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Wedding Fever: Barry Allen Imagine

Based off of prompts #61 and #121

Summary: The reader and Barry attend the reader’s sister’s wedding

“Hey Barry?” I say running my fingers through his hair. His hums in response as his eyes flick up from the tv. “You’re free tomorrow, right?” I ask and grab the remote to mute the tv. He furrows his brows thinking and replies “Um yeah, I have no plans. Why?”. I trace my finger along the bridge of his nose and say “Just making sure. We have a wedding to go to”. He sits putting his arm around my shoulders. “A wedding?” he questions, glancing down at me. I turn to him nodding and say “Yup. It’s my sister’s wedding. We have to pack tomorrow, we’re staying at the hotel Saturday night. I’ll help you pick out what to wear later. We have to be at the hotel early so I have time to get ready. Also, don’t go to bed too late tonight. I don’t want you tired at the wedding”. Barry chuckles, nodding his head and says “Sounds good” then leans down to peck my lips and un-mutes the tv.

I apply one last spritz of hairspray and check over my makeup once again and finally decided that I am satisfied. I walk out of the bathroom wearing my bathrobe only to find Barry, still in his sweatpants, laying on the hotel bed. I grab his suit and my dress from the closet and lay them on the bed. Barry grabs his outfit and quickly changes into them as I remove my dress from the bag carefully. I take off my robe and step into the dress and Barry steps behind me to zip it up for me. I turn to face him and take in how incredible he looks in his suit. He smiles at me and says “Y/n, you look amazing”. I laugh and fix his tie before saying “You don’t look too bad yourself”. I glance over at the clock and say “We better head downstairs”. Barry nods but as I am about to walk to the door, he grabs my hand and pulls me in so he can give me a soft kiss.

Everyone applauds for my sister and her new husband as the music starts for the couples first dance. “She’s looks so happy” I whisper quietly to Barry as he reaches out and grabs my hand. We watch the happy couple for a moment and then a voice came over the speaker inviting everyone else to the dance floor. Barry stands up, pulling me with him, and says “You wanna dance?” I smile and nod and we walk onto the dance floor. My arms wrap loosely around his neck and his arms snake around my waist, pulling me in close to him. Dancing with Barry always felt safe, being held so tightly by the person you love most. I close my eyes and rest my head on his shoulder as we sway to the song, wishing this feeling would never have to go away.

After dancing for hours, the wedding is over and we are back in the hotel room, in our pajamas. I hop onto the bed and settle in next to Barry, who grabs my hand and laces it with his. He looks at me and says “I had a great time. That was a lot of fun”. I smile and say “Yeah it was”. Barry turns to me suddenly and says “I want our wedding to be like that. Fun and exciting and beautiful”. “Our wedding? Barry Allen, are you saying you want to marry me?” I joke. Barry rolls his eyes playfully at me before saying “Well obviously I want to marry you. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I’m kind of completely and utterly in love with you. You’re the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me. I’m not proposing or anything, but I would like to one day”. I move my free hand to his cheek and lean in to kiss him. He let’s go of my hand and rests his hands on my waist, kissing me back. We break apart and I smile saying “I am so totally in love with you Barry. And just for the record, I would love to marry you some day. You are definitely the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me”. Barry smiles and kisses me and we lay down. I feel two strong arms wrap around my torso and I snuggle into Barry’s chest. We both mumble quiet I love you’s and good night’s and Barry kisses the top of my head. We slip into sleep, both thinking about our future wedding.

Archie’s Pal is Aromantic

Jughead is asexual! It’s canon in the new comics as of two issues ago. But I’m not here to talk about that. I’m here to let you know that Jughead is also aromantic and explain why they need to use the word in the comic. The fact that they are only using asexual is going to make people think asexual and aromantic are the same thing. As an aro/ace person myself it’s very important to try and help people understand the differences between the two. My lived experience (much like Jughead’s) is a lot different from someone who is allosexual aromantic or asexual alloromantic. You never see Jughead checking out anyone or asking them on a date; he’s aro/ace.

You see my pal Jughead talking about falling in love and implying how it’s not something he would do? That’s an aromantic thing, not an asexual thing. Asexuals who aren’t aro can and often do fall in romantic love. They just don’t usually feel sexual attraction.

This panel is from the first page of the first issue of the new Jughead comic! If I said that isn’t the most aromantic thing I’ve ever seen in my life, then I would be lying. When I read this comic, I felt so completely connected to this character because he is aromantic. While it’s perfectly fine for aromantics to like romantic entertainment, it’s also really nice to be able to get away from heteronormative romance in entertainment. Caring so little about romance in a videogame that you marry your sword is definitely something I would do.

