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i imagine when jikook fuck, jungkook’s the type that can’t shut up, not just moaning-wise. he’s constantly showering jimin with praises (let’s face it jimin’s got a praise kink 110%) and wont stop peppering kisses all over his face, down his neck, on his shoulders, won’t stop with “ Just- yes, just like that, baby, god, you’re an angel” “i’m so fucking in love with you, hyung, yes right there”  “you’re so fucking gorgeous, fucking beautiful, mineminemine” probably wont stop saying jimin’s name over and over like a mantra as he fucks into him 

and jimin drinks all the kisses and compliments all up, all the while clutching to him. jjk just makes him feel so loved n it’s exactly what he needs

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GTLive Clip Collection
Welcome to the GTLive Clip Collection! This channel is from a fan for fans so that everyone can find their favourite GTLive clips easily. Feel free to reques...

Ever wanted to rewatch a funny GTLive clip but didn’t have the time to search through the full stream? Then I have the channel for you! This person has been uploading consistent cute/funny/emotional clips for gtlive for a while now and deserves more recognition so please check them out!!

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for the yes or no meme ;; hugs? (((((: specifically Ari hugs? <3333

Ask me questions and I'm only allowed to answer with 'Yes' or 'No'


                      As many and as often as you can get away with them -

                 but if I catch you, first… I can’t guarantee you won’t regret it.❞

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Old Face Magenta, I'm thinking about dropping out of college. All my life I've been told that I have to do college so I can be better than my parents and my older brother, but I don't think I can do it right now. I definitely want to, but I just don't think I can mentally handle it at this time. I want to do it when I can mentally handle it, after I find the right combination of medications and some therapy. Is that... Bad or selfish of me? To put college on hold?

If You Know That It Isn’t For You Right Now, That Isn’t Bad Or Selfish At All! It’s Good To Know Yourself And Your Own Priorities, And If You Think You Ought To Give It Some Time You Shouldn’t Ignore That Feeling! Love You Dear!

The other day I made a post about making a pin inspired by the Supernatural character Arthur Ketch available for pre-order for those within the USA (I would make it international now but I want to see how the first 100 batch goes and if there’s a large demand for it outside of the states (shipping internationally is hella expensive, why?!)).

I’m making this post again because with David posting a close up photo of what the cross looked like, I went back to the drawing board and revised the cross to get what is above (the manufacturer will obviously clean up the lines better then I did). You honestly don’t even have to like Mr. Ketch to buy this, it’s a pretty nice cross without linking it to someone either way, ya know?

The pins would go for 10$ (shipping is included in price).

What do you guys think? 

(Please reblog to spread the word, I need 100 people to definitely want to buy this pin in order to set up a pre-order.)

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DB also said, back in 2008: "Zuko here. I just wanna say that I love Katara most ardently." (YT Code: 3YTWksw8kv0) He's done a lot of things for Zutara fans over the years - even did voice acting for the "Zutara Project". Sadly, the project had setbacks and eventually died off... so we never got to hear DB's lines for Zuko. It was really nice of him to take the time to do that, though - for free, too! He definitely wanted Zutara to happen. Haha.

He does seem very nice and like a really cool guy. I heard about that project. I heard it was getting a lot of opposition because it was “disrespectful” to Bryke or something. *eye roll*  

“Fat Mai can go stuff her face with fat fruit tarts“


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"You are so beautiful when you are waking up in the morning"- Zuko

Katara opened her eyes. The sunlight flooded into the Fire Lord and Lady master suite. It was a beautiful morning today, Katara rolled over to face Zuko. He was already awake, he had his arm slung over her waist, Zuko squeezed her close when she turned to face him. She smiled happily at her husband. 

“Good morning.” Katara whispered. 

“You are so beautiful when you are waking up in the morning.” Zuko whispered back, smiling. Katara smoothed back Zuko’s long, soft hair. Zuko leaned in to kiss her, but Katara leaned backwards. 

“You definitely don’t want to kiss me right now.” She giggled. Zuko looked hurt. 

“Why’s that?” 

“Because of my breath. It’s atrocious probably.” She flushed. Zuko rolled his eyes, and instead, kissed her on the cheek. Katara rolled onto Zuko’s lap, she put her hands on his broad chest, looking down at him, she smiled. Zuko leaned up, ignored her protests, and kissed her. 

“We should get ready for the day.” He murmured into her neck. Katara sighed. 

“More spoiled nobles, here I come.” 

Zuko chuckled. “They are pretty spoiled. Aren’t they?”

“Tell me about it.” She laughed softly. “I love you.” She giggled. 

“I love you, more than you know.” He kissed her neck, and smiled against her skin. 

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Hello! I love your AU for Avatar. I couldn't help but notice that Aang's (or rather Jian's) firebender teacher is Hama. What would her position be in this AU?

Well, Hama is both Katara and Jian’s firebending teacher so they often seek her counsel. And as a respected General, Hama also advises Hinata a lot. I thought it was such a waste that Hama only appeared once in canon, so I definitely wanted to give her a bigger role in this AU. And I like that by having such a drastically different experience from canon Hama ends up being a really positive role model for the Gaang.

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have you updated serendipity past chapter 3? sorry, i'm obsessed

i haven’t! but it is ready to go. maybe i’ll upload it tonight. im so glad you like it! i definitely want to continue rendezvous as well

also this isnt some big social issue (and im not saying it is im just talking about it on my personal blog) but it sucks that i feel like i need to use my body to Reward the Right Types of Feminist-Approved men instead of men im actually attracted to. like its starting to feel exactly like the shocked responses of nerd friends when i told them that i had a crush on an outgoing class clown football player in 8th grade. like i definitely wouldn’t want to date a guy who wasn’t a good person but like… im allowed to like guys who aren’t hipsters right? who don’t have like a soft nerdy aesthetic?