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Lets…talk about the scars on our little Crewtons though.

Newt obviously, a very marked man, its canon though we didn’t see them. He works with wild animals, he takes their hits he earns their trust, he bears his trophies of a job well done like a map of his victories. 

He doesn’t show them off, that’s not his personality, but he never heals them away, he never conceals the skin of his hands and cheeks and brow with masks of spells, though you’d be hard pressed to find the dimmed silvery lines on his face under his freckles. Many wounds leave no scars from the magic used to heal them, but the ones that held poison and venom and magic saliva or were sliced open with enchanted claws and ripped into being through cursed tendrils…those ones leave their marks and those he is most proud of. Those prove he did what he set out to do and that he lived to spread his knowledge.

Though of course you’d never see Newt blink one jot of acknowledgement for all he achieved. 

Credence, his whole being is ingrained shame. He barely wants to exist as himself as he is, let alone bring more notice of the struggles he’s overcome. You won’t see more of his skin if he can ever help it. His body is just one more regret of his existence. But once you strip away the last of his fabric armor you’ll see the evidence of his bravery. He will never call it that.

Scars upon his palms for the small sins of every day, Scars upon his knuckles for the careless manner in which he treats himself. Scars upon his arms from the hard work only the eldest boy of the family could perform, scars upon his biceps from digging his nails in deep at night to stifle the effects of his nightmares. 

Scars across the tops of his thighs for when Ma was more strict.

And scars upon the backs of his thighs for long old disciplines.

But the Scars across his shoulders were for infractions most dire. And those are the ones where his skin pulls tight when he twists a certain way.

He had many years learning to behave from his Ma, but he never did seem to manage it did he. 

One day, Newt will make him understand that his skin is a triumph of his power and the strength of his life. That day is far away

if you have an excoriation disorder (skin picking)

definitely look into getting hydrocolloid adhesive plasters. you can get them at CVS or Walgreens or even Walmart if you look carefully. they’re blister bandages that can be cut into little squares and put over picked pimples or any small infected wounds (such as cuticles, which I’ve got right now) and left on over night or for a few hours and they draw out infections and protect the wound from getting more germs in it. they’re really easy to use and the results are amazing, plus, they’ll keep you from picking already existing wounds, while helping them heal. if you’re using one on your hands, I recommend putting a bandaid over it just to keep it in place just because your hands move around a lot, but other wise they’re self adhesive and don’t need anything else to hold them on.

they’ve helped me a lot and I haven’t seen much about them anywhere so I hope this post helps some people!!

Bucky Barnes Soulmate au

Based on this post

Summary: Whatever mark you get on your skin your soulmate gets it too so one day, you just kind of just get a sharpie and start writing on your skin. You definitely didn’t expect to get a reply, but you did. Now it’s five in the morning and you’re just about covered in ink and this will be a pain to wash off later.

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Nice and cozy Toy Day sweater to keep you warm this December and get you in the mood to help Jingle deliver presents. You have the option of black or white Santa in case you can’t shake the Coca Cola image of Santa in your mind. (The real Saint Nicholas was Turkish and almost definitely had dark skin)

If you have any suggestions or requests please send me an ask, IM or contact me on twitter at LockeAndKei. I do what I do for a love of art and fashion and it won’t cost you a bell or a cent.

when will people realize that just because a character looking or acting sexual is justified in canon doesn’t mean that that justification isn’t bullshit. like it or not, characters don’t have agency. writers determine what they do, how they act, who they are, and, unfortunately, a lot of the time those writers are straight white guys. just because there’s an explanation in canonical material for why widowmaker wears a skin-tight suit in overwatch, or why cortana is basically naked in halo, or why the asari in mass effect are the textbook definition of blue skinned, big-breasted all-female alien beauties, (to say nothing of the fact that the way that they reproduce, as far as i can tell, has jack shit to do with needing breasts), doesn’t mean that that explanation wasn’t created by dudebros who wanted to appeal to the straight male audience.

when you wonder why you don’t look like your favorite famous person, read this

they have…

perfectly humidified houses: people who live in overly dry or overly damp air are bound to have skin that reflects either of those things (dry or oily).

weekly or even daily massages: exercising, sleeping, and functioning are all so much easier and more effective when your muscles are loose and toxin-free.

—alkaline water to drink and pure, filtered water to shower/bathe in: in my city, the water is DISGUSTING… the chemicals in it make it barely drinkable, and my skin definitely suffers. remember that superstars have filtered showerheads filtering their already-filtered water that probably comes from their own personal well. and don’t get it twisted… lady gaga is NOT drinking Dasani.

personal nutritionists: yes, famous people usually have someone to cook for them, but they also have people constantly monitoring their vitamin intake, iron levels, potassium, thyroid function, etc. no wonder the most powerful people in the world never seem to get sick.

chiropractic care: there’s a reason why superstars like Beyonce never slouch and always look upright and regal. yes, standing up straight is a habit you form, but that habit is much easier to form when you don’t have vertebrate subluxations.

state-of-the-art skincare: i’m not just talking about lotions and potions. i’m talking about constant (maybe nightly) facials, microdermabrasion, fraxel, you name it. think of your favorite cosmetic store (ulta, sephora, aveda) and imagine your bathroom looked like that, having permanent access to those things. your skin would look dank too. 