Here is another great example of something common to aro/aces. Lots of people don’t like to be touched, especially hugged. But I personally think it’s a little more common for aros and aces to be touch-averse. For instance, I wouldn’t want to be hugged in the way she is hugging him in the panel. What’s really important about the panel is Jughead calling himself a lone wolf. A guy known as, “Archie's’ pal Jughead” calls himself a lone wolf. Jughead has lots of friends, including a best friend who is very important to him. He isn’t saying he is a lone wolf because he doesn’t have a pack; he is saying it because he doesn’t want a mate. He isn’t interested in others romantically or sexually.

The comic needs to use the word aromantic because it’s so important to the people who identify with Jughead. We need representation. I’m so thrilled Jughead is out as asexual, but he is so aromantic it hurts, and we need them to use the word! Using the word aromantic would  help others know the difference aromanticism and asexuality. We aren’t a joke, and we aren’t an off-brand sexuality. We are a romantic orientation, and the spit attraction model is new to a lot of people. But people will never understand it if they are never exposed to it or come to see it as normal. Come on Jughead, we need you!

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Is it ever going to come out the reason why Yuuri skates with such determination ? I could only imagine if it did, he would become a meme. Something like "gets insulted by idol, swears vengeance, wins olympic gold, marry him"

He would definitely become a meme! There would be so many jokes about their relationship like…

How to get a man by Yuuri Katsuki:

Step 1 - Get insulted by childhood hero

Step 2 - Swear vengeance

Step 3 - ???

Step 4 - Marriage 

or one of those dumb ‘be careful who you insult in middle school’ jokes with a picture of adorable bby Yuuri on skates on one side and next to it a compilation of older photos of all the times he won gold over Viktor looking very smug about it

Being Carlisle’s Mate Would Include:

Originally posted by geminoweasley

Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

Anonymous said:Could you please do “Being Carlisle’s human mate would involve..”? Thank you so much! There aren’t enough Carlisle fics out there.

A/N: Yeah, sure I can lovely! You’re very welcome, enjoy what I’ve come up with! This is my first Carlisle piece ever, so please bare with me, lovely! I have to agree with you about that, Carlisle is an amazing character and needs more fanfiction! Thank you so much for your request, lovely.

- If you ever grew ill, know that he’d look after you; ensuring that you get better ASAP.

-You would practically have the most compassionate, patient and phenomenal doctor in existence.

- You would always be well taken care of, no matter what.

- If Carlisle has his adopted children, they would love you to pieces and protect you, but also treat you like a mother.

- Carlisle would be fiercely protective of you, ensuring that nothing ever harmed you.

- Carlisle would always plant a soft kiss upon the top of your head every morning that he leaves for work.

- If Carlisle was working late, he would let you know as soon as possible and definitely make it up to you in more than one way. *wink* *wink*

- He’d be incredibly gentle, ardent, loving and attentive with you. You’re physically quite delicate, so he’d do everything to make sure that he does not harm you.

- You would certainly be spoiled in whatever way Carlisle could spoil you in. Whether that’s with jewelry, trips, cars, flowers, chocolates, taking you out on dates, spending time with you, etc.

- You would probably get breakfast in bed every weekend on a Saturday and Sunday morning: And if Carlisle couldn’t bring you it, Alice or Rosalie definitely would. There would definitely be a small romantic little note about how much Carlisle loves you and hopes you have a splendid day.

- If you aspired to become a vampire and be with Carlisle forever, Carlisle would plan and set an appropriate date to do this. He would certainly do this by himself and try to make the transition as less painful as possible by giving you morphine before he changed you.

- You would definitely be married to Carlisle.

- Carlisle would be such a romantic and caring husband/lover/mate. He’s practically every romance novels dream!

- Carlisle would respect your views, opinions, aspirations, goals, etc. but would only intervene if you were going to hurt yourself or someone was going to hurt you, or if things were going to go down hill.

- You’d be Carlisle’s love and life. He’d never put anything above you or let anything come in between you two.

- Out of most of the vampires, Carlisle would be the most human, so he wouldn’t forget to feed you or anything. Your routine would practically become his in a way. It wouldn’t really feel like you’re dating a vampire, too be honest.

- You’d always know how important and loved you are.

- If you came home stressed from work, know that Carlisle would be there for you in an instant to talk things through.

- The two of you would seldom ever fight. You two just get along so well that there’s never really any room to argue in your relationship.

- Everyone would say that you’re “made for each other”.

