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Who's cross gene?


I’m going to miss stuff because I am rushing and physically hurt that people are missing out on that which is Cross Gene so I’m linking this awesome masterpost from @crossgenes-candy.  That’s like asking who’s HotShot! Please don’t ask who’s HotShot, my heart can’t handle it.


Shin Wonho. aka Shin aka Presh Gene.  
Leader/Leader in Korea, Vocalist, Visual.

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6′1″. Scorpio/ 91z. Married to Takuya (you’ll see)
Once admitted to going two weeks without changing his underwear because he was on vacation and had no schedules so he didn’t clean himself.  Protect him.
IG: @/cg__shinwonho His feed is FULL of boyfriend looks, it’s amazing.

Chu Xiao Xiang. aka Casper. aka Wild Chic Gene.
Leader in China, Main Dancer, Main Rapper, High Tone Rapper, Vocalist.  Chinese.

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5′9″. Pisces/91z.
Precious smol with fuckboi tendencies who may be allergic to sleeves.
IG: @/cg_casper Super cute or Super rude…no in between.

Terada Takuya aka Takuya. aka Gorgeous Gene.
Former Leader/Leader in Japan, Vocalist, Face of the Group.  Japanese.

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6′2″. Pisces/92z. Married to Shin (seriously its not even a ship anymore)
Original CG leader but removed himself as leader after JG left.  He felt like he did a disservice to the other members.  MUST PROTECT!  Check out his acting skills also, dramas and musicals. He is in the Altar Boys musica with Hwang Chansung of 2PM now.
IG: @/cg_takuya

Lee Seyoung. aka Seyoung. aka Miracle Gene.
Main Vocalist.  Eldest Member.  Korean.

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5′11″. Aquarius/90z.  Sidepiece of TakuShin.
Already completed his military service.  Joined the group after JG left.
Husky voice.  Loves that they have fanboys.  LOVES BUGS!
IG: @/cg_seyoung

Kim Sangmin. aka Sangmin. aka Organic Gene.
Lead Dancer, Lead Rapper, Low Tone Rapper, Vocalist.

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He will make you happy and trust him then KABLAM he’s doing something rude and you don’t know what to do or how to respond because then he’s smiling and all adorkable like nothing happened.

Kim Youngseok. aka Yongseok. aka Mypace Gene.
Main Vocalist, Maknae. Noona Bait. 
Honestly they all are…  

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5′9″. Capricorn/93z.  Maknae that doesn’t look like a maknae.  Has three known tattoos on his shoulder, wrist and hip.  Mischievous but its cute, so he can get away with it.  He takes care of the house for his hyungs.  Like Seyoung he has a husky speaking voice.  Like rap line he may or may not show his body.

IG: @/cg_yongseok

I would try and pick a “favorite” CG music video but thats impossible, so here

I’m going to have to make an official introduction to Cross Gene later.  



JUNE 15TH 2018


DATE: JUNE 15TH 2018

On MONDAY, JUNE 4TH 2018; symptoms of a virus began to appear in several regions of the American Southwest, Central America, and Southeast Asia. Physical descriptions of the illness were reminiscent of certain animal bites, but none could be matched to a specific animal. The origin of the virus is unknown. I will continue to post my findings as they come, including updates about new symptoms.

Goodnight for now,

Dr. Xander J. Fitzgerald


  • HIGH FEVER (100.4F / 38C) 
  • PAIN


DATE: JUNE 23RD 2018

The CDC has officially released a press statement as of 8:13AM EST this morning, on SATURDAY, JUNE 23RD 2018, to discuss the status of the disease. They have verified that the new strain, now formally referred to as the T2R2H9 Virus, is legitimate. They’re working on finding a cure, and methods on how to contain it. The Department of Defense has yet to confirm the allegations of initiating martial law to quarantine majors cities, in which the virus has been documenting more reports of the virus.  




DATE: JUNE 26TH 2018

A new break has come in search of a cure for the virus. An independent medical group stationed in Chicago, IL has reported that  they’ve attempted to see if they can slow the rate at which the virus spreads or terminate it with rounds of known antibiotics. Despite their findings being deemed inconclusive by the CDC, their findings suggest that nothing they tried worked to slow or destroy the virus.





The CDC has released a new statement, as of yesterday, SATURDAY, JUNE 30TH 2018. They announced that none of their attempts to terminate the virus have worked, and that it’s starting to replicate itself faster. Symptoms of T2R1H9 have begun to appear in parts of Europe, Africa, and Oceania. A report from Thailand also came out corroborating the findings, as well as verification that the virus is evolving. No information has yet to be found leading to a definitive cause to the virus’ origin.

No word has still yet to be announced from the Department of Defense about the initiation of martial law, however; news outlets have speculated rumors about a bill that will temporarily shut down trade ports and airlines as a means to attempt to contain the virus.





Chaos has begun to set in s news about the virus continues to spread. The public is unrest, and most are fleeing to rural areas to escape the violence of the cities. The Department of Defense has officially placed the United States of America under martial law, and instructs all nations who have yet to follow suit to do so as soon as possible. Autopsies of those who have been killed before the virus could fully spread, have yet to provide leads to a potential cause to help examiners get closer to finding a cure.

Examinations of the bodies showed that several major organs appeared heavily deoxygenated and inflamed, even hours after experiencing the first symptoms. Dissection of the infected organs revealed they were filled with pus and what resembled black mold. One examiner, T. Kanai, said that upon examining one of the mouths of the deceased, she noticed that their teeth were abnormal. She initially assumed the individual had gingival recession, but their gums were perfect and showed no signs of disease or decay. Instead, it was their teeth that seemed to be moving, as if there were new teeth trying to push their way up to the surface. Kanai also commented that something about their eyes made her uncomfortable, but declined to comment any further.





The CDC has set up quarantine centers across the United States, Canada, and Mexico as means to section off the infected from the healthy. In these government sanctioned camps, on staff medical and government personnel have released statements about their findings as they do rest runs to find a cure; which were leaked to the Deep Web and appeared on various political and government message boards over the past 48 hours.

