definitely one of my fave eps

anonymous asked:

What's your favorite Westallen scene ?

wait just one? lol but there are so many good scenes i don’t know if i can pick one. i’ll just list 12 in no specific order

  • 1x20 - when she finds out he’s the flash with just the spark
  • 1x09 - “i’ve loved you before i knew what the word ‘love’ meant.”
  • 1x21 - “without you there wouldn’t be the flash.”
  • 2x21 - “you’re everything to me and you always have been.”
  • 2x23 - the kiss on the porch “i love you barry”
  • 3x01 - this entire ep was sooooo good. “it’s escaped definition.”
  • 1x15 - “i never stopped thinking about you.”
  • 3x04 - the kiss on the couch. it was sooo good. probs my fave kiss.
  • 3x09 - “where are we?” “HOME.” i died.
  • 3x10 - the opening scene in bed “i just really love you.” 
  • 3x12 - “i love all of you and i always will.”
  • 2x20 - “you’ve always had someone to come home to. me.”