definition of tall dark and handsome

the signs as friends that every squad needs

Aries: The Hypeman. No one can quite start a party like an Aries.

Taurus: The Doc. Smart and practical. The mastermind behind everything.

Gemini: The Flirt. Beautiful and fierce. Geminis seem to be able to get away with anything.

Cancer: The Chef. Cooks the most amazing food. Definitely go to a Cancer’s for Thanksgiving.

Leo: The Royal. Rich or not, everything a Leo does exudes grace and majesty.

Virgo: The Ace. Pretty good at everything, whether they think so or not.

Libra: The Sherlock. Good luck lying to a Libra, they can see right through any nonsense. Gives the best advice.

Scorpio: The Dark, Tall, and Handsome. Scorpios know it. We know it. No one will ever admit it.

Sagittarius: The Adventurer. There’s no such thing as boring when you hang with a Sagittarius.

Capricorn: The CEO. Somehow gets everything done while styling out.

Aquarius: The Artist. An Aquarius’ “not so good” is better than your masterpiece.

Pisces: The Therapist. Pisces will be the shoulder you cry on and the hugs you remember.

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While reading your Gaston headcanons and just imagined where he picks you up to carry you across a large puddle, only for him to trip on a loose stone. Oops, both of you are covered in mud now. Fluff ensures...?

I said no but i couldn’t stop mySELF.

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Title: Muddy.
Pairing: Gaston x Female!Reader.
Words: 3,104.
Rating: T.

It had just rained not ten minutes ago, and vendors were already back on the street. Some didn’t even bother protecting their produce and products and let the rain do what it wanted. It wasn’t the typical gentle sort of rain either, it was a consistent downpour that wasn’t expected by anyone in the village. You had sought shelter under a small patio of a neighbor as it happened on your way to get some eggs. As a result of the heavy rain, the Earth now smelt clean and fresh. It was a soothing scent, one that made you forget your worries, if only for a few minutes. Giving your kind neighbor a smile for letting you stand under their roof, you waved at them, saying, “I’ll see you later,” before stepping out. A few drops of water hit the top of your head as they dripped from the roofs edge.

Drawing a deep breath in, you began walking. Tightening your shawl around your shoulders, you were appreciative of the sun now peeking through the clouds above. It would warm up soon, drying everything in the process. Mindful of your steps now as most of the ground was either emerged with water or was a seeping puddle of mud, you ran into the sights of a friend.

Friend wasn’t the right word, you thought and looked at Gaston with curious eyes. He was currently checking himself out in the window of the bakery, smiling on and off. Probably checking the wrinkles around his mouth, you laughed to yourself, remembering how he told you that women found them to be rather attractive. ‘It gives me a sort of… Older appearance.’ He told you once with a wide smirk. He was right, they did make him look different than other men you knew, but not for the reason he gave you.

The lines around his mouth gave his smirk, his smiles and his grins even more prominence and seemed to captivate those around him. As if his eyes weren’t enough to get the job just right. In fact, most of his attributes were enough to get anyone he set his eyes on, really. He was the definition of tall, dark and handsome. There were the occasional few that saw passed this facade, and you just happened to be one of them. Not that it came in much luck because Gaston had a keen sense on picking out women and men who he didn’t quite captivate. You supposed this came into play with his need for a chase. Whether it be chasing his next prey while hunting or chasing the next woman in his life, he enjoyed it regardless.

You raised your eyebrows in amusement as Gaston shot his reflection a wink and a kiss. You took this as an opportunity to walk past him quickly, in slight hopes that perhaps he wouldn’t notice you so you could get what you wanted and not linger around to talk.

He was more of an acquaintance, you decided tip toeing your way behind him, not a friend. You both knew each other, acknowledged each other’s existence, spoken here and there, flirted a bit but ultimately kept your distance. It wasn’t as if you hated him, in fact, you didn’t. You just found him to a be a bit… overpowering sometimes and it only elevated when you figured out that he was entirely interested in you. Of course, the smiles he sent your way, the tone of voice he used with you, his gestures and body language were all alarms going off telling you that Gaston thought he was a bit more than acquaintances with you, but it only hit you full on when he finally got around to asking you to have dinner with him.

It’s not like you weren’t interested him and hadn’t thought of being together with him. You figured most everyone in the village had, even the men. Gaston was certainly appealing and was very careful on making himself seem as attractive as he possibly could. But, giving a man his way when he thinks he’s entitled to it is something you didn’t want to feed into. An egotistical man is something you didn’t want to feed attention to. You owed him nothing. You were your own person and he’d have to realize that if he was really interested.

“(Name)!” Your face balled up in defeat. Stopping your movements, you turned on your heel and faced Gaston. In the time that it took you to do that, you relaxed your expression into the most neutral face you could muster. You watched rather intently as he pulled on the bottom of his tan overcoat to straighten it, clearing his throat while doing that.

You swallowed softly and smiled politely at him. “Good morning, Gaston.”

He didn’t miss a beat, grasping your hand and kissing your knuckles gently. He smiled against them, looking down at you through slightly half-lidded eyes. Your heart churned at the meager gaze that held a bit more than invested attention. He let go of your hand, almost hesitating doing so. Your hand was left to drift in the air before making its way back to your side.  “Good morning.” He finally said, his tone dipping into his chest voice. “Any plans for this evening?”

“What’s today? Wednesday?” You thought and looked around, eager to avoid his eyes. Crossing your arms in front of your chest, you thought of an excuse. It didn’t need to be a good one, just a logical one. You spilled out the first thing you thought of, “I’ve got to do laundry.” It was unintentional for your statement to come out as a question, but unfortunately, it came out that way. You just hoped that Gaston bought it as an obtainable excuse.

Slipping his hands onto his hips, you found yourself rather fixated on the shape of his torso. His fingers expanded there, cupping and holding himself as if he didn’t get enough from the women who’ve touched that very spot. He didn’t cock his waist to the side perse, and much rather, straightened his back to make himself appear even larger. The light brown pants were tailored to fit his body specifically, and if he moved just right, it left little to the imagination. His feet were a part giving the absolute definition of confidence and self-awareness though Gaston on more than one occasion, was completely clueless. At this moment in time, he wasn’t. He was thinking about your words. There was really no sense in doing laundry in the evening because if you left it out to dry overnight, the frost would most definitely freeze most of your clothes.

“In the… Evening?” Gaston inquired, his right eyebrow arching upwards in curiousity. The white ruffled shirt under the vibrant red vest lined with gold clung to his torso and defined his shape. Under the tan overcoat, you could see that Gaston was just as gentle on the eyes. Many didn’t see this for many only say the broad shouldered war hero. For a brief moment, you wanted nothing than to reach out and graze your hands up and down his sides. They appeared smooth.

“Uhm, yes.” You tore your eyes away, deciding that walking away was probably the best way to avoid any sort of eye contact. If he’s walking beside you, preferably a foot behind you actually,  it’d be hard for you to maintain gazes. Gaston followed you rather diligently, letting his eyes fall to the back of your head as you began speaking again, “It’s a lot easier to get it done in the evening when no one else is there.” That made complete sense, you reassured yourself.

“Then, can I join you?” You knew that was coming. Laughing quietly, you stopped in front of a rather large puddle that almost looked more like a pond because of its size. “I’ve never done it myself, but I’m sure you can help me.” Gaston informed you, studying the small body of water in front of you and your mild hesitation on how you wanted to get around it.

Without any chance to ask what he was doing, Gaston bent down, grasping your hips and picking you up seamlessly. It was sudden action and with your feet leaving the ground so quickly made your head reel. For a second, you were almost sure he was going to hike you over his shoulder and carry you like a sack of potatoes, but his arm remained around your waist and within moments, he was holding you rather securely while your feet dangled helplessly in the air.

Unable to protest now, he started walking forward through the puddle you were debating on how to get around. You sighed in defeat. He was nice enough to help you so there was no point in arguing now that he was halfway across. “Or better yet, you can do it for me. You see, I usually get women to do it for me, it’s amazing how they throw themselves on their knees for the opportunity really.” Gaston smirked at the thought, readjusting his grip on you.

Shutting your eyelids to reserve yourself from snapping at him, you wrapped your arms around his neck to feel a bit more stable. You could feel his muscles shift under his clothing and found it difficult to ignore the musky smell that seemed to linger with him. He smelt like the woods mixed with the smallest amount of gunpowder. You knew this wasn’t a scent you should grow attached to, but you still found yourself taking deep breaths in just to enjoy. Fluttering your eyes back open you looked at him. Your gaze was a threat in itself, telling him that he’d pay for it if he dropped you. Then, you began speaking, “I won’t do it for you, but I can show you how to do it.”

Gaston laughed quietly. He figured you’d say something of that nature and merely nodded in agreement. He shuffled slightly, feeling something under his feet slip and slide, and before he could really process what it was, the two of you were tumbling down. A few seconds later, you were sitting in a rather large puddle, covered with water and mud. Sitting up, you blinked back the mud near your eyes. You swallowed thickly and looked down at Gaston as he actually managed to catch you and soften your landing. You couldn’t say the same for him for you had actually landed on top of him.

Resting on his back, he groaned quietly and opened his eyes. Gaston looked blankly at the sky for a few seconds before rocking back into reality. Realizing you were on top of him, a small smirk crept its way onto his cheeks. You could feel the eyes of a few villagers digging into you as they watched the entire thing play out, and some villagers who just got there and were met with a rather compromising scene as you were straddling him.

Staring down at him, you came to one conclusion rather quickly. “You did that on purpose.”

“What reason would I have for doing it on purpose? I slipped on a loose stone. It does happen, I’ll have you know. I’m sorry.” He groaned while sitting up, reaching back and holding you close to him. It was unintentional and more of a habit, but you could feel the heat dancing from the tips of your ears to your face at the action. Your eyebrows rose in slow amazement.  He wasn’t usually one for apologizing for anything, even it was his fault. Gaston had a knack of making it seem like things weren’t truly his fault, so why did he take responsibility this time? You were still perched in his lap as he slicked back some of his now drenched hair, a bit offended that you assumed that he did it intentionally.

Your laughter started, soft at first before getting louder and louder. Gaston was shocked, his face twisting into an expression of confusion. “What could possibly be so funny?” He moved his head back a bit so he could see you more clearly and something inside of him slammed against his heart like a giant wave.

“You’re a mess.” You tossed your head back in absolute pleasure. You’d never seen Gaston like this before. Physically dirty and unappealing to most because of the mud, but also a bit more human for having apologize for making a mistake, for having a flaw. Grasping your sides from laughing too hard, you heard Gaston’s laugh mix with yours. Unsurely at first, before he started literally cackling. It was something that you never actually heard prior, because he had many sorts of laughs.

The cocky laughs, the fake laughs, and the hateful or scornful laughs. Those were the ones he used more often than not so to hear his actual, human, genuine laugh made yours die down so you could admire it a bit more. There were wrinkles around his eyes, as they were shut, his mouth forming what you would describe as being one of the most beautiful smiles you’d ever seen. The sound itself was a bit different as well and instead of resonating in his chest like you thought, it was a lighter, more flowful sound. Grasping a leaf that had made it’s way into his hair, you tugged it out gently and tossed it to the side. “I’ve known you for years but I’ve never heard you laugh like that.” You stated and wiped some mud off his forehead. In the process though, you had only managed to smear it with the water on your fingers.

“You best bask in it then. Not many people have heard it.” He whispered a bit too quietly and looked away. Surely, it was a subject you could press and see why he implied that it was rare for him to laugh like that, but you were in no true position to do so. You were acquaintances. If more, then perhaps you could seep into his childhood, the days before you even knew Gaston.

Leaning towards him ever so slightly, you stared into his eyes as if you were reading what emotions were swirling in them. Remarkably, as many people have told you, his eyes weren’t a complete and solid brown. You supposed that you had never paid attention to the flickers of green that were washed around the darkness of his pupil. The sunlight seemed to elevate the appearance of his eyes, giving them a much softer glow than darker light would give. Resting your hands on his chest, you swallowed back any intentions of going any further than this mishap and tried to convince yourself that standing up would be your safest way out.

You tried, but your legs weren’t moving. A refusal would be the best way to put it. Your mind was refusing to move your body, to flee from the scene. Why?

Silence ensued between the two of you as he stared back at you. From the vague expression on his face, you thought that he was going to lean forward and plant a smooth kiss onto your lips. You were positive that was what he would do had any other girl fallen with him. Why else would he need the excuse to get so close to you? His movement seemed almost hesitant and as he rested back on one arm, he reached the other up and wiped some mud off your cheek with the wet sleeve of his tan coat. You didn’t want to tilt your head towards his graze, but that’s exactly what you did. Your action led to Gaston cupping the side of your face, his fingertips damp against your soft skin. You were almost positive he could feel your heart beating against his touch.

It would be so easy to kiss you right now, he thought to himself and let his eyes drop to your mouth before seeking your gaze once again. One swift motion towards you and he’d have his lips on yours, something that he had thought about since the first day he met you. That was years ago. To pine after someone for so long was typically not his style but here he found himself wanting nothing more than to embrace you and to let you have him. Gaston swallowed, the muscles in his neck contracting as he did. He wouldn’t say that he was nervous because he wasn’t. He just found himself… Unsure of what to do now. He could kiss you and change things between the two of you forever or he could stand up, help you up and go on with life the way things were.

He had chased you long enough.

Now was the time to take some action.

You laughed quietly, pulling away from his touch, “We should probably start laundry earlier-” The sentence came to an abrupt stop as Gaston craned his head forward and captured your lips. Your eyes were wide with surprise, though deep down, you knew he was going to kiss you. And, despite that deep down feeling, you did nothing to stop him. The second he started kissing you, you had stopped lying to yourself. You wanted to kiss him just as much. You wanted to hold him closer and never let go.