professional teeth-whitening
home gyms
tanning beds
saltwater pools
perfect mattresses
private chefs
personal stylists…
the list goes on 

many of your idols work hard for these luxuries, and you should never stop striving to be the person you want to be. but their perfection is not effortless and your flaws are not a sign that you’re not trying hard enough

if they are the kings and queens, with access to everything they need to be regal and perfect, we are the real people. we are hardy. we are the scrappy, imperfect warriors of the woods and streets and fields. we drink tap water and use lotion from the grocery store and we crack our own backs when we can and massage each other’s shoulders when we can’t. we sleep on hard beds. we eat whatever frozen meals are on sale that week. we buy discount makeup and cut our own hair and fish our clothes from the sale rack and walk on dirty sidewalks.

and you know… I think they probably have moments where they are jealous of us

Bucky Barnes Soulmate au Pt. 2

Based on this post

Summary: Whatever mark you get on your skin your soulmate gets it too so one day, you just kind of just get a sharpie and start writing on your skin. You definitely didn’t expect to get a reply, but you did. Now it’s five in the morning and you’re just about covered in ink and this will be a pain to wash off later.        Part 1

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Little Battleborn Things #908

El Dragon singing to the beat of his pecs flexing in his new taunt.

*another beautiful submission from the majestic Battleborn chaosdx1. 

Title: Scoundrel (Reader x Bucky Barnes)

Summary: Bucky Barnes got under you skin, but that was really an understatement. You loathed the way he made you feel; giddy and flustered. He loved to pester you, and you loved to pester him.

Word Count: 1736

Warnings: slight cursing/angst?

A/N: Bucky x Reader inspired by Han x Leia? Yes pls.  Writing this def helped me get through this hell week. ALSO UH WE HIT 3,000 FOLLOWERS/BFFS? WHAT? We need to celebrate, but I don’t know how! OMG THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH I LOVE EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU. Enjoy this, I hope it starts you week/day off great!

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What your preferred Legendary skin says about you: Defense Heroes

overgrown- lbr this is the definitive best bastion skin and if you have it you’re gonna wear it regardless of how much you actually play bastion
woodbot/antique- the best at ambushes. surprisingly effective whenever they appear, but acually don’t get potg. a little sadistic though.
gearbot/steambot- probably chill people but you make me nervous for some reason
blizzcon2016- i’ve seen this skin ONCE and they were completely average and got potg like any fuckin bastion.
sidenote: tombstone is the poor-players overgrown. if you use this one you probably do play bastion a decent bit though.

okami/lone wolf- indistinct impressions here because pretty much every hanzo main uses these if they’re using a legendary on him. lone wolf players seem to be slightly better.
young hanzo/young master- w h y . you enjoy playing hanzo but hate his character.; you’re using it out of spite for him

fool/jester- gets potg with the tire every damn time
dr. junkenstein- you’re actually??? completely fuckin average junkrats.
hayseed/scarecrow-probably a fairly passive player; you get up somewhere high and just start lobbing ‘nades. keeps teams at bay, but only moderately effective overall. lays on top of enemy players in skirmishes.
sidenote: junkrat players seem to have this thing where the hayseeds and jesters hate eachother. why.

abominable- mei is your waifu and you can seperate enemy teams like nobody’s business. generally the friendliest meis, but do NOT cross them. definitely sadistic.
yeti hunter-same as abominable but without waifu aspect.
rescue mei/firehouse- my GOD you’re obnoxious. not deliberately, but you’re aware of how much everyone hates you for being good at mei like this.
mei-rry- actually actively wants to piss people off.
chang’e-the highly dedicated mei players who do not care about the immense amount of hate she’s gathered. you just genuinely love her. also you probably snipe people from halfway across the damn map.
luna- same as above but are more prone to being little shits

deadlock/chopper- light-hearted torbs that love to sit with people, but also effective players who kill flankers.
santaclad-friendly but not very good at turret placemnt
backbeard/barbarossa-the few of you that exist are those assholes whose turret gets potg while you do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING PRODUCTIVE

comtesse/huntress- least likely to be an asshole, as widow players go. fairly dedicated to her and hope she gets help. comtesse is friendlier, probably the only one that won’t kill people in skirmishes.
odette/odile- probably don’t play much widow and just using it  'cause they have it. odettes can be serious dicks sometimes.
noire-definitely just showing off. might also be a baaaaad tryhard.
sidenote: honestly i don’t notice a lot about widow players because she’s never very actively involved in matches and i don’t interact with them much, beyond getting my healer ass sniped.

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Markings // Tyler Joseph

Gif Credit: x

Summary: Tyler Joseph has a certain look that he wears on stage. The black hands and neck are very notable and have intense meaning. However, you don’t know what the hell they are and they’ve appeared on you every day for the last two weeks. What the actual fuck?
Word Count: About 3300
Warning(s): Mentions of cuts/bruises, slight cursing
A/N: I really hate writing for people in relationships ugh, but Tyler was the first person to come to mind and it just fit so perfectly so Jenna is not romantically involved (or involved at all) with Tyler in this fic.
AU (given out by this wonderful human being): Whatever mark you get on your skin your soulmate gets it too so one day, you just kind of just get a sharpie and start writing on your skin. You definitely didn’t expect to get a reply, but you did. Now it’s five in the morning and you’re just about covered in ink and this will be a pain to wash off later.

The AU list for anyone who is interested: x

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