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Scandal Review 6x11

Yoooooooooooooo! Scandal season 6 ep 11 came up and showed tf OUT hunny! OLITZ IS BACK BITCHEEESSSSS! *twerks to Diana Ross the Boss Ain’t no mountain high enough* (and yes I added an E in bitch lol). Scandal , Shonda, Liv and Fitz (Kerry and Tony) FED us good last night.
I first started watching Scandal for Kerry Washington, who is one of my faves(LOVE HER) , and now I stan Anthony Howard “Tony” Goldwyn. My mans is most definitely invited to the cookout! I will fix his plate, prepare his drink, and bring it to him! Tony is such a fuckin phoneme on and off the camera. Do yal follow him on IG, how awesome can he be…..and he’s 56! *Wiggggg*
REVIEW TIME (rundown mode)
Ok! Let me say this, I need to get it off my chest: that Opening with the illuminate girl and David was SAD! Yal that sex sounded so horrible, straight trash lmaoooo I was like what tf is really going on. David ain’t had no good sex since Abby! Lmao. @ me on this!!! 

Mellie attacking Olivia:  Bitch. *stares motherfuckerly* BITCH HOW DARE YOU!  I need mellie to get her head out of her entitled ass! Ugh how you gone try to attack the one damn person who has been in your corner for two damn years trying to make you president. Fuck Mellie (until later).

1st Olitz moment : They are in the Oval and this is the second time Olivia shows Fitz her vulnerable side. Olivia is telling Fitz how Mellie is going to ceed the presidency over to Cyrus, Fitz stop her cuz he sees how its affecting her. We all know our girl Olivia hates to lose , Fitz knows this as well. So he gets up and does the shoulder thing again *swoons* he is comforting his best girl and she falls into him and holds him tight. (I was screeching in OLITZ when he said “Come here,” how sexy is this man when he is being authoritative! hot damn) 

The Return of Liz North?: Um guh where you been and why all of a sudden you come out the woods talking about Mellie need to fight for the presidency …. I knew she was full of shit yal!

Mellie goes to Olivia and tries to get her to reconsider about the presidency but Liv was still saying no. Then once again Mellie insults Olivia then try to say sorry. Bitch bye! Anyways we see that Huck is love and well, in Olivia’s Pink robe lol. Quinn had the nerve to snatch a pillow from behind charlie to give it to huck……um ma’am which one is your man? She needs to gone break up with charlie and not string him along like some little dog.

Liv and Cyrus…still the dream team?: HELL NO….kml Liv tried to go talk to cyrus but he shut her all the way down. Miss cyrus was not having it. And honestly I can’t really blame him. Liv did do him dirty! But Cyrus is Cyrus how much shit he helped put Liv and Fitz thru? soooo I really just didn’t care.

ANGELA. HI. HELLO. HOW ARE YOU?: Lmao so Angela is in bed trying to low-key question Fitz about Olivia. Um ma’am you are the director of the FBI and you mean to tell me you couldn’t pick up on “your man” deflecting tf out of you? Fitz really was not giving her the time of day. Hun give it up you can not and will not compare to Olivia C. Pope. ISSA WRAP. I mean yal Fitz literally told the guh he was working *cackles evilly*

Liv visits Rowen: That entire exchange was so sad because Rowen basically was looking out for his damn self, which a part of me can’t blame him…..but I am so over him its hard to jump on board when Liv goes into her “make daddy proud” modes! He always come off as a manipulator and I’m over it….but then sometimes I get the feeling that he do be trying to look out for Olivia but he is so damn evil urghghhgh bye! 

Shade moment: Michael ass went on TV and shaded the entire fuck out of cyrus! LMAO!! And Michael got JAMES baby being the Mommy & Daddy, I mean tbh Ella is better off with him cuz cyrus is a toxic ass man, he don’t need a baby(IMO).

2nd Olitz moment: Liv tells Fitz she went to see her dad, Fitz wants to “handle” Rowen but Olivia playing daddy’s little girl asks Fitz to forgive Rowen like she forgave Abby. Fitz rolls his eyes and goes to their (kissing) window. lol!

Fitz and Cyrus moment: Liv sent Fitz to Cyrus to go make his ass get up and take this job seriously (didn’t really care cuz it was funny and shady how he wouldn’t talk to liv but talked to Fitz who left his ass behind in that jail too! over it)

Liz North see you on the other side: I knew she was down with the illuminate! When Mellie walked into that office I was not surprised….but what did surprise me was how Becky took that damn gold club and beat that woman to death. YIKESSS! Liz deserved better lol! (I was very proud of Mellie when she stood up to them tho, like I really was proud of her!!) Mellie who is covered in blood, kids got threatened and she fell in line with the illuminate! 