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Shisui, Itachi, or Sasuke (and a brief explanation pls!)? If the Uchiha Massacre didn't happen, who would: have gotten married first? have fallen in love first? Have kids first? get annoying with bragging about their s/o? host family get-togethers? Play match-maker for the single ones? If married, who was his best man? How did the other one feel about not being best man? Do the others like his spouse? Do their s/os get along? Sorry if there are too many questions! Answer what you feel like!

Okay, these three are some of my boys, and I love anything that’s a Non Uchiha Massacre AU, and I really do like this ask! 

Originally posted by annalovesfiction


  • 1st: Itachi. Mainly because out of the three he would be most accepting of settling down early, and would benefit by going into that lifestyle early on. Itachi’s never really been the bachelor-life type, he’d rather be with someone and be settled down than living the free life of a bachelor, so he’d probably be the first to get married. But by no means does this imply that he’s constantly in a relationship; he’s probably one of those people who has maybe three relationships throughout his life, and once he’s found that person he wants to be with forever, then he’ll marry them relatively early.
  • 2nd: Shisui. He would definitely enjoy some time as a bachelor where he doesn’t have to care about anyone, but himself, and he can just do his thing and enjoy life. He’s more capable of letting loose and actually enjoying this stage of life in comparison to Itachi, so that’s why he spends more time in this phase; Shisui really does benefit from this stage in the long run. Though I can definitely see Shisui having one of those “We were friends with benefits but then one morning I woke up and I realized I loved them and dammit these things never work right…” things happen to him, honestly. Probably ends up marrying that person. I feel like Shisui would have a longer bachelor stage, but a short relationship stage, and him and his S/O are ‘officially’ together for maybe a year and then they get engaged/married.
  • 3rd: Sasuke. First off he’s the youngest by a good amount of years, so chronologically it’s not surprising he’s the last to get married, but I also feel like his personality kinda stunts him from getting into relationships in general, so that also prolongs his stage as a bachelor. It’s not that people don’t want to be with him, but he just has a hard time surrendering that independence and making himself vulnerable to another person, so it takes a bit for him to be comfortable enough and have enough faith in a person to get into a relationship with them. I also feel like he would be in a relationship for a rather long time before proposing, like 3+ years, if not longer.

Fall in Love:

  • 1st: Shisui. He’s the most average in his love life honestly. Out of the three, he probably has the most, like “puppy love.” That’s not the right word, but he’s more likely to be someone to love little bits and pieces of just random people he knows; it’s not the genuine love he’ll have for his end S/O, but it’s still love, ya feel? Like you loved your high school boyfriend/girlfriend, but there’s no way you’d want to spend the rest of your life with them?? Also he hooks up the most out of the three, so idk what you want to do with that, but it’s most fitting for this category.
  • 2nd: Itachi. Okay, if we are being fair, Itachi was the first to fall in genuine love. If Itachi is in a relationship, then he truly cares and loves the person, and it’ll be something that lasts for a while. He probably didn’t really date until his 20’s, so he never really went through the stage where relationships only lasted a short time period.
  • 3rd: Sasuke. Again, it takes Sasuke a while to become comfortable with a another person romantically, so he’s that last to fall in love solely because of that.


  • 1st/2nd: Shisui and Itachi: I can see them both having children right around the same time tbh. Both of them are totally open to having a family, and honestly excited, so I feel like they would both have children relatively early on. Plus since their kids are born right around each other, they can try and survive parenthood together and their babies can grow up together, how sweet. There’s a few difference between the two of them though.
    • Itachi’s child was definitely planned and happened after him and his S/O were married. He’d also probably only have one, maybe two kids.
    • Shisui’s more likely to have a child outside of marriage, and it’s one of those “oh shit,” moments. Nonetheless, he doesn’t really care, he’s okay with having a baby; his baby’s gonna be amazing regardless. Also, he’s not really one to plan for kids even after him and his S/O are married, if they happen, they happen. He’s more likely to have three or so kids.
  • 3rd: Sasuke. Definitely waited until he was married to have kids in hopes that they would grow up in a more stable environment.  He’ll only want one child, honestly, and put everything into the one child. He thought about having a second, but decided against it, just because he wanted to make sure that his first baby had everything that they needed. Probably had his baby later in life too, because he wanted deal with everything within himself before bringing a child into the world and having to focus on solely them.  He just didn’t want them to suffer, because he was still dealing with personal issues and he wasn’t able to dedicate enough time to them.

Bragging about S/O

  • Shisui brags about his S/O and Sasuke can get annoyed with it. Itachi doesn’t really care; he probably knows Shisui’s S/O well. Shisui doesn’t even do it to annoy anyone, he’s just really proud of his S/O.

