Important pansexuality psa

In my time that I’ve known I’m pan, I’ve seen a lot of non-pansexual people trying to define the term as “being attracted to people regardless of gender”. However, that is NOT true.

The root “pan” means “all”. That is it. It doesn’t mean that we’re gender-blind or that we don’t care.

Some of us do have preferences. For example, I have a preference for feminine people/women.

That doesn’t make me or any of us less pansexual than others.

Please spread the word of this definition instead of all of the incorrect definitions going around on this website. They can be harmful to pansexual people who are still trying to come to terms with their sexuality, or those who experience constant mislabeling or people saying negative things about their identity.

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What are color genders, like blue gender or yellow gender?

Colorgender- a gender associated with one or more colors and the feelings, hues, emotions, and/or objects associated with that color. Can be used like pinkgender, violetgender, etc.


That awkward bi moment

when people attack your label because you experience attraction to different genders to different degrees and they have it in their head that being bi makes you some mathematically perfect 50/50 balancing act and they aren’t even leaving room for all the non binary cuties you are also interested in.

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