According to personnel in an undisclosed base in Arizona, they revealed that some of the symptoms have taken a drastic and sinister turn for the worst. An unidentified petty officer and medical examiner reported seeing infected individuals with dark blue to black scleras; as well as a sudden loss of their fingernails and seizures. Their accounts have yet to be confirmed, and the CDC has ordered that all deceased individuals are to be burned as a safety precaution; whether or not they’re infected with the virus. The virus has been confirmed as being in six continents, and all airports and borders in 110 countries have been closed as of MONDAY, JULY 9TH 2018.




DATE: JULY 17TH 2018

A research team in Wyoming has taken the data calculated from the base in Arizona, and decided to do a series of experiments to study how the virus changes. According to the study, they took three patients who are at different rates of the infection; placing them under heavy surveillance in separated chambers on TUESDAY, JULY 10TH 2018 at 13:00


SUBJECT #1: Sex unspecified. Aged 25. Showing mild-moderate symptoms; loss of appetite, moderate body aches, tremors, nausea, vomiting, and mild hallucinations [visual].

Overall Health; Stable. Mood or Temperament; Good. Thoughts; Clear.

SUBJECT #2: Sex female. Aged 33. Showing moderate-severe symptoms; rapid weight loss, nausea, vomiting, dilated veins, mild discoloration of the scleras, fingernail loss, moderate hallucinations [visual and auditory], mild-moderate tremors, and a high blood cell count.

Overall Health; Stable. Mood or Temperament; Fine. Thoughts; Scattered.

SUBJECT #3: Sex male. Aged 45. Showing severe symptoms; demonstrates some degree of all the known symptoms, with the exception of loss of appetite. SUBJECT #3 shows symptoms that has yet to be documented among the infected; (1) His original teeth have fallen out, and replaced by a rows of jagged, sharp teeth; made for ripping flesh from bone, and (2)a form of “Wendigo Psychosis”, which is characterized by a deep craving for human meat as food. Upon being given a cooked steak, he refused to eat it. When given a raw steak, he became curious–only to throw it across the room after tasting it. When given a scrap bucket of viscera from the morgue, he took it into a corner and devoured all the contents.

Overall Health; Unstable. Mood or Temperament; Easily distressed and Volatile. Thoughts; Scattered and Unclear.


SUBJECT #1: Condition has steadily gotten worse. SUBJECT #1’s scleras have turned black, and now expresses bouts of intense rage.

Overall Health; Unstable. Mood or Temperament; Unpredictable. Thoughts; Unclear

SUBJECT #2: Condition has remained stable. She still has no appetite, and has to be guided to eating. Her scleras are dark gray, and several of her teeth have been replaced with the same teeth as SUBJECT #3. SUBJECT #2 refuses to sleep, or can’t.

Overall Health; Stable. Mood or Temperament; Anxious. Thoughts; Scattered.

SUBJECT #3: Condition remains unstable. He refuses to eat any food items that aren’t in his bucket, and has been documented demonstrating violent bursts of rage if his needs aren’t met accordingly. SUBJECT #3 requires maximum level amount of security when having food transferred to him, and has demonstrated inhuman amounts of strength. He was also recorded from surveillance cameras, tormenting and antagonizing on duty staff.

Overall Health; Unstable. Mood or Temperament; Unstable. Thoughts; Scattered and Cloudy.


SUBJECT #1: Condition has slowly gotten worse; now demonstrating incredible bouts of strength, throwing their bed across the room when their demands weren’t met. When SUBJECT #1’s fingernails were collected for testing, they attacked an on duty guard; mildly injuring him in the process. SUBJECT #1 refuses to talk to or comply with the orders of staff officials. The status of the guard’s health has yet to be disclosed.

Overall Health; Unstable. Mood or Temperament; Agitated. Thoughts; Unclear.

SUBJECT #2: Condition has slowly gotten worse; her loss of appetite has receded, and she now claims to have an insatiable appetite for raw meat. When asked why, she said she doesn’t know–only that she feels like she’s going to die if she doesn’t. On duty staff decided to test their theory, placing a raw steak and a large bucket of harvested viscera on her table. After some time, she took a liking to the content of the bucket over the steak. After finishing the contents, she was asked why she made the choice she did; to which she said she doesn’t know, only that something told her to-and how she thinks she wants more.

Overall Health; Good. Mood or Temperament; Stable, yet easily distraught. Thoughts; Clear.

SUBJECT #3: During the sixth night, SUBJECT #3 attacked and killed an unarmed staff member in his cell. The guard was found crudely disemboweled; with his organs gone and his blood splattered across the room. The subject was found in the corner of his cell, smiling with blood on his face, arms and body. All attempts to subdue him by armed personnel failed, and was fatally gunned down as a last resort.

Overall Health; TERMINATED

The experiment has been terminated, but SUBJECT #1 and SUBJECT #2 were sent to a maximum security area for further examination before being reintegrated with the base. SUBJECT #1 show little sign of improving, and SUBJECT #2 is unclear.




DATE: JULY 20TH 2018

This will be my last update for some time. I’m going to be boarding a private flight with a group of on base scientists to a base in the American Northwest to collect more data on the virus; which will include myself, KW, JG, OA, MN, DZ, NV, and AM. I’ll do my best to update my log regularly when we arrive to my destination. We’re expected to depart on TUESDAY, JULY 24TH 2018 at 03:00. We’ve been informed ahead of time that we’ll be have to receive extensive training before we would be allowed to interact with the infected directly; meaning we will only have access to interviews and data by means of surveillance footage or by means of separation as demonstrated with the experiment. We’ll be careful, and the next update should be from our new findings at the base.

As of now, no new information has come forward about the status of any recently discovered symptoms.


DATE: JULY 26TH 2018

We landed at the base two days ago, and our search for a cure has been going as planned. My investigation team and I are going to undergo our official training tomorrow morning, which will give us time away from the lab to get acclimated to what it will be like to work with the infected up close. We’re nervous, but hopeful. We’ve been informed that representatives from CDC bases on the East Coast will be flown in via a private service to work alongside us in our mission to provide a vaccine for the virus; with the hope that it will prevent it from spreading further. The current estimated number of the infected population is 956 million.




DATE: JULY 31ST 2018

Our training course has been successful, and we’re scheduled to start getting to work with the infected in the next few days. Several of my colleagues are hopeful that if we don’t find a cure soon, we’ll at least find a patch to slow the virus’ replication rate. Yet, many others remain skeptical and doubtful; with this being the fastest spreading virus that we’ve come to know, infecting nearly one-seventh of the world population in less than two months. I’m going to call this update closed for now, as I have a lot of papers to handle, and my designated team and I have to transport some of the infected to a new security base.




