It’s funny how installing ACU took me around 6h and uninstalling it takes like 2 seconds. Nevermind… bye, bye Arno, I don’t think we will meet anytime soon.

Now I can install Assassin’s Creed II, Mass Effect 3 and The Witcher 2

sorry but i could never love an ignorant person, especially not a racist, misogynist, transphobe, etc., like i could not and will not ever do that and if that somehow stops me from being ‘truly happy and spiritually whole’ then i’m just going to be an empty bitch. i’m not going to automatically have love for another person just because we’re both humans and all that, if you’re a terrible disgusting piece of shit, why would i give you the same acknowledgement, love, and respect as a decent person? that’s honestly ridiculous and pointless. 

After being in Providence for eight months, I think I’m finally starting not to take offense whenever someone shouts profanities at me for playing banjo with my windows open. I guess it’s a start.

ok so about my kik
  • first and for most i really don’t like talking to a lot of people at one time
  • if I’m giving my kik out its because I’m manic and that only lasts about one night at a time
  • if i want to give out pics i will. don’t ask
  • if all u want is pics don’t try asking about my life or waterer
  • if i want to talk i will
  • don’t get mad or offend if i don’t want to talk to you a lot i don’t talk to people I’ve been friends for years with on a daily basic 
  • i get really overwhelmed when more than three people are talking to me at once so i won’t respond after i have three conversations going
  • im not a sex worker. you’re not paying this. i don’t owe you anything and just because i gave you my kik doesn’t mean i’ll send you stuff
  • don’t be pushy with me when trying to talk it makes me anxious and less likely to actually respond
  • u can send me dick pics or videos whenever i don’t care, just don’t expect or demand i send stuff in return.
  • please stop asking me for it. i don’t really trust porn blogs because i can’t tell what kind of person you are if you want to try and get it actually talk to me on here first.

WHAT IF Rumple did call Zelena and warned her “your sister is coming for you” and Zelena was confused as shit because Rumple was warning her, and then asked “what’s in for him?” but Rumple was like “make her suffer” because you know, Rumple is so damn angry at Regina for stealing Belle’s heart.

So, yup. I want to believe Zelena told Robin that she was pregnant before she went to the store.

idk man, I’m conflicted. I love Zelena but she crossed the line. That was cruel and unnecessary.

kittfox15 asked:

Sadeas as the Phantom Dalinar as Roul Navani as Christine Sadeas isn't in love with Navani but still wants the kingdom through her or something. But seriously can't you see Sadeas saying "Insolent boy that slave of fashion..." or changing it to "Insolent boy in need of fashion..."

the whole musical is just Sadeas paying out Dalinar’s outfits, eg.“don’t let this man run your country, Navani; he can’t even run a wardrobe”. so many IDEAS. (the Phantom of the Opera was my first true musical love because I am a shame to society).

Something hilarious I just now realised is that if you take the Phantom to be an Artist first and foremost instead of a murderous operatic psychopath that you could make Shallan the Phantom.

just sayin. she could pull that look off.