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The full episode 2 of Yuzu’s interview at Kenji’s room was also uploaded by the kind fan so my completionist instincts kicked in and I had to translate ( : 

Disclaimer: my Japanese is far from perfect so corrections are welcome. This is more of the ‘gist’ of the conversation and not always word for word (Ep 1)

  • Axel talk: Yuzu jumped the 2A at the end of Year 3 in Primary School when he was a Novice and doesn’t quite remember it (cutely, he was like ‘desu ka ne?? desu ka ne?’ and I assume he was searching for his mum off-camera to confirm haha)

    When he was aiming for the Japanese Nationals as a Novice, his coach (Suzuki-sensei?) at the time told him the 2A was the ‘king of jumps’ and so if he didn’t master it, he couldn’t progress. 

    Yuzu loves Axel the most of all the jumps. It’s special because the other jumps are all backwards jumps and the method of takeoff is the same. Yuzu is the type who really places emphasis on having an image in his mind (visual learner). He jumped his first 2A just from watching his older sister jump it. He absolutely wanted to jump the jumps his sister could do. He jumped 3A after seeing Mao do it at the Japanese Nationals. Seeing how thin Mao was and how she didn’t really use a lot of muscles to jump it, he thought he should be able to do it too. He jumped the axel after 3 tries at that practice (after stepping out the first 2 times). 

  • Kenji: That’s….weird (he’s deeply impressed and disbelieving haha).
    Yuzu: But afterwards, I had a long period (1yr) where I couldn’t land the axel properly in competitions. 

  • Kenji was still in awe Yuzu got the axel after 3 tries and then the staff member asked him to talk about when he landed the 3A lol. 

  • Kenji’s axels: Kenji was bad at flips and struggled with 2F. He was nervous about the 3A and found it difficult so actually tried jumping the 4T first. However, Kenji rotated too much and so actually jumped about 3.5 revolutions and ended up hitting the wall and slid down like a manga character.
    Yuzu: But you rotated 3.5 times. You could have tried the Axel.
    Kenji: No, I was scared of the axel.

    They talked about axels at an ice show when they met. Kenji was trying to jump a single axel and Yuzu said ‘Eh? Your hands are weird’. Yuzu said their frames (bodies) are different but at the time… Kenji’s way of jumping was indeed weird. 

    Kenji: But after you taught me, I jump the axel properly now each time so thank you very much. 

  • Yuzu’s jumps (again, struggled to hear words): I think he’s saying he only gets one shot to master the Lutz so it’s a close-call jump (he uses ギリギリ which suggests he’s barely mastered it) and so he didn’t really practice it. Over anything, the probability of landing (?) the 3Lz-3T is the lowest so he needs to place emphasis on it. Yuzu also changes his jump timing to match the music and it affects whether he jumps straight or at a curve. Kenji mentions how your sense for the jump changes and Yuzu agrees that he can’t jump a 2A right now and the 3T is also pretty bad due to him losing his ‘sense’ for the jump by doing too many 3A and 4Ts. He had to jump a 2A at a group number during an ice show and realised he didn’t have a sense for them anymore. 

  • Shizuka and Yamato: He didn’t have much of a chance to skate together with Arakawa Shizuka even though they were in the same rink; he mostly only watched her admiringly. He didn’t really have a chance to interact with world class skaters (eg. like skating at the same rink or being in the same club etc.) He doesn’t have many memories of talking much with Shizuka but remembers Yamato Tamura a little more. ((Yamato sought him out to talk to him a bit more than Shizuka or Honda? This was one of those situations where he mumbled a lot and I have no context sorry lol)). 

  • Yuzu’s middle school graduation: He won the Junior World Championships in Year 9 (end of middle school) and graduated middle school alone in the principle’s office. He loved his Year 9 classmates a lot - he had a lot of close friends in that class and they all gathered to say ‘welcome back’ for him afterwards. This left a deep impression on him.

  • Dark stories of Junior days: Kenji was like ‘so do you have any dark stories from your Junior days?’ and Yuzu was like LET ME TELL YOU (he answered really fast and decisively like he didn’t have to think about it at all LOL).

    He placed 12th in his first Junior Worlds 2009 and it was very kuyashii (he even corrected Kenji who initially said ‘a little kuyashii’). He didn’t have a lot of time to practice and he was also injured (can’t catch precise phrases even though he uses some more here, but the idea is that he wasn’t entirely prepared?).