DATE: AUGUST 1st 2018

Shit. Shit. Something went wrong during the transporting process. When we were escorting the infected inside, a guard didn’t see two infected individuals that were roaming the premises unsupervised; being subsequently attacked in the process. We weren’t prepared for this. They didn’t train us for this. We tried to quickly get the other inside, but the two infected ragers got in with us. They attacked the five of us who were closest to the door; an unnamed guard, OA, KW, NV, and myself. I was too slow, and one thing they don’t tell you during your training OPs is that they bite hard. We’re being placed under quarantine for the next few days to check on us, just in case they microscopically broke any skin during the scuffle. I was given permission to bring my computer into my designated chamber, so I can continue to work while I’m recovering. In the event I have become infected with the virus, I’ll be given a series of test drugs to see if they’ll cancel out the negative effects of the virus. I’ll also be documenting my experiences with those as the days unfold. This is going to be a long, long ride.



It’s been two hours since we were quarantined, and just over three since we were initially attacked. I was bitten and scratched on my left calf, and the pain was excruciating. I was screaming and cursing at the top of my lungs nearly the entire way to the emergency unit. The pain was unlike anything I ever felt; being a combination of what I can only describe as a snake bite, a wasp sting, and a second degree burn being magnified ten fold. After my wounds were disinfected and patched up, I was given a round of test antibiotics and a morphine pump before being escorted to my isolation chamber.

The room is sterile, and smells vaguely of pine and cedar. I have a single metal frame bed, a desk connected to the wall, a single shelf above the desk, and a small table where my meals would be served. It feels surreal being in a room like this, knowing what became of those during the experiment. At the moment, I feel fine. The morphine has been helping a lot to dull the pain. The only thing to report on is that the muscles in my left leg feel aggravated and sore.




I got couple messages from people asking to know how I’m doing, and how the rest of my team is. It’s been six hours since my last post, and I’m starting to feel nauseous and experiencing some dizziness; though whether or not that’s attributed to the virus, or is a side effect of the medications they have me on–I’m not sure. As far as the others go, I haven’t been told yet. I’ll do my best to remember to ask a guard the next time one of them comes by to check my vitals. I’m going to try to get some rest and see if that helps or not.





It’s day two of my recovery process. I woke up at 06:00 to have my vitals checked, and had breakfast served to me at 06:30. I’m still feeling nauseous, so I didn’t have much of an appetite. I picked at some of the fruit they gave me, and resorted to mainly sticking to a cup of hot coffee. I feel heavy and fatigued all over, as if I just have a serious cold. I might go back to bed soon. I don’t have the energy to move around right now. I’m going to respond to some emails I got in regards to the recent updates, and then call it quits until I have my vitals checked again at 1230 hours.




It’s 12:45, and I woke up in excruciating pain about an hour ago. I jolted up in my sleep feeling like my skin was on fire, and I felt like I tore a muscle. Not pulled or strained, but tore a muscle–as if it was ripping itself from the bone. I tried to give myself as many pumps of morphine as I could, but I’m on a timed system. So even after a full dose, I was still in tremendous pain half an hour after the fact. An armed guard and two medical personnel came in to get my vitals, and I told them about my pain levels.

They assured me that this was normal, and to not worry. I also asked about how the unnamed guard, KW, OA, and NV were doing. They told me they were fine, and they should be discharged soon. If they or others from my group come by to check on me, I’ll be able to verify their statements then. I’m going to try to eat something light to get my strength up, and then possibly get back to working on some papers from my bed. The current estimated infected population, according to the main CDC headquarters, has now reached 1.7 billion.




It’s 18:35 and the medical personnel gave me some medication to bring my appetite up, and so far, it’s helping. I was able to clear off a sandwich and a small salad, and I’m doing well with holding it down. The medic who checked on me took some new labs, and said I should have my results in by tomorrow afternoon to see if the antibiotics are working or not. They were surprised I was as calm as I was at the time, and that it was a relief for them. I asked them what they meant by that, but they wouldn’t budge. I pried them about it until I got them to cave. I’m still part of this investigation, and I have the right to know what’s going on.

They told me that they’ve worked with hundreds or even thousands of people who have been been affected by the virus, and that knowing how calm, almost unaware of how sick I truly was, caught them off guard. They continued to say that mood swings are one of the most commonly reported symptoms, and are more often than not, violent. I stopped them for a moment, asking what they meant by the last thing they said; about not being aware of how sick I really was. They immediately froze, and stopped talking; as if they realized they said something they weren’t supposed to. They just grabbed their supplies and left without saying another thing.

I’m starting to a little scared, and I still haven’t seen the rest of my team. I’m going to try to get some rest again soon. I can hear a storm coming, and from the looks of it, it won’t be a good one.





I apologize for not updating yesterday like I should have. The weather has been atrocious, and our entire grid lost power from 04:30 to 20:50. I was able to get some notes types out before my battery died, so here’s what I’m able to recall.

My morning routine went much the same, and I was able to be escorted to a quarters area to clean myself up. Getting some fresh air away from my confinement was fine, but I still felt like a caged animal with how close I was being monitored. My body aches and pains have subsided, and I was able to move around more without feeling like I need some type of assistance. My appetite had come back, and was able to make up for all the calories I missed in the form of heavy nutritional shakes and protein bars. Working in near darkness threw my circadian rhythm off, and I ended up sleeping most of the day.

Today was much the same, after the power came back. I was finally able to get my lab results back, and my white blood cell count was triple what it should have been. My body knew something was wrong, and was doing its best to fight off whatever it was. The medic who saw me the previous day came back to administer more antibiotics and experimental test drugs, as well as give me another physical. In the light of the room, they were able to make out my features closer and get better readings.

The veins in my hands and arms were mild-moderately dilated, and both my fingernails and cuticles were chipped/torn and beginning to bleed. They took an ophthalmoscope and went to check my vision, pausing for a moment to take notice of what I didn’t want to believe were the color of my eyes. They just gave me this look, one where you know they’re hiding something from you. They continued the examine, and told me that everything was checking out; but whether or not that was a good thing, they wouldn’t say.

