird stuff that’s floating around. Alex definitely enjoys erotic poetry, I just have a feeling he does haha and yeah I hope that anon gives us the details of their dream!



(n.) can also be used as (adj.) 1. a person who dedicates themselves to asceticism, which is a system of ideals characterized by austerity and self-denial, esp. for religious reasons, like a monk. 2. a person who leads a very simple life and abstains from worldly comforts and pleasures.

The grad student’s living space was spare and her lifestyle bordered on ascetic; she ate just enough food to sustain herself through the hours of reading and writing she did at the library nearly every day and rarely deviated from her schedule.

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Do you still write poetry? Like it says in your bio?

Yea!! I definitely still write poetry!! Although I haven’t been posting as much just cause I’m lazy haha

Spiritual Poetry

The definition of my spiritual poetry meant so much to me,
I didn’t hang notes on my wall just for others to see,
I wanted to stay motivated to fuel my heart that beats,
my soul connected to every word.

I rather write my own words out in thin air,
so I’ll let my mind sit down in it’s own chair,
even my own ghost fell for the smoke with a flair,
I wanted to change my soul.

Stealing is bad

We’re all taught not to steal at a young age
It be so easy
Your making it so easy
It’s stupid
I could just take this
Those who believe it’s safe…
They’re very misguided
I could put it into my hands right in front of them
Then walk away
They would only know when it wouldn’t be coming back
The only thing holding me back?

The worries of being caught at security.
It deciding it prefers anything but me.

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She's poetry; every definition of the word. I could alliterate to reiterate her beauty. Or assonate to assert with certainty that she art. Enjambement could emphasise my love for her eyes. I could immerse myself with imagery and imagine how immaculate her cosmetic imperfections are. I use metaphors to model the way her hair meticulously mounts on her shoulders. None of that would suffice, however. For she personifies waking up on a good morning. Mirëmëngjess.

This is just stunning. Left me speechless honestly.

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"We grew up believing no one would ever fall in love with us, that we'd be lonely, forever, That no one would make us feel like the sun was something they built for us in their toolshed, So broken heartstrings bled the blues, As we tried to empty ourselves So we would feel nothing Don't tell me that hurts less than a broken bone" (from To this day by Shane Koyczan)


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I love this poem, although its more modern I think its very heart felt and earnest in a way that is striking. I encourage anyone who isn’t familiar to read the rest of it or listen to it. This poem is one that, has a harsh rhythm but uses it to an advantage to really drive points home and meet you how you’re feeling. Which I think good poetry should. Definitely  poem for outcasts and those who have been beaten down by others as well as themselves. Some nights I’d give this a 9 , or others a 7 depending on where I was and how much I could relate, so I’ll settle for an 8. Thanks for submitting it.

Send me your favourite poem and I’ll respond on a scale of 1-10 how emotional it makes me


1. the delicate way in which your lips curl upwards; and the crinkles around your eyes which cannot help but to grin in sheer, genuine joy; and your hair frames your face, cascading down your shoulders to kiss your skin; and the whole of the sky is trapped in two irises, the bottom of the sea confined in two pupils.
2. a genuine love that illuminates so brightly that some cannot bear to look in its direction, but those who do will feel its warmth wrap around them in the fondest embrace.
—  see also: whitney // @spellberry
(cc, 2017)

definition; DROWNING

the first time i saw you, it was june and freezing cold, and we were the only people crazy enough to be at the beach.
your eyes were the same color as the waves in front of us, deep turquoise and hungry in the wrong light, a color you could dive into
i was never much of a swimmer, but i was self destructive.

so this was my summer;
we lay by the pool under the stars, and you only seemed to touch me when your friends were around, and i convinced myself that maybe i looked better in the dark.
and i never really let you into my heart; you broke your way in
on the nights where my hands were cold and my jaw was shaking and i was so desperately broken
that all i could do was look into your eyes and think about how i wanted to drown in them.
i felt lonelier with you than without.

by the time i realized i was in love with you, you had found someone new. you left me under the waves and i didn’t even realize i was submerged until it was too late.
i hope she doesn’t let you pull her under
i hope she finds someone who knows that love is not a drowning game.

in my head there’s a darkened swimming pool, a precise shade of blue-green. sometimes when i hear your name, i close my eyes and picture myself sinking


—  w.c.v. (via @tragedics)

Okaaaaaaay…so I am clearly most definitely no Daveed Diggs, but I said I was gonna teach myself to spit Lafayette’s bits from ‘Guns and Ships’ by week’s end, and I think I managed that? I make no claim to doing this *well* only to managing to not devolve to levels of spppftttspppft haha. Also, can this count as today’s pick for #NationalPoetryMonth? I mean, rap is definitely a form of poetry and if Lin-Manuel Miranda isn’t a poet then what’s the point? #poem #poetry #Hamilton #GunsAndShips #EveryoneGiveItUpForAmericasFavoriteFightingFrenchman! #LAFAYETTE

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Rappers, they’re only about the women and the money.
The game got me sick, nasal congested and really runny.
Rhymes are just rhymes and I really find it funny,
How they’re known off basic simplicity.
The message is absent, no purpose, nor delivery.
Give me the liberty.
To express my definition of justice and poetry.
Plant my seed in rich soul, grow a soul-tree.

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Does that mean Ludwig is emo??

He definitely enjoys poetry and likes both Kafka and Goethe and I bet if he’d been a young man alive during Goethe’s time he would have cosplayed as Werther like all the cool kids
He’s pretty good at hiding the emo though, he internalizes almost everything

(But really, German is a pretty intense language so expressing emotions in it feels a lot more intense and vulnerable than in English? It’s the ultimate emo language, and it’s not called “the language of poets (and thinkers)” for nothing)