It wasn’t quite a kiss, as half of his mouth actually landed on the space next to your mouth. He didn’t move for what seemed like eternity, constantly reassuring himself that he had done the right thing. And when he did move, it was to readjust his mouth so he could kiss you fully. Lifting both hands, he cupped your face tenderly while the hands that were resting on his chest rose up to hold onto his shoulders. 

You wondered what it must look like, the two of you kissing in the middle of the village, in the middle of a puddle, both soaked to the bone and covered in mud. You didn’t care about that for very long though as your eyes fell shut. Gaston didn’t completely devour and allowed you dominate slightly. Kissing him back, you squeezed his shoulders and laughed slightly when the small amount of facial hair tickled your face. He laughed as well, pulling his mouth from yours. They remained puckered, almost asking for another kiss, his eyes still blissfully shut.

You didn’t allow him the pleasure, at least, not yet as you finished your sentence from before, “because we need to get the mud out of these clothes.”

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Still Get Jealous

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Requested by @foriternity  @southsidepea :Ur next Sweet Pea x reader should b about him being jealous

Here you are, love, I hope I did okay I’m still getting the hang of this. Enjoy and don’t forget to ask me for a request

“You know I hate it when other people see you in that uniform” Sweet Pea told you as he pulls your body into his.

You were from the Northside with a beautiful home, stable and happy family to anyone you’re family was the only perfect family in Riverdale. Now on the other hand you’re long term boyfriend Sweet Pea lived on the Southside his home was the trailer park like Jug, and his family he didn’t like to talk about it. You meet Sweet Pea when Jughead worked at the Drive-In.  When you heard he was losing the Drive-In you knew you had to be there for him. His dad would come to check on him every now and then and that moment you saw Sweet Pea you’re total definition of Tall, Dark, and Handsome.

  “Hey it’s not my fault I’m a River Vixen”

“Yea it kinda is. You know what why don’t you quit and keep the uniform too entertain me huh.”

For some reason he thinks he can get his was if he does that stupid smirk of his.

  “Why don’t you just come to the game and watch me cheer instead.”

You put you’re hands on Sweet Pea face so you’re foreheads touch and make your lips nearly touch his. Teasing him hoping he will come too the game .

“You know how I feel about those Northsiders. I’ll pick you up after the game alright baby girl.”

  “Fine pick me up at 8pm.”

You gave Pea a quick kiss on the lips and pulled back too see his brown eye size you up. To mess with him you gave him a little turn. He shakes his head giving out a little laugh. It made you sad when he started getting on his bike. You hate seeing him go, you wish he could just put up with some Northside kids for a couple hours just so you can spend more time with him.Before he leaves you walk back up to his bike and give him one more kiss.

  “Hey I love you Pea.”

“I love you to Baby girl”

2 Hours later

The Bulldogs won the game all thanks to Archie and Reggie’s team work. After every game someone throws a party but you never went. Picking up your things with the rest of the Vixens in the locker room. One by one the girls left leaving you alone in the locker room. As you closed the door you began to walk to the parking lot too wait for Sweet Pea. You two had a secret place so no one would judge you being picked up by a Serpent. It was all Pea’s idea You honestly didn’t mind be he side it would be safer.

“Hey Y/L/N are you coming too the party or what?”  

You looked over the shoulder to see Reggie walking towards you.

  “No I’m no. I just gonna head home”

You kept walking trying to get away from Reggie. You just wanted to get spend the night with Pea.

“Awe come on. I’ll even take you. You know next year when Cheryl leaves next year you’ll be captain of the Vixens and I’ll still be captain of the football team. We could be the power couple of Riverdale high. Sounds nice right…Perfect even”

During his whole speech he traps you against his car getting extremely close to you.

  “As tempting as that is I’m transferring to South Side High next year. Believe it or not my dad found a better job out there. So why don’t you go too the party, get drunk , go home and enjoy your night with your left hand.”

You look up and to you’re right and see Sweet Pea and if looks could kill teh back of Reggie’s head would be gone.

  “Now if you don’t mind Reginald my boyfriend is waiting for me.”

You pushed his shoulder to walk up to Sweet Pea. You hear Reggie start his car and drives away. You tried to wrap your arms around Sweet Pea’s neck but he just go on his bike. Before he started his bike you grabbed his hand with one hand and placed your other hand on his check.

  “Sweet’s what’s wrong”

“I’m fine how’s you’re Northside football player boyfriend”

  “OMG are you jealous?”

I couldn’t help but laugh at the fact that Pea thinks I would cheat on him with Reggie.

“ I’m not jealous”

  “Oh really. So if walk back to him you would be totally fine.”


  “Sweet’s do you remember what I told you when you dropped me off”


  “Well I said ’I Love You ‘ and I mean it with all my heart. I love you Sweet Pea and that will never change. You’re kinda stuck with me.”

“And I’m totally fine with that. Now let me show you how much I love you”

Highlights from the Tower of Dawn event

So I saw SJM tonight (didn’t get to meet her in person and have my book personalized, but it was still really fun!). Here are some highlights (forgive the typos, I’m tired and typing this on my phone).

One of the questions was “Who would win in a fight between Maeve and Rhys?” and SJM said she couldn’t say because of spoilers, and the whole room went NUTS. People were all like “what does THAT mean?!”

WE ARE GETTING THE WALL SCENE IN THE ACOTAR NOVELLA GUYS! She said needed a couple glasses of wine to write it and it was very “satisfying,” and then she goes “so yeah that’s coming”…and grinned and laughed and then goes “there’s a baby in this room! I hate myself sometimes.” (There was literally a baby in the front row 😂) Also the novella is really more the size of a normal novel and will bridge the gap between acowar and spinoffs.

She Commented on a girl’s shirt she saw at another events that said on the front “ it’s all about the wingspan” and had picture of wings with a ruler on the back. SJM said the girl was like 16 and she asked her if her mother knew what that shirt meant and the girl said no 😂😂

Nox is coming back, Editor had her cut him from eos, but she doesn’t get everyone’s obsession with him since he was only in tog for like two seconds lol but he does come back in “a more awesome way” in the last book

Each new spin off will focus on different romantic pairing with a overarching theme

Thinks it’s funny people think she based Rhys off her husband ; she says he’s definitely NOT (everybody laughed) other than he’s tall dark and handsome, and she wishes rhys were real

Words to describe ToD: steamy, hot in the literal and figurative sense because chaol is shirtless and sweaty (so like literally hot because it’s the middle of summer) but also muscles, and twisty in that there are lots of things revealed that have ramifications for everyone

She talked about her grandmother who survived the Holocaust when asked if there were real life badass women who inspired her heroines. Says she wrote Yrene with her gma in mind

Talked about her dad’s heart attack and thanked everyone so much for the comments and support

That’s all I can remember at the moment. She is honestly so sweet and funny, you guys! I wasn’t really looking forward to ToD but after her talk I am.

Touché // j.j.

You can’t pin point when. Somewhere between the steady typing and the flipping of pages, between the constant supply of french fries and chocolate milkshakes, between the occasional eye contact and the brief smiles. Somewhere between the hours of three and seven o'clock, you fell.

To be specific, you fell in love with Jughead Jones, Riverdale’s resident tall dark and handsome, at least in your opinion.

It started one afternoon when Pop’s was busier than usual, every booth and table full except one.

“Do you…do you mind if I sit?” You ask, rocking slightly on the balls of your feet. “Everywhere else is full.”

You expect him to say no; he is, after all, Jughead Jones, and this is, after all, Riverdale, probably the smallest town in the world and everyone at least knew of everyone else, and you definitely know of Jughead and his preference to being alone, especially when he’s writing.

Jughead ceases his typing, locking eyes with you. He glances around the diner, almost surprised at how many people were in it.

“I’m not the best conversationalist,” he says, looking back at you, “I can’t promise anything good.”

This surprises you, you expected a flat out no or for him to even just ignore you.

“I’m not looking for conversation,” you say, shrugging, “just somewhere to sit and read my book while enjoying a milkshake.”

“Depends,” he smirks, folding his hands in front of his laptop, “what flavor milkshake?”

“The best one of course,” you smile back, “chocolate.”

Jughead smiles, actually smiles, and nods.

“Yeah, yeah you can sit,” he says.

You thank him, sliding into the booth and setting your bag next to you. You pull out your book, thanking the waiter as he set down your milkshake.

“Oh, I’m Y/N by the way,” you say, stirring the drink a bit.

“I know.”

You raise your eyebrows, tilting your head to the side.

“You know who I am?”

You remind yourself again that this is Riverdale, probably the smallest town in the world, where everyone knows everyone.

“I know more than you think,” he smiles.

“You take this dark and mysterious thing seriously don’t you?”

“I thought you weren’t looking for conversation?” He raises an eyebrow, half a smirk on his face.

“Touché,” you say, opening your book and settling into the plush seating, sipping occasionally at your milkshake.

This continues for days. Regardless of whether Pop’s is bursting at the seems or it’s just you and him, you always sit together. The two of you sit in that booth, you with a book in one hand and a milkshake in another and Jughead with his laptop on the table and fries next to it.

“You know,” Jughead says one day, fingers still whizzing across the keyboard, “you can sit somewhere else if you want.”

“And ruin the work we’ve been doing?” You smile, “I’m good.”

He stops typing, you feel his eyes on you.

“And what work are we doing exactly?”

“Bonding, Jug,” you say, turning the page.

“Is this what bonding is?”

You look up at him, shrugging.

“What would you call it?”


Weeks pass, the time you spend at Pop’s growing from a one or two hours into several, your time together stretching into early dusk.

“Hey Jug?” You ask quietly one day, closing your book for once.

He notices, he stops typing, he even half way closes the top of his computer.

“What’s up?”

“How’d you know who I was?” You ask, stirring your milkshake. “That first day…you said you knew who I was before I told you. How?”

“This is Riverdale,” he says, “I think it’s physically impossible to not know someone in this town.”

Jughead opens his mouth to continue, then closes it. You can see the wheels turning in his head.

“I notice things, I notice people,” he resumes finally, “I notice when people are different and you’re different. A good different, but different.”

With that, he raises the lid of his laptop, eyes focusing back on the screen.

“You noticed me?”

He looks back up at you, a smile on his face.

“Course I did.”

When you get to Pop’s one day about a week later, Jughead’s not there, Archie is.

“Oh um…hi,” you say, stopping short in front of the booth.

“Hey, Y/N right?” He asks, motioning for you to sit.

You do.

“Yeah, that’s um…” you shift your weight slightly, feeling uncomfortable, “that’s me.”

“Sorry, this must be awkward,” Archie says with a smile, “I’m Archie.”

“Yeah, I know who you are,” you say before you can stop yourself.

Archie’s eyebrows scrunch up slightly in confusion.

“Sorry, that sounded weird,” you rush, “I just mean, you’re a sophomore on varsity football, the whole school knows who you are.”

Archie smiles a bit, nodding.

“Yeah, I guess that’s true,” he shrugs, “anyway, Jughead sent me.”

You feel your shoulders relax involuntarily, leaning back into the seat.


“He had to stay after school, make up a test or something,” Archie explains, “he told me to come tell you that he’d be here though, just a bit late.”

You smile.

“Thanks Archie,” you nod, “that’s really nice.”

“Anytime,” the boy replies, smiling, “look uh…this may sound super weird but um…you and Jughead…is that anything more th-”

“No,” you cut him off, shaking your head, “no we’re…we’re just friends. At least…I think we’re friends. We just…we sit together and we do our own thing. That’s all.”

“I know Jughead, that’s definitely a friendship,” he smiles, “okay, I gotta head back to practice before I’m missed but yeah, he’ll be here.”

With another smile he scoots out of the booth.

“Archie,” you stop him, looking up at his face, “look um…god this is going to sound crazy but…is Jughead…is he seeing anyone o-or som-”

“No,” Archie cuts you off with another smile on his face, “he was, for a bit but…not anymore. Do you like him?”

You’re surprised by his bluntness, your eyes widening a bit.

“I uh…n-no I was just curious,” you shake your head, pulling your book out of your bag, “you better get to practice, don’t want coach to bench you.”

Archie smiles again, always with the smiling, and walks out of the door just as Jughead walks in.

“Hey, sorry I’m late,” he says, sitting down across from you.

“I didn’t know we had a set schedule,” you smirk, tilting your head slightly, “nice of you to send your friend though.”

Jughead looks at you, a sarcastic smile on his face.

“Didn’t want you to think I stood you up,” he says, pulling out his laptop.  

“Don’t you have to be on a date to get stood up?” You ask, sipping at your milkshake as Pop places a basket of fries in front of Jughead.

“Yeah, I guess that’s true,” he replies, shrugging.

“So are you telling me that these are dates?”

This time you surprise yourself with your own bluntness, and Jughead as well. He recovers quickly though, the shock on his face only evident for a few brief moments.

“You tell me.”

There it is, his smile, his actual smile. Not a smirk, not some no effort half smile, an actual, full blown, Jughead smile.

Looking back on it, you think that’s when you first knew, when you first realized that you were falling for him.

The rest of the night is spent in silence, well, besides the sound of Jughead’s typing and your book pages begin turned.

You arrive at Pop’s the next day to see Jughead already sitting at the booth, typing furiously. That didn’t surprise you. What did surprise you, however, is the chocolate milkshake already sitting on the table in front of your side of the booth.

“I didn’t see you at school today,” you say, sitting down, “did you skip?”

“Yeah, yeah I um…” he pauses, finishing the sentence he’s typing before looking at you, “I got here this morning because I forgot one of my notebooks and I sat down to finish this paragraph I was on and uh…next thing I knew it was one o'clock in the afternoon so I…figured I’d just stay here.”

“Archie asked me if I knew where you were,” you say, “he came up to me during lunch and asked if I knew if you were sick or not.”

“What did you say?”

“The truth,” you reply, “that I didn’t know.”

Jughead nods, looking back down at his computer screen.

“Jug?” You ask, looking at him with furrowed eyebrows.

He continues to type, oblivious to your calls of his name.