But one thing is certain: I’m infected…and if my reports over the last two months had been indicative of anything; it’s that this is only the beginning, and things are going to get worse from here on out.





I wasn’t able to sleep last night. All I could think about is how the past five days have gone, and how this isn’t what I wanted out of coming here. I spent a good hour throwing up, terrified of knowing what awaits me when this damn disease spreads further. I can’t stop thinking about the two subjects in last month’s update that are still, hopefully, alive. I can’t help but to imagine the fear and dread they must feel or have; knowing there’s an insidious being raging inside them, and there’s nothing they can do to stop it. I wonder how many of them tried to fight back against it, and how many gave up and caved to the beast.

While I was curled up on the floor in a mess of my own pity and sorrow, I thought about SUBJECT #3; wondering which category he was in during all of this. Did he try to fight to suppress the side effects, or did he lose hope and let it win? The the days leading up to him being brought in for the study, he seemed fine, albeit distressed. He was clearly hiding something, perhaps trying to mask his pain as the virus weighted him down. I don’t know. I can only hope he’s at peace now, and that the other two; wherever they are, can have some solice in knowing that we’re going to beat this thing. I don’t know how or when, but we will.

We’ve survived the Bubonic Plague, the 1918 Spanish Influenza, world wars. In the wake of tragedy, we’ve proved time and time again that we’re strong and we’re resilient beings. We’re not going to go down without a damn fight. Everything works out in the end. Right?





I’m beginning to feel weak again, and all I want to do is sleep. I’m losing sight of what’s real and what’s not. I can’t tell if I’m seeing or feeling things because I’m cracking up or if it’s the virus showing itself more to me. I spent a good five minutes shaking in bed, and had a grand mal seizure when I went to go clean myself up just an hour ago; which is something that’s never happened to me. I was able to get ahold of DZ and JG; who were given authorization to meet me. For their protection, they were put in specially designated hazmat suits, and I was handcuffed to my desk. It was bittersweet seeing them, and the look on their faces seeing me was otherworldly. I don’t know how to describe it, but it’s just that bleak look of acceptance you see when people are seeing their loved ones for the last time–as if they instinctively knew things weren’t going to end well for me.

They told me the status of the project to look for a cure, which was going as well as I should have expected. The virus was replicating at an alarming rate, and there was no telling what could be used or done to slow it down even a fraction of the rate it was developing. The virus was changing its structure almost every 72 hours like clock work, and predicting its next makeup structure was impossible. In layman’s terms; we were fucked. I then asked them about how the others were doing. MN and AM were fine, and were planning on heading back to our original camp to get away from all the stress they were dealing with here. When I asked them about KW, OA, NV, and the guard; they went quiet.

JG asked me if I was serious, and then became angry when I told him I had no clue what either of them were talking about. I didn’t even know how they got hurt or how bad it ultimately was, only that I wasn’t the only one who got attacked. DZ was surprised that I wasn’t told about anything, and proceeded to fill me in to the best of their abilities. The day after we were quarantined, they got the news that OA died sometime during the night when her aorta ruptured sometime in her sleep. KW was in and out of the operating room since yesterday for what they only told me was “organ failure”, and that NV was stable, but refusing to talk to anyone. I asked them about the guard again, and they told me when they went to go visit KW in the ICU; they swore they saw someone strapped to a gurney, screaming about how “that fucking disease is going to kill us all” and “kill me now before it makes me hurt you”.

Before they left, they tried to comfort me and tell me that they’re not going to stop looking for a way to beat this; even if they have to die trying. JG added that he was going to send me something to look over when he gets back to his dorm. He told me it was for my eyes only, and to not share it with anyone in our circle. I wasn’t sure what he meant by that, but I told him I would keep his promise.




I got JG’s file attachment, and I spent a good hour analyzing it. If what he sent me is true, then this changes everything. Not only for our investigative team, but all of us. In all my years as a virologist, I’ve never seen anything like this before, and it could possibly be one of the most blatant cases of medical malpractice that I’ve ever seen. If this is real, then it would be morally repugnant for me to keep this a secret. I’ll post an update in an hour with my decision. I’m starting to feel sick again, and my back pain is starting to surge again.


Goddammit. I don’t know what to even make of this now. I fired a message to JG, asking him if anyone else in our group knows about this. He replied back quickly; telling me that DZ does, and he plans on telling MN and AM before they board their flight back home. I could tell he knew I was onto something, to which he sent me an angry email back. He insisted that if I told anyone about the attachment, that there was going to be dire consequences for all of us. I demanded to know where he got the information from, to which he told me that he talked to the guard he saw strapped to the gurney in private when the medical team was gone. The guard said that he saw someone open the gate where the two infected people were, and that it wasn’t an accident. The guard was adamant that the attack was on purpose, and that he was sure he wasn’t the intended target–but one of us were.

He went on to say that he found the two surviving candidates from the test, SUBJECT #2 told him about how she became infected with the virus. She claims that she was a child psychologist turned EMT in the wake of the outbreak, and that she often hopped from base to base to help where she could. While stationed in a base near Atlanta, she was approached by a group that claimed to work for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services about partaking in a clinical study to try a potential vaccine against the virus. When she declined, feeling something off about them, she claims they stowed her into the back of a van, and injected her with what she believes to have been a strain of the virus. She was found abandoned several miles outside Chattanooga, with no recollection of her captures.

Unable to believe the story for himself, she showed him scars she got from the struggle and where she began to develop partial necrosis at the injection site. I thought he was bullshitting with me, until he sent me the photos as proof. My stomach sank, seeing what she went through. He continued by saying that she’s sure this entire outbreak wasn’t a fluke or freak of nature; but something deeper. This whole thing is making my head spin. I’m going to call it quits for the night. I’m starting to feel like someone’s watching me. The current estimated infected population is believed to be 2.8 billion.





I woke up to my pillow and bed sheets being soaked with blood, and I wasn’t sure why. When I went to open my mouth to call for help, my teeth began to fall out-one by one. I don’t think I ever screamed that loud before in my life, and it took two guards to hold me back so I wouldn’t hurt myself. I watched helplessly as a medic bagged my teeth and collected a sample of my blood, walking away as if nothing happened. I don’t think my brain had time to process what was going on, so I instinctively ran my tongue across the inside of my mouth; hoping this was some kind of fucked up dream and that this wasn’t happening. All I could feel were jagged edges where my teeth once were, almost like shards of broken glass.

