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what are some tips you have for new poets who wanna become better poets?

oh man idk how helpful i can be given how mediocre i am buuuuuut here’s some tips i guess?

1. write as much as you can!! that’s probably obvious lol but imo it’s really vital to get into a habit of writing rather than just relying on inspiration to strike you. think of inspiration - sudden, vibrant poetic inspiration - as seeds falling suddenly from the sky. you can’t do anything with seeds if you don’t have the dirt to plant them in. the habit and discipline of writing every day/as often as possible is the dirt that you can plant those seeds in. 

2. read. read poetry and novels and nonfiction and everything you can get your hands on. reading poetry is definitely important for poets to get a feel for the genre you’re writing in, but it’s just as important to read a ton of other stuff. reading books about sharks and world war 2 and thunderstorms plants those little seeds of inspiration that can surface later in your writing and bring that really unique angle to your words.

3. don’t be afraid to mess up. don’t be afraid to write badly. work as hard as you can to improve, but recognize that every writer has a ton of crappy writing that they need to write through in order to get to the good stuff. 

4. one of the things that i learned in poetry class is to cut anything that’s redundant or superfluous in your writing. check every word - do you need it? does this line say something new, or is it repeating what’s already been said? obviously sometimes repetition for emphasis/whatever can be effective, but a lot of good poetry is really streamlined, saying exactly what it needs to say without any extra language. 

5. realize that inspiration is everywhere. if you’re feeling stuck, listen to music or take a walk outside or make some cookies. there’s poetry in everything, even the mundane, and once you realize that there’s no way you can run out of things to write about.

6. finally and maybe most importantly for tumblr poets, don’t obsess over notes and followers and social media recognition! it’s hard not to, and there’s definitely a gratification in seeing people interacting with and liking your work. but making this the only reason you write is soul-sucking and ultimately working against your own growth as a writer. focus on writing for yourself and improving for yourself and eventually other people will recognize your talent as well.

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slumber & ponder for the reflective asks <3

  • slumber: what’s one thing that helps you fall asleep when it feels impossible? 

i read a lot, or i watch tv, i try to tire my eyes out. sometimes if it’s really bad i give up and take sleeping pills. 

  • ponder: what do you want to do with your life?

i want to be a writer. of what i’m not really sure, but something, definitely. reading books and poetry and short stories has always impacted me a lot, and i really want to be able to impact other people in that same way while doing something that take comfort in doing… so i think the job is fitting. and i want to watch my little brother’s graduate school and be there for them and send my mom on lovely vacations and adopt lots of cats and travel as much as possible and just enjoy the world as much as i can. 


Current stats:

- books/week: 1/1
- books by women: 62.5%
- books in translation: 28%
- fiction&poetry/non fiction: 28/4
(i have definitely read more poetry and not recorded it on this list…)

1. Margaret The First - Danielle Dutton
2. The Bear & The Nightingale - Katherine Arden
3. Ice - Anna Kavan
4. All This Has Nothing To Do With Me - Monica Sabolo
5. A Monster Calls - Patrick Ness
6. Skating To Antarctica - Jenny Diski
7. The Last Days Of New Paris - China Miéville
8. The Hatred Of Poetry - Ben Lerner
9. Memoirs Of A Polar Bear - Yoko Tawada
10. The Vegetarian - Han Kang
11. Story Of The Eye - Georges Bataille
12. Kitchen - Banana Yoshimoto
13. Eve Out Of Her Ruins - Ananda Devi
14. A Room With A View - E M Forster
15. Girl Meets Boy - Ali Smith
16. Autobiography Of Red - Anne Carson
17. The Power - Naomi Alderman
18. 10:04 - Ben Lerner
19. Fever Dream - Samanta Schweblin
20. Strange Heart Beating - Eli Goldstone
21. The Bakkhai - Anne Carson
22. Hot Milk - Deborah Levy
23. The Lichtenberg Figures - Ben Lerner
24. A Wild Sheep Chase - Haruki Murakami
25. The Adversary - Emmanuel Carrere
26. Angle Of Yaw - Ben Lerner
27. Time Differences - Yoko Tawada
28. Monstress vol 2
29. Pale Fire - Vladimir Nabokov
30. Lincoln In The Bardo - George Saunders
31. The Impossible Fairy Tale - Han Yujoo
32. Bluets - Maggie Nelson

anyway here are my ideas for girl!Ronan

Adam | Ronan | Blue | Gansey | my tag

  • tol
  • definitely listens to PVRIS
  • and probably Halsey
  • secretly listens to Hayley Kiyoko
  • (is that the gay version of the emo trinity)
  • trans. listen you can pry this out of my cold dead hands and even then you’ll have to cross it off my damn gravestone
  • still has rlly short hair
  • wears a tank top and jeans every day
  • listen okay just the idea of her as a rlly butch girl who’s still rlly loving and soft (even though media can’t do that to save their lives hm) just?? fits her character so well and is flawless
  • 100000 I love my gf memes
  • shares steal ur girl memes but will never follow through bc love is sacred (I’m p sure I stole this from a tumblr post)
  • one of those lesbians who loves classical texts. you all know
  • probably owns a Sappho poetry collection
  • definitely cried at the end of song of achilles
  • internalized homophobia arc is even more interesting and relevant 2 me and I honestly kinda can’t decide whether it’s better if Kavinsky is genderswapped too or not
  • which one works better w the internalized homophobia arc? hm we just don’t know
  • has made a lot of rlly angsty mixtapes, probably accidentally let her gf see them once
  • one of them is all Taylor Swift songs
  • it is possibly labeled with a name
  • may or may not own every single Arctic Monkeys cover made by a girl
  • DEFINITELY owns a leather jacket
  • sharing it with a girl is basically the same as saying “I love you”
  • that headcanon connects perfectly to one of her main character traits - expresses love through actions, not words
  • purposefully tears her own jeans. Adam makes fun of them
  • fake confident except around girls
  • not to project more but. part of the reason she has issues w friends is having to do with her being gay af?
  • part of her arc of coming to terms w her sexuality is about making platonic friends w more girls, especially Blue
  • again, not white. I don’t accept this as canon
  • Ronan is rlly not framed as being privileged, even though Gansey very much is, and that honestly makes no sense within the text
  • so guess what?? I’m changing it
  • also I’m changing her storyline around her dad so she gets to understand that he was a shit person
  • only talks seriously at 3 am
  • rlly insecure about actually trying public affection ever, but will definitely reciprocate
  • I can’t believe how much I’m projecting on all these characters bye