“Juggie!” You exclaim, finally drawing his attention.

“Sorry, got caught up in the story,” he shakes his head, “what’s up?”

“What’s going on with you?” You ask, sliding your book off to the side. “You seem…I dunno, off.”

“Sorry just um…a lot of stuff on my mind I guess,” he says, shrugging.

“About Jason or…other things?” You ask.

“It’s nothing important.”

“Juggie,” you say softly, sliding your hand across the table to touch his arm, “if it’s bothering you this much, it’s important. You can talk to me, always.”

“We’re friends right?” He asks, closing his computer all the way.

“Yeah, yeah course we are Jug,” you nod, “please, tell me what’s going on.”

And he does, he tells you everything. About his parents splitting up, about his dad being part of the Serpents, about his mom taking his sister and leaving, about living at the drive in, about living at the school, everything. And you let him talk, you let him go on for as long as he needs with no interruption, just listening.

“Sorry if that’s a lot but um…I needed to get that stuff off my chest,” he finishes, taking a deep breath, “thanks though.”

“Come stay with me,” the words are out of your mouth before you even think them through, but you don’t take them back, “seriously Jug, my dad’s away on business and my mom won’t care, we’ve got room.”

“No Y/N I can’t expect that from you I do-”

“Juggie, you’re my best friend,” you say, cheeks burning slightly, “please, let me do this for you.”

Jughead looks down, staring your hand touching his, both of your fingers practically intertwined on top of the table.

“Are you sure it’s okay?” He asks after a minute or two silence, looking around the diner. “I don’t want to be any trouble.”

“I’m absolutely positive it’s okay,” you reply, catching his gaze, “but I’m not going to force you.”

“As long as you’re sure,” he says, nodding, “I’d really like to not live under the stairs like Harry Potter.”

You were right, your mom doesn’t care, she even convinces your dad that it’s okay for Jughead to stay with you, and after three weeks of it, you’re convinced it is the single best idea you’ve ever had.

The two of you still spend most of your time at Pop’s, something about the neon lights and plush seating and the constant supply of chocolate milkshakes makes you feel more at home than you do at your actual house. Or maybe Jughead does. Maybe Jughead makes you feel like you’re home.

“Do you ever wonder how some people end up with the worst luck?” He asks one day, eyes never leaving his computer screen as he chews on this thumb nail.

The two of you are going on four hours at Pop’s that day, and you notice that Jughead has barely written anything.

“Are we talking about Jason?” You ask gently, closing the book you were reading and placing it on the table.

“We’re talking about everyone,” he says cryptically, “how some people are born with everything they could ever want available on a silver platter and others are born with nothing, but somehow the golden boy ends up with the worst kind of luck.”

Jughead rarely ever spoke directly about Jason Blossom, you knew by now how to read between the lines of his novel-ish tone of voice.

“I think that it doesn’t matter what you’re born into,” you reply, “I think what matters is the choices we decide to make throughout our lives, and that that’s how we end up with good or bad luck, by the choices we make and by how we live our lives.”

“Jason never had to make a choice though,” Jughead exclaims, closing his laptop and sliding it out of the way, “that’s the thing, he never in his life had to make one choice for himself and somehow he still ended up murdered.”

His bluntness surprises you, this being one of a few times he directly tells you he’s talking about Jason.

“He did make choices, Jug,” you explain calmly, “everyday, just like you and me. He made the choice to let his parents give him whatever he wanted, he made the choice to follow that stupid book Chuck made up, he made the choice to be with Polly regardless of what his parents said, he made the choice to try and fake his own death so he could be with her without fear of them, he made hard choices, some of them more tough than you and I will ever make in our entire lives.”

Jughead stares at you, and for a minute you think he’s going to get up and leave.

But then he grabs his computer, mumbling a quick thank you under his breath and he begins to type furiously.

That night you’re laying on your bed, Jughead in the guest room across the hall and you can’t help but feel like he’s a million miles away.

You can’t sleep. Grabbing your phone, you squint at the brightness before you’re able to turn it down, looking at the clock.

2:37 am

“He’s probably asleep,” you whisper to yourself as you unlock the device, fingers moving almost on autopilot to Jughead’s message thread.

Can’t sleep, you awake?

You lay the phone on your stomach, staring up at the dark ceiling and willing your body to sleep. The vibration of the device pulls you out of your thoughts.

You okay?

You smile, two simple words causing happiness to bubble up in your stomach.

Yeah, just can’t seem to sleep.

You want to come talk?

If you don’t mind.

You’re always able to come talk to me.

You don’t reply, instead you get up out of your bed, quietly opening your door and then closing it behind you. You take three quick steps across the hallway, opening and closing Jughead’s door as quietly as you did your own.

“Hey,” you say softly, standing in front of the door.

Jughead props himself up on his elbows, the first thing you notice is the lack of a grey beanie upon his head.

“Hey,” he says back in the same tone, “you okay?”

Those two words again, this time sounding even better as you can hear him say it in his own voice.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” you reply, pushing some hair behind your ear nervously.

Why are you nervous? You ask yourself as Jughead motions for you to come join him. It’s only Juggie.

You slide under the covers, but only because the room is cold, and you’re next to him, but only because it’s his room, and his arm is around your shoulders, but only because he’s a good friend and he wants to comfort you.

“Why can’t you sleep?” He asks, rubbing his eye with one hand.

“Did I wake you up?” You ask.

“No I was working on my book,” he explains, pointing at the computer on the bedside table, “don’t change the subject.”

“I dunno…overthinking I guess,” you reply, shrugging a bit.

“About what?”

“Everything I suppose,” you say, “about how if Pop’s wasn’t full that one day or if I had decided not to go then we probably wouldn’t have ever met. About how if I hadn’t continued to sit there we probably wouldn’t have become best friends, about what Archie sa-”

“Archie?” Jughead cuts you off. “What about Archie?”

You curse yourself silently. You didn’t mean to say anything about Archie.

“Nothing, nothing,” you reply quickly, but the look on Jughead’s face told you that he wasn’t going to let it go, “okay um…back that one day when you sent him to Pop’s to tell me that you were going to be late uh…he said that you had been seeing someone but that you weren’t anymore and I was…I guess I was just thinking about who it could’ve been.”

He’s silent, more silent than you’ve ever experienced with the many months of knowing him. Minutes pass, they feel like hours. Finally, you decide to break the silence.

“Juggie?” You whisper.

“Sorry I um…” he shakes his head, raven colored hair flying everywhere, “why were…why were you thinking about that?”

“Curious, I guess,” you explain, “sorry if that seems intrusive or weird or whatever bu-”

“No no it’s…it’s okay,” Jughead replies, wrapping his arm around your shoulders a bit tighter, “it…it was Betty. We had a thing for a few weeks but in the end we decided we were better off as friends.”

“A few weeks?”

“Before I met you, we stopped about two days before that day at Pop’s”

“And are you?”

“Am I what?”

“You and Betty, are you better off as friends?”


You nod, falling into silence once again.

This time Jughead breaks it.

“Look I’m not…I’m not good at this whole feelings thing,” he says, “Betty was the first girl I ever really had those types of emotions for but it wasn’t…it wasn’t what I’m supposed to feel. Or rather what I want to feel.”

“Do you know what you want to feel?” You ask, tilting your head up to look at his face.

He looks almost angelic in the pale light streaming through the semi-closed blinds.


“Do you know anyone that makes you feel like that?”


The answer comes quick, almost too quick.


Another pause.

“I can’t say.”

Your stomach drops on slightly, but enough for you to feel it nonetheless.


“It’s not that I don’t want to,” he rushes, running one of his hands through his hair, “it’s just that I don’t really know how to.”

“You’re a writer, Jug,” you say, “I know you’ll figure out how to tell her. You’re good with words.”

“Not when it comes to these kinds of words,” he laughs lightly, “I don’t want to mess up.”

“Don’t psych yourself out,” you encourage, regardless of the weight on your heart, “maybe you don’t need your words this time, maybe actions is the way to go. I believe in you, I know you’ll figure it out.”

Jughead finally looks at you, dark hair falling in front of his face as it’s still free of the infamous crown beanie.

“Actions?” He repeats.

“Yeah, you know what they say,” you smile, “actions speak louder than words.”

He blinks a few times, it’s almost like you can see the thought processing through his brain.

And then suddenly his hands are cupping your face and his lips are on top of yours, your eyes closing as if they had minds of their own. You’re shocked, who wouldn’t be, but it only takes a fraction of a moment for your mind to kick into gear and then your kissing him back, one hand on his shoulder and the other on the back of his neck.

If I’m dreaming I hope I never ever wake up.

He pulls away too soon for your liking, both your chests rising and falling little faster than usual.

“That thing you said about actions,” he says breathlessly, “I believe it.”

You smile wide, Jughead pressing his forehead against yours.

“You were talking about me?” You ask, still a bit shocked.

Jughead nods a few times, a smile on his face as well.

“I like you, Y/N,” he finally says, “I know that’s not poetic or artistic or anything like that but I just…I don’t have any other words. I really like you.”

You think your face is going to split in half by the giant smile you can’t keep off your face.

“Juggie,” you bite your bottom lip lightly, shaking your head, “god I can’t even tell you how much I’ve been wanting you to say that.”

Jughead’s smile widens and you swear the room brightness a bit.

“I’m really glad you couldn’t sleep tonight,” he whispers, laughing quietly.

“Me too,” you smile even wider, if that’s possible, “Juggie I’m…I’m really really happy right now.”

“God I am too,” he says, pressing a kiss to your forehead, “do you maybe want to have dinner with my friends tomorrow? I know they’re going out after the game, I can finally introduce you, properly too.”

“Ooh, dinner with the friends,” you say sarcastically, “I don’t know, you think our relationship is ready for that? We’ve only been together all of five minutes.”

Jughead laughs loudly and you shush him, the two of you falling silent to make sure your parents were still asleep.

“My dad will kill you if you wake him up and he finds us like this,” you whisper, shaking your head, “but in all seriousness, do you think it’ll be awkward for Betty? I don’t want to cause any trouble or anything I know you guys ar-”

“Y/N,” he stops your rambling, a soft smile on his face, “it’ll be fine. Betty and I are good, like I said, we’re better off as friends. Trust me, she’ll be okay. I wouldn’t bring either of you to meet each other if I didn’t think she’d be okay.”

“Okay, I’ll come to dinner with your friends,” you say, “on one condition.”

“Oh god, what?”

“I get to wear the infamous beanie,” you rush out, reaching over Jughead’s body and plucking the hat from on top of is computer.

“Y/N!” Jughead exclaims, trying to grab the hat back from you.

“Hold on hold on,” you say, pushing his hand away.

You put the beanie on your head, smoothing your hair out under it and looking back up at him.

Jughead stops struggling, half a smile on his face.

“Well you do look adorable,” he says, brushing a stray piece of hair off your cheek.

“I wear the beanie tomorrow,” you ask with raised eyebrows.

“You can wear it to dinner,” he compromises, tilting his head to the side.


Jughead keeps his word, and when the two of you leave your house that evening and head for Pop’s, he takes the beanie off his head and places it on yours, shaking out his hair. Jughead intertwines your fingers together, smiling at you and at how happy you look.

Jughead explains his friends to you, telling you a bit about each one of them as you both walk towards the diner.

“They’re probably going to say something,” he says, “about the beanie.”

“Have any of them ever seen you without it?” You question.

“Archie has a few times, Betty once or twice,” he explains, “but other than that, no.”

Jughead’s warnings were a bit understated. In fact, when the two of you walk into Pop’s and find his friends at a booth, it seems all conversation in the entire diner ceases.

“Jug,” one of the girls, Veronica, says, mouthing wordlessly for a few seconds, “you made it, we thought you weren’t going to come for a while.”

“Yeah, yeah we left a bit late,” Jughead shrugs, “guys um…this is Y/N. Y/N, this is…well this is everyone.”

Once the awkward formalities were out of the way and Pop had brought over everyone’s celebratory milkshakes (the football team won that night), everything felt normal.

You laugh at all the jokes, even tell some of your own. You feel like you’ve been part of this group for years, and you know Jughead can tell.

“Hey um…sorry guys I gotta take this,” Jughead says after he pulls out his phone.

“Juggie?” You ask. “Everything okay?”

“What? Yeah,” he replies, “it’s just…it’s my mom. I should take it.”

“Yeah, yeah of course go ahead,” Betty says, “we’ll keep her company,” she smiles at you.

Jughead thanks them, walking out the door to the diner with the phone up to his ear.

“So,” Veronica says, holding her head up with her hands, “you and Jughead.”

You furrow your eyebrows.

“Oh come on, don’t make her spell it out!” Kevin says, “he’s letting you wear his most prized possession for pete’s sake!”

You feel a blush spread across your cheeks, looking down at the half empty milkshake in front of you.

“I think you guys make a cute couple,” Betty says, licking some whipped cream off of her straw.

“Thanks Betty,” you reply, smiling again.

“This is going to sound awkward but uh…” Archie trails off, “has Jug told you anything about what’s going with his family an-”

“Yeah,” you cut him off, “he has. About everything, including his dad and that stuff. He’s um…he’s staying at my house. Has been for a couple weeks.”

Veronica smirks, Betty elbows her in the ribs. Archie and Kevin rolls their eyes at the two girls.

“Hey, I think he’s talking about you,” Kevin says, nodding in Jughead’s direction.

The four of you look over at him, you watch as he talks into his phone with a huge smile on his face, running a hand through his hair to push it back every couple of seconds.

The night draws to a close all too soon, everyone heading back to their houses as you and Jughead walk hand in hand down the asphalt road.

“I think that went really well,” you say, smiling at him.

“I agree,” Jughead says, stopping you both from walking and standing in front of you.

Before you can ask what he’s doing, he places his lips on yours, cupping your cheek with one hand while simultaneously tilting your head up. You feel him lift the beanie off of your head, but honestly you don’t really care. He pulls away with a smirk, fixing his hat back on his head.