I snapped, and started wailing on anyone or anything that was close to me. I had enough. Whatever this shit was; a natural occurrence or a some damn test by the government, it was finally starting to really hit me that this was real. I could feel my blood boil as I threw everything I could get my hands on across the room. I smashed my table to pieces, and ripped the shelf from the wall; stripping the bolts in the process. It wasn’t until I was coming down from my rage that I saw the extent of what I had done; not only was my room destroyed, but I also broke my left hand in the process. The weirdest part though was that I wouldn’t have even noticed unless I saw it for myself or had it pointed out to me. I can’t tell if my outburst made me invincible or if I’m no longer able to feel pain.

I’ll let you know when I test my hypothesis again.





I’ve been at work testing my theory about my ability to process pain, or possible lack thereof. I took one of the pins off my jacket, and poked at the back of my hand. Nothing. I tried prodding the tips of my fingers. Nothing. I tested it again on my arm, skewering a small piece of my skin in the process. Still nothing. No pain or anything to speak of, even after I started to bleed again. I wanted to push my now, almost certain hypothesis even further.

I took one of my fountain pens, and rolled up my sleeves. I gripped the pen tight in my hand, and with all my strength, I stabbed myself in the upper arm. I could feel the nib of the pen bend from the force, snapping upon making contact with my humerus when it broke through the skin. I ripped the pen out of my arm, sending a large spurt of blood across the floor. Nothing. I barely felt it. What the fuck. I looked at the now broken, useless pen in my hand; covered in blood and what was left of the ink. I stared at it, fascinated. A new thought was starting to cross my mind.

I knew now that my hypothesis was correct; and that this wasn’t a side effect of my mood swings. This was something entirely different. I finally knew, or at least was quite certain, that I could no longer feel pain. Now, I couldn’t help but to wonder if I would find myself in a place where I can no longer feel anything at all. I’ll update you on that theory when the time comes.





I’ve been pouring over my notes, and trying to come to a conclusion as to what I’m going to do with the information JG gave me. The signs were everywhere that this wasn’t normal, and it was something the public needed to know. However, the question was would we do after that makes things complicated. Do we kill the infected, no matter the stage of their diagnosis? Do we just launch all of our nukes, and hope there’s enough survivors to start over? I don’t know.

I finally saw my face for the first time in what feels like weeks. It was eerie to say the least to see how this was manifesting itself; staring back at me. In an attempt to diagnose myself; the physical characteristics of the virus were nearing its final stages for me. My teeth were starting to come back, but weren’t like they once were; now were also cryptid like in their appearance. The capillaries in my skin on my face and neck were more prominent; a condition which my division dubbed “angel skin”, as it gave the appearance of the skin being ethereal, and almost translucent.

My eyes have succumb to changes as well, becoming pitch black and almost void like. Upon closer examination, I noticed that not only did my scleras change, but my irises did as well; going from brown to black, as if they pigment was eaten away. The texture of the hair on my head hasn’t changed, but it seems like the hair everywhere else, aside from my face, was becoming lighter. I don’t recognize myself anymore. Is this the part where I have a nervous breakdown or get lost in myself?

I’ll update this later when I can. I’m starting to feel unwell again, and my stomach hasn’t stopped growling since I left my room.




My stomach has been in a knot all day, and no matter what I try to alleviate it, it just keeps getting worse. I’ve tried an assortment of anti-nausea medications and tricks, but nothing works. For the past hour, something in the back of my mind had an insatiable craving for something. I couldn’t place my finger on it, but the more I lingered on it, the more I knew what was going on. I-I need to test something.


I just sent a request for something specific to eat, and I’m going to see how this turns out. This is sick. I don’t want to do this. But, I have to. I have to find out if what I’m thinking is true. I’ll make another update within the next hour.


Shit. Goddammit. So, I tried to put my theory to the test. It worked. It actually worked. I didn’t want to believe it would, but it did. I spoke to a guard that was part of the week long experiment, and told them about the craving. She understood what I meant by that, and went to go take care of it. She came back with a bucket…that damn bucket. I choked back on my vomit as she put it on the new table in front of me. The smell of the viscera emanating from the bucket was revolting, and I almost threw up. The way they almost shined under the florescent lighting in a collection of their own fluids brought back painful memories of college, and the sheer weight of the bucket caught me off guard.

I pulled it close to me and knew there was only one thing I could do. The voice in the back of my head grew louder, telling me if I don’t eat, then I’m going to die. If I eat, I’ll be okay and it will go away. I swallowed my pride, and reached into the bucket; sloshing the various guts around as they slid across each other. The feeling of wanting to vomit came back as I felt how slick they were. I picked up a chunk of meat, and tore at it with my teeth. The muscle was tough, but gave way the more I ripped into it. It reminded me of a cut of choice meat you would use for a stew. It had some bite to it, and wasn’t stringy.

The nausea I had moments ago melted away the more I ate, and that’s when I knew I was right. This was it. This was the symptom I feared the most, as it signaled the last state of the changes that my team and I were made aware of. Part of me knew this was wrong, and that this wasn’t the kind of person I was. This was sick. This was fucked up. Yet, I couldn’t stop. For a moment, any ounce of self control I had went out the window along with whatever humanity I held onto. I was becoming the very thing I was afraid of, and that there was no going back. This disease..this damn disease made my grave for me, and now I have to lie in it. I don’t know how to tell my team about this. I don’t even know if NV or KW are alive at this point. I just hope that the rest of them are able to get the fuck out of here while they can; especially if that guard was telling the truth.

This will probably be my last update. I don’t trust myself to be around other people, and I don’t know when or if I’m going to lose myself to this. There’s no telling if I’ll be the same person a month from now, a week from now, or even tomorrow. I just don’t know. That’s why I’m stepping away from the investigation as of writing this.  I’m so sorry, but I have to do this. I have to do what’s in my best interest, and trying to fight this thing isn’t one of those things anymore. As part of my way to say goodbye, I’ll be leaving an attachment to the documents I’ve exchanged with JG. Whether or not you choose to use them is up to you. I don’t care, they won’t be of any use for me anymore.

