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it never was you
will roland

ok well this video got taken off of youtube but it’s like one of my favorites and i think y’all would appreciate a genuine non-comedic performance by will roland, human bean

his voice is really sweet here and i really really really want u guys to listen to it asdfghjkl i just love this one especially so,, enjoy my frens C”:

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Who's the most underrated character that must be given an appreciation?

tbh I think Tanaka is super underrated! I think people can’t really look past his crazy exterior to see him as anything more than comic relief. But he’s so much MORE! And I DEFINITELY think he’s super underrated as a player too. I would almost argue that (AND DON’T KILL ME) he deserves the title of ace right now as it stands? Sorry Asahi. PLEASE PUT AWAY YOUR TORCHES, I KNOW. Tanaka scores so many points, and it almost seems like he rarely gets blocked. He’s a super well-rounded player and he doesn’t get enough credit for it. He’s also best senpai™!!! I LOV TANAKA.


Carlee Shield - Picture (Choreography by Kelli Wilkins)


slimeybubbles is definitely an underrated account on ig! go follow them :)

battery - thoughts after seeing the finale (spoilers?)

[edit: nvm after reading that reddit link i feel really stupid and this post is pretty irrelevant. how did i fucking missed all of that?? very unlike me wtf]

i just caught up with battery and i can’t say i’m not a little disappointed with how it ended. the pacing was slow throughout the entire anime but i have to admit i stuck with it because i expected at least the finale to be a bit more.. dramatic? idk, it was kind of anti-climatic. i expected some drama with seiha’s health condition and takumi’s shoulder (i thought maybe it was being foreshadowed but guess i was wrong). i’m all for open-ended stories, and it felt as if some of the characters and relationships had some sort of closure, but it wasn’t enough, for me at least. i guess reading the novel would shed some light on things (i’m betting the anime left out some subtext that is curcial for understanding the characters better).

that being said, i still feel this anime is underrated as hell.
tbh i believe most of the people who watched it were either sports anime fans who expected the usual exciting plot with tons of cute and likeable characters, or no.6 fans who hoped to see another gay relationship being portrayed realistically in anime.
i’m a bit of both, but mostly i wanted to watch this series because of atsuko asano’s writing and i did feel that the writing was good and realistic. the characters felt very real to me, they weren’t perfect and they had more than one main personality trait and more than one motivation (in that sense i think mizugaki was the best character and i really enjoyed trying to understand him, though kaionji and takumi were pretty interesting as well) - but what felt even more realistic was the fact that i couldn’t completely understand all of the characters’ actions and motivations, just like you can’t completely understand real people - sometimes the things we do or say simply make no sense and are just said and done on a whim. characters that are like ‘i’m a super confident person so my resolution can’t be crushed no matter what’ or even 'i love my friends and will do anything for them’ - who are predictable and always react the way you expect them to - are fun to watch in anime but you can’t honestly relate to them. unlike the characters in battery to whom i could actually relate to.
i also liked how the anime explored the reasons for the different characters to play baseball (because honestly you don’t always do something simply because you enjoy it, and when you have a group of people being so commited to something you can be sure that they have different reasons to do it), and i found it interesting how takumi (guided by other characters) kept subconsciously quiestioning his own reason for playing.  
so i enjoyed these aspects of the anime (it even reminds me of mushishi in a sense), and i don’t think it deserves the low score it got on myanimelist or the complete lack of attention here on tumblr. i guess there just aren’t enough people who watch anime for realistic drama (and this is why the anime industry mostly produces shit). that being said, battery was good but not great.

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Fingers crossed that if an Ahsoka movie happens, they bring Tem Morrison back. I can't imagine anyone doing the live action clones but him. And he's so underrated!

Would definitely like to see an aged clone (preferably Rex) team up alongside Ahsoka post Order 66, if they do a movie. Also, look at him???

Morrison is all I see when it comes to a live action version involving clones. It would be difficult for me to see anyone else. I need this. 

@Disney pls

when i say a certain group is underrated, I wasn’t referencing their popularity in Korea. of course groups like wonder girls, infinite, and 2pm are probably the top in regards to popularity. I was talking about internationally, because when you ask certain new kpop fans if they know about groups like infinite, they don’t. so many kpop fans who know about these groups choose to hate on them by saying that they’re old, they don’t have any awards, they’re talentless, they’re going to do their military service soon and become irrelevant, etc. this kind of stuff shows that they are MOST DEFINITELY underrated internationally and even more so, EXTREMELY UNAPPRECIATED. the amount of 2pm and wonder girls stans scares me, because I’ve almost never came in contact with one who ults one of those groups. so, don’t come into my inbox with hate over things that I, as I have been into kpop for an extremely long time, have experienced. it terrifies me how many hate messages I got for something so silly ? things like this are the reasons I close my ask box from time to time. I know that infinite are ridiculously popular in Korea. I know that 2pm and wonder girls and whoever else i mentioned are extremely popular on Korea, but I don’t live there so I judge their popularity based on international fans. And, based on that, I can say that they are extremely underrated. There’s no reason to send hate for something so stupid.