Angela Vs. Olitz(because they are a package)pt1: Angela comes in on a mission! Lol, homegirl going off about how she is going after Olivia, how she got evidence, and how she bout to interrogate Liv. PAUSE HO YOU REALLY TRYING IT! Then she had the nerve to call Fitz a boy! *slams hand on the table* I’m so tired of all these irrelevant ass people trying my guy Fitzgerald! That is a man! Fitz has always stood his ground and been a leader! Fuck yal who think otherwise! Side note: It was funny that she said it because I am a black woman and I know I be like “Boy bye…or boy please” lol If she would have said this to anybody else I wouldn’t say nothing but I can’t let her disrespect my mans Fitz like that! I ride for that one!! 

Once again Olivia Pope to the rescue: Mellie calls Olivia but doesn’t tell her what happened. Olivia comes and sees Liz dead on the floor. Now lets all remember that Olivia has PTSD! This was not good for her. Mellie talking fast and i’m sure she was having flashbacks to Jerry death, we all remember how she lost her shit! I felt bad for Mellie. Jake so irrelevant lmao he only came out for “clean up” duty *cackles* 

3rd Olitz moment: Let me just say Olivia lost her fuckin mind! Guhhhhhh (goes in corner to collect myself). She comes in the Oval , Fitz tells her that Angela’s Jealosy has gotten the best of her and now she is coming after Liv. Lmao my boy really said he was contemplating getting her resignation. LMAOOOO Fitz ain’t you smashing this guh? And you said that?? I knew Angela was a non factor kml!!! Liv goes to the window , turns around and tells Fitz with a straight face “Good” hold up! Pause. Flag on the play! Bi what? Good? So you wanna go to jail and be somebody prison bitch? Um no ma’am. Me nor Fitzgerald Thomas Grant the 3rd having that shit! Fitz loses his shit and start yelling *cackles, my boy was heated* My guy took my breath away when he said “There is no way in hell I am letting you go to prison for life” I KNEW AN OLITZ MOMENT WAS COMING , I FELT IT IN MY SOUL! (Olivia ass started to walk away and say a petty comment but We (me and Fitz) wasn’t having that!
(still yelling at her ass) “Don’t you see, I’d lose you, forever” HOOOOOOOOOWOOOOOOOOO! YAL. I knew this man was still in love with Olivia Pope. Fitzgerald Thomas Grant the 3rd was, is, and forever will be in love with Olivia Carolyn Pope. @ me on this!!!
*eye roll* Olivia goes on to say “my father will die” (shrugs shoulders and yells *who cares, guh you was tryna kill him a few eps back!) She then goes on to say that if Fitz stops her and arrests her dad he would lose her forever. I personally do not think she meant any of that because the look on her face and the way she turned around at that door says otherwise! Olivia was just using herself as a threat against Fitz because thats all she can use , she doesn’t have any other leverage over him. BUT all she had to do was sit down with Fitz and come up with a plan instead of trying to do it on her own. Ugh stop with this self sacrificing shit, Me and Fitz aint having it NO DAMN MO! (will elaborate on this part later)

Angela Vs. Olitz pt2: ANGELA YOU THOUGHT! *CACKLES EVILY* When I say Fitz was done playing games, my guy told her back up and move ya ass to OMAHA! *que in Beyonce* To the left to the left! 

Rowen got arrested: *CACKLES EVILY*

4th Olitz moment: Baby Olivia comes thru heated like a hot sausage on a saturday morning! She is yelling at Fitz , meanwhile my mans got his scotch and a remote in hand and says “You want to stop yelling at me” LMAO BOSS MAN STAUTS!!! Fitz gave 0 fucks about what she was saying! He knew the game, he knows she will try to use herself to get her way. Liv looks at the TV and sees her dad is safe in the office. (In the background Diana Ross the Boss “Ain’t no mountain” monologue starts to play, and it fits so perfectly to this moment.) Fitz lets her know rowen is in his care and he is ready for them (him and her) to start working together to fight the illuminate. She turns around breathing heavily…..(KerryW is playing TF outta this roll)…  It was so many emotions running across her face. She walks to him and sits in front of him, he scoots down and now they are face to face. Fitz looking at her like “I told you I got you” the looks these two were giving each other was sending me into my death(I was literally screaming at this point). Olivia reaches out and grabs Fitz and they kiss (I was so damn PROUD of Olivia) I love that she was the one to initiate. Fitz was SHOOKETH. Lol, my guy hadn’t kiss those lips in 2 years he didn’t even know what to do with his hands at first lol. When he cups her face , Olivia is literally looking like she wants to cry, Hell him too! (whyyyy they playing with me like this, yal I love them!!) 

