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Julian...! I don't know if you heard but--i heard from the janitor who heard from blake blightly who heard from jessica fitwell who heard it from isaiah hollaway that landon got suspended for 4 days! is that true??? Why did he get suspended? can you ask? i'm just curious. I'm definitely NOT blogging babe okay. sorry i'm on anon you just have to trust me PLEASE HELP

!!!!!! W-WOW! Is Mr. Bedeau STILL talking about that????? He’s really something.. telling students about that.. >///o///<) I’m a little unsettled by you saying you’re not Bloggin’ Babe…………… why did you bring that up are you ACTUALLY Bloggin’ Babe just trying to trick me >____>))) well.. you don’t type like them so.. maybe it’s ok.. I don’t have much info anyway!

But here’s the info I have: Landon DID get suspended before but it was before I was hanging out with him again (I.. kinda avoided him for a few years ////////;;; It’s a long story), at the beginning of sophomore year. At that time I was using my lunch period to do work in the guidance counselor’s office so one day I was entering the office and Landon was being dragged out by his grandpa!! It looked like maybe Landon got in a fight or something but don’t quote me on that, I don’t know because.. I was trying not to look.. well, afterward he was gone for a few days.

I’ve asked Landon about it before and he always gives me a different answer every time so I have noooo idea -__-);;; He’s told me that he got suspended because: 1) he saved a cat from a tree but it was an evil cat and it slashed the tires of the principal’s car so the principal took it out on him, 2) the cafeteria crew was trying to poison us all and so he stole all the poison but the principal caught him and suspended him without hearing his side of the story, 3) he was becoming too hot and all the teachers were disturbed so they sent him away for a few days, 4) he was actually on a romantic vacation with one of the gym teachers (who hates him btw so OK right) and he pretended to get suspended to cover it up.

Well. There you have it.. -_____-);;;

And then he has to spoil it all by saying something stupid.
“What cheese does a horse wear to a ball?” he volunteers. Don’t know, comes our reply.
“I’m not a joke-teller,” he adds, possibly unnecessarily. “And yet I want to be funny.”
—  Matt Smith
Sleeping In

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As requested!  < — I swear this is a request, but now I can’t find the actual request….so to the requester, I hope you like it!! =)

“If you keep doing that you’re going to wake another part of me up.”

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Do you think Connor and Troye are the type to use pet names like "Babe"? People use them a lot in fanfiction, but I'm on the fence as for if the boys would use them in real life.

Babe definitely seems to be a word they both use actually, we know that from EASE (the truth is the stars are falling babe) and from one of Connor’s instagram post captions (golden hour, babe). If it’s a word in their vocabulary it’s safe to assume it’s one they use with romantic partners. But I do think fanfics can go too far and be like “Con con sweetheart baby apple of my eye darling honey fran fran.” I prefer if writers keep it simple with “babe” and maybe “love” because I can see them using those two words in particular, the rest usually only work in specific circumstances and make it seem unrealistic for me.


they’re so babes “definition of otp”

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So I can see why people would read/like this, but it’s not really for me? For some reason, I can read Tomarry and separate Tom from Voldemort easily, but when it comes to Draco, idk, I just keep thinking of him held hostage in the Manor with Voldemort and all the Death Eaters and getting really sad for him, so it’s hard for me to think about him with a younger Tom Riddle

But I can see where it would be hot! They’re definitely both babes 

Girl's Day's Yura have a hot body! [ HD pix ]

Girl’s Day’s Yura have a hot body! [ HD pix ]

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  Girl’s Day’s Yura have a hot body! [ HD pix ]   // Yura from Girl’s Day have an amazing body We have found this pictures serie from one of Girl’s Day live event and thought that maybe, it could interest someone that we share it? Yura have a very cute and angel face. Pure soft white skin, very cute belly and a cute tiny short!  [ as usual, only HD pictures here! right click for bigger size ;) ]

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