    At the time, he tended to make a lot of excuses for himself. He would tell himself he had a sprain etc. and people around him would say the same. After the experience at Worlds, he told himself he’d not give himself any excuses. He says strong athletes don’t give excuses for poor performance. It isn’t productive and won’t give you the ability to compete. He admires the people who can perform/jump under any condition, like Mao who performed with a broken bone. (THEN HE MUMBLED THE REST yuzu pls. I think he was essentially reiterating this ‘no excuses’ attitude was important to him)

    Kenji: Wow…that’s cool.

    Yuzu: Who? Did someone cool come in??
    (he’s making a lame joke because he’s an awkward turtle) 

    Kenji (gravely): You’re cool

  • Yuzu’s next World Junior comp (2010): He held on to the regretful feelings from last season and practised a lot. ((I’m really not sure about some of his phrases re: Olympics and also his last year of Juniors so I won’t bother trying to translate but I think he was saying that because the year he lost was the Olympic year, a lot of skaters debuted as seniors and so he wanted to challenge them at a senior level. Also he did very well in his last year of Juniors)). At the time, he was bad at the SP and tended to make up for it in the FS. He was 3rd in SP and won the FS. No matter how big the match was, he always approached it as though it was just another competition and that he would just have to win.

  • Talk about Kanako getting food poisoning from eating raw food heheh

  • Senior debut (tn: I think Yuzu was getting tired here because he essentially…stopped enunciating the ends of his words, rolls some words into each other and trails off. This makes translating by ear super hard, as a non-native speaker who can’t guess at the words. I could only get bits and pieces so I’m sorry the next section is a bit incomplete/inaccurate): 

    Yuzu really realised that senior skating life was very difficult. His first senior competition was NHK in Nagoya. To put it bluntly he got carried away after that because he landed his quads, even though they weren’t regular/stable. His attitude towards practice changed after that but then he didn’t do well at the next competition and felt the difficulty of the senior level. He was grateful to have been rewarded at the end of the season at the 4CCC and told himself he has to do better next season, especially given his silver at the 4CC, he had to aim higher.

  • Most memorable competition he’s ever done: Of course the Olympics but also his first at the Japanese Nationals as a Novice (his time of having mushroom hair). He was so excited the point where he wasn’t even nervous and just felt like the competition was incredibly fun, and his practice at the time was great too. As a Year 4 primary student, he also had no concept of failing (missing his jumps) and was filled with the confidence that he’d definitely win. They were still using the 6.0 scoring system at the time. World level figure skaters at the GPF and Worlds were all scoring in the 5.0s and above. In one of Yuzu’s presentation scores (they laughed because it was still called presentation), he got a single 5.2 and was super happy and surprised to get it. He then had this feeling of, ‘oh, maybe I can compete on a world level!’ ( : 

  • Yuzu’s life goal: His life goal has also not changed since primary school, from when he first watched the Salt Lake Olympics at 7yrs old and thought ‘I’m definitely getting the gold medal.’ After he won in Sochi, he kept thinking that getting a second gold at the next Olympics would definitely be legendary and so made it a goal.
    Kenji: As I thought….you’re weird
    Yuzu: It’s weird. It was also not a ‘I can or cannot get a gold medal’ feeling (tn: because that suggests he was uncertain about it) – it was ‘I will get a gold medal.’
    Kenji: Well. There’s still one more (gold). 
    Yuzu: Pyeongchang is a goal – it’s one of my biggest reasons for skating right now.

Take Care (Sort of Connor Murphy x Reader, I guess?)

Part 2

Request:  Reader is Jared’s sister and dated Connor, before he committed suicide. She’s all devastated until she sees that her brother is part of “The Connor Project” and confronts him about it. (I hope u liked it!!)

Words: 1744

Warnings: suicide mention, a lot of grief, crying, death mention, heartbreak

Sun came from east, but grey clouds made their way from west. Wind was rushing through the leaves. Birds were chirping. A beautiful scenery for the most dreadful moment in your life. Today marks the funeral of your late boyfriend, who committed suicide some days ago. A handful of people were standing around the coffin, whilst the priest, who did not know him at all, gave a speech about how wonderful he was. There was his mother, breaking down. His father, who seemed rather annoyed than being sad about the death of his son. And Zoe, his sister. She did not grief at all, just looking at the coffin in which her brother laid, as if it was nothing important.