*sips my fancy ass Chamomile tea* Olivia is walking backwards into Fitz room, if you pay attention Fitz(low-key Tony) face was priceless cuz he knew he had gotten his woman back and she was finna fuck the shit out of him! She places his hand on her hip and she grabs his neck in *bring that ass here fashion* She kisses her man and they close the door. We didn’t get a sex scene but I will be happy with a bedroom waking up scene at the beginning of the next ep. Remember Kerry had a baby so she might not be ready for these type of scenes yet. Yal respect my Fave and don’t be on her bout a sex scene.
Fitz: He “Handled” it! I repeat Fitz handled the situation. He out poped Olivia pope.
Fitz will not let anything come between him and Olivia. Not Mellie, Not Cyrus, Not the presidency, Not Abby, Not Angela, Not Rowen, Not even Olivia! He has proven time and time again that he will choose her. Let me tell you something THERE WILL NEVER BE ANOTHER FITZGERALD THOMAS GRANT the 3RD. This man has proven for the 1000000000000000000 time why he is the fuckin MAN! Fitz hates Rowen, we all know why ( he killed his son). Fitz chose to save Rowens life for Olivia, the woman he loves. He knows she loves her dad, regardless all the shit talking and acting tough that she does, Fitz knows this and like I keep saying FITZ never makes Olivia choose. He always lets her work things out on her own. But this time she was about to take it to far so he had to step in and “FIX” the situation. Ladies Get you a Fitz!! Lol!
The next ep looks so promising just because I think its gonna be dope that Everyone is going to be working together to take down the illuminate!
Much Love, Chaun.

story-monger  asked:

I need to send a massive, massive kudos to you guys for ep 34, especially for Phillip Jordan's incredible performance. He gave Frank such immense depth of personality and emotion, and I think he just singlehandedly made Frank to my fave character in the podcast. I was definitely crying while listening to the ep's climax. I so hope we see more of Frank healing, that we get to see him in a good place one day. Could you let Phillip know that I am floored by his voice acting? Thank you!!

I will definitely let him know! I completely agree - he brought such depth and nuance to the character. Watching Phillip and Julia act was pretty incredible because they both convey so much with just the slightest shift in their voice. 

As much as I would love to do a million more episodes on Frank, we won’t be hearing more of his sessions this season. But I have lots of plans for him down the line. 

theopengrave  asked:

IRIS WEST STOLE THE SHOW TONIGHT MA GAWD. I cant believe how much i enjoyed this filler episode.

It was really good. It’s always the “Filler” eps that are some of my absolute faves and this was definitely one of the top ones for the season for me. I loved that we got to see Iris as more of the main character, and therefore got to see her point of view, because Barry didn’t have the frame of mind to be in the lead in this episode. It was just a really interesting change. And it was so well balanced, like it felt like it got a lot done, emotionally, and where the characters went. 

anonymous asked:

if you had to pick, which ep of the got Jackson show has been your fave so far? and which one of the future eps are you looking forward to the most?

OFC I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO THE MARKBUM EP!!!!! Markbum are one of my otps which I’ve recently started liking more and also bc I ship Jackson with both of them too❤️

My fave ep so far was definitely the Bamjae ep though I had to pause the video just to laugh 😂 Bambam as the judge using the mic as the hammer thing was so funny. You can definitely see how comfortable they all are with together, ignoring hyung-dongsaeng formalities because everyone was yelling at each other :’)

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oh wow you're already past the 100 episode mark for hxh!! the yorknew city arc was definitely my favorite but the one you're on now is a very close second :) i think episode 104 was the one where my fave character first appeared but i don't remember... anyway glad you're still enjoying it! (also how did you like the dodgeball episode game w/hisoka ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

i’m watching ep 119 now!!!! and it really hooks you in lol. like there are times where i watch something in order to just get over with it, i’m not very into it but i want to watch it until the end so i have a better judgement but in the end it’s just like “eh it was alright.”

but with hxh i was into it since the beginning because i really wanted to see where everything would eventually lead. and watching it makes you feel so many emotions because you can’t believe how much things have changed since the first ep. i thought i had things figured out at first but i didn’t lol. i mean i don’t really watch fantasy/action shows/anime (i’m going to start now though!!) so i really can’t predict much, but i love that! everything excites me!

spoilers ahead!

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Sherlock - TFP (Spoilers!)

Man, I am so bummed that like, nobody around here seemed to like The Final Problem, because I thought the episode was FUCKING AMAZING. It was just beautifully done, and the ACTING! My god. Definitely going up into one of my top eps (along with last week’s ep).