Hosting Get Togethers

  • Shisui hosts the big things where there are a lot of people coming over and it’s a lively event, especially after everyone has kids. Shisui’s home’s really warm and welcoming and he’s the most welcoming and jovial of the three, so he took on this role.
  • Itachi will have the small things where it’s maybe just 6 or so people, mainly the adults too.
  • Sasuke’s a bad host, so no parties at his house.

Best Man

  • Itachi and Shisui were each other’s Best Man, because they’re are the best bros ever. Sasuke really didn’t care that much, because he already kinda figured that these two would do this from the get go.
  • Sasuke had Naruto, because without Naruto he wouldn’t where he is in life, and he probably wouldn’t even be getting married. Shisui and Itachi are just happy that Sasuke found someone who’s pushed past Sasuke and all this Sasuke-traits and decided to marry the kid.


  • I see all of their S/O’s getting along, honestly. Especially Shisui and Itachi’s, because they’ve probably known each other for a while, just because of Shisui and Itachi’s friendship. They probably went on double dates a lot and their kids play together, so they’re a tight knit family. I can totally see their S/Os end up being best friends too; imagine them talking about their husbands. omg.
    • “I told Itachi that he needed to go to the eye doctor and get new glasses, but he’s being stubborn and not admitting that his eyes are terrible. The kids were playing down the hall yesterday, and he couldn’t tell which one was which bc they were both turned around and wearing matching shirts. And if not being able to tell your children apart isn’t enough to make him go get a new prescription, I don’t know what is…”  
    • “Oh my God, I swear I think not taking care of your eyes is an Uchiha thing. Shisui needs to get new contacts; but he won’t go either for some odd reason. He wore the same pair of contacts for four days straight without taking them out, and I had to threaten to take them out myself, because I was worried that they were going to get infected or something.”
    • “So that’s why his eyes were so red a couple days ago…”
    • *eye roll* “Yes. Why don’t we just send them there together; that’s the only way, and we can’t have them going blind, that would be a mess…”
  • When Sasuke finally got a S/O, I can see all of them being welcoming to them and trying to help the adjust to all things Uchiha, because adjusting to this mess of the family can take some time, but I mean, it’s worth it.
NCT MTL to date a foreigner


Anon: Hi I’d like to request please of a Mtl in nct to date a 99liner who is also a foreigner / non Asian thank you 😃

Hi! I know you ask for a MTL to date a 99 liner and a foreigner but it’s too complicated. Like I think some of them would be at the bottom for one reason, but then at the top for another if you get what I mean lol.

You can find the other part of your request here (NCT MTL to date a 99 liner)

I hope you like it, send in any feedback - I really do appreciate it! Bisous, Flo xx

Originally posted by yoon-to-the-oh




Johnny and Mark are both first to be honest. They both come from Western countries, so would be pretty westernised in their ideal partners, but would also hold eastern preferences too. Because of this, they’d be willing to date any race, Asian or non-Asian. As long as you got on, they wouldn’t give two fucks about race or ethnicity.

Chenle seems like the type of person to want to try dating someone foreign. He’d like how exotic foreigners could be and would be intrigued to find out more about their culture and way of life. If given the chance, he’d definitely approach a foreigner confidently.

Ten is Thai so would defiantly date a foreigner. As long as you could communicate, he wouldn’t care what race you were or how you looked. It wouldn’t be something he really paid attention to or thought about - if you got on well and could communicate, that would be enough for him.

Jaehyun would like how different a foreigner looked to him. If he ever dated one, he’d constantly be complimenting them and their features. If your cultures were very different, he’d be able to compromise with some things and would be very accepting and interested in your country.

Yuta would definitely like dating someone from a different country. He’s already moved from Japan to Korea, so learning another culture would be interesting and quite normal for him too. Out of everyone, he’d be the most likely to learn his partner’s language and move to their home country, because he was that serious.

Taeyong would be open to dating a foreigner - but only if they spoke Korean. Communication would be his number one priority in a relationship and he’s probably the type to talk about his feelings a lot in a relationship. So being able to understand him and not having a language barrier would be important to him.

Haechan would be like Taeyong. He likes to talk a lot and probably would get impatient if he had to explain everything simply and basically and slowly in order for you to understand or kind of understand. If you made the effort the learn Korean in order to speak to him, he’d feel very honoured and would make sure to appreciate you even more in the relationship.

Jaemin, although quite confident and self assured, would be very shy and quiet around foreigners. He wouldn’t know what to say, and with the little basic English he has, he’d find it practically impossible to speak to you. If you spoke to him first and were calm and friendly, he’d definitely be comfortable and date you if he thought you were attractive.

