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Captain’s Colours

ANON: “Can you write something about a human on a ship with aliens and they are all really confused by why she wears makeup/does things to alter her appearance? Or recommend one? Thanks”

Well, I tried my hand at writing a small story for this anon! I’m not quite sure of the quality, but I hope you like it! If you know of any stories involving aliens and makeup, please reblog this and link them!

There were only two human crewmembers of the Explorer, and both of them were women. The rest of the crew, save for Vi, had never met a human before applying to join the Captain on her maiden voyage to the furthest reaches of space (Or rather, that one really good restaurant a few planets over, as their first stop turned out to be). As such, human traditions were quite the mystery, and one many of the crew wished to unravel.

Captain Amelie, a tall, adventurous human with very little understanding of the phrase ‘patience’, was the resident curiosity, for lack of a better phrase. Rita, the resident engineer, was persistent in her day-to-day routine, down to the minute, and her appearance was just one of the things that could be relied on to stay the same every day. Captain Amelie, however, seemed one big, rainbow-coloured ball of spontaneity.

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The Two Karas

Honestly, I think one of the reasons I love the relationship between the Danvers sisters so much is because if there’s ever a parallel for Jed Bartlet/Leo McGarry, it’s them.

Too often I see people treat Kara Danvers and Supergirl as two separate entities, or even two different people and I’m just so much reminded of what Toby said about the two Bartlets: “Well, there’s always been a concern. About the two Bartlets. The absent-minded professor with the “Aw, Dad” sense of humor. Disarming and unthreatening. Good for all time zones. And the Nobel Laureate. Still searching for salvation. Lonely, frustrated. Lethal.” Honestly just change a few words around, and you have the assistant at CatCo, pretending to be human, and the last Daughter of Krypton—the two Karas.The girl who pretends to be human and non-threatening and unseen, always with a smile on her face and a helpful ear to anyone who needs it.

And then there’s the girl who was raised to be nobility, to hold all of her world’s memories and history on her shoulders. Who have all the powers of a god from mythology, and all the anger–that’s apparent in the Red K episode. She has so much anger and frustration inside her that very few people expected.

Even James, who knew her backstory and her history was still surprised at what she was capable of. We joke she’s a horrible liar, but really she’s one of the best. The best liars are the ones who convince you that they’re the worst. She can lie to anyone, even herself.

And then there’s that quote from Abbey “You have a big brain and a good heart and an ego the size of Montana… . You don’t have the power to fix everything.” I absolutely adore Kara but sometimes she does have a bit of a snob thing going on. But if I was going to describe Kara, it might be like this.

And then there’s that line Mrs. Landingham tells kiddo!Jed: “You’re blessed with inspiration.” Kara, who inspires enough hope to an entire city to beat off alien brainwashing, who has one of the most powerful women in the world tell her on multiple occasions “You inspire me,” that she changed her for the better, who makes people who are bitter and jaded and at their last straw do the right thing with mere words, diffusing an armed robbery without her powers. And don’t forget Lucy Lane—the daughter of Sam Lane, xenophobe extraordinaire. There’s a line from Leo—“everyone here would rather die than let you down.” And this is a show where death is a very real possibility. This is not a hypothetical.

And then there’s Alex. Alex, the girl who was partying her future away, grades, slipping, her life a hair away from being spent in a cell. The woman who became a soldier, because she wanted to protect. “He likes teams. I love him so much.”  “I take a bullet for the President. He doesn’t take one for me. Is that all you got?” “There’s nothing you can do that’s not going to make me proud of you.” Leo, whose heart literally broke when Jed fired him. That’s how devastating the though was that Jed Bartlet didn’t need or want Leo anymore. The man literally almost died.

And yes, everyone can see how much Leo cares about Jed Bartlet, who wouldn’t with a line like “There’s nothing you can do that won’t make me proud of you,” but Jed loves Leo so much he Loves Leo, he’d do anything for Leo and Leo always wants to protect Jed, blacken his soul so Jed doesn’t have to, but just he Refuses, like how taking the censure would ensure that Leo wouldn’t face prosecution. Or where yes, Sam wrote the memo for the President to support Leo after the Sierra Tucson info got out, but Jed was the one who approved it. Or how for years, Jed kept and framed the napkin Leo brought that said “Bartlet for America,” giving it to him for a Christmas present, and held onto it for five years, keeping it with him everywhere he went. This is a man who is very independently wealthy, who’s keeping a campaign schedule to become vice president, but the possession he held onto was a framed old napkin.

Then there’s their common history. Both are soldiers, first and foremost. And then there’s the drinking. God, maybe Alex wasn’t quite addicted to alcohol—but she was getting there. Almost drinking and driving, failing her classes. She definitely had a problem. And Leo—who was drinking while he was Labor Secretary, who joked (but was probably more than a little bit serious) when Jed asked him for help on foreign policy “why do you think I’ve stayed sober?”