To whoever may be reading this, it’s over. There’s no going back for us as a society. We’re too far gone, and there’s nothing we can do to stop the virus. If you’re one of the lucky ones, run. Run as fast as you can and avoid the infected while you can. It’s up to you to decide whether or not we’re a species worth fighting for. The power is in your hands now. God, forgive us all.

“This is the end, my only friend, the end
It hurts to set you free
But you’ll never follow me
The end of laughter and soft lies
The end of nights we tried to die
This is the end …”

Goodnight for the last time,

Dr. Xander J. Fitzgerald

anonymous asked:

Hi Pia. Just wanted to say I'm sending strength and compassion your way. So sorry you're going through so much.

Thanks so much anon <3

It’s been pretty hectic lately, I can do with all the strength and compassion, I’ve just visited the hospital three days in a row while simultaneously dealing with a Mega Cold (you’d think it was the flu, but it’s definitely a separate virus, just…not one that’s interested in leaving or making my life any easier).

And I gotta say, sitting in a waiting room for an hour waiting for a neurosurgeon to see you, while some tiny little gremlin in the back of your head is turning a tap behind your nose that’s slowly turning you into a faucet is NOT actually my idea of a good time, lol.

But actually, all that being said, I’m doing okay anon. :) A bit weary, but what’s new there? Today, the neurosurgeon said: ‘you’re quite philosophical, aren’t you?’ And I said: ‘what do you mean?’ and he said: ‘well, most people with your condition and tumours would be anxious or terrified, and here you are, smiling and cheerful, and you seem very calm.’ And while I thought ‘yes, I am very good at hiding my anxiety and terror’ I also considered that my smiles were genuine. I don’t think that makes me philosophical (I think studying Tao and other belief systems might do that), I just think you know, here are some good things from today:

* The most gorgeous light on the drive home, as the sun began to set behind rain clouds that were slowly sailing away.

* The guy (teenager) in front of us was super chatty with his mum in the waiting room. And it was obvious he was both dealing with something pretty major, but that he also had a really good relationship with his mum, and they showed a lot of love for each other.

* The latest Manchester Orchestra album is fucking incredible.

* We saw at least 300 kangaroos today. We pass a local national reserve on our way to and from the hospital that’s quite close to our house, and they were all close to the fence. Happy kangaroos.

* Massive landworks going on (bulldozing and such) and while I’m sad for the bushland, I also know it’s to build a major arterial road to Ellenbrook (where I live) which is sorely needed, and it’s cool seeing people come together and do these epic feats.

So yeah, there are good things. :) *sends strength and compassion your way too*

You know you’re in trouble when your computer runs out of memory trying to load a tumblr page…

The Sick Book Tag

Oooo I wanted to do this one! Thanks to @the-forest-library for the tag! 

1. Diabetes - a very sweet book: 

When Dimple Met Rishi. A sweeter book can hardly be found. 

2. Chickenpox - a book that you read once and will not read again:  

Sisterland by Curtis Sittenfeld. And if I’d realized she wrote Sisterland before I read Eligible, I’d have saved myself the trouble. 

3. Influenza - a contagious book that spreads like a virus:  

Definitely the Raven Cycle. I don’t know if there’s someone who hasn’t contracted this series yet. 

4. The Cycle - a book that you read every month, every year, or very often:  

Hawksong by Amelia Atwater. This book introduced me to fantasy and it’s so tiny that I can read it in three hours so why not? 

5. Insomnia - a book that kept you up all night:  

An Ember in the Ashes. Especially since it was originally a standalone and I couldn’t live thinking that I wouldn’t know what happened afterwards. 

6. Amnesia - a book that’s been forgotten and failed to leave an impression on you:  

It’s so forgotten that I can’t even remember one now. 

7. Asthma - a book that took your breath away:  

Citizen: An American Lyric by Claudia Rankine. Every word is vital and on point. 

8. Malnutrition - a book that lacked food for thought:  

The Things we Keep by Sally Hepworth. I was so looking forward to this book but in the end it was absolutely forgettable. 

9. Motion Sickness - a book that took you on a journey through time and space:  

The Dispossessed by Ursula Le Guin. Literally a book about time and space. 

I’d like to tag: @stargirl-carraway @persephonelovesbooks @justlikejosephine @mlledevoltaire @thelibraryofmars @classybookunicorn

Let’s Learn About Red Velvet

(the beautiful @joshuaseggtarteu is going to be writing something very exciting, and she needed some help learning about a couple of perfect and amazing girl groups which i know more about. so there’s gonna be a couple of these posts for her tonight -Tanisha<3)

(also if you would like to contribute some points for a post about Twice or f(x), drop it in my inbox)

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  • these girls are amazing
  • when i first found them, i had no clue who was the visual, who was the dancer, who was the vocal, because they are all so fucking amazing
  • i can’t really say that any of these girls are really ‘slept on’ more than others, because as a whole, this group IS FUCKING SLEPT ON
  • RV is my favourite girl group of ALL TIME (with many other coming close second) and possibly my favourite k-pop group of all time (maybe tied with Seventeen??)
  • if there is anything involving RV, i’m sooo there


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  • real name is Bae Ju Hyun 
  • oldest member, born 1991
  • leader of the group
  • actually shy
  • very blushy
  • introverted 
  • has said herself that she prefers her time alone, and thinks that she doesn’t reveal as much of her personality as she would like
  • her members bring her out of her shell
  • the total mother of the group (there was an entire Weekly Idol episode where the MCs just called her Mama)
  • nickname Baechu (which means ‘cabbage’ and comes from her real name Bae Ju or the affectionate nickname bae) 
  • a very good speaker; holds cofidence, even if she stutters and messes up (which only makes other people adore her more) 
  • my favourite Mama


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  • real name is Son Seung Wan 
  • born 1994
  • originally from Canada 
  • can play ALL the intruments (guitar, flute, saxaphone, piano, etc.)
  • personality a mix of joking and shy
  • tends to do the giggle where she covers her mouth when she has a shy moment
  • a nervous laugher 
  • can very much be a jokester (in terms of weird animal impressions, liking to do weird voices, etc.)
  • has been accused of touching her members’ butts before, and liking it
  • she’s the ‘dirty’ member
  • i am convinced more of this because of that one gifset of her whispering something in Irene’s ear and Irene looking very disgusting, but Wendy’s arm is around her so she can’t even pull away
  • but also (my) sunshine