Jeno would feel intimidated by foreigners. He’d be quite cold and hostile towards them without realising, but really inside he’d be intrigued and would want to know you better. If he was with Mark or Johnny or Ten, he might be able to lighten up a bit and speak a couple of words with encouragement, but really, his icy-cold first impression might intimidate some people themselves.

Jisung would feel more comfortable dating someone Korean or someone who was foreign but still Asian. It wouldn’t be that he wasn’t physically attracted to Western foreigners but he’d be thinking further into the relationship, and would worry about where he’d live and if he’d have to move away from the safety of his home country, to be with you.

Doyoung would have pretty traditional Korean preferences when it comes to dating. He’d want a cute, pale, slim, short Korean girl whom he could protect. Maybe he’d date a foreigner, but in the long run, I don’t see him as marrying one purely because he’d still have those preferences and want to marry someone who fit them perfectly.

WinWin would definitely date someone Chinese or Korean or Japanese if it’s Yuta, but he wouldn’t date any other ethnicity. He probably knows the struggles of learning a new language and wouldn’t want to go through it again for his partner. If you learnt Korean or Chinese, maybe he’d date you, but if you didn’t, he’d be a little apprehensive to start a serious relationship.

Taeil is bit like Doyoung. He’d prefer Korean girls and hold traditional Korean values when it comes to dating. I don’t see him approaching a foreigner, whether it’s for friendship or relationship reasons, because he wouldn’t naturally be attracted to them. He’s also pretty shy as it is, so asking out a foreigner would be even harder.

Hansol might be attracted to a foreigner, but he wouldn’t make it clear or obvious. Whether you’re Korean or not, he wouldn’t be the type to make the first move or approach you. So dating a foreigner wouldn’t probably happen for him unless you could read his body language well, could speak Korean, were willing to move to Korea for him and had a similar personality and temperament to him. And that’s a lot of things.

Kun wouldn’t want to date a foreigner because he’d want to stay in China/Korea and have a family with Chinese/Korean values. If you had pretty westernised views on things, you’d clash with him a bit and this might end any chance of a relationship. You’d really have to be special and be willing to have a family/relationship they way he wanted to, in order for things to work out.

“Dear Ymir,

I would, you know, say Yes in a heartbeat. I would, most definitely, marry you, had you the chance to propose.

I would, undoubtedly, offer you my life, my whole heart.

I am always yours.

In this life, and in all the other lives we’ll get, I will always be yours.


{Lyrics taken from Sparkle by RADWIMPS. I’d like to imagine that Historia cut her hair because of grief and heartache. Historia is clutching Ymir’s letter. She knows it’s possibly the last thing that will remind her of her.}

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You once said in an ask (I believe) that SasuSaku got married before having sex and, in a separate ask, you said that Sasuke has no attachment to the village, which I get. So, how and where did they get married? I believe it was small and personal with close friends (Naruto and Kakashi) and family (Sakura's parents), but do you think there was an actual ceremony even outside the village?

I did say that I believe SS got married before having sex, but I don’t recall ever having said that Sasuke had no attachment to the village.

As for how and where they got married, if you were to ask me, I’d imagine they decided to get married a year after their travels began. They’d hold the ceremony in a sacred grove at sunset. It would be just them and one other person, someone who they met and helped, and subsequently befriended. That person would conduct the ceremony. They definitely didn’t get married in the village, which is why I highly doubt that their acquaintances from Konoha would be present.

Maybe, just maybe, I could also imagine Aoda and Katsuyu in attendance, sort of leading the other animals and beasts who were present at the grove ^_^

Appleshipping isn’t a ship I talk about a lot but like everything about it makes me so happy?? 

Like if they were to grow up and get married Yuugo would definitely cry at the wedding, and it would be like the loud childish kind of bawling to which Rin would be embarrassed about but also really fond of.

Yuugo would definitely be like Maes Hughes and just go up to anyone who will listen and show them pictures of his beautiful wife (and kids?) and Rin would probably do the same but more subtley so that she doesn’t even realize he’s all she’s talking about.

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age gap au

so au where taemin is kibum’s little brother, but kibum is 29 and married to 30-year-old jonghyun and they have an adopted 7-month-old Minho, and taemin is turning 11 in only a couple weeks

jinki is kibum and taemin’s father, and luna is their mother, but taemin was sort of Unplanned and was born when kibum was 19-years-old

kibum adores taemin, though, and he always has. taemin was the light of his life; he was always so giggly, smiley, and happy, even as a baby. kibum has loved him so much since the day taemin was born, and despite the huge age gap between the two of them, they’re extremely close. if taemin hadn’t been only 6-years-old when kibum married jonghyun, kibum definitely would have made taemin his best man in the wedding. 

right now, though, kibum feels like he’s never been so disconnected from his baby brother.

