definitive poetry

definition of being down

Words can hurt
when i talk dirt
aka talk shit
when i shift like gears
i got them haters in fear
like the end was near
the confidence in me comes natrually
actually,shit pops outta my head
Its just the hood in me
no longer in that place
but if you talk shit
i can still get to your face
knock you down the staircase
or your workplace all up in your space
like im a catching a case
im not being artificial
its just the way i am
ask around
people know me like
they know name brands

anonymous asked:

i just read some work by aemilia lanyer for the first time and it is so lovely!! she was a medieval poet who wrote about falling in love with women!!! 😊

That’s awesome! I haven’t heard of her before. I’ll definitely check out her poetry!

Boy, I am speechless. Your words and all, so clever. I am sorry I am not your type. But you spoke of some of weaknesses I see in me so well that well, it stung me reading your exquisite poetry. No, definitely, I am not enough. You need more perfection than what I am. Onwards as they say… Boy o boy, i am ashamed now.


Welcome to selfie dump 2k16.

Mostly I include the pre-haircut photos because I still think I kinda went from “I dare you/definitely writes poetry” straight to “how about that 401k”.

Also you can stare at how fucking ridiculous my hair can get, standing up and doing whatever it wants (where did my glasses go? Why am I not wearing them?). Belated by a week but there ya go.

Adriel & creativity

And he’s not very original. He’s not a writer at all. Actually he hates writing, unless it’s like a research based paper or something.

BUT his memory is excellent and he loves to read and sing. So he would definitely recite poetry or sing a lovely song if he was trying to woo you.

What he IS creative with is runs. When he sings, he likes to embellish the melody. So he might sing something that is usually very simple and make it very musically complicated.

love-lillies  asked:

Your poetry is definitely pleasing to the ears you have a way with words! Consider doing something with it.

It’s my life’s goal to become a writer and turn my writing into my living, so I definitely, most certainly will!!! Thank you so much for saying this, it’s lovely to have encouragement ❤❤❤❤

happilyheartbroken13  asked:

Hey! I love your blog! 🎈 I'm new to the whole poetry thing and it would mean the world to me if you checked out some of my stuff and of course I'd be happy to look at your own writing! Any feedback is so so welcome, and just genuinely I wanna make friends with all the tumblr poets as I live and breathe poetry, well anyway, you've got an extra follower ❤️❤️❤️ stay safe xxx

thank you so much! I definitely will check your poetry out and I’m here if you want to talk (:

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"the only thing distinguishing poetry from prose is whether the text is written in columns or lines" I must challenge this definition of poetry. What of Rimbaud's Drunken Boat and A Season In Hell? Of course there are many of examples, but he came to mind first. I can't put forward my own definition, either, as I struggle to put one to it, too, but I must disagree with that one.

Yes, you are right, and I must point out that it was a joking definition. But all the other possible criteria are even less certain.

You’re the yellow paint colouring
The sun bright
The blue paint, colouring
The sea calm
The orange paint, colouring
The fire passionate
The green paint, colouring
The forests with life
And every colour,
Every shade in between
Colouring the world wild.

Every place you go to
Every step you take you
Leave a path of glitter
As your trail
And you dance in waves
In people’s lives
And play like a song
To the beats of their hearts
Holding happiness in your palms,
Sincerity behind your eyes.

You don’t have to
“Look at the stars,
Look how they shine for you”
Because the stars are only
A speck of your soul,
The glimmering galaxy is
Only a shadow of you.

So once in a while,
Look at yourself
Like I look at you
And everyone else
You’ve brushed hands with,
Draping love like
Lace around their skin
Your voice like
Honey around their pain

And you’ll see
That you’re the definition
Of poetry.

—  A poem for my best friend.