And then there’s that line from Jed: “He’s my best friend. I’m not the kind of person who has best friends.” Even on Krypton, Kara was pretty much alien royalty—that’d be a bit isolating. Combine that with a literal alien nature on Earth, yeah, she’s not going to really have a best friend, except Alex. Sure, plenty of people who she’s friendly with, but best friend? Even Melissa said this about Alex “she’s not a badass she’s my heart.”

Don’t get me wrong, I really do think the writers need to step back with trying to add all the extraneous characters to the ensemble because there are just too many, the CatCo and DEO storylines meshing less now that Calista isn’t here to really carry that storyline, but God do they do this relationship right.

Also, just a few key important things to remember—the fact that both Kara and Jed make stupid jokes when they’re hurt “I hope too many people didn’t bet on me” “Any pre-existing medical decisions?” “Well. I’ve been shot.” These two morons  cracking (bad) jokes in order to make their loved ones feel better when they’ve been hurt.

And then there’s a few other things:

“We try to avoid having the President make aesthetic decisions.” Cat would agree here. Kara is not allowed to make aesthetic decisions.

“You’re quite a nerd, Mr. President.”

“He’s a klutz, Mrs. Landingham, your President’s a geek!”

“The president likes steaks, he likes lobsters, he likes spaghetti, he likes ice cream…. he doesn’t like green beans.” Oh look, it’s Kara’s diet, minus the potstickers.

And then there’s the fact that both Kara and Jed like to watch TV to unwind, although Kara has a bit more freetime than Jed. You know. The most important comparison.

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also for a HC about zendaya - she's 1000% the cool aunt friend. you can come to her for advice and also to know when to go to a concert. i feel like she'd be the best hype woman too !!

zendaya is 100% one of the coolest people you’ll ever meet. she’s so down-to-earth and genuinely a good person with good intentions. she’s wise beyond her years and is 21 going on 57. she definitely wants all her friends to be happy and will not stop until it’s satisfied. one day you’re having a craving for some certain kind of ice cream and you can’t get out of work/school/etc to go get it but you n e e d it because you’re having such an off day, zendaya would post mate it to you if she wasn’t able to psychically bring it to you herself. another time you’re sitting at a wrap party with her and you notice a cute co-star/crew member, zendaya’s on her feet hyping you up on the dance floor and then sliding in to get some drinks where said cast member/crew member is there and she’s telling them how great you are. she has an extra concert ticket to bruno mar’s concert (except bruno gave her the extra tickets and told her to bring whoever she wanted) and of course, knowing how much you loved bruno, she wasn’t not gonna take her day one, she’d snap y’all singing together and dancing and making a fool out of yourselves because she’s just that type of person - smart, sensible, fun and trust worthy

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root/shaw fic recommendations? :)

Oooh, you got it!

This fandom is so talented, honestly, like I couldn’t even begin to list everything I’ve read & gone “aaAAH” over without going back through the whole archive again. So this is kind of a starter kit, I guess? Hah. I’ll list some of my favourite writers (& my personal no. 1 fic from each), but if you find yourself with overwhelming amounts of free time, you should totally go through all 80+ pages on ao3, would 100% recommend.

And so, in no particular order…

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Midnight constellation and earth

midnight: are you a different person late at night than in the early morning?
Definitely. Late night me wants to lounge and eat snacks and talk about souls and stars. Early morning me wants to sip on coffee and talk about motivation and goals and ideas about the world.

constellations: who is someone you could talk to for hours and never stop?
Definitely my mom. She’s so funny and insightful and kind and interesting. She definitely tells the best stories and listens actively and has an abundant well of personal experience to draw from. Her naturally curious heart is very similar to my own.

earth: where do you feel most at home?
Exactly where I’m living now. Whether I’m sitting out back on the water, napping with the dogs on the couch, or sitting around the table with the family.

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What kind of s/o would the Nyo Allies want?

// Awe, man, I’m so sorry for the short absence!! I’ve been a little busy, and I’m just getting around to the ask box for my blogs now.

America: She’d definitely need someone who could put up with her mischief and would help her learn from her mistakes. An s/o who can keep up with her and was generally happy and upbeat as well would be ideal.
Russia: Someone more down to earth and quiet would be her dream s/o. A loving and gentle partner, who would make her feel the best about her herself.
France: She’d love someone who could put up with her constant affection and somewhat constant need for attention - a gentle, kind person who isn’t too afraid to go rough, if you get my meaning. Though she’d prefer someone who wouldn’t put the showering-of-affection solely on her.
England: Someone more proper and calm would be a good match, though someone able to break her shell a little and make her open up to the past, rock-punk self she used to be would be an even better one.
Canada: She’d prefer someone quieter, and a bit more cautious of her comfort zones. Someone loud and upbeat would probably also be a good s/o, because they’d help her break out of her shell and let loose her wild side. (As all women have one ofc)
China: Someone who was more on the calmer side would probably be her best fit. She’s wise beyond her years (or uh not really beyond her years since China is like 4,000 but shh) and would prefer someone who is similar, or at least not a complete idiot. Someone who would mind her occasionally grumpy attitude and showering of affection.