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What do you do when it’s your two month wedding anniversary but your wife is on the opposite side of the country and you find yourself accidentally drunk at 6PM? Asking for a friend.

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Erm, hi! I normally don't request stuff, but, I really love your writing and I would like to see if you could write about the RFA + V + Saeran would react to an MC who really enjoys housework! By housework, I mean cooking meals, cleaning the house, and just being very house-wifey! If you could write that, it would be super cool! (You can skip Jaehee, I don't like writing for her too much either) Have a lovely day!! >w<

(this request is so cute oh my god)


  • He would find it really cute
  • It would be very nice for him, since he’s really bad at taking care of himself with eating habits and keeping his stuff organised
  • since he’s often busy he doesn’t have time for those things, so its very reassuring for him to know that you’ll be waiting for him with dinner when he gets home 
  • He would of course help you if you asked but he’s kind of terrible with cleaning
  • He would definitely call you his “little wife” even if you weren’t married (unless it made you uncomfortable, of course)


  • what do you mean, he’s the housewife here
  • No but seriously, he loves cooking so he would love to do that as a couple-activity with you!
  • He’s also pretty used to cleaning and organising, but he finds it kinda nice to not be responsible of that all the time
  • The two of you would share recipes and switch on who is making the dinner for the day
  • He would really like the house-wifey side of you, and he’d find you very helpful
  • (this is so domestic and cute aww)


  • He would think it is a very endearing quality
  • Although, he insists it isn’t really necessary 
  • He has like a thousand maids to make sure everything is spotless, and professional chefs to make healthy meals
  • (Jumin stop you’re ruining the domestic vibe) 
  • After some complaining and protesting he will let you do some stuff for yourself. He just wants to see that cute smile your face
  • He ends up really looking forward to seeing you still with your apron with newly cooked dinner ready for him to enjoy with your company to make up for a stressful day at the office


  • He needs it. Desperately.
  • Have you seen his apartment??? This boy lives in a jungle of empty cans of doctor pepper and half-full bags of honey buddha chips
  • Its kind of impressive honestly 
  • You would help him get more normal eating habits too
  • You would just sigh and suddenly feel a lot of respect for Vanderwood for keeping up with this for so long without tasering the shit out of him
  • Maybe you could take over the job and give Vanderwood a (well deserved) break too
  • He might joke around and act like a baby, telling you to spoon-feed him


  • He would really enjoy your house-wifey nature
  • He’d always look forward to see smell the meals you make for him, and he kinda needs you to clean the place since he cant see
  • Even so he would hate to burden you with anything, and insist that you don’t have to do anything for him if you don’t want to
  • You have to convince him that you do this because you like to, and he eventually gets it and just accept all the help you’re willing to give him
  • Every day when you sit at the dining table, you thoroughly describe everything thats on his plate. What colours are on there, the method you used to cook everything, and he loves hearing about it


  • Since he’s not used to getting proper meals at home when he was a kid nor when he joined the cult, its very weird for him to get used to it all
  • You cook his dinner everyday, and makes sure everything is nice and clean since he has a weak immunity system and gets sick easily
  • For a while he refuses to eat anything else other than ice cream and sweets, but after tasting your home-cooked meals he never wants to stop eating it
  • If you come from a different culture/country, he would be interested in the different dishes you grew up with
  • He may not voice it very often, but he really appreciates everything you do for him. He’ll show it in ways like sneaking behind you while you’re doing the dishes and just resting his head on your shoulder 

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I was wondering about Shadow and Ice: if, after Ice passes, would Shadow be willing to take another queen? He's mature but still young. And I really ship him with Malachite. I honestly don't think she'd have the patience for a young consort. But joining Shadow's bloodline with hers would be awesome and his political acumen would certain benefit Opal Night. Just wondering if it's possible for Shadow to "marry" again, as it were.

It would definitely be possible for a consort whose queen had died to be taken by another queen, though it would depend a lot on the personalities involved. A consort, especially one at Shadow’s level, wouldn’t lose much status when his queen died. It’s his daughters who will be running the court now.  But yes, Malachite/Shadow is a really intriguing combination. That would be kind of awesome. :)

Corrin’s Marriages

Since I try not to judge a book by its cover, I spent the past two weeks exploring all of Corrin’s potential first-generation husbands (minus the exclusives I can’t obtain in Revelation). 