“Archie,” you say, looking over Jughead’s shoulder.

“Really?” He asks with semi-wide eyes, “that’s what you’re thinking about in the middle of our moment?”

No, god you’re an idiot,” you shake your head, pointing over his shoulder, “Archie’s window, which happens to show Archie watching us right now.”

As soon as Jughead turns around Archie slides his curtains closed, causing you and Jughead to burst out in laughter.

“Did you kiss me just to steal your hat back?” You ask in a fake shocked tone.

“Possibly,” he replies, quirking an eyebrow.

“Touché Jones, touché.”

The Girl from Around the Block-Lip Gallagher Imagine

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Warnings: some sensuality and language (Shameless imagine, don’t be surprised)

Originally posted by adventuresofjulia

  Lip didn’t have many strictly platonic friendships with other girls. In fact, he never considered he was capable of having a relationship with a female that didn’t involve them screwing into oblivion. But Y/N Y/L/N was different. For one thing, they’ve known each other since they were two years old, when Fiona and Hailey, Y/N’s older sister, arranged a play date for the two of them. They bonded over a love of Legos and had been friends ever since. He helped her with homework and she helped him get out of trouble when trying to persuade him from getting into it failed. He taught her how to smoke and she taught him how to play the piano. They were perfect for each other but neither of them would admit it.

  “Come on, Lip, you’re telling me that you’ve never thought of asking Y/N out?” Ian asked.

  They were smoking on their porch in the hot Chicago summer. Ian had the day off from work and Lip was still thinking up his latest scheme to make money fast.

   “Y/N’s like a sister to me, you know. You don’t f—k your sister,” Lip said. “We aren’t royalty or anything.”

   Ian laughed. “Well, I’m pretty sure Y/N’s thought of f—cking you, you can see it in her eyes.”

   “Shut up.” Lip smacked Ian in the chest, making the ginger laugh.

   “Oh, that hurt so bad. Can’t you hit harder, pussy?”

   And that led to them wrestling jokingly, making Debbie roll her eyes inside and Carl begin cheering them on. Once they stopped (ie: when Ian pinned Lip down in their front yard), Lip sighed.

   “For the record, I let you win.”

   “Yeah, whatever.” Ian’s smile disappeared and he looked serious. “So, you’d really never consider getting with Y/N?”

   Lip rolled his eyes and shoved Ian off of him. “If you’re so into her, why don’t you date her?”
  “Because I’m gay.”

   “Oh yeah, use that excuse.” Lip took another long drag of his cigarette as he stood. “Look, Y/N’s a cool girl and stuff but I can’t see us being serious. I mean, we used to take baths together and I had the pleasure of being the only person with her when she first got her period. There’s too much history.”

   As the words left his mouth, Lip knew he was lying to himself. He knew that he was madly in love with his best friend who somehow managed to be sweet but scrappy when it came to defending herself or any of the Gallaghers. Plus, there was the way she threw her head back when she laughed really hard, making her gorgeous y/h/c locks flow around her. Then, there was the way she’d scrunch up her nose whenever she was confused about a homework question. Plus, she was the one who first confronted him about Karen, telling him that he shouldn’t take her kind of bullsh-t anymore. Also, her y/e/c eyes would light up whenever she was staring out at Lake Michigan and she would jump whenever someone/something freaked her out.

   Ian glanced behind Lip. “Too much history, huh?”


   “Then you wouldn’t be too upset at the view behind you right now.”

   Lip turned around and what he saw nearly made him drop his cigarette. Across the street, standing on the corner, was none other than Y/N smiling widely as she kissed Will Brooks. 

    “What’s she doing with him?” Lip asked.

    “Well, Lip, it appears as though they’re making out. It probably has to do with the fact that she’s had a crush on him since second semester,” Ian said.

   “How the f–k do you know all that?”

   “Because I’m the gay friend she tells all this to,” Ian said. “And I can’t blame her. Will is the star of the basketball team, has muscles for days, and is the literal definition of tall, dark, and handsome.”

   “He’s an idiot. He thought that a square should count as a rhombus in geometry,” Lip muttered.

   “Someone sounds jealous,” Ian sang.

   “Shut up,” he hissed.

   But the green monster was making his blood boil as he watched Y/N laugh at something Will said before hitting his arm playfully. Her smile was beautiful and genuine, if only she was smiling that way for Lip. She kissed Will one last time before circling around him and heading down the street. However, Will didn’t let her get by before swatting her butt and making her jump. Lip could’ve strangled him right then and there.

   “Lip, Ian, you are not going to believe what just happened!” Y/N said when she got up to them.

   “You got syphilis from that idiot?” Lip asked.

   Y/N frowned. “No, but Will did just take me out.”

   “Where?” Ian smiled widely and crossed his arms just to spite Lip.

   “He took me to lunch and then we walked along Navy Pier, just talking. Your advice worked, Ian!” Y/N squealed as she hugged him.

    “Wait, you gave her advice on this?” Lip asked.

    “It’s what the gay best friend does,” Ian said.

    Y/N turned to Lip and frowned. “Why are you getting so upset about this?”

    “Because you didn’t tell me about it.”

    “I didn’t think you’d care if I went out with Will. It’s nothing serious.”

    “But it might be. The Bulls are looking at Will to draft him. I hear he’s going to be Chicago’s Kobe Bryant.”

    “This is the Bulls were talking about, Ian,” Lip said. “Besides, Will get a new girl every week, you should probably just forget about him.”

   “For your information, Mr. Negative, we’re actually going out again tomorrow night. He got us Bulls tickets!”
   “Nosebleeds?” Lip asked.

   “Nope, near the floor, center court!” Y/N grinned. “I can’t believe this is happening. I never thought that Will would ever notice me.”

    “How could he not? You’re gorgeous,” Ian said.

    “Just be careful, okay. I don’t like the guy.”

    “You don’t like many guys, Lip. Besides, you should be happy for me. Who knows? Maybe one day I’ll get you court-side seats to see the Bulls.”

   “No thanks, I’m good.” Lip threw his cigarette down and snuffed it out with his boot. “I’m gonna go take care of some business.”

    “What business?” Y/N asked as she began following him down the sidewalk.

    “My usual business with Kev,” Lip said.

    Y/N’s eyes widened. “Lip, you can’t do that. You’re already high up on the cop’s radar, right behind Carl.”

   “I’ve been doing this since we were fourteen, Y/N, I know what I’m doing.”

    “But you getting arrested could f—k up your chances with MIT or U of Chicago or any other fancy school,” Y/N argued.

   “Hey, why don’t you worry about what dress you’re gonna wear to see Will again and I’ll worry about my future, alright?” Lip snapped.

   Y/N flinched at his words. They had had arguments before, but he never got this mean with her. “What’s your problem, Lip? Are you on the rag?”

   “No, just leave me alone.”

   “Fine, come around the block when you decide to stop being such a jackass,” Y/N said.

   Though her words were sharp, she sounded hurt and it hurt Lip that he had hurt his best friend. As much as he wanted to admit why he was really angry with Y/N, he was too prideful and scared of her reaction to say anything.

   For two weeks, Y/N didn’t come by to see the Gallaghers nor did Lip try to go up around the block to see her. Fiona, Ian, Debbie, Carl, Kev, and V did their best not to mention her name whenever Lip was around. But ever since their fight, Lip had begun drinking and smoking more. He was miserable. However, everything came to a head when Fiona confronted him one day.

   “Alright, Lip, go talk to her,” Fiona said.


   Lip was sitting in the kitchen, drinking coffee while Fiona and Debbie were making breakfast.

   “You heard her, we’re sick of seeing you moping around all the time and drunk you is only so entertaining,” Debbie said.

   “I don’t want to talk to her. Besides, the only person she’s interested in talking to is Will.” Lip spat out the boy’s name.

   “That’s not true,” Ian said as he walked into the kitchen with Liam in his arms, “she talks to me all the time.”

   “If I want to talk to her, I’ll talk to her, alright? Can we stop f—king talking about her?” Lip snapped.

   Fiona set a plate of eggs and bacon in front of Lip and bent down to his level. “Lip, I know you’ve been in love with Y/N pretty much since the day you met and it must be killing you that you fought and that she’s with Will—”

   “Will Brooks? He’s a babe,” Debbie said.

   Fiona, Ian, and Lip collectively shot her a look that made her instantly regret her words.


   Fiona sighed. “But you need to man up and talk to her. I know this is gonna be hard comin’ from me but I know love when I see it.”

   Lip groaned. “She’s not gonna forgive me.”

  “She will, we’ve all had to,” Ian said.

  Lip playfully shoved him before taking a long swig of coffee. “I’ll be right back.”

  “That’s my boy,” V said as she entered the kitchen from the rear entrance.

   “Did you hear all of that?” Ian asked.

   “For the most part. Please go talk to that girl, I’m sick of seeing you look more pissed off than usual.”

   Lip laughed. “I will, see ya, V.”

   As he left the house, Lip began going over everything he could possibly say to make everything up to Y/N. 

   “Hey, Y/N, I’m sorry for being a dick and getting pissed about you and Will. I’m sure the NBA accepts idiots too—no, can’t say that, she’ll get pissed that I insulted him. Y/N, I’m sorry for being a dick and I’m really happy for you and Will. Maybe the Bulls will start winning if he joins. Yeah, that’s better.” Lip paused. “Y/N, you probably hate me, but we have to talk…”

   “I thought that only crazy people talked to themselves,” Mandy said as she strolled up to Lip.

   “Oh, hey, Mandy,” he said.

    She was wearing a tight black tank top and short denim cut offs. They had a short-lived fling but decided that they were better off as friends. Besides Ian and Lip, Mandy was Y/N’s closest friend.

   “I’m guessing that you’re off to talk to Y/N,” Mandy said.

   “Yeah, I said some real sh-tty stuff to her and she didn’t deserve it.” 

   “She never does,” Mandy said. “It’s just too bad about her and Will.”

   Lip frowned. “What happened?”

   “You didn’t hear? She found out that he’s been cheating on her ever since they got together. I offered to have my brothers beat him up for her, but she said it wasn’t worth it. I haven’t seen her around in a long time.”


    “Yeah, so whatever you have to say to her, don’t f-ck up.”

   “Thanks, Mandy.”

    As Lip walked away from Mandy, he was both elated and furious. He could beat Will’s face in for what he did to Y/N but at the same time, he was ecstatic that she was single again. Now he really had to perfect what he was gonna say.

   “Y/N, I’m sorry about what happened between us. You didn’t deserve it and I was just being a dick. I’m also sorry about what happened between you and Will. He deserves to get the sh-t beat out of him.” Lip sighed. “And…and I got so mad about the whole Will thing because, you’re like a sister to me and I didn’t want to lose my sister or my friend…the friend I’ve been in love with since we were two.”

   At this point, Lip was standing in front of the Y/L/N’s house. Mr. Y/L/N was most likely back at work in the loan office and Mrs. Y/L/N was off being a maid in the W Hotel. Whether or not Hailey was home was a bit of a toss up since she would skip class more than Lip did. The navy, two-story house seemed a lot bigger than it usually did and part of Lip wanted to turn around and run away.

   “Don’t be a pussy,” he muttered. 

   He walked up the front steps and knocked on the door.

   Seconds later, a dog was barking and Hailey was yelling at it.

   “Geez!” she blew a piece of dark hair out of her eyes and narrowed them once she saw Lip. “Lip.”

   “Hi, Hailey.”

   The barking Rottweiler stopped when he saw Lip and began licking all over his face.

   “Hi, Buster,” Lip said as he scratched the dog. “I’ve missed you.”

   “Well, he’s missed you too, I don’t know if I can say the same for Y/N,” Hailey said.

   Lip sighed as he straightened up. “Look, I know I f-cked up majorly with Y/N and I’m sorry. I just want to apologize and if she doesn’t want to be friends with me anymore, that’s fine, I’ll understand. Is she okay?”

   Hailey’s e/c eyes softened slightly at Lip’s words but she kept a tense body language. “She’d be better off if that idiot hadn’t cheated on her weeks after she lost her best friend. But she’ll get through it, she’s tough.”

   “I know, is she here?”

   Hailey pursed her lips. “That Will guy might’ve hurt her but you really broke her heart, you know that, Gallagher?”


   “I could kill you for how much you made her cry and then Will on top of that—” Hailey breathed.

   “And I’ll do my best to never make her cry again. Believe me, the last thing I want is to hurt her.”

   Lip hoped his sincerity showed through since Hailey was one of the most stubborn people when it came to protecting her family and doing what she thought was right.

   “She went to the Symphony. They let her listen to the music from the entry way as long as she doesn’t disturb anyone.”

   “Thanks, Hailey, I really appreciate it.”

   The L couldn’t have operated any slower that day, which made Lip even more anxious. He began chain smoking, hoping it would help him think more, but it didn’t. It calmed him down a little, but he still had no idea what he was going to say to her. Fortunately, downtown wasn’t very crowded and it was easy for him to find his way to the Symphony. Sure enough, Y/N was sitting near one of the door, cross-legged, listening intently to the passionate music. She looked gorgeous though she was wearing a simple white summer dress that went off the shoulders. Her hair was twisted up into a pretty bun on top of her head and her back was facing Lip.

   He carefully walked up to her, his mind racing with words.

   “Mind if I join you?”
    Y/N gestured for him to sit without turning away from the door. Her eyes were puffy and he could tell that she had been crying.

    “Y/N, I need to talk to you.”

    “Sh, it’s Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9,” Y/N hissed.

    “Oh, right, sorry.” Lip managed to say quiet for five more seconds before saying, “no, you know what, f-ck the music, you can get this sh–t on YouTube or iTunes. We need to talk.”

   “Keep your voice down or we’ll get kicked out,” Y/N said quietly. 

   “Fine, but at least look at me when I talk?”
   Y/N hesitated before turning to Lip. “Talk.”