It also makes me feel better about John to think that there is a possibility HE was compromised by Euros very intentionally. Because some of that shit from the first two episodes kinda made me sad.

Euros, as a character, was fascinating. Creepy and interesting. I loved seeing Andrew Scott again. What a treat! Forever my favorite Moriarty.

The look and feel - so fantastic. The scene with John, Sherlock, and Mycroft in 221B - one of my faves. The character development we see with Mycroft in general was so interesting. The “tests” were intense and horrible to watch, but wildly entertaining.

I found the end very satisfying - it is clear that this is the final episode of the series (leaving the door open for “one-off”/TAB-type episodes - it must be easier to schedule Ben and Martin for ONE episode than three) and I loved the call back to A Study in Pink - forever my favorite episode of this show.

Anyway, I just wanted to flail a bit, but everyone else seemed bummed out, so I’ll just talk to myself! I can’t wait to watch this episode again. 

I’VE REACHED MY GOAL OF 420 FOLLOWERS WHAT A BLESSING I’ve never had that many followers on a blog before!! So thank you!! I’m glad that ya’ll love my Hiyoko aaaa i cant believe i reached the almighty blaze it number


But really, aaaa thank you!!! i love talking to yall everyday and helping each other develop our muses (or at least, yall help me develop mine lmao) and im grateful that yall tolerate my slowness and hiatuses with patience and kindness im just. IM GETTING SENTIMENTAL

this is gonna be long bc i tried to include personal messages to everyone included here!! if i missed anyone i’ll probably come back and include you lol but if youre not here, i do follow you for a reason!! and i love u a lot waaa <3

follow forever is under the cut!

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Hi! i was wondering if you could maybe link to your favorite v app episodes with them? I mean, among the ones you've seen. :3 There are so many and I can't make myself watch them all T_T

Ooooooh this is fun. I’ll list my faves starting from oldest first:

  • This one is where they’re practicing the Knock choreography and Jihun is being all leader so idk I really like this one. They also then come to the front and read comments and aw they’re so cute. Here’s part one, and part two.
  • The fashion show v app! Hahah this one doesn’t have eng subs but it’s still funny and they play games after the fashion show and then the dance at the very end kills me.
  • The speed quiz v app with Youjin, Seungjun and Jihun. This one might be boring to some people but I think it’s hilarious and you get to see them talk more and be funny together. :)
  • This one is one of my most favourites because omg it’s just so funny… They read out questions from fans and answer them but they’re just so silly and fun. And this ep Seungjun just can’t handle the mere existence of Jihun it’s so funny to watch.
  • This one is the random game one where they just do a bunch of random games and it’s hilarious lmao. 
  • This is the charades v app. I love watching them play games because half the time Seungjun fails at them. hahha. He’s bad at charades too lmao. This is also the v app where everyone is wearing seungjun’s socks :’)

It was so hard to choose just a few. But yeah these are the only ones you really neeeeeeed to watch (along with the Heejun and Inseong radio v app), but I recommend you watch every single one because I missed out a few good ones :).

weary-hearted-queen  asked:

Bail Organa, perchance?

1: sexuality headcanon - another space ace
2: otp - with breha definitely! i also like to think of them as an ace couple, it’s just always made sense to me w/ how excited they were about adopting leia and they fact that i think (?) he mentions them talking about adopting before then. i’m actually very fond of that headcanon
3: brotp - w/ padmé!! my fave ep of clone wars i’ve seen is that one where he teams up and goes all scooby-doo w/ padmé investigating the senate murders
4: notp - if you look to your left you will see me pushing the death star as far away from bail organa as possible. i’m trying, i’m trying so hard
5: first headcanon that pops into my head - so the first thing that popped into my head was “nice singing voice” (that’s. a common headcanon for me) and then i remembered that i’d just put that for leia too but. do you know what. i love that. it’s true for both of them and they definitely sang together, it started w/ little lullabies when leia was little and he would sing to her and she would sing along as she learned the words but. even after that it never really stopped.
6: favorite line from this character - okay so it’s b/c it’s an homage but i love that in clone wars they had him say “help us general kenobi, you’re our only hope” i remember getting so excited about that. i just. i really love bail and leia parallels and that was a good one
7: one way in which I relate to this character - i really admire his desire to do the best thing for others so? while i maybe don’t know how good i am at that i guess i can at least say we both value it as an important principle
8: thing that gives me second hand embarrassment about this character
nothing. i can’t even point towards his clothing or something like that he wears space turtlenecks. everything about him is on point
9: cinnamon roll or problematic fave? cinnamon roll!!