Thoughts are based on S-ranks, My Room dialogue (I tried to reach at least 4-5 hearts with each husband) and dialogue with Kana (most are rather generic, but a few have key phrases changed that give some significant insight into their characters). 

Favourites ended up being: Saizo, Takumi, Leo, Shura, Laslow and Hinata, with surprise option Azama (I still do NOT like Azama, but if you DO, you won’t regret marrying him if you haven’t already). 

Jakob:  Would definitely be devoted to Corrin. S-rank is rather sweet.
Terrible father, but dialogue with Kana is amusing.
My Room lines: Well-delivered. Saccharine sweet. Jakob’s model is one of the better ones.
Go for Jakob if:
- Master/servant roles are your thing.
- You’re immune to faux-British accents.
- You fantasize about stepping in to rescue Dwyer from his ass of a father.

Kaze:  Corrin does rather tease Kaze, but she cries out of joy in their S-rank, so good case to be made for mutual feelings.
Kaze would be a good father. Dialogue with Kana, though, is generic.
My Room lines: I think Kaze’s supposed to sound all hesitant and shy, but instead he sounds utterly bored. Room model is well-drawn.
Go for Kaze if: 
- You want an actual, genuine nice guy.
- Wouldn’t mind him falling asleep mid-conversation.

Subaki:  Despite claiming not to be arrogant, Subaki is actually arrogant in S-rank.
Would be far too competitive with Kana.
Great My Room model, however his arrogance extends to his My Room lines.
Not nearly as sweet as imagined.
Go for Subaki if: You like to feel perpetually inadequate.

Silas:  S-rank not convincing; Silas destined to remain (disputable) best friend. Probably prefers Lord Corrin.
My Room: Model okay. Lines forgettable.
So nice he apparently doesn’t even mind being slapped awake.
SO NICE, did I mention he’s NICE.
Go for Silas if: You want most generic, blandest romance ever.
You have a teenaged boy’s viewpoint of what it means to be a nice guy.

Saizo:  S-rank short, but amusing.
Never removes his mask. Kisses must be cold.
My Room: Well-delivered lines, possibly 2nd best VA.
Corrin learns he likes to be tickled; also is apparently rather demanding of his time.
Gruff-personality-hiding-actual-shyness trope nicely played.
Kana dialogue is amusing. Wouldn’t be best father.
Go for Saizo if: You want to learn all a ninja’s most embarrassing secrets.

Azama:  S-rank actually alright up until the part where he ‘trick-proposes’ to Corrin.
Less of a jerk to Corrin than to most.
All but his kiss lines are surprisingly sweet, would probably be actual good husband.
Dialogue with Kana also surprisingly sweet. We learn Azama does more for Corrin than her other husbands.
Never opens his eyes.
Definitely elevated him as a character in my eyes (although I’m still not a fan overall).
Go for Azama if: You already don’t mind him as a character, because quite a bit of effort went into his marriage to Corrin by the writers.

Hayato:  The worst.
The S-rank is pretty good, even great, then it’s all downhill from there.
Awful My Room model. Awful My Room lines. Feel as if writers intended to punish anyone daring to marry Hayato.
No, seriously, I was prepared to give him a shot, but he is the literal worst.
Couldn’t even finish this one.
Dialogue with Kana is generic.
Go for Hayato if: You really dislike Corrin. Or yourself.

Hinata:  Amusing S-rank. Like that both get so embarrassed that Corrin actually runs away.
Literal puppy. Very excitable.
Good My Room model and lines delivered very appropriately.
Played for an entire game and did not regret.
Makes you mother of best Pickle son.
Like that he cops to not being romantic at all. Suits being Kana’s father.
Go for Hinata if: You want straight-forward fun.

Takumi:  Stealing him from Oboro and I don’t care.
S-rank is eh at first (and he actually shares lines with both Ryoma and Hinoka) but it ends on a rather sweet note.
My Room model is not great; bothered by his neck. But VA is so great; lines perfectly delivered. Least awkward to listen to.
Has only sensible reaction to you blowing on his face.
My Castle lines are full of positive affirmations. Actual sweetheart.
My Room lines are tinged with mild insecurity.
Kana and Kiragi suit being siblings best, in my opinion; both visually and character-wise.