   Lip paused. Everything he had rehearsed seem to leave his mind. “You’re beautiful.”

   Y/N rolled her eyes. “Go away, Lip.”

   “No, I’m serious. Even though that a—hole made you cry and did all that to you, you’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. Always have been.”

   There was a long pause between them but Y/N looked stunned.

   “Is that all you have to say to me?”

    “No, I’m sorry about what happened between us. I shouldn’t have gotten so pissed off about you and that jerk.”

    “You were a real jackass,” Y/N muttered.

    “I know, and you didn’t deserve that. And I’m sorry about what happened—-no, you know what, f-ck that, I’m not sorry. He didn’t deserve to be with you because you are amazing and sweet and talented and tough and strong. He doesn’t deserve to breathe the same air as you and neither do I.”

    Y/N looked stunned but suddenly looked dejected. “If I’m all those things, why did he cheat on me with Ashley Opperman, Jane Henkins, Mariah Little, Penny Gilbert, Vanessa Langley, and Iman Ashton?”

    “Because he’s an idiot who’s probably trying to get the clap if he got anywhere near Vanessa Langley,” Lip said.

    Y/N smiled. “I think she’s had ever STD under the sun besides AIDs.”

   Lip smiled. “I’m so sorry about everything that happened between us, Y/N. Is there any way you could forgive me?”
   Y/N jokingly tapped her finger against her chin. “If you teach me how make things explode using that fancy technical vocabulary, maybe.”

   “Of course.”

   “And you help me pass my ACT.”


   “And you come to my piano concerts.”

   “I already do.”

   “Sober, though.”

   “Then you’ll have to play something less boring.”


   They jokingly shook hands before Y/N wrapped her arms around Lip and basically fell into his lap. He immediately pulled her close, inhaling her sweet scent.

    “I’ve missed this,” she whispered.

    “I love you.”

    They both froze. Lip couldn’t have said that any less smoothly if he tried. He couldn’t believe that he had blurted it out like that.

    Y/N pulled away slowly and looked at him with wide eyes. “Lip?”

    “I’ve loved you since we first met and I fell in love with you around the same time, I think. It drove me crazy seeing you with Will and I’m sorry I was so mean to you. If you don’t feel the same way then—”

    Lip was cut off as Y/N pressed her lips against his. He immediately pulled her closer as he kissed back. All those emotions they had for the past sixteen years came out in that exchange. They were so caught up they not only forgot where they were but also that they would need to pull away for air.

     “Eh hem.” An elderly security guard looked at them with distaste.

    “What’s your problem?” Lip asked.

    “Sorry, Ivan, we’ll be leaving now.”

    “No, that’s fine, Y/N, just try to ease up on all of that.” Ivan gestured to their current position.

   “You got it, Ivan.”

   He wandered away and Lip pulled Y/N into him again.

   “So, I’m guessing you like me too?”

   “No, I love you, I thought as smart as you are, you would’ve caught onto that when we were at least four,” Y/N teased.

   “Well, I’m smart enough to never let you go again.”


    And that was how after many years, Lip Gallagher ended up with the girl from around the block.

A Winter’s Ball

Bucky Barnes x Female Reader

Warnings/Contains: flirting, the 40s, hamilton, gay peggy, unprotected sex, no foreplay, sex in a tent, soldier!kink, she wears his hat, musicals, 

Word Count: 1848

so this is a 40′s bucky tale based off of the song from “Hamilton: An American Musical” and i don’t own the song or the concept, i just thinking it’s a pretty saucy number thanks (#dontsuemelin) this also includes a wee bit of “Helpless” because Eliza sure knows how to set a scene, thanks sweetness <3

also in this you, the reader, have two sisters. sorry if you don’t have two sisters, you can just pretend they’re your two best friends or something. if you don’t have two best friends, then pretend it’s me and my sister. also i gave them the classic names, so that’s what you gotta refer to your sisters/friends as now. not sorry tbh <3

Originally posted by complete-fandom-trashhh

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Roman Godfrey x Reader (Little Prince)

Scenario: You’re a new student at Hemlock Grove, and you draw the attention of, none other than, Roman Godfrey.

WARNINGS: Some swearing and mentions of blood

Word Count: 904

Originally posted by eternalmikaelson

When you first toured this school, it didn’t seem all that complicated. It was just like any other high school. But now that you were navigating the halls with arms full of books and binders and people jostling you as they passed, you were getting a little overwhelmed. Through the crowd of your now classmates, you finally spotted your locker. You made your way through the unforgiving mass of high schoolers to get to the one place in this unfamiliar school that you can call yours. Opening the locker door, you knelt down and put everything you were holding in your arms onto the floor. One by one, you put each book and binder into your locker. Out of all the things to forget on the first day of school, how the hell did you forget a backpack? You shake your head at your huge oversight when you hear a voice above you.

“Where are the decorations?”

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Kim Junmyeon//Flammable

Summary: Junmyeon was your wild first love, the one that left you both in pieces when it burned out - and now he’s just walked in as part of the most important business deal of your career.
Scenario: honestly I’m not really sure what this is
Word Count: 2,697

A/N: So this is my very first collab ever and it’s with @universitykpop! So I created a moodboard and without discussing it, we both set to writing a fic based around it, and I’m really excited about it! Here is Mel’s!

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Slightly Warm [l]

Pairing; Chanyeol x Reader

Word count; 1642

Genre; Fluff, Smut in future chapters, University Au, Dad!Chanyeol Au, CEO!Chanyeol, Age Gap

If you are not keen on certain genres that will be seen throughout this fic, please do not complain or send negative messages. Just. Don’t. Read. Thank you!

Part Two

Being a university student you didn’t have much money to live off, let alone money to spend on yourself. Your mom had told you to get a part-time job, your dad gave you $20 a week as he felt guilty that he couldn’t see you often. And your grandparents had already given you your inheritance money when they found out you got into uni. Working 10 hours on your studies and a following 8 in the local cafe just outside of campus you had no real time with yourself or with others- except those you served, your boss and your professors.

As you entered the back of the cafe, you began to tie your hair, you grabbed your apron and tied it around your waist. The manager of the cafe was already there, preparing the machines and brewing the coffee. “Hello sir,” you bowed, “I hope your journey here was okay?” You smiled brightly at him. He was a tall, dark, and quite honestly handsome. “It was a little cold, I couldn’t find my scarf so I had a chilly neck on the walk here.” You chuckled to yourself at the thought of your 6-foot boss walking to work doing everything he could to warm his neck up. “I woke up a little earlier than usual; Hyerin left her bedroom window open, the breeze coming from her room woke me- so I had some extra time to pack her lunch and lay out clothes for her.” You smiled brightly towards the words of your boss, he was definitely a family man, he took great pride in talking about his wife and his daughter, they were the light of his life. “That’s so sweet, getting her things together. Hopefully, you can sleep a little better tonight.” You both smile sweetly at each other as you walked into the kitchen to collect the pastries that he had placed in the oven not long after he arrived, ready to place them into the refrigerator at front of the cafe.

7 hours into your shift after finishing serving the last person who ordered, a tall, dark, handsome gentlemen- similar to your boss- walked in with, what looked to be, a 4-year-old toddler who just managed to reach below his waist. He approached an empty table that was positioned by the window of the cafe, placed his bag and the child’s things upon the two chairs and began to walk over towards the register, child in hand.

“Urmm hi, could I have an iced americano and a chocolate milkshake, slightly warm?” The child pulled the tall man’s hand and pointed towards the glass window, behind the pastries you put out earlier, “and a caramel flapjack and an orange and pumpkin seed muffin.” He ended his sentence with a smile. “Of course, that’ll be $6.20, you can go ahead and sit down and I’ll bring it all right over.” You tucked a strand of your hair behind your ear putting the money that he had given you in the cash register- he nodded and walked over to his table, still with the child in hand. While you gathered all the items that he had ordered together, you couldn’t help but look over every once in awhile- hearing the child giggle at his gestures and colouring in with him. It was a sight for your tired eyes.

“One iced americano, a slightly warm milkshake- chocolate of course- a caramel flapjack, and an orange and pumpkin seed muffin! Please enjoy and if you have any problems, please be sure to ask- you won’t be a bother.” You smiled at the little boy and the tall gentlemen sat to your right. “Say thank you to the young lady Hyun.” Removing the flapjack from his reach before he had the chance to tuck into it. “Thank you, miss.” His voice a higher pitch than the older gentleman, his gappy smile making you lowly chuckle to yourself. “Thank you.” He nodded his head and you walked over to the other side of the register. Cleaning up the worktops you had just worked on, a knock on the glass and a little voice shortly after, you looked over the counter to see the little boy that came in the cafe with his father. “Miss, could I have a straw please?” You giggled, this child was beyond cute. “Of course you can little man. What colour do you want?” He placed his hands on the counter trying to lift himself up a little more, analyzing the colours you had in your hand. You looked over to your right, seeing his father look in your direction- head on hand watching the interaction between you and his son. “Green! I want the green one…please.” As you handed him the straw your boss came walking out of the back with a towel on his shoulder and flour on his apron, “How’s the front of house doing? Are you handling everything okay?” He stopped in his tracks seeing you bent over the counter in the odd way that you were. “What are yo- Oh Hyun! Where’s your father?” You looked up at your boss, setting yourself down- just reaching you bosses chin once again. Hyun’s father walked over to the register, picking Hyun up- your boss walking over to the other side of the counter. “Chanyeol, what are you doing here?” Hugging him gently, not wanting to squish Hyun.

Chanyeol? How did he know his name? You were slightly confused by the whole situation, even though it was none of your business in the first place. “Hyun and I were on our way home from school and we wanted something to drink, Hyun’s legs were a little tired from walking.” You stood there staring at the men engaging in conversation, Hyun staring at you, trying to grab ahold of the straw in the bass pot next to the counter- you picked up one of the straws and started taunting the little one. Chanyeol looked in your direction and smiled at your actions, as did your boss. “Where are my manners, this is my best worker Y/N, she is one of my most loyal and hardworking employees. Y/N this is Chanyeol.” You put your head down in embarrassment. “Well, it’s a pleasure to meet you,” He put his free hand out, you placed your smaller hand on his and he shook your hand gently. “I’m Youngjin’s longtime friend, we’ve known each other since university- we were in the same business class as each other. Thank you for being so kind to Hyun for me, he seems to have taken a liking to you.” You smiled, “It’s been a pleasure messing with him- he’s been the sweetest.”

A new customer approached the counter- Youngjin, Chanyeol, and Hyun, still in his father’s arms, moved to the table they had previously sat at- leaving you to do your job. After serving the customer, you began to pack away the leftover pastries, as your shift was almost over and was almost time to close up- most of the cafe was empty excluding three tables which were full of talkative people enjoying their beverages. You loaded them onto a tray, ready to take them to the back- as you were on your knees collecting the desserts from the lower shelf, you saw your boss gesture you over. You got up, patted your knees down and headed over. “Y/N, Chanyeol is a very busy man running his own business and all- as well as looking after little Hyun. It’s a lot to handle since I’m also busy I thought maybe asking you to see if you could look after Hyun. I understand that you’re busy with university as well as working here- but the day that you’re asked to look after Hyun, I will allow you to have that day off.” You looked over to Hyun, he was playing with the straw you had given him earlier, trying to get his straw and his dad’s straw stick together. You then looked over to Chanyeol, his eyes pierced at you. “It would really mean a lot to me, I would pay you and if I needed you to stay the night you would have your own bedroom, you really wouldn’t have to worry about anything while looking after Hyun- he’s a good kid, really.”

You could see in the corner of your eye Hyun staring at you, there were things you had to take into consideration - such as how long you would be there, what about your studies, would the pay be enough for you to live off? I guess Chanyeol could see your thought process as he then told you that if you needed to bring your books you could, you could do anything that would make the whole looking after Hyun easier for you. “Yeah, of course, anything to help.” You said with a smile, Chanyeol then copied your action. “Great! Y/N, I’ll give Chanyeol your number and he’ll contact you whenever he needs you. I hope that’s okay.” You nodded, Chanyeol got up and shook your hand. “Thank you, really, this means so much!” You told him that it was your pleasure and that you looked forward to looking after Hyun, or ‘the lil man’ as you liked to call him. “Y/N I think we’ve taken up enough of your time, thank you so much for the day- you’ve worked so hard. You should head off home, I’ll finish up cleaning.” You nodded and gathered your belongings from the back of the cafe and made your way home to your apartment that you shared with your friend.

I hope you enjoy this first part, I’m sorry if it’s not written “well”…It’s been a while since I’ve sat down and written something- I just felt like writing. Part 2 will be out next Friday, that’s the day I hope to update. Just please bear with me, hopefully, I can be more active in creating and posting my work. Thank you again - Admin Kiwi

Request: Hey! Can you do a oneshot where you work as a waitress in a bar in the city Dunkirk is being shot and all the boys go there to chill after a long day of work and every night Tom Hardy eye fucks you and the boys, realizing you are really into each other, start to tease the two of you?

A/N: my life has been forever changed by this


He was staring again.

You could feel his eyes lingering on you from across the room as you took orders from other tables.

Wiping your hands on your apron, you turned to catch his eyes. He was talking with one of his friends, but his eyes stayed locked on yours.

“Y/N, table 5’s food is ready.” A coworker of yours told you, breaking your eye contact with the handsome man. You headed over to grab the food, walking over to the loud table full of men.

The table in the corner was filled by the usual 8 guys. Every night for the past 3 weeks they would show up around 7 o’ clock and request to be seated in that same booth. They always requested for you to be their waitress as well, for reasons completely unknown to you.

It wasn’t until their third visit that you began recognizing them.

Your brother was a massive comics fan, especially the DC comics. Growing up with him, you kind of became a comics nerd too. So of course you recognized the faces of Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy from the Dark Knight trilogy.

You recognized some of the others as well from films and tv that you’ve watched over the years. There were only 3 that you didn’t know, but you picked up their names from conversation: Fionn, Jack and Tom.