shoes off, goggles off (bodhi rook )

“He wasn’t just a body to you; it was him or nobody. You barely trusted people, let alone men into your life, and Bodhi had proven himself to be the exception. You couldn’t sleep anymore without him beside you. When he had off-planet trips it felt like gravity was off-center knowing he wasn’t in close proximity. When he was beside you it felt easier to exist. He was all soft, and you were rough edges. You had spent so long convinced that you had helped pull him out of his depression, that you hadn’t considered that maybe his love for you was just a dam, blocking off the flood of unsettling sadness inside of him. You needed him, and maybe he no longer cared if it was you–he just needed someone.”

You’ve been dating for over four years, and sometimes doubts leak through. 

(i.e be prepared for that hot triple threat of fluff/angst/smut)

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The queen needs more appreciation from your unappreciative behind! This is Arcee. Aka the blue queen. Aka ‘I let my blades talk for me’ Aka the definition of underrated. Aka the definition of beautiful. Aka cool lone Wolf. Aka my favourite character from the whole world. Aka 'I got complimented by knock out,what do you got?’ Aka adorable little potato. Aka I can ship her with everyone because of how cute they would look. Knock Out and Arcee? Noice. Breakdown and Arcee? Noice. Bulkhead and Arcee? Noice. Wheeljack and Arcee? Noice, Bumblebee and Arcee? Noice. Optimus and Arcee? Noice, Megatron and Arcee? … Pretty Noice. Aka can’t make nothing look bad. Aka can make everything look good. And she needs way more appreciation! (Just my opinion tho)

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My thoughts on Dear Theodosia

Wow. This song. My feels.

First off, I absolutely adore the simplistic tune. It’s simple bars, nothing fancy, nothing extreme. That really adds to the emotion of it; the more stripped down, the more emotional. You really get to hear Leslie’s gorgeous voice clearly which I love.

The whole song feels like a lullaby, something Hamilton and Burr would sing to their children as they’re falling asleep. The song feels very different from the rest on the album; it’s a reprieve from the turmoil of the war and their internal feuds.

This song feels like the great equaliser between Hamilton and Burr. For the first time, we see them singing peacefully alongside each other and both being incredibly human and vulnerable. They may not agree on much but there is one thing they have in common; their children.

Also can we talk about how softly and gently Lin sings? He’s definitely underrated in this song. I absolutely love the amount of tenderness in which he sings in this song. He sounds amazing with Leslie. Especially their last lines together.

Another thing in the song that’s interesting is the foreshadowing. Their in unison vows to make the world a safe place, to bleed and fight for them, to lay a foundation of the nation…it takes the big themes of the musical and shows how they domestically effected the two separate families.

During the musical, those issues of the government can seem huge and backed by men who just want power. These lyrics show that for some, they simply wanted to build a country for their children and create a future. This song shows Burr’s and Hamilton’s anxieties of their children being the next generation of the still volatile nation, so they wanted to build a strong nation for them.

Alsoooooooo I find this shift in lyrics to be so interesting:

You’ll blow us all away…someday, someday…

Oh, Phillip…}

I don’t know if this was intentional but I love to think things like that are xD And lastly, this lyric:

You knock me out, I fall apart.}

Which happens to be sung by Hamilton later in the musical. Oh the feels………..

So those are my thoughts on Dear Theodosia! Satisfied is next for me to ramble about. Are there any songs you all want me to do? Feel free to ask!

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Any fics that you think are underrated?

Okay, that’s an interesting question, hmm… let me think. 

I’m not sure what the definition of “underrated” would be when it comes to fics, so I think it’ll be easier if I just name a few writers whose fics (in my opinon) don’t get nearly enough of recognition as they should for how amazing they are. With that, I urge you to go through their ao3 accounts because pretty much everything they put up is art ♥ 


Can we take a moment to appreciate how chill and nice the Scorily fandom is? I know that Scorose vs Scorbus is kind of the front lines for ship wars, but Scorily is definitely underrated as a ship for the next generation. Scorbus will always be my favorite next generation ship, but if I had to pick someone else for Scorpius, it would definitely be Lily. In my headcanon they are both adorable dorks, although Lily is much more outspoken and has a lot of fire to her. They would at least be friends, and she probably at least had a crush on him when they were younger. I’m sure she would back off once she found out Albus liked Scorpius and encourage him, which I think is really nice. I love Scorpius and Lily as characters so much, and I’d love to explore how their relationship would work.