Kaden:  Decent S-rank, though Kaden is rather… effusive.
Lots of very affectionate, love-dovey lines.
Great My Room model.
Mildly concerning written lines lead one to wonder just how nice Corrin is in return.
Generic dialogue with Kana; doesn’t quite suit Kaden to be his father.
Kana apparently grows and sheds a fox tail at will.
Go for Kaden if: You want ~~cuuuuutee~~

Ryoma:  Surprisingly good S-rank. Like that Corrin takes some initiative.
Never takes off that chin armour.
My Room lines are decent (with below exception), and well-delivered.
Does have the line, 'kiss me, you fool’ (while in chin armor, no less), so minus 100 points right there.
Better husband than I expected. Dialogue with Kana is generic.
Go for Ryoma if: You want one of the more stable characters. To be queen of Hoshido.

Shura:  Good S-rank. Corrin seems to like Shura as much as he likes her.
Good-looking My Room model. Well-delivered lines.
Another actual sweetheart.
Comes across as a decent father in his Kana dialogue.
Has saddest face if you slap him awake.
Definitely one of Corrin’s strongest and best potential husbands.
Go for Shura if: You want an all-round decent guy.

Arthur:  A very Arthuresque S-rank. Poor Arthur. Corrin a little mean.
So gimmicky.
Lines are exceedingly well-delivered… for his character, of course.
Can not take seriously.
Sweet My Room lines… but, it’s Arthur.
Very amusing dialogue with Kana.
Go for Arthur if: You want the good joke option.

Odin:  Poor Odin; Corrin is definitely mean in their S-rank.
My Room: Decent lines, not too over-the-top. Sweet level-up (big heart) rank line.
Best, most unique Kana dialogue (perhaps with exception of Izana).
Decent delivery of lines.
Corrin would probably not be the best wife.
Go for Odin if: You really like Odin, and long for more of his unique way of speaking.

Niles:  S-rank is okay; surprisingly bland.
Nowhere near as much bite as you’d expect.
My Room lines surprisingly generic. Somewhat sweet, but mainly forgettable.
Sounds as if a LOT of his characterization was lost in translation, which marriage to him bears out.

Laslow: Saccharine S-rank. Not normally my thing but for some reason I have a soft spot for Inigo/Laslow.
Adorable My Room model.
Voice like molten honey.
Not a great match with Lady Corrin, though? I feel as if he (and Odin) are better matches for the other ladies.
Generic dialogue with Kana until the last line, and aaaah.
Such a smoothie. Classic romantic.
Go for Laslow if: You want your insecurity with a dash of tragedy.

Benny:  Corrin is as mean to him in their S-rank as she is to Odin. Lay off these precious muffins, Corrin.
Surprisingly bland post-marriage lines. Feels as if the writers didn’t expect anyone to really choose Benny.
Dialogue with Kana is similarly generic.
My Room model could look a lot worse.
Bit of a joke option; not as …unique as Arthur, but can’t quite take Benny seriously as a husband.
Go for Benny if: You really like Benny as he is pre-marriage, because the marriage isn’t changing much.

Leo:  Perhaps the best-written S-rank in the entire game.
It’s so great. You can really hear his inner turmoil. The agony. It’s beautiful.
My Room model is great.
Post-marriage lines are… somewhat awkward. Also, awkward VA.
To be fair, it is REALLY hard to deliver the word 'lovely’ unironically (and I should know, I’m a Brit) in a sentence.
Is a let-down as a father to Forrest, although he does redeem himself.
Generic Kana dialogue.
Go for Leo for: That S-rank.

Keaton:  S-rank is amusing.
Would treat Corrin as an actual treasure. Actually bites, unlike Niles.
My Room model and VA are both decent.
As with Kaden, does not really suit being Kana’s father, especially re. tail.
Kana dialogue is rather generic.
Go for Keaton if: You really like tails…but Kaden is too lovey-dovey for you.

Xander:  Touching concern for being a good husband to Corrin.
Very sweet lines. Definitely less self-assured than Ryoma.
Even sleeps with a frown.
Comes across as needier than expected.
VA is only slightly awkward. My Room model is decent.
For all his concern, believes sparring with Corrin makes her happy? Pfft.
Go for Xander if: You want your knight in shining armour.

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Apologies if I'm stating the obvious or if it's been asked before, but since we've seen Rapunzel in training as a princess, do you think we'll eventually see Eugene training for the responsibilities of prince consort during the series (maybe near the end, after Rapunzel finally accepts his proposal)? Since they've already covered Eugene attempting to find a job within the castle, I'm hoping they'll get to his training as prince eventually!

I hope they do, but we don’t know how much time there will be between Rapunzel finally accepting his proposal and the series ending. Having to learn how to be a dignitary seems to me to be something that will come after he’s definitely going to be marrying royalty.

Though it’s something I would like to see.