You realized fairly quickly that these guys were the cast for the new movie Dunkirk, after all they were staying in your town for filming.

You had never really let on that you knew who these guys were. They seemed to like being treated by you as regular people, so that’s what you did.

Only one from the group had really captured your attention.

You’d had a slight celebrity crush on Tom Hardy for a few years, thinking he was insanely good looking. The man was exactly your type; dark hair, dark eyes, deep voice, facial hair, dog lover. The muscles and tattoos were just an added bonus.

It seemed that you had captured his attention too. His eyes never drifted from you when you’d take the tables order, and sometimes you’d feel a gaze on your back as you went to other tables. Every time you searched for the source, your eyes would meet his.

It was like he was trying to undress you with his eyes, and you definitely weren’t complaining.

The two of you flirted harmlessly a few times, earning grins from the rest of the men at the table. They were slowly catching on to the attraction between the two of you, throwing in some hints here and there. You could hear them teasing Tom from time to time, always bringing a smile to your face.

You walked up to the table then, placing each meal on the table with the help of another waitress. Once you were done, you glanced at the men.

“Does everything look alright?” You asked, eyes catching with Tom’s again.

“Trust me sweetheart, from where I’m sitting everything looks perfect.” He spoke, eyes trailing down your body. You merely winked at him, turning around and walking away before he could see your blush.

“He sure knows how to make you hot and bothered.” The other waitress said, a knowing glance on her face.

“Oh shut up.”

An hour later you were back at the table, smiling at the laughing men.

“Is there anything else I can get you guys?” You asked them all, clearing the table of the many glasses.

“Yeah, I’d like to get yer number lassie.” The blonde man spoke up, you think his name was Jack. There was a kicking sound, and moments later Jack was glaring at Tom as he rubbed his leg.

“Sorry hun, you’re a wee too young for me.” You told him, giving him a sweet smile. Some of the guys snorted at this, attempting to hold in laughs.

“Well, ye see, I’m actually askin’ for a friend.” He continued, glancing briefly at Tom before looking back at you.

“Well, you can tell your friend that if he really wanted my number, he should ask me himself.” You slyly answered, a grin on your face.

“So, I’m curious. Wha would ye say yer type is?” Cillian Murphy spoke up, surprising you slightly. When you looked at him, he was smirking at Tom. Tom looked annoyed, but you were very amused. It was obvious his friends were all messing with him.

“Hm, let’s see…” You played along, a hand on your hip as you pretended to think. “A tall, dark and handsome type for sure. British definitely, with a lot of tattoos. 39 years old would be preferable, I like my men older. Oh, and he has to be a dog person.” You winked at Tom when you finished your description, leaving the man gobsmacked for a moment.

The whole table was in hysterics as they saw the stunned look on Tom’s face, making you smirk proudly. Setting the check on the table, you turned away from the men, heading to check on another table.

You cleaned up a few more tables, humming slightly as you did. When you were done, you headed towards the kitchen to check for orders.

“Here you go love.” A voice spoke a little while later, and you turned around to find one of the guys from the group standing there. “Keep the change.” He spoke, seeing you were about to head to the register.

“Thank you Harry.” You told the singer, sending him a smile as he began to leave.

“I knew you recognized us.” He laughed, a cheeky smile on his face. “By the way, what time do you usually get off?”

“11, why?” You asked him, head tilting in confusion.

“No reason.” He smirked, turning around and heading towards the door. “Good night Y/N!” He shouted over his shoulder, making you roll your eyes as you chuckled slightly.

Later that night you were finally off work, and you left the little restaurant in exhaustion. Your days at the restaurant were long, but you absolutely loved working there.

A voice clearing from behind you caught your attention, and you turned around to look. Tom Hardy was standing in front of you, hands shoved into his pockets.

“What can I help you with, Mr. Hardy?” You asked, voice taking on a tone of innocence. His intimidating form was suddenly in front of you, staring down at you intensely.

“I think you know exactly what I want Y/N.” He purred, voice coming out roughly.A wave of pleasure raced down your spine at the sound of your name leaving his lips, making you bite your lip to hold in a moan.

“No, I don’t think I do.” Your voice dropped into a seductive drawl, backing away from him and turning to continue down the street.

He caught up to you a few moments later, turning you around and pressing you against the side of a building. His arms came up on either side of you, effectively boxing you in.

“Why don’t you and I head back to my place, I’ll show you exactly what I mean.” He growled, his eyes positively predatory. You swallowed harshly at his words, hands beginning to shake.

“I don’t know, I’m awfully tired.” You teased, stretching to press a kiss under his bearded jaw. He grabbed your hips tightly, a groan leaving his lips. “I’m guess I can agree though, if you make it worth my while.” He pulled away from you, eyes full of lust.

“Oh sweetheart, you’ll be screaming my name after just 5 minutes with me.”

“Prove it.”

What Fate Wants

Genre: Fluff

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Word Count: 2,286

Summary: You had - with the help of your friend - decided that four years was long enough to wait for something that was exclusive to fairy-tales. However, fate had a different plan for how your blind date would go.

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Slow Burn - Part 1

Summary: The reader is reluctantly setup on a blind date and it doesn’t go as planned. Is there an instant spark or is it a slow burn?

Pairing: firefighter!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,995

Ding dong!

Ding dong!

“Y/N! Open up!”

Shit. You were hoping he forgot.

You lazily stroll over to your front door and pull it open, “Yes, sir? What can I do for you?” You greet dryly.

Your best friend Justin is planted in front of you with raised eyebrows, “Why aren’t you ready?” He asks annoyed.

“Ready for what?” You fake innocence as he invites himself into your home. “Oh please do come in!”

Justin shoots you a bitch face and shuffles into the kitchen, “I was hoping you’d be all ready and excited for your date. But I forgot who I was dealing with.” 

“Blind dates suck!” You declare with a whine, wrapping your pink fluffy bathrobe tight around your body.

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For you, Anything: Harry Hook x Reader PART 3

Two updates in ONE DAY, good god it must be christmas! Sorry I got super super into writing this so it’s kind of long. I expect there will be at least two more parts left for it, I hope y’all like it ! 

PART 1 //  // 4

Fandom: Disney’s Descendants

Pairing: Harry Hook x Reader

Rating: T 

Word Count: 3.4K

Disclaimer: I don’t own Disney’s Descendants, sadly. Disney does :(

It took you a few minutes to realize that Gil said that Ben was on the island and that they were going to kidnap him.

And that’s when you realized that Mal (and indirectly, you too) had really fucked up.  Obviously it was unintentional and Mal probably was hoping Ben wouldn’t have come back for her but he was obviously too stubborn to just let her go so easily. 

You put your bag down and unzipped it, looking for something important. Something to give you courage.

You grabbed a tattered and worn red beanie out of your bag and stared at it for a few seconds before forcefully shoving it onto your head. It was your father’s but you decided to ‘borrow’ it from him when you left to go to Auradon Prep, partly out of nostalgia and partly because you got homesick really easily.

Shutting the door softly behind you, you stole into the foggy night as you tried to figure out where Mal was.

You felt guilty too though. You knew it wasn’t your fault that Ben was in danger but it sure felt like it was. You weren’t sure if Mal would’ve gone through with leaving Auradon if you hadn’t shown up. You started beating yourself up for it, beginning to zone The Isle out.

That was until someone pushed you into an alleyway, backing you up against a wall. He was tall, dark, and not at all handsome.

And you didn’t know him.

“What’s a pretty young thing like you doing ‘round these parts?” the unknown assailant asked you, grinning at you with a shark-like expression.

You pulled your beanie down on your head more, glaring at him. “Who wants to know?” you asked confidently. On the outside you wouldn’t show that on the inside you were a mess. You remembered your father warning you about the nasty men that lived on The Isle, men who would definitely be capable of doing unimaginable things.

He let out a throaty laugh, pressing a hand to the wall right next to you, leaning towards you. “You’re a feisty one, aren’t you?” his breath was hot on your face and you blinked up at him, glaring.

“Yeah, so was your mom last night when we fornicated!” you snapped, lifting your knee up harshly, kneeing him in his pelvic-region.

He howled for a good minute, grabbing at his pants. That gave you just enough time to get away from him, and you bolted towards the lightest part of the alley. 

You could hear him cursing and yelling behind you and you were about ninety-eight percent sure he was following you. You ducked through a bunch of gross-looking curtains or sheets (you couldn’t decipher between the two, it might’ve even been a rug or two) and right into someone’s masculine chest.

“….Y/N?” Jay asked, his hands resting on your shoulders as you regained your balance. You looked up at him, your off expression mirroring his.

“….Jay?” you mimicked, “What in the hell are you doing here?”

Jay frowned, helping you steady yourself. You reached down to dust yourself off.
“Mal ran away to The Isle and Ben decided that he needed to 'rescue’ her.” you glanced around him and noticed Evie and Carlos waiting at the end of a flight of stairs, glancing around worriedly.

“Uh, hey guys.” you greeted the two, waving a hand at them sheepishly.

“Y/N?” Evie called, pushing herself off of a wall. “Why are you here? How did you get here?” she rushed, pulling you into a hug. She was probably the most compassionate of the four VK’s. You tentatively hugged her back.

“It’s a very long story.” you replied quietly, hoping she’d drop the subject. You pulled away. “Hey, Carlos. Ask Jane to Cotillion yet?”

“Not yet.” Carlos replied dejectedly. You frowned.

“I’m sure you’ll get the nerve back.” you told him, your lips curving into a reassuring smile. 

The four of you spoke animatedly for a few minutes, you explained half of why you were on The Isle-conveniently leaving out your past. It wasn’t like you didn’t trust them, but you were scared that the rest of Auradon would look down on you if they found out. 

Eventually though you realized exactly why you were there talking to the other three VK’s. “Ben!” you exclaimed, looking around. “Where is he?” you asked, eyes scanning the vicinity.

The other’s began to look for Ben too, who had suddenly disappeared. “Ben!” Evie called.

“Where could he have gone?” Carlos asked.

“There he is-”

“Ben! Ben, don’t scare us like that-” Evie began scolding the dark figure coming towards them that they assumed was Ben.

“Don’t scare you?” a tenor-ish Scottish accent sang, a small chuckle leaving his lips as he lifted his head to look at the four of you. His eyes landed on yours and you felt yourself tense up.

“Harry-” you began cautiously. He ignored you and turned his attention to Evie, smirking.

“But that’s my specialty.”

“What did you do with Ben?” Jay demanded, his hands balled into fists at his side.

Harry blinked before nodding enthusiastically. “Oh! Eh, we nicked him. Mhm. Yeah.” he pointed over towards the street where he had trudged over from. “And if you want to see him again …” he paused, looking up into the air, thinking.

Everything about him seemed off, and not at all like the boy you knew. You could tell that he was just putting up a front, but you just weren’t sure why.

“And if you want to see him again, have Mal come to the chip shop tonight.” he popped every single syllable, a wicked grin on his face. He looked like he was enjoying scaring the living daylights out of the four of you.

And you were rightfully terrified. But not of Harry. You were terrified for Ben. You weren’t completely sure what he was capable of.

Harry’s face fell. “Alone.” he pointed out seriously. “Uma wants…” he trailed off softly, looking for his words. “A little visit.” he said before clapping his hand and his hook together gleefully.

You watched Harry, leaning up against a wall as he continued to make fun of Jay and Carlos- beating a dead horse. He had said what he needed to say, he needn’t say more. He turned on his heels to leave, strutting a few steps before he swung back around.

“Oh, uh, and bring 'er too, would ye?” he asked lightly, pointing his hook at you with a beaming grin that unnerved you greatly. It wasn’t a suggestion, it was a demand.

After Harry’s little outburst Evie left to go reason with Mal, and you were stuck standing there awkwardly with Jay and Carlos.

“So….” Jay trailed off, not really knowing what to say. “Why did Harry want you to show up tonight?” he asked. You sighed, knowing it was bound to come up eventually.

“It’s uh, it’s a long story.” you told the both of them, hopping up onto a railing. You rested your hands against the bars, tightly holding onto them. “So uh, funny story guys- but i’m really a VK!” you confessed, a ta-da expression on your face.

“Wait, what?”

You let out a small nervous laugh. “Yeah, haha, that’s so funny, right? They brought my dad and I to Auradon when I was like, uh, ten.” you continued on. “I didn’t really want anyone to find out, I kind of liked being a 'princess’.” you lifted your right hand up and scratched the back of your head. “Guess the cats out of the bag, eh?” you tried.

Jay blinked. “Still doesn’t explain why Harry seemed obsessed with you.”

“He is not obsessed.” you snapped. “He and I used to be close when we were younger. But to be honest with you, when he showed up at Curl Up and Dye a little while ago I didn’t even notice it was him…I wasn’t sure he noticed it was me either. It’s been quite a few years.” you mumbled the last part.

“How could you be close to…that?” Carlos asked with disgust.

“He was different back then.” you defended the Harry you could remember, the one you remembered. “I don’t think he was that crazy back then.” you bit your bottom lip.

Evie called the rest of you upstairs a little while later so they five of you could go over an attack plan. 

You still weren’t sure about this. You would’ve felt ten times safer if Jay had been allowed to come with you and Mal, but Mal refused to let him go. She was afraid something would go wrong and that Ben would be lost to Auradon forever.

You waited outside of Ursula’s Fish 'N Chips, pacing back and forth as you watched Mal go into the eatery.

“You’ll take it how I make it.” you mumbled to yourself, glancing around at the dock and the beach below it. You leaned over the railings and looked at the jagged rocks below. You weren’t the best swimmer so honestly you really hoped it didn’t get out of hand tonight. You were hoping that Mal could reach some sort of agreement with Uma, who you still haven’t had the displeasure of meeting.

It was so weird, VK kid fighting VK kid. You thought that maybe they all would’ve banded together to make The Isle more bearable, because that seemed like a better option than fighting each other.