Poetry is definitely not my thing. At all. I can enjoy it, but I don’t get how it works. So I tried for the first time to write a little poem, just to be able to say that I tried, but yeah, this isn’t my thing. I feel like I can’t say the things I want to say. Also this is way to simple, because it takes me so fucking long to think of ways to say something.
That’s why I’d like to get into film, I’d be able to say much more that way.
I’m not proud of this at all lol
But I tried bruhs

The language of poetry specializes in doubt. Without the doubters, everyone is cut off at the first question. Poetry does not presume to know, but is angling to get a glimpse of what is gradually coming into view; it aims to rightly identify what is looming; it intends to interrogate whatever is already in place. Poetry, whose definition remains evasive by necessity, advocates the lost road; and beyond speech — waiting, listening, and silence.
—  C.D. Wright, The Poet, the Lion, Talking Pictures, El Farolito, a Wedding in St. Roch, the Big Box Store, the Warp in the Mirror, Spring, Midnights, Fire & All

My whole world could come crashing down tomorrow
And I’m really not prepared to handle that

If that’s the news I get
I don’t  know how I’ll be able to move forward

Currently, I’m moving at a never-ending crawl
But I could end up frozen in time with no sense of direction

What am I going to do if my world becomes unimaginably small and definite?

something about nasal spray

yeah i can’t think of a title for this lmao

self ship fanfiction?? really?? wowie wowie

ah anyway, this ended up being a bit longer than i wanted, but i’m still kinda sorta proud of it seeing as i haven’t finished a story in like,,,ever. this is also the first time i post my writing so yay for me i guess

i also finished it in like three days so that’s pretty cool, sorry if it’s a little rushed at the end but i still feel kinda happy with this (i also wanted to add another flashback between the two last pieces but it was already getting so long)

also sorry if something looks/sounds weird, english isn’t my first language!! also sorry if any of the characters seem ooc or smth idk im apologizing way too much wtf

alright enough of that. earnest/milliz, earnest’s p.o.v. things in italics = some sort of flashback thing

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Why truck drivers make bad poets

I write these Fucking Poems (which are not poems about fucking) in my head as I travel between red balloons on a multi colored digital display. They are Fucking Poems because I am driving through tiny towns on two lane roads and I don’t want them coming out because I can’t write them down and they will fall apart before I can.
Why will they be gone?

Here’s why

(In my head) God that’s a good line. Strong imagery. Nice. Then…what? Road…closed? What? Detour? What? Fuck! Fine. Alright. Oh shut the hell up GPS lady. No I will not make a U-turn. Okay. Coming in from the opposite direction. Not a problem. There! Entrance to the lumber yard. Yes! Okay, yeah. Just one rack of flowers for the garden center. Go on back? Excellent. Wait. Dammit! Why do people stop their vehicles right in the damn middle? Blocking the lane. Why yes sir, I AM looking to get past you. What, I look like I’m browsing in an eighteen wheeler?
Okay. Thank you and…fuck. Flatbed being unloaded. Wonder if I can…no. Shit. No place to turn around. Back up by the gate I can probably spin it. Alright fine. Just hit the four ways and. NO! Do not stop behind me! See this giant moving thing with flashing lights moving towards you? Towards you! Gahh…what the…huh? Two little old ladies with a shopping cart. In the lumber yard. With cars and pickup trucks and forklifts and semis moving around? That’s allowed? Oh. Apparently not. OK. There we go. Get it spun around and..Aagh! Dude! Where are you going? Oh. You don’t know either. I got one frickin rack! Just one! Hey could you…? Nope. Hey could you…? Nope. Hey could you..? Yeah? Aw thank you. Good one to you too. Yeah see ya.

What was that line again? Fuck! Dammit. Gone. Shit biscuits.

Yeah. Pretty much like that. Repeatedly.

the definition of spring

[ i ] the destruction 

i was born inside the storm. 
march is teeth on edge, biting 
against the death of winter. 

a struggle of angry green in 
the ground, the ripping apart of 
soil in demand for life. spring is a 
a movement
of “i am here now. i am here now. i am here now.” 

there is a destruction in the taste of spring. 
here is my body, here is my 
blood and it
melts into raindrops and reminders
of a winter that won’t shake off. 

but it is time to desecrate your winter alters. 
spring is flowers amid bones. death 
on the side of the road. watch the 
dead rise. behold. behold. behold. 

spit out your teeth, march, and prepare
for april’s doomsong singing thunderous.