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Is it just me or is Disapear underrated?

Disappear is definitely underrated. Sometimes I don’t even fully appreciate it, but then it comes on shuffle and I’m just. Shaken. It’s such a moving song, especially when you think about the dynamics of Evan essentially singing it to himself but never quite believing it.

Ok, guys! Today is the start of a new post series: Underrated Sunday! Each Sunday I will feature an anime that I think is underrated and doesn’t get enough love.

First up, one of my absolute favorite anime, Tonari no Seki-kun (My Neighbor Seki-kun). It’s about a boy who brings his own entertainment to school, and excels at it. Everything from insane shogi matches with rich backstory to one of my personal favorites, the saga of Robot Family. His classmate, Yokoi, narrates the games, and usually ends up taking part in some way despite her resistance. It is delightful and hilarious, and you should definitely watch it!

Playing with Fire cover comparisons

Annnnd we’re back! This time with PWF, which in my opinion is rather underrated? Definitely not the best book in the series, but I like it better than the other middle books. YEAH, GET READY FOR UNPOPULAR OPINIONS. Also, apparently almost every country universally decided the main character gets to appear, so this time there’s lot of Val! Yay!

Anyway, this list has some weird mixups. Let’s go.


Indonesian Cover

In my opinion? The best Skulduggery Pleasant cover, ever. It’s beautifully drawn, the compositions great, the PERSONALITY!! the font is not the greatest (that blue is… out of nowhere) but good god I will forgive for that BEAUTIFUL val. this is the only official art i’ve ever seen that actually looks like a pretty teenage girl, so, props. I also love the hand tucked into her jacket. “yeah, im shooting fire, but it’s not a big deal.”

also, indonesian artist learned to draw skeletons!! it is kinda weird to see him standing far back not doing anything, but it works better here than other places…


UK Hardcover

This and #3 are really close, but this is probably one of my favorites of the original hardcovers. I like the lemon/lime color scheme, and the composition is great - maybe the best of all of them. The hands popping up out of the frame really work, and the splatter effects actually look good here! Yay! I … kinda suspect someone else did the composition here, lol. Not sure how I feel about the bats, but. Eh. 


Thai Cover

im sorry about the sticker/website, this is the biggest I could find :,(

ANYWAY! DAMN! Once again, love the framing, and especially love the hand creeping out! The chains are great, the fiery background is great … also the grotesquery is creepy as fuck, much scary then any of the art Percival’s done of it. thoo…. why put the villain on the front cover, is my question? 


UK paperback.

It’s okay. Playing wirth fire, so… Skulduggery plays with fire. Composition is good, colors are good. Not much to say.


Bulgarian Cover

Yay, Val!! And Skul lurking protectively in the background. This one mostly comes down to me not liking the art style much. Also val’s weird very ooc (and age inappropriate??) top. Aight.


US Ebook

You know how I said the Indonesian/Bulgarian covers with Skul standing back worked? Yeah, this is an example of one that.. doesn’t. Seriously, there are vampires coming at them and Skulduggery is … actually, I’m not sure what Skulduggery is doing. What is he looking at? … SKULDUGGERY, SHE’S 13.

Speaking of that background, it’s awful. I can’t believe we’re only about halfway down the list and it’s already this dismal. Oy vey.

This is a cute Val, though. Yay. Why does Val never age in Percival’s covers? Questions, questions.


US Hardcover

this is hilariously awful to me in the way the czech cover of book 1 is. it’s just so HIDEOUS, I LOVE IT. i bought a copy of this in powell’s and it’s my ugly baby

people do not run like this. I mean, for one, they do not hover off the ground like this, but the arms should be opposite the legs (so right leg forward, right arm back). Both of them are wearing brown, for some reason? Val’s coat is super short? i don’t know, man. I don’t know. 


Serbian Cover

It’s a massive improvement over the last cover, though it’s still a mess. Their photoshopping is a bit more coherent, at least. Look at val’s emo bangs. And I’m sure she’s very proud to be 2 inches taller than Skulduggery.

Also, the bats return. Were there bats in this book??


Czech Cover


I’m impressed that they did worse.

it’s like Skulduggery cosplaying billy-ray sanguine, I don’t even KNOW. 


American Paperback

Exec #1: “well, the skeleton cover really didn’t work here… We think it might have been too scary. What should we do for this reboot?”

Exec #2: “what’s the title?”

exec #1: “Playing with Fire.”

Exec #2: “Hand. Fire. DONE, BOOM”

at least they TRIED with the first one by making a scepter. ths is just… utter laziness. 

“Vampires are just part of the problem!” what was wrong with don’t try this at home?? IT MAKES EVEN MORE SENSE HERE. it’s the only one of these covers with a tagline, too. lord.