But that’s none of your business.

“Well lookie what we have here.” you heard his voice before you saw him and you tensed up, feeling his hot breath on your neck. “You really hurt me back there, doll.” he whispered into your ear, his hands at your wait.

“Uh yes, hello you are tooooooo close to me, I would suggest you back up.” you tried, desperately trying to wiggle your way away from the scumbag you kneed in the alleyway.

“And what’re you, a desperate little princess, going to do about it?” he asked, his tongue grazing your ear.

And you know, that’s when you lost it.

You took etiquette classes until you were thirteen, and in every book it said that ladies and princesses shouldn’t start fights.

And unfortunately for the asshole pursuing you, you weren’t a real princess so kicking his ass was completely okay.

You elbowed him in this shoulder, pushing him up against the railing, cursing him as you tore into him without mercy.

And that’s how Harry found you, bloody and still hitting the already unconscious man and cursing him out loudly.

“Ye know, love, I think you’ve already done a number on him, don’t ye think?” Harry asked you, pulling you out of your rage.

You slowly stopped punching the unconscious man. “He uh, he tried to uh…” you were at a loss for words as you stared down at your bloodied hands. You turned to Harry. “What do you care?” you asked, allowing yourself to stand up. You glanced down at the assailant and you curb-stomped him one more time fro good measure. “He’s not dead yet.” you mumbled.

“Not yet.” Harry agreed. “Wan me ta throw 'em off the dock?” he asked you, a small smirk playing on his lips.

You pursed your lips as you weighed your options. If you let him live, he’d probably go out and do the same thing to another helpless girl. But the goodness inside of you was telling you to let him live, maybe he’d repent.

You tapped your chin. “You know, i’m really having a hard time dealing with my light side and my dark side.” you admitted. “Flip a coin?” you asked, pulling a quarter out of your pocket.

“Tails he goes over, heads we let the bugger live.”


You flipped the coin in the air, catching it with your dominant left hand.

“Ye know, I didn’t think ye’d come back, lass.” Harry admitted to you. You ignored him as you flipped the coin onto your hand.

“Tails.” you stated, glancing over lazily at Harry.

“Aye, I was hopin’ ye’d go with that.” you turned away from Harry because you didn’t want to see him do anything that would taint his image in your eyes.

It was stupid and dumb, but you wanted to keep Harry exactly as he was seven years ago. You heard something hit the jagged rocks below the dock with a sickening crunch and you flinched. You had been doing a lot of that since you’d come back to The Isle. “Ye can turn around now.” Harry said.

You turned around and Harry was a whole lot closer to you now than he was before, when he was keeping his distance. “Why’d ye come back?” he asked seriously, his icy eyes boring into your dark ones.

You backed up slightly, putting some more distance between the two of you. Now that you were coming down from your high. Your legs were becoming jelly again and your heart rate seemed to increase tenfold as you stared back at him.
“Nostalgia.” you uttered, your eyes not leaving his. Harry reached forward with his unhooked hand and he pushed some of your long bangs out of your face so he could see your eyes.

“I’ve missed those eyes, lass.” he told you, and you felt a slight blush flood into your cheeks. 

“They’re brown, they’re just kind of normal…yanno I think your friend Gil has the same colored ones, you could always look at his-” you began to ramble, the distance Harry was retracting between the two of you was enough to suck the air out of your lungs.

“Ye know I knew it was ye before I even got a chance to hear yer voice.” Harry continued on like you never spoke a word. “Ye’ve got that scar from Madame Tremaine’s mangy cat.” he pointed out, glancing down at your throat.

The scar you had from Lucifer had always been such an insecurity for you, and as soon as you realized that makeup was a thing, you consistently tried to hide it as well as you could.

You swallowed. “It would’ve been totally impossible to know it was me just by my voice though I mean, it’s changed a lot in seven years. I’ve changed a lot in seven years I think. Boy howdy, you’ve also changed a lot in seven years…You’re so….so….”

“Handsome?” Harry offered.

“No, tall.”

You placed your hand on Harry’s wrist as he trailed the back of his hand down your cheek. “I missed you.” you confessed to him, you eyes finally noticing how bloody your hands really were. You wondered if most of it was yours or if most of it was the now dead man. “Wow that’s a lot of blood.” you mumbled, your eyes fixated on your knuckles.

“Ye really did a number on 'em.” Harry agreed, leaning down to press a kiss to your bloody hand- which you thought was gross.

“Harry that’s super gross.” you pointed out.

“That’s only a little blood compared to what i’ve seen, Y/N.” he used your full name, and it was melodic coming from him. It felt safe.

“That’s super morbid.” you commented, and Harry chuckled.

“Are ye here to stay?” he asked you suddenly, his attention back to your face.

“I..I don’t know. It’s not what I remembered it as and I don’t know if I belong here anymore.” you let go of Harry’s wrist, deciding to keep your hands to yourself.

“Of course ye belong here, lovebug.” Harry cooed quietly, his body shielding yours from the patrons walking in and out of Ursula’s Fish 'N Chips. “Ye’ve always belonged here,” he began to prepare a 'I want you to stay with me speech’. “Ye can stay here with me and Uma, there’s plenty of room-” you cut Harry off.

“I was ten when I left, Harry.” you reminded him politely, placing both of your hands on his toned chest. You were trembling lightly. Why did he have this effect on you? He was your former best friend, the person’d you go to the ends of the Earth with. What was this godawful feeling? “I’m not the same girl you knew when I was on The Isle, I don’t even look like me anymore.” you lightly tried to push him away, but his arms just circled around your waist, pulling you closer to him.

“Eh, there’s Hook’s newest catch. How long do you think she’ll last?” someone said just loud enough for you to hear as two people passed by the two of you.

“I’d say about a week, she looks fragile.” the second person laughed, “I should start taking bets.”

You frowned. “We’re different, Harry. I thought I could come back to The Isle and everything would be the same and you’d be the same- but it isn’t- it’s dirty here and it smells and it’s so dark and-” you trailed off, unable to find the proper words to say. You finally looked up into his eyes. “I can’t stay here.” you finally realized. “I love Auradon too much. Auradon is home.” you finalized.

Harry looked crestfallen and you swore your heart was breaking into a million pieces. “But, I just got ye back, Y/N.” Harry mumbled, burying his face in the crook of your neck. You ran your hands through his dark hair, sighing softly.

“I’m sorry.” you mumbled, hoping he’d hear it.

Harry pulled away from the hug, his eyes burning with something all together different than anything you’d ever seen on Auradon. He leaned down towards you, your lips almost touching completely.

That was when Mal conveniently decided to exit the restaurant in a huff, anger rolling off of her in waves. You pushed Harry away, your heart racing at your almost kiss. “Mal?” you called, breaking away from Harry’s grasp as you ran off to go figure out what had happened.

You didn’t see Harry angrily punch the wooden dock, an unreadable expression flashing across his features. 

You didn’t know what to do with yourself when Mal explained to the group that Uma wanted to trade Ben for Fairy Godmother’s wand. It was so ridiculous!

You paced back and forth, so much on your mind. Harry and you had almost kissed. And oddly, you were upset that it didn’t happen. You wanted to kiss Harry Hook. A person you entirely shouldn’t want to do that with.

Maybe it was just the heat of the moment and you were just getting ahead of yourself. You couldn’t have feelings for him. It was just impossible.

But oddly, you felt like you were finally becoming whole again and that scared you. 

“So we’ll just use Carlos’ 3D printer-” you kept zoning out on the other four as you thought about your situation. Yes, you were worried for Ben, but you just couldn’t stop over-analyzing it.

What if you did decide to stay on The Isle? How different would your life be.
There’d be no Auradon Prep. There’d be no Cotillion. No fancy dresses. No love and adoration from people who truly liked you. No band practice on Thursdays. No tourney.

But….Harry was on The Isle, and so was your childhood.

“Are you even listening to us, Y/N?” Evie asked, exasperated.

You hummed. “Yeah, sorry, I am.”

“She and Harry Hook almost kissed each other.” Mal stated, her arms crossed over her chest.

“I think I might’ve just thrown up in my mouth a little bit.” Carlos said as he shot you a horrified look.

You shrugged sheepishly. “It was a spur of the moment thing, it won’t happen again.”

“Good, because we’re probably going to end up in a scrimmage and we don’t need your feelings complicating things.”

You blinked, confused. “What? Why?” you asked, obviously you hadn’t been listening very well.

Jay sighed. “We’re going to give Uma and her group of idiots a fake wand and then we’re going to get out as fast as we can before she realizes that it’s  fake.” he summarized the plot for you. You bit your lip, it didn’t seem too foolproof. Was there a contingency plan?

You nodded. “Sounds good.” you agreed.

But you were so so worried.

Yousana AU: whatever your soulmate writes/draws on their skin appears on your skin too


The first time Sana has heard about it she was 6. At least that’s the first time she remembers hearing of it.

“You need to stop scribbling your To-do list on your hands!”, she had heard her father complain about her Mamma to her Mamma. He was still laughing about it though. “That’s what notebooks are there for.”

Sana was sitting at the dinner table. Her eldest brother sitting across from her, Elias next to her. Their parents on each end of the table.

Sana remembers sitting there, confused of what her dad meant. Why would it bother him if she wrote on her hands? That’s something Sana did sometimes too. When she was drawing pictures she sometimes accidentally drew on herself and sometimes she just tried to see if she could draw flowers on her hands and arms. And other times little drawings just appeared on her skin. She didn’t think much of it because it happened often and the drawings faded and vanished not too long after they appeared. 

At that time at the dinner table, being too preoccupied with fighting over the last slice of dessert with Elias, she didn’t think about it any more.

Not much time passed, in Sana’s first year of school, she heard older girls talking about their soulmates. One time, when waiting for her dad to pick her up from school, she heard two girls of the highest grade in school talk and one of them was complaining and almost crying.

“How am I supposed to find my soulmate? I don’t even understand what he’s writing on the back of his hand all the time. It looks like Russian or something.” She had held her hand up to show it to her friend. But Sana saw the untidy writing too. “I don’t know any Russian people, what if I never find my soulmate?”

That girl was hysterical but Sana didn’t understand why. She was too young to care about soulmates. Neither did she understand the concept of soulmates completely.  So when her dad came to pick her up, Sana instantly asked him.

“Does everyone really have a soulmate? How do you find them? Is Mamma your soulmate? Do you always find your soulmate?”

She was fascinated by her dad’s explanation.
Everyone has a soulmate. Someone they are destined to be with. Their other half. And whatever you write on your skin appears on your soulmate’s skin; whatever they write on their skin appears on your skin.

“Your Mamma and I were friends for some time and I had already fallen in love with her before we realized we were soulmates.” This story makes Sana’s heart grow every time she thinks of it. That was the first time somebody talked to her about soulmates, the first time she really understood why she had random drawings or scribblings on her arms once in a while, the first time many small conversations she overheard made sense.

Still, she was only 6 years old and didn’t realize that her dad didn’t answer all her questions. He had left Sana’s last question unanswered.

It all sounded like a fairy-tale to her. Going about your life and finding random drawings on your skin every once in a while which will tell you who your soulmate is. 

Well, unfortunately this feeling didn’t last forever. 

Until she turned 14 little words or tiny drawings kept appearing on Sana’s skin. But nothing out of the ordinary. Usually just reminders for homework, or other insignificant things that didn’t have a bigger meaning for Sana.

After that, for a very long time Sana didn’t see anything on her skin that she didn’t write or draw. It’s not like she looked for something new every day, that’s not what she did. Not many people do that. Usually, it just happens and you laugh about a bad drawing or the poor handwriting. Many people don’t put much significance on the fact that your soulmate indirectly paints your skin. 

Unfortunately, in contradiction to what Sana believed when she was 6, not everyone finds their soulmate. Many people fall in love with someone whose drawing on their own skin doesn’t end up on their wife or husband’s skin. 
It’s accepted, it’s almost the norm by now. Only a small percentage of people are lucky enough to fall in love with their soulmate. Sana’s parents are one of those lucky couples.

Sana was fine with that. She might not find her soulmate because maybe, she thought, soulmates are over glorified. You probably don’t need to find them to be in a happy relationship. 

So when Sana found herself looking forward to every time her brother brought his friends home, she didn’t care if that one boy with the dark, slightly curly hair who always found a way to spend a few minutes alone with her, just making small-talk, was her soulmate or not. All she cared about was Yousef smiling at her from across the room whenever Sana was in his field of vision. All she cared about was Yousef going out of his way to make Sana feel better whenever he notices something is up. All she cared about were the butterflies she felt when Yousef was near her.

Sitting at a table on the school yard now, talking to Chris, Eva, Vilde and Noora made Sana remember all of this. Vilde talks about the essay she wrote in her exams today and that she wrote about the topic of soulmates and how big the chance is that they meet.

None of the girls at the table have found their soulmate yet. No surprise here that most of them have a rather pessimistic view on finding your one and only soulmate. The older you get, the less you care about that. Because you know how small the chance of you actually meeting them and additionally falling in love with them is. 

“All my soulmate ever writes on his hand are reminders on when to do stuff. But he never writes what he has to remember. Just the time.”, Chris explains and absentmindedly covers her left hand with her right hand. 

“Mine doesn’t write anything at all.”, Sana mentions. She had mentioned it before, when she talked with Chris about this. But all of them discussing this topic is very unusual. It’s not something this group of friends talks much about.

Right when Eva starts talking about very immature drawings that sometimes appear on her left arm, Sana’s phone beeps three times back to back. She unlocks her phone and bites her lip to not grin too much.

She received three texts from Yousef.

“Did your exam go well?”

“Wait, no. It definitely did.”

“But how well? That’s the right question.”

Sana forgets to try to contain her smile while she answers him that it went better than she expected because it was a hard exam.
And she also writes “But aren’t you supposed to be working right now?” and sends the message.
Sana only looks up from her phone when the girls call her name all at the same time.