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  • real name is Kang Seulgi 
  • born 1994
  • lead dancer for this group
  • very smiley, with a beautiful smile 
  • very eloquent; when she speaks she gets her point across very nicely
  • not shy, but not super talkative; simply just demands a room’s attention with her presence 
  • she is a graceful swan, and acts as such


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  • real name Park Soo Young
  • born 1996
  • also accused of touching the members’ butts 
  • very much a jokester
  • lives to make the members laugh
  • rarely serious, but does have a serious side
  • known as the ‘happy virus’ (definitely lives up to her name)
  • there is several videos (usually in a van) of her rapping and just doing stupid shit to make the members laugh
  • she plays shy a lot, but its more to be cutesie
  • her personality is huge, and she doesn’t hide it by being shy


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  • real name Kim Ye Rim
  • born 1999
  • the maknae of the group
  • also kind of shy, but in a cute and giggly way
  • has the most adorable voice ever
  • probably gets the least screentime/speaking time on variety shows 
  • is just an adorable little mouse
  • how else to describe ???
  • looks like a cinnamon roll and is a cinnamon roll 


  • all the members love food
  • there is a good reason why they have a song named after cake
  • they all feed off each others’ energy and laughter 
  • they are all such adorable goofballs 
SM trainee.

My name is Ari and I am 17 this year. I am American-Korean.  I trained in SM for about 2.5 years and recently just came back to the States 2 months ago for personal reasons. Since I’ve been in SM for more than 2 years, I’ve noticed a lot of things and made a lot of observations. Choose to believe or not, I don’t care; I’m just saying all these because I’ve been seeing a lot rumors that are NOT true about the SM artists. Firstly, I’ll talk a bit about my experience. There were  like 5 buildings of SM from what I know & remember.. (there could be more/less, I’m not quite sure because I spent most my time in the trainee building) There was one for trainees and one for SM artists only. (which was exclusive and trainees couldn’t get in there without special permission & for showcases) Training was very harsh, and since I was only 14 when I first entered the building, I still had school & had to train at the same time. I trained for singing, dancing, language ( Japanese and Chinese. I already knew English and Korean)  and instruments. (I learnt piano and guitar) There were also rapping/acting and other classes but I was never really trained that. My focus was on my dancing. SM trainees are very very competitive, and ages ranged from about 10 - 19 ? (Average age from what I remember was about 15) Apart from our daily singing/dancing/language lessons we had to take, we were not forced to train ourselves. What I mean is, after your normal lessons provided by the SM instructors, you could basically just leave and go back to your dorms/home. If you wanted to train until 5 am in the morning, you can. If you want to slack of, you can. SM wasn’t really strict on making us train because all your hard work, or no work showed in the monthly evaluations. (to be honest, I really hated the monthly evaluations. It was horrible) Although most trainees were really really hard working. During 2 years, I’ve seen friends come and go, that’s why I never really had a steady friendship during training. 

The first SM idol I met was BoA at the showcase. She was incredibly sweet and she gave the trainees a lot of helpful advice. Everyone seemed to really respect her! I also knew EXO before they debuted. I wasn’t close to them, (I was only close to like 2 people. I focused on training and didn’t have time to make a lot of friends) Rumors about EXO being not close is absolutely not true! They are definitely more close now  then when they were trainees, but even before debut, they did get along really well. I’m not sure who was close to who before debut, but during wolf era (I was still training then), they all had a really good bond. Yixing and Luhan seem to get along really well, Kris is a bit quiet but he gives off this really “cool” vibe about him. Chen is close with everyone and Sehun is a bit awkward at times but he seems to get along with everyone also. Yixing is a SWEETHEART and he is really really nice to everyone. Chanyeol being the happy virus is not fake or “just a show for the fans” He really does joke around a lot and he’s always smiling. He definitely is the happy virus, however, I think Baekhyun suits that title more? Baekhyun joked around a lot with the other members and he seemed really close to Kyungsoo. Kyungsoo is a bit quiet and more on the “manly” side. He isn’t really into aegyo. As for xiumin (it’s so weird calling him xiumin because pre debut, everyone called him minseok obviously lol) , SM was planning to place him in EXO-K, but then got transferred to EXO-M (what I heard from my manager) He doesn’t seem to /want/ to be in EXO-M and it looked like he was more comfortable with the Korean members, but he is very close to Luhan. The members that I know a bit better are Suho, Kai and Sehun. They worked incredibly hard especially Suho (can’t believe he actually trained for 7 years.. I almost died training for 2 years lol) Kai was an amazing dancer and he was pretty popular with the other trainees. He was like SM’s “golden boy” and I remember, during the MAMA era, he was put first in everything. When I first entered SM in 2010, I was thinking like.. why.. how did he survive for 2 years with this tough competition and so much talented people? But then I saw his dancing.. and his face and I was like.. wow. He had so much passion and confidence when he danced and I think that’s why he got through 2 years.. even though his vocals were lacking a lot. (he has improved A LOT) The korean members and chinese members at first weren’t close and were quite awkward because the chinese gang hung out and trained together, and koreans did the same. All the members seem really close to each other during wolf era though. F(x) came into our monthly evaluations once and I got to meet all the members. Luna was soo sweet and Amber is a really fun person! She made sure the trainees that couldn’t speak Korean well (there were quite a few international trainees actually) didn’t feel left out and gave them lots of advice. She was close to a lot of trainees (including EXO) and it seemed like she was closer to trainees & other SM artists like suju than her own group members.. Krystal didn’t talk much and was a bit awkward with the trainees but she definitely was not bitchy like a lot of people have been saying. Victoria was sweet as well but she didn’t really talk a lot. Sulli wasn’t present at the evaluation so I didn’t get to meet her personally. As for Super Junior, I only got to meet Shindong. He was really kind and gave us a lot of advice too. SNSD never came into our monthly evaluations but I did get to meet Taeyeon once. She was.. really short but she was beautiful! Didn’t get to talk to her much, only exchanged some hi’s and byes lol. I only got to meet 1 member of Shinee and that was Taemin. He actually helped my group with our choreography and he was really nice! He was also really close to Kai and I remember they got along soo well! I didn’t get to meet TVXQ.. I never saw them around much.

