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Neutral fan here again. I have to say it's really nice to see your personality come through your posts lately. OL turned so toxic and I'm kind of glad all the S/C stuff isn't all over my dash anymore. They really did ruin the mood for everyone. I don't even care about new content anymore. Good luck come September when they only promote 2 wks before the show airs.

Thanks neutral anon :) I find it interesting that so many neutrals are done with the bullshit too. I didn’t realise you guys were even paying attention to all of this ridiculous drama. Posting that picture seems to be the straw that broke the camels back for a lot of us. I definitely don’t think that was the outcome they expected. 

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So I'm curious, how did the Damian and Irey ship come alive? I mean if I'm correct and correct me if I'm wrong Irey and Damian have never interacted with each other before and Irey isn't in the New 52 (again correct me if I'm wrong) so wouldn't this be considered more of a crack ship. Also, if this seems judgemental in anyway I apologize and never intended for it as such. Just curious about this ship because to be honest I don't care for it. Also, for anyone who ships it, ship what you ship.

Yeah, no disrespect, but it is the very definition of a crack ship.  Irey has barely ventured out of Flash comics.  And as far as I can tell, she and Damian have never met.  Post-Flashpoint Irey was wiped from existence.  Wally West has come back and has yet to be successful in rekindling his relationship with Linda Park.  Needless to say they currently do not have children.  Wally remembers pre-Flashpoint canon and therefore he must remember his children, which must be torture.  I think the impetus to ship them comes from their similar age-range.  They are both around 12 years old biologically.  I say that because Irey is chronologically 3-5 but matures faster due to her inherent connection to the Speed Force.  She is even mentally a 12 year old due to being raised with the same virtual reality software her cousin Bart was raised in.  It still sounds a bit sketch to be dating someone born 3 years ago but hey that’s comics.

As far as to how the ship came about.  I really think it’s just one person sending me all this Damian/Irey stuff.  I base this just on the clustered frequency of anon messages about the two.