“Huh?”, is all Sana can ask. Her eyes fall down on her phone once again and she sees Yousef is typing something.

“Sana, is a handsome, tall, dark haired boy you’re in love with texting you right now?” Noora asks which makes all the other girls laugh. Even Sana laughs a little but quickly presses her lips together to make herself stop.

“It definitely is Yousef. Nobody else makes Sana smile this much.” Vilde answers instead of Sana who refused to say something to that.

But now Sana looks up at them again and explains:“ He only asked how my exam went.”, while he should be working, she thinks to herself and smiles a little. Sana’s phone beeps two times in a row but she doesn’t look what the texts are because she knows the girls are waiting for it.

She sees all four of them smiling broadly at her, their smiles almost unnervingly wide. 

“O yeah. He’s only ever asking how your exam went.”, Noora says with an ironic tone.

“Or how your basketball game went.”, Chris adds.

“If he wasn’t there himself.”, Eva mentions with her eyebrows raised. Yousef barely ever misses her Basketball games. It started as him tagging along when Elias came to watch and now Yousef is almost always there, in the audience, clapping and cheering.

“Or how the Russe-van is coming along.”, Vilde adds, “Russe girls rule the world, right?”

Sana can’t help but smile widely because even when the girls just want to tease her in this moment, Sana is aware that Yousef does all that because he cares. She blushes at that thought but tries to shake it off before the girls notice.

Sana acts annoyed and says:“ I’m not telling you anything ever again.” Sometimes she regrets sharing so much with her friends because they find a way to use it to tease her. Since her and Yousef have been getting closer, the girls don’t miss a chance to do exactly that.

“Aww, Sana. Don’t be like that.”, Chris says laughingly and hugs Sana to her side for a few seconds.

“But honestly, who needs a soulmate if they have someone like Yousef already.”, Eva blurts out, not intending to do so. The girls know Sana doesn’t care about that but being reminded is still not pleasant. 

Vilde leans a little forward in her seat and asks: “Sana, are you sure he’s not your soulmate? You two fit perfectly into the description of how soulmates are supposed to be.”

Sana doesn’t realize she does it but she sighs, maybe even a little disappointed. She shakes her head and answers: “There was not an instance that made it seem like it.” Her soulmate hasn’t been very creative on his skin and Sana has not seen anything she wrote on his skin. That could be because what she writes vanishes from the skin of her soulmate not long after she writes something on her own. To be honest, she didn’t look for it either. Maybe, just maybe, she feared to be disappointed.

A few minutes later Eva, Noora and Vilde need to get to their next class but Sana and Chris have the rest of the day off. 

Sana finally gets the chance to look at her phone again and reads the two messages from Yousef.

“I had a five minute break. I’m never on my phone while working, you know that :) ”

“I’ll get off work in half an hour. Wanna meet me here and go eat something together?

Sana looks at the time and calculates that he’ll be done with work in 15 minutes. Just enough time to walk to the kindergarten, the place Yousef means with ‘here’. She texts him back, which he will see when he’s done.

“I’ll be there :)

Chris and Sana end up walking the same way. The kindergarten Yousef works in is on the way to Chris’ house. Sana enjoys just walking around and talking with Chris because even though she is light-hearted and funny most of the time, Chris is one of Sana’s favorite people to talk to. About anything and everything.
When they arrive at the kindergarten Chris and Sana have finished discussing their exams and they hug goodbye. However, when they part from the hug and Chris wants to go past Sana to walk home, she stumbles. Sana quickly holds onto Chris’ arm. She stands up straight again and both girls start laughing because something like this always happens to them. 

Chris, however, stops laughing before Sana which confuses Sana. Chris is staring down and to see what made her stop laughing Sana follows her gaze. Chris is staring at Sana’s hands.

“I thought your soulmate doesn’t ever draw?” Chris asks. The question sounds more excited than anything else. This confuses Sana and she quickly raises her left hand. A little stick figure, a small flower and something that looks like an upside-down V appear and vanish a few seconds later.

Sana doesn’t know how to feel. It’s the first time in forever that this happens but she doesn’t care because she is about to meet Yousef who is perfect for her; it doesn’t matter if it wasn’t him who drew that stupid little stick figure on his hand.

Chris just waits for Sana to say something, which she doesn’t. Sana just shrugs and smiles which Chris takes as a sign to leave then.

“I’m outside :)”, Sana texts Yousef and leans on the wall.
She turns her phone in her hand a few times and gets nervous because she’ll see Yousef in a few minutes. A good type of nervous. She feels more than comfortable with him and hasn’t seen him yesterday so her excitement is even bigger than usual. She might not always show it but she is really glad that Yousef is in her life, and not only as her older brother’s best friend.

Sana’s phone beeps twice. Two messages from Elias.

“I’m getting Pizza for lunch”

“Want your usual pizza? You deserve it after your exam!”

Sana smiles to herself and texts him back.

“Thank you, Elias.”

“But I’m eating lunch with Yousef. See you later :)”

Five minutes later Yousef walks out of the building and his eyes immediately search for Sana and find her. She pushes herself off of the wall and waits for him and smiles at him. He looks a little stressed but once she smiles, he smiles. 


“Hi.”, they greet each other at the same time.

Yousef puts his jacket on, which he was holding in his left hand and his backpack in his right hand. Sana goes to take his backpack to hold until he puts his jacket an.

“Sorry for making you wait.”, Yousef says, looking genuinely sad about it, “But three kids drew on me while I was busy with another kid and when I pulled my hand back two of them got mad. Because drawing on someone doesn’t hurt the person being drawn on. So I had to explain why No means No even if it’s something small like that. And I tried to get the color off my hand.”

Sana stands there, engrossed in his story. She loves how passionate he is about the kids he works with and that he puts so much effort into teaching them even the smallest things. 

“It’s fine, really. I didn’t wait that long anyway.”, Sana says. Yousef who was preoccupied with his backpack he took from Sana again, looks up at her and smiles broadly when he sees her smiling at him. They stand like that for a few seconds. Just smiling and looking each other into the eyes.

Finally, they snap out of their little bubble when Sana asks if he’s ready to go. Yousef nods but first points at his head but says: “There’s a bug on your hood.“ 

Sana just raises her eyebrows and doesn’t get to say anything because Yousef asks: "Should I ..”, and motions to get the bug off of her hood. Sana nods and Yousef comes closer, takes the bug and puts it on one of the bushes close to them. Then he goes to stand in front of Sana again who says Thanks. Yousef just nods and drags his left hand through his hair. Sana’s eyes follow that movement and something catches her eye. Her heart beats even faster for a second. Sana steps closer to him and instinctively takes his left hand in hers and looks at it. 

“Eh.. Sana..”, Yousef says pretty confused with the situation. He doesn’t mind it in the slightest that she’s so close but her staring at his hand is a little weird. 

Sana looks up, into his eyes and tries to catch her breath. Sana sees a little smudged line right in the middle of Yousef’s back of the hand. Exactly where the upside down V appeared on Sana’s hand, on the same spot, not long ago.

“What did the kids draw on your hand?”, Sana asks. She doesn’t even know what kind of answer would make her happy. But she couldn’t stop herself from asking.

Yousef furrows his eyebrows, still confused. “Well, I’m not sure. A stick figure, a flower and a girl tried to write my name but because I don’t like anything drawn on me I pulled my hand away before she could finish the Y.”

Yousef explains oblivious to Sana’s thoughts. Once Sana processes what this means she breaks into a grin and can’t contain it. Yousef, who was too confused to react first, finally understands what Sana could be thinking. Sana drops Yousef’s hand and hastily goes through her bag to get a pen out of it. She really hopes she is right. Otherwise the next thing she is going to do will be awkward as hell.

Now, Yousef understood what Sana is doing and he definitely knows what she was thinking seconds ago. Both of them hold their breath as Sana holds the pen close to the palm of her left hand. Yousef raises his own left hand and turns his hand so that his palm shows upward. 

Sana and Yousef stand very close, not even one step between them. Sana looks one more time into Yousef’s eyes before she draws in the middle of her palm. She closes her eyes for a moment and hopes she was right. She never hoped she was right so much. 

“Sana.”, she hears Yousef and raises her head to look at him. The biggest grin on his face, Yousef is holding his left hand up, sporting the same heart in the middle of his palm as Sana drew on her own palm.

“Aah!”, Sana shrieks without being able to control it and her pen falls out of her hand as she jumps to hug Yousef. She wraps her arms around his neck and he doesn’t hesitate to hug her back, just as closely. 

Sana didn’t care if Yousef wasn’t her soulmate. She loved him anyway. But having the confirmation that he is indeed her soulmate made her happier than she thought she would be about this. Sana can’t stop smiling the whole time they hug and even when they part from the hug and look at each other. Yousef has the same big smile playing on his lips and he takes Sana’s left hand once more and turns her hand to see the heart again. Sana does the same as him; she takes his left hand and turns it to see the heart. It already started to fade but it doesn’t matter.

“We’re soulmates, I guess.”,  Sana finally says.

Yousef laughs at that and nods. 

“But you know, I didn’t need to see this…”, he lifts his hand once more, “… to know that you’re my soulmate!”


Continuation of/ addition to this AU: part 2


“Holy shit, hot.”

“(Y/n)!” Your dad admonished from further inside the house. 

You couldn’t help it. The boy– no man– standing in front of you was the actual definition of hot. Stiles had mentioned he was dating the Hale boy, but you honestly couldn’t remember what he looked like outside of the sad kid covered in soot. Derek must have been nuked by puberty, because this six foot mass of muscle was not what you were expecting. He had the ‘tall, dark, and handsome’ look locked down with a bearded jawline that could cut stone. 

Stiles came shuffling behind him, ladened with bags from the car, “Are you going to keep gawking or are you going to let us in.”

“If it’s all right with you two, I’ll keep gawking.” 

Shifted - Part 7, Chapter 2

In Shifted, the premise is simple - what if Claire had gotten pregnant with Brianna a month or two earlier in the story, and she and Jamie had re-evaluated  their priorities and decided that the cause was lost, and they were able to slip away from the army and quietly return to Lallybroch?

Previous installments…

Part 7 - The Visitor

Lallybroch, Autumn 1762

“There’s been a stranger in the village these past few days.”

“Really? Where’d you hear that?”

Jenny’s eyes stayed trained on her knitting. “Weel, one of the lads at school told Katherine, and Katherine told Young Jamie, and Young Jamie actually met him yesterday.”

“Any idea where he’s from?” Claire turned the page of her herbal and continued transcribing the receipt for a salve to soothe aching joints. She had been tinkering with different ideas for how to improve the hand cream she’d made for Jamie – most of which he’d used up by now – so that it was not only fragrant but more effective.

“He’s Scots, from the sound of it. But a queer kind of Scots – Young Jamie said that he used words he’d never heard anyone use before.”

Claire stilled. “Did he say what, exactly?”

Jenny paused to rearrange the balls of yarn in her knitting basket. “No – ye can ask him at supper tonight, I suppose.”

Something cold ran down Claire’s spine – but before she could ask another question, William darted into the parlor.

“Mama! Mrs. Crook says she needs ye – one of the servants has burned her arm in the kitchen.”

Claire sighed and rose. “Fetch me the white jar from my surgery, please, love. I’ll go take a look.”


“I’ll go wi’ ye tomorrow,” Jamie said quietly, stroking her shoulder with his thumb.

Young Jamie hadn’t revealed much at supper – just that the stranger was, quite literally, tall, dark and handsome. Scots, but not from the Highlands. Educated, definitely. Clearly a city man, not a farmer.

And he had been asking whether there was an English healer in the area named Claire.

“For once I won’t argue with you,” she said softly. Her right hand rested in the center of his chest, body flush with his side. “Brianna told me today that she’d always known there was something different about me, in the way I speak. That I use words she’d never heard before, or read before.”

“William told me the same thing.”

“That’s exactly how Young Jamie described this stranger. That he used words he’d never heard before.” She paused. “Do you think – could it be another person like me?”

Jamie’s hand stilled and he tucked her tighter against his side. “I suppose anything is possible, Sassenach. But I won’t leave ye to go meet this man, unprotected. I dinna like how he’s asking for ye when he’s clearly not wounded. And if he’s come from your own time, weel.”

She sighed. “I suppose you know where he’s been staying, then?”

He smiled. “No’ much ever gets past me – the tenants always feel amiss when there’s a stranger in the neighborhood.” He paused, thoughtful. “Though when I think about it, they still feel amiss about you. So.”

He lowered his body so they were face to face on the pillow, noses touching. His hips moved to be flush with hers. Slowly, slowly his lips met hers.

He twined their fingers together, pressing his C to her J.

Claire gasped against his lips. He kissed her again.

She pulled back after a long moment. “When we touch there,” she breathed softly, licking her lips, “every time, it feels like – like I’m about to peak.”

He eased their joined hands downward and gently guided himself inside her. They both gasped.

“Slow, mo nighean donn,” he whispered. “Give me all your bonny noises. And know I will never, ever let anyone harm ye.”

We Make Sense

Ok, so its @morticiaaddams1 birthday! I wrote this really short, fluffy, analogical thingy to celebrate! So.. I hope you like it.. Here is this thing.

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Pairings: Analogical, side Royality

Virgil sat in the common room, scrolling through Tumblr on his phone. Over in the corner were Patton and Roman, snuggling together in a armchair that just barely fit them. The two of them had been together for quite some time now and, well, it make sense if you asked him. Adorable sweet Patton with his “homemade with love” everything and grand romantic Roman with his flourish for the dramatic and lavish. The two of them went on extravagant dates planned by Roman: nighttime picnics under shooting stars and meteor showers, adventures through exotic lands of his creation, horse drawn carriage rides through snowy landscapes, and more things than Virgil could even think of. Patton always had a gift for his prince: delicious smelling baked goods, handmade flower crowns, stuffed animals, adorable art projects, and countless other little surprises. Like Virgil thought, they just made sense.

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