The rumors about SM being a bad company is not true. Yes, SM is demanding and tough, but the company does treat its artists and trainees well. Some trainees have really nice dorms, and Lee Soo Man sometimes let the trainees go on holidays like to the beaches and go watch our sunbae’s concerts. During the 2 years, I went to SNSD’s concert and SM town with the other trainees. Once, we even got a tour of the Sm artists building! It was really big and we even got to go in that famous SM clouds practice room. (It’s a lot bigger than what you see in the practice videos, there are couches and like a lounge area in that room. 2 sides of the walls are mirrors. The room is seriously huge for a training room.. )   All the SM artists do seem to be reasonably close to each other. F(x) and SNSD are close, Super Junior is close with TVXQ and SNSD. EXO is close to Amber and Suju, and TVXQ (kinda) They seem a bit awkward with SNSD though. Also, SM is planning a new girl group. I’m friends with one of the girls. There are 4 girls were being considered, but I don’t know anymore than that because I left. However, it might still be a while until they actually debut. 

I’ve actually read some accounts of “trainees” in SM and I’ve got to say, a lot of them are false. People claim themselves to be “sm trainees” and spreading rumors, please stop.

Exo Reaction: When they fall in love internationally but have to leave

Xiumin :

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Xiumin would try to be logical about the situation, but his feelings would still get the best of him, and he’d try his hardest to make the relationship work, no matter what.

Luhan :

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Luhan would probably be really stressed out about the whole thing; on one hand, he wouldn’t want to leave at all, but he knew he had other responsibilities. However, on his time off, Luhan would be on the first plane back.

Kris :

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Honeslty, Kris is an emotional wreck, and I don’t think he’d be able to handle this situation very well. He’d at very irritionally, possibly to the point of trying to not go back to China. I think it would be whoever it was he fell for to show him reason and force him on the plane, with a promise of a lot of skype calls

Suho :

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I don’t see Suho confessing to the person he fell for at first sight. He’d probably be in silent anguish about her on the plane back and throughout his busy schedule. He would probably come back to that country, just to reminisce about her. But if he ran into her while there, I don’t see him holding back all those feelings.

Lay :

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Lay would take the whole situation very well. He wouldn’t be sad that he had to leave this girl behind, but he’d be very excited at this promise of a new adventure/future with her. He’d honestly be the sweetest, and I think he would make long distance work

Baekhyun :

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Baek would be another member who would be very happy about the whole thing; he’d absolutely love the fact that he’d found someone in another country. It would all be very exciting and fun for him, and he would be calling and texting literally nonstop when he was back in Korea.

Chen :

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Chen would be so happy to have met this person internationally, and he’d hate to have the leave, but Chen is also a very responsible person, and I see Exo taking first over most of his priorities. However, I think Chen would be extremely dedicated to making a long distance relationship work.

Chanyeol :

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Chanyeol is definitely the happy virus, but I see him being pretty angry that he has to get back on a plane to Korea and leave. He’d mainly just be very angry that this situation happened as it did, but after he got over that, he’d be such an amazing boyfriend, and he’d never fail to make his S/O stop smiling.

D.O :

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Sweet, sweet D.O. He would literally be the mos devoted person in the world; he would do absolutely everything in his power to clear his schedule as much as possible so he could visit whichever country over and over again. He’d be so so happy to have met the love of his life.

Tao :

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Talk about another emotional wreck. I think Tao would internalize a lot of his sadness about the long distance until it all exploded onto this person. He really wouldn’t mean for it to come out that way, but he would hold on to these emotions for so long. His s/o would have to be very level headed and bring him back to earth a lot.

Kai :

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Kim Jongin, my baby. He’d want to take care of this person for the rest of their life. He’d literally be the sweetest, kindest boyfriend. I think he would be really sad about the distance, but he’d never let that show around his s/o. especially since they hardly ever get to see each other.

Sehun :

Originally posted by wooyoung

I think Sehun would be pretty moody about having to leave to go back to Korea. But, he’d also be very kind to his s/o, so I would expect tons of sweet, random little gifts sent and a lot of good morning texts and skype calls!

Yay my first Exo reaction I loved doing this! Thank you, anon, for requesting! Hope you liked it:)
- Admin M


all of sombra’s cosmetics!!!!

im definitely gonna buy the virus skin (i’ve been saving up to make sure i could get at least an epic skin of hers)! and i can’t decide which of her voice lines is my favorite, but i really like “mess with the best and die like the rest”

How to spot a virus blog

I was told ahead of time that this was a virus blog so I knew when I got it. But after looking at it for a while and comparing it to other blogs i suspected were viruses I found some trends.

So here are my tips for spotting a virus blog:

  1. They have a pretty girl as their picture. They need to look as trustworthy as possible. How better to do that than be a cute white girl. Sometimes they’ll have a pretty image instead but they’re pushing the idea that they are cute.
  2. They’re url has nothing to do with your blog. Not all urls say what the blog is about but a lot of them do. If their url has nothing to do with your interests it seems a bit odd that they would like your blog.
  3. They say their real name. People don’t just give out their name on the internet willy nilly. Sometimes our blogs will say our names on them but we don’t just go and say hello to everyone with our actual names. That’s stupid. This is the internet.
  4. Smiley faces. They need to keep up the image of a cute girl and what’s cuter than little happy faces. A virus blog might put one or more on the message because they need to look as fun as possible.
  5. They are very specific about what their blog is. They might give you a very unique topic that supposed draw you in because it’s new and your curious. They might also just give something many people would be interested in because it’s a broad enough that even people with a certain blog type might like it to.
  6. They stress that it won’t take long. Nobody wants to take a long time out of their day to look at a blog they’re not sure about so they stress that it will be quick.
  7. They call you by a pet name. Again they need to seem super sweet and friendly. But it’s a bit weird that a stranger is calling you some cute little nick name.

There are a couple other methods that aren’t used on this one.

  1. They say they love your blog without being specific about why. Everyone likes to hear that their blog is cool but why would someone with, say a fashion blog, like my blog that has nothing to do with fashion? It seems a bit off.
  2. They’re not following you. If your really not sure go look at your list of followers. If and see that they are not following you it’s all total bullshit. They love your blog but they’re not following you? That sound like their lying.

So that’s how I spot a virus blog. If they have more than three of these I wouldn’t trust it. If they’re got at least six go worn everyone because they are definitely a virus blog. You’re welcome.