definitely won't be the last

Imagine being tricked by The8 into thinking he’s teaching you some common Chinese phrases but in reality, he’s actually teaching you how to praise him in his mother tongue.


Atlus may have not shown him much in game but

RememberGoro2k16, he was the one who brought us news (the real mvp)


Reaching Out

Mama Tatsumi offers Naoto her shoulder to cry on because she knows what’s she been through and the fact that she lost both her parents. 

Sequel inllustration: [x]

Sequel comic part 1: [x]

Notes: There should be more dialogue, but I discard them because they would be unnecessary as the picture themselves tells the story. 

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5h3 is definitely their last, lezbehonest. I'm not saying DNA won't find success on their own, but if Lauren left 3H would never survive as a whole. & I don't think I'm being extra by saying it's apparent that Lauren's unhappy.

I think Lauren finds ways to be happy in her own little ways… But for sure, they’ll be happier once they finally do the things that will help them grow as artists and individuals.

And yeah, for me, 5h3 is like their closure. Their final hurrah.

That’s why we need to support them in every way we can. (Instead of bitching about who they’re dating or whatever salty ass shit these fans choose to obsess on)


I made Nightmare into a villager out of sheer curiosity, and I actually like how he came out! He’s one out of two characters that can change their appearance (though his powers follow much different laws) and uses his contained form to somewhat blend in more with the others.. even though it’s useless when he doesn’t like being seen at all…

I don’t think I’ll be using him as a permanent resident, but maybe he’ll be a great Czar for Halloween! c;


Ariel and Ursula grew up together in Posideon’s court and decide to run swim away together.

Skulduggery Pleasant + name meanings