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Nessian HC's, please, can be NSFW thank you, love your blog!

MUWAHHAHHAHHA, this is all your fault anon!

-Nesta isn’t that loud in bed. No loud moaning, just heavy breathing and a few whines.

-Cassian is like normal in my mind, not overly loud, but definitely wont hold back his groans and growls

-Speaking of growls, when he growls in Nesta’s ear it SETS HER ON FIRE like she finishes right there becasue she finds it so hot.

-Cassian is definitely a boobs man (I mean did you read what he wanted to do to her breasts in Wings & Embers? 😏 )

-Cassian is King of whispering sweet nothings into Nesta’s ear.

-Cassian loves when Nesta pulls his hair

-Wing sin

-Rhys calls Feyre ‘Darling’, Cassian calls Nesta, ‘love’ or ‘sweetheart’

-I read this one post one time where someone said that Cassian would be so encouraging in bed and I REALLY LIKE IT! So lets roll with that. Nesta would be shaking, on the verge of sobbing, just a beautiful mess in his arms, she has already come twice and Cass is like, “Come one more time for me, Love. Can you do that? One more time Nes.” and Nesta does, and she takes him with her and they both are just utterly wreckeddd

-They both care so much about each other in bed and are just super affectionate. Cassian constantly praising her “Good Nes,” he’s breathless because she’s on her knees before him and her mouth is so perfect on him

-idk I feel like they are really soft but also kinda kinky and by kinky I mean the praising and encouraging and sweet nothings.  like it definitely helps both of them get off.

-no daddy kinks (lets save those for Gavriel please) I don’t think Nesta would like it because of Tomas, but ya never know maybe down the road. 

However!!! Nesta is a biter.  Especially after the mate bond sets in, she loves biting Cassian’s neck

-On the topic of necks.  Nesta is a slut for neck kisses. They are honestly the best for her. All Cassian has to do it brush his lips slightly against her neck and she MELTS in his hands.

-Cassian pays HUGE attention to Nesta’s thighs.  They both love it. Him, because he gets to watch her back arch, and breasts rise and fall as her kisses the inside of her thighs and he bites a little bit, and Nesta loves it becasue 1. it feels amazing, 2. she likes the marks it leaves because when she sees them the next day it reminds her of what they did last night. 😉

-They can go fast and hard but also slow and soft, but no matter what they are doing they are always there for each other.  Like if they go at it super hard and desperate, there are still heartbreakingly gentle kisses and touches thrown in to makes sure the other knows they are loved.

-Sometimes Cassian becomes Commander!Cassian and that’s like their only kink… ever. Okay maybe he also like to make her beg but that’s it! I promise!

Fluff now: (becasue I’m such trash for them I couldn’t resist)

-forehead kisses

-loving strokes

-Cassian loves to cuddle.  Cuddle all the time! He loves burying his nose into Nesta’s neck and breathing her in.

-They take turns being the big spoon and little spoon because Nesta loves to hold him just as much as he loves to hold her.

-PDA! those two are always together and they legit don’t even care who sees.  Cassian always has and arm around her when they are just sitting on the couch.  Nesta rests her head against his shoulder.  Hand holding like all the time. People always feel like the third wheel becasue when they look at each other they are so lost and focused in their mates eyes. 

-Silent conversations and smirks between the two of them

-Spontaneous kisses!

-Even though there’s not really any kinks, they love aftercare, like Nesta loves dragging Cassian into the bath with her after and washing his hair and washing his wings.  Cassian loves the little things like massaging her back and shoulders, brushing/stroking her hair.  They both love cuddling, and just idly stroking each other, and soft kisses, reading a book in bed and Nesta curling up against Cassian’s side.

-Nesta loves wearing Cassian’s clothes.  Literally everything he owns.  She wears his shirts and sweaters and sweatpants and loves it when she wears his underwear and shirts around their apartment in the house of wind. Cassian loves seeing her wrapped in his scent and gets so much male satisfaction for seeing her like that

-Imagine: Nesta is making breakfast (wearing one of Cassian’s shirts, no pants) and he comes up behind her and wraps his arms around her and kisses her neck and cheek before resting his head in the crook of her shoulder.

-When they wake up, Nesta laughs at Cassian’s bed hair and Cassian tells her that her hair is worse.  Then they laugh and he kisses her softly, then again, then again.

