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Novel Sunday #7


Side Character #1: Detective Dante Santos

Age: 32 years old

Appearance:  He is the definition of tall, dark and handsome, even if he does not acknowledge it. Detective Santos dresses the way all detectives are expected to dress: in a suit and a hard-boiled trench coat. He keeps his beard and hair trimmed neatly at all times…well, when he’s working, anyway. The rare times he’s off, he lets his grooming habits get lax, and he can be seen in jeans, flannel, and his favorite baseball cap. The laughter lines that once adorned his face have long since disappeared, replaced by a grim, suspicious gaze and bags under his eyes from far too many sleepless nights. Only the people that are truly close to him can get him to open up and relax…but those people are few and far between.

Personality:  Though Dante was once a little more relaxed than he is now, he has always been a serious person. He never stops pushing himself, and as a result, is too hard on himself whenever he makes a mistake. His sense of humor is nearly nonexistent when he’s on the job, and very few people can get him to crack a smile in his off time anyway (unless he’s very drunk). He places a firm belief in law and order, though he has known from a young age that things normal people can’t often comprehend do exist (meaning that he is sensitive to the “other world”, since he is an NDE survivor, though it seems that his sense is not as strong as others, for some reason…). Therefore, while he is certainly suspicious of anything that can’t be explained by normal means, he is more willing than his colleagues to believe an abnormal explanation…within reason, of course.

Identifying Character Trait: Frowning intensely when he suspects something; blushing deeply when he is unexpectedly hit on.

Relationship to Vanessa: Unexepcted informant.

Feelings towards Vanessa: “She’s somehow always involved in my cases, one way or another. I don’t think she’s directly involved in any of them…but there’s something strange about her. I’m still trying to put my finger on it.”

Relationship to Ash:

Feelings towards Ash: “…Who?”


Change is Gonna Come - Chapter 2


After spending a few hours hanging out with T.J in his room, it was time for dinner. Magnus felt apprehensive about whatever it was that Mallory had done to their hallmates, especially since floor 19 was eerily quiet. The sounds of protest had stopped around an hour ago, so either Alex and Halfborn had accepted their fate with grace, or they had murdered Mallory, and then each other. The latter seemed most likely, in Magnus’ opinion.

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Harry Potter Challenge  ϟ  ¾ favorite pairings: Regulus Black & Lily Evans

“This guy — … [he’s] younger than her, definitely — is the walking definition of tall, dark, and handsome. And awkward. That, too. He’s wearing expensive clothing — designer jeans and a platinum Rolex and a soft, white cotton v-neck—but he’s wearing it all wrong. He’s fidgeting, for God’s sake. Fidgeting.” (x)

Alma was sitting at the bar when a fresh drink came upon her. She didn’t ask for her, she had just came off the stage and had managed to get away from some fans and tuck away in a corner. The brunette stared at the drink for a moment but took it, because it was a free drink after all. In the middle of drinking it, she noticed the man approaching her and once she got a better look of him, almost choked.

The back of her wrist pressed against her wet lips, amber eyes looked up as she wiped her mouth. He was if anything the very definition of tall, dark, handsome with a dash of mysterious. Still, Alma was wondering what was the catch and he hadn’t even opened his mouth. “Are you my secret admirer?” she asked holding up her glass.


You’re walking down the halls, like any other day in the damn place, when you see him. The guy who’s leaning against the brick wall, casually talking with his friends. The guy who’s wearing a black hoodie, unzipped to expose yet another article of black clothing that fits him snugly. He’s entirely the definition of tall, dark, and handsome. With his hands in the pockets of his black skinny jeans, he’s nearly dying with laughter, and his giggling rings out loud enough for you to hear. It’s sweet, beautiful even, and it makes you chuckle for no apparent reason. You wonder what made him so amused. He must’ve heard you, because his eyes are glancing around to find yours.

Suddenly, you’re trapped in his gaze. The seconds feel stretched, like those cheesy scenes in that romantic movie you recently watched. He’s blatantly checking you out, but you can’t be mad because you’re doing the same. His hair looks incredible, and the urge to walk right up to him and touch it grows. But before you could even give in, he winks and breaks contact to pat his friend on the shoulder, gesturing with his head in your general direction. All of a sudden, he’s walking up to you, and your heart begins to race because oh no did he hear me why is he coming over what’s going on. His eyes are locked on to yours, and there’s a hint of something playful in them that makes your legs feel like jelly.

Just as he comes within an arm’s length, his feet trip over each other and he falls ungracefully, knocking you over as well. With an oomph, the two of you are a mess of limbs on the ground. Within seconds, he’s scrambling to his feet while you rub your aching head.

“Oh my God, I’m so fucking sorry, ah shit, I didn’t mean to do any of that, and if I completely ruined my chance to talk with you, that’s okay, I understand. I’ll just-” He rambles on and on while you take his outstretched hand, pulling you up. He shuts up when he notices you cracking up with laughter.

“We haven’t even introduced ourselves, and we’re already falling for each other.” You manage to chuckle out, covering your mouth with your free hand. He seems to realize that he’s still holding your hand, but he doesn’t let go, not yet.

“Since we’ve already passed that stage, I guess we might as well get married now.” His voice is music to your ears. He’s cheekily grinning now, the awkwardness disappearing. You can’t help but laugh out loud again, and his grin grows ever wider.

“I hear Vegas is lovely this time of year.” He’s giggling along with you and finally lets go of your hand, but he offers it to you once more.


I didn’t mention a name. Now tell me, who did you imagine?

like…i can’t take seriously people who say liam hit his prime in 2013 (barely out of his teen liam! smh! and obviously manufactured by m!m) because i’ve been mesmerized by this gif since two days ago

and i’m like struck that…liam is becoming the definition of “tall, dark, and handsome” holy shit…?? and he needs to continue wearing dark button downs and his eyebrows look damn good and manly, and his five o’clock shadow frames his face beautifully? 

also! laugh lines!

let’s give it a year or two, and it’s going to be deeper and more pronounced and y’all are going to enjoy his look and it’s going to be devastating. 


imagine royal!you falling for servant!calum who is the definition of tall, dark, and handsome and an absolute sweetheart and while your mother just wants you to be happy your father wants you to marry royalty so you have sneak around with calum and your mother finds out and helps cover for you before finally convincing your father to let you marry calum and you two live happily ever after

sorry it sucks but it is for @classifiedluke and @artlukes royal!5sos blurb night