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Uh man...If Kishi really don't write Boruto,and if it's all in sp hands,what will happened with Naruto characters?More important,what will happened whit sasuke and naruto? Kishi is the one who created their bond and now when he is out of boruto,do you think that sns moments are officially over???I really hope that I have wrong opinion...

I actually don’t think that Kishimoto is working on Boruto. He, most likely, gave basic ideas of how the story should go and obviously we know that he wrote Gaiden. But, honestly, I don’t think he did any more than that. He definitely isn’t looking over every single episode which SP is making (especially these filler-type episodes) and SP also doesn’t have any manga material to follow, which gives them more freedom to do what they please. They do have the Boruto manga which Ikemoto is working on, but more than half of that manga is the Boruto movie and the rest is set after. That’s why it’ll be a while before we see any of the manga getting adapted.

What will happen with Naruto characters?

Not much, I guess. But it also depends if you’re looking at the old gen or new gen. It’s only been like 3 episodes, yeah? That’s why it’s difficult to judge the characters in this short amount of time. But, I’ll do a quick analysis.

Naruto - Okay, so we haven’t actually seen that much of Naruto (which is strange) but it’s been made pretty clear that he’s often made to look worn-out because of his work as the Hokage. We know he doesn’t spend time with his family and the one time that he does come back home early, he goes straight to bed without getting anything to eat. You’d think he would be happy to see his family after not seeing them for some time or he would at least greet them? It gives me a feeling that Naruto doesn’t particularly feel the need to spend time with the family that he often neglects because of work. 

I don’t find it strange that SP could be ruining Naruto’s character, or generally pushing him away from the spotlight because we all know what they did with him in The Last. There are major hints that Naruto might die, later on in the Boruto series, and maybe the reason for pushing back Naruto is so that we will focus on Boruto and forget about Naruto? They might be doing this so that fans start loving Boruto and don’t get overly upset when they do kill off Naruto. It’s all up to debate for now, though.

Hinata - Where do I even begin? -sigh- 

So, apparently, SP felt like retconning Hinata’s character and make her into a ‘scary mum’ as Boruto describes. I honestly feel so tired about talking about this over and over again so I’ll share two links which perfectly explain what happened: 1 & 2.

Since this is SP’s doing and Kishimoto isn’t involved then I’m not surprised that they’re doing all of this. They’re putting her into every episode to make her look somewhat ‘important’. But what she’s doing when she is actually shown is either taking care of the house or taking care of Boruto or Himawari. And that’s not anything important or entertaining. They’re just trying to shove her down people’s throats in any occasion which they can because she’s SP’s favourite.

Temari - I hate what they did with Temari. She is shown hitting Shikadai or pulling him by the ear because he did something at school. Like, she can just talk to him? And when Shikamaru tries to just stay calm and let go of the situation, Temari says that Shikamaru is being too lenient and that’s why Shikadai is behaving that way. But what way? Seriously, Shikadai is always shown to be good and he’s the one who watches over Boruto to make sure he doesn’t do anything stupid. So, he’s the sensible and responsible one. Yet, Temari is still complaining about him not behaving well. It’s like she doesn’t know her own son. She didn’t even let them have dinner because they were both thinking ‘what a drag’. Isn’t that going a bit too far…?

Sasuke and Sakura - I’m going to write about the two of them of them because it seems like they’re both being treated like side characters. I know that they aren’t playing a major role right now but it’s strange to see that these two really important characters are getting thrown off to the side like they’re nothing (kind of like Naruto, though he did get some screen time). But, for some reason, Hinata gets the most attention out of all of the old gen. Again, obvious favouritism. We’ve seen Sakura in both the opening and ending of Boruto but Sasuke was only shown in the ending. I’m not sure when we will see Sakura, but I think that Sasuke will be shown when they start to animate Gaiden. 

 What will happen with SNS? 

I honestly don’t know. It looks like SP is in charge of everything right now so we have to wait and see what they will do. 

There’s just one thing which worries me and that is Ikemoto’s take on the Boruto manga. I did a full analysis of how he removed the SNS moments or changed them to make it look platonic, which you can check out here. I don’t think SP dislike SNS and they might give us fanservice but that’s just not the same. Hopefully, SP doesn’t do the same thing as Ikemoto. There were plenty SNS moments in Gaiden so hopefully, SP doesn’t mess that up. But, we just have to wait and see. 

I just want to say that you shouldn’t worry because, as you said, Kishimoto is the one who created the SNS bond. That’s why we shouldn’t worry so much about this Boruto crap because we’ve already got the upper hand. We have all those moments that Kishimoto created himself. Whatever SP try to do, they won’t be able to destroy that :)