-They like to stay in bed after they wake up because they’re so cozy and warm

-Cassian likes when Nesta just chills on their bed in her bra and underwear

-Nesta likes to help Cassian put his leathers on (even though he doesn’t need the help) she finds it simple and domestic but sexy and hot at the same time.

-Nesta just loves waking up in the morning and seeing Cassian beside her still sleeping deeply because he’s so adorable and handsome and his scent is all over her and their bed and that turns her on, and she just can’t believe that he is hers, that they’re mates

Hope you like this! I do (hhahaha) I love them so much and this got wayyy out of control but oh well


Ok this might be far-fetched buT
Lotor was seen in some sort of arena, which makes me think it’s possible he’s met Shiro during his gladiator days

Shiro was known as “champion”

it’s also very likely Lotor’s part Altean just like Haggar. Haggar can teleport & do magic

Couple that with Lotor not being known by all Galra apparently, making him a behind-the-scenes kinda character…

WHAT IF Lotor’s responsible for Shiro’s amnesia? What if he told Shiro to go find Voltron, defeat his father, & then come back to him? & that explains why Shiro’s suspiciously disappeared right after Zarkon’s taken out, leaving Haggar to summon Lotor now

It’s the perfect opportunity for him. Both Zarkon & Voltron’s “head” are out of the picture..

Although I know this would require him to have a lot of faith in Shiro’s abilities, so I don’t suspect this would be his ONLY plan. But a plan that happened to work

Shiro was already on a ship that was on its way to the blue lion on Earth anyway. Ulaz was supposed to have done something to Shiro, but decided to free him instead Hmmm

Shiro’s been places & done stuff we don’t yet know. & definitely left some impression for these things to be said to him:

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People are goddamn animals! D:

@zoraastarte replied to your post: So like. My grad school put it out there that I…

Definitely have already had my bad experience with dorming and this is my first year. In the start of the fall semester my roommate already hated me and was pissed off with me because evidently Campus living screwed up the living arrangements twice, and I was put in place of her friend. Not to mention it was just me an one roommate, but we also had two other roommates that lived in the same dorm room, but separate room. The three girls knee each other and I was the…

So I think in hindsight to my post I should definitely clarify that with the bad roommates I had AWESOME ones too! The first year where the girl switched rooms? The girl who ended up moving in was a super nerd who helped me make several friends because believe it or not I was even deeper in my shell back then. Funny enough through sharing a theater class together, I made a friend who lived in the same building as I did. We ended up being roommates for two years and she’s the same friend I go to cons with every year since then :D The passive aggressive roommate also had this… amazingly sweet and beautiful athlete who for years after still waved at me any time she saw me on campus. 

And the final dorm with W, was my con friend sarah and another girl who was super into mermaids and scuba diving??? She was a big dork too so when sarah ended up needing help with fake harry potter commercials… guess who was right there with us dressing up and reading lines?

So… to also answer Zora, I’m sorry you had to deal with that. But… as I’m sure you saw in your situation, there is good with the bad! There will always be messy and even at times shitty people. There are also nice people like you who want to get along as best as they can! 

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(hey pssst i get kinda bookworm-y vibes from you, do you know any nice books with lgbta+ protagonists? also i love your blog super super much keep doing your thing. thank)

your vibes are on point, i do read a lot + i’m doing a degree in english lit! sadly i don’t have as many books to recommend as i’d like (mostly due to the fact that i’m so done with the whole ‘tragic queer’ trope)- but here are some of my faves:

  • aristotle and dante discover the secrets of the universe - this is one of my all time favourite novels, it is incredibly well written and you can’t help but to fall in love with the characters!
  • carry on - i read this for the first time a couple of days ago and i’ve already re-read it twice, it is both funny and heart wrenching, and i’d particularly recommend it if you’re a fan of harry potter and/or are into the whole enemies to friends to lovers thing (i’ll probably make a more extensive post about the things i liked and didn’t like about this book later when i have the time for it)
  • the song of achilles - the only thing i have to say about this one is that it’s beautiful and heartbreaking and definitely worth looking into!
  • the wicked and the divine: this is an ongoing comic series with monthly issues, and the story is soo addictive and the art is beautiful, plus like 90 per cent of the main characters are lgbtq

these are all the one i can think of on the top of my head that i can confidently recommend, i’ll also add the graphic novel fun home that i read a couple of years ago and found very interesting! if anyone has anything to add feel free to do so (particularly f/f and fantasy stuff!)

(also aw thank you, i’m so glad to hear that you like my blog!)