What Making Out W/ Joshua Would Be Like

Hello! Admin CC Here! I’m going to continue this series so I hope I do you all justice! Enjoy and much love <3 

  • okay wow I’m so ready for this
  • making out with this absolute gentleman would be so sweet
  • definitely the type to discuss this sort of thing beforehand
  • “have you ever thought about kissing maybe besides just a peck?" 
  • probably a little shy at first but you wouldn’t really be able to tell
  • he’d initiate a make out session only after he was 100% sure it was what the both of you wanted 
  • would test the waters by cupping your cheeks and pecking you on the lips slowly multiple times
  • if he could tell you were reciprocating then he’d slowly pull you closer to him
  • a hand softly placed on your waist
  • leaning into you so you could feel his chest on yours
  • just slow and sweet make out sessions

  • if things were getting hot he’d make his movements more passionate
  • would silently love when you crawled into his lap and straddled him 
  • he’d have a firm grasp on both of your hips and the movements of his lips would be fluid and precise 
  • he’s very careful with you and wants to make sure you’re comfortable, but it fades in and out of the forefront of his mind as he loses himself 
  • afterwards he’d wind the two of you down with more soft pecks and cuddles
  • wouldn’t say much after as to not ruin the blissful moment
  • but would point out how much he loves you and that he think you’re absolutely wonderful

Sorry that it’s a little short! I tried not to rant too much :P Hope everyone is having a good day! <3 

- Admin CC


As if I could make a Bucky tea and not make it plummy.

There’s a definite, deliberate suggestion of sweet, fragrant plums in this brew. Softly perfumed top notes whisper warmly over the stone fruit flavours of the assam, complemented by the apricot, . At once soft and strong, and so comforting, redolent with plummy goodness. Plays well with milk and sugar, best served warm and cozy. This is a tea made of love.

anonymous asked:

how would jimin treat y/n if they were in a ddlg relationship? some pin points that makes it different from others

well there’s all kind of daddies out there and jimin is definitely a loving, sweet daddy who treats his little like a prince/princess – from daddy jimin you can expect:

- unbelievable aftercare after sessions, like full stops - bubble bath, snacks, wraps you up in a blankie and kisses you all over telling you how good you were and lets you fall asleep in his arms while watching a cutesy movie

- lots and lots and lots of butt touching + spanking is the go-to punishment

- bringing in the praise kink on the little’s part he will not stop praising you and complimenting you even when you’re misbehaving (”the little princess/prince sure is being naughty today. we’ll have to fix that”)

- keeping you close at all times

- has you in his phone as “babydoll” and you have him as “daddy” naturally but he makes sure the boys never get ahold of his phone from there on out

- if you wear, do or say smth that reminds him of a ddlg session - instant boner

- rarely gets very very rough but when he does you’re getting choked, tied up with ribbons, pushed around and you are not going to be allowed to come for a very long time, at the very least not until after he does, which is guaranteed to be a long time bc have you noticed the sheer amount of stamina he has,,,,,,,BYE



Skookum met one of his sisters today!!

We were walking through the Ballard Locks and spotted another Sammy, then got talking to the owner and figured out that they’re from the same litter! It was very sweet 💛