And there was you, his girlfriend. Standing far away from the whole scene, hiding behind a tree and observing the funeral in her own silence. Connor and you kept the relationship a secret. You started dating 8 months ago, after you had to work on a school project together. You had heard the stories about him. That he was aggressive, that he had beaten up people. Just that he was a difficult person, and he definitely was. Connor was difficult sometimes, but you loved him anyway. And he loved you, even though he did not show it frequently. His way of expressing affection was a different one than yours. You kissed him on his cheek, you stroke his back when you held him, whilst he was crying. You whispered “I love you so much” in his ear, all over again. Connor was afraid of showing too many emotions. He was already so ashamed of himself, when he cried in front of you, although you assured him so many times, that it’s okay to feel things. In some moments, he would hold you so tightly, pressing a kiss on your lips and say “Thank you”.
Nobody knew that you two were lovers. Not your parents. Not his parents. Only you two. In school, you would not even speak to each other. Sometimes, when you saw the other one in the hallway, you would exchange glances, maybe even a small smile. And that was it.
After school, you both would meet in a small park. Always sitting on the same bench, talking about everything. You loved these moments. And you loved Connor. The way he would speak about the things he loved, the way the sunshine fell onto his face, the way he tucked his hair behind his ear. In these moments, he seemed so calm, as if the world stopped just to give you two one quiet moment together. When his family wasn’t home, you would even meet in his house. Staying in bed the whole time, maybe showing each other your favourite bands.
And suddenly – all of this was gone. It hit you like an ice cold wave in the ocean. There will no longer be a Connor in your life. No more kisses, no more conversations about life. No more love. You gave him your whole heart and you knew that he would keep it forever.
You watched as they lowered his coffin in the grave. Tears were streaming down your face. You couldn’t breathe, you were on the brink of throwing up. You turned around and left, before anybody could have seen you, asking themselves why a strange girl was standing there, crying hysterically and grieving the death of a boy she loved.

You tried to calm down again, before you arrived at home. It didn’t work. You were still devastated. The whole afternoon, you were laying in your bed, wondering if you could have saved him somehow. Love was never enough, but in this moment you wished it was. You thought of the last time you saw Connor. It was in your park, on your bench. Nothing different happened on this day. You were just talking about everything again. Connor seemed so neutral. Before he left, however, one thing was different, you remembered. As usual, he pressed a quick kiss on your lips. Nothing extraordinary. But then he said “Take care” to you. The last thing he would ever say to you. You didn’t think it would be the last time you ever saw him. The next day, you found out in school, that he killed himself. That he was dead. You broke down in the school toilet and stayed there the whole day. That day you lost the one love in your life. The one person that made everything right for the few hours you’ve always spent together. And now that all was gone. He was now only part of your memory.

A knocking on your door brought you back to reality. Before you could answer, your brother bursted into your room. “Hey, I wanted to-”. He realized that you were crying and instantly, he was worried.
“Oh God, what’s wrong?”
“Nothing, Jared. Really. I’m just upset right now.”
“Are you high?”
“Your eyes are so red. Where do you even get that stuff? You’re younger than me, and way too unpopular to know somebody who can provide you with weed!”
You laughed quietly. The first time in days.
Jared may have seemed like an asshole, that made fun of people, just to seem cool and unbreakable, but deep down inside of him, he was as insecure as everybody else. He hated to see that you, his younger sister, was crying. In every thinkable way, he tried to cheer you up. You were so grateful to have him as brother, even though he did not even know why you were so devastated. He was there for you, and in that moment, that was just enough.

Some weeks after Connor’s death, you walked into school, for the first time ever without feeling nauseous. Suddenly you were afraid, that you would forget about Connor one day. That you would forget what his voice sounded like, how soft his hands were, the way he held you when he kissed you. You asked yourself whether other people will forget about Connor. 
You walked down the school floor, when your gaze wandered out of a sudden to a colourful poster on the wall, with Connor’s name written all over it:

“The Connor Project – because no one deserves to be forgotten”

Under the headline were the three names of the creators: Alana Beck, Evan Hansen and…Jared Kleinman. Jared. Fucking. Kleinman. What did your brother have to do with Connor? You couldn’t understand the world anymore. You didn’t want to understand the world anymore. Was this just another bullshit action from him? On your last day together, Jared made a childish comment about the way he looked like. In the afternoon, Connor said what kind of a dickhead your brother was. And suddenly, your brother would care about him?

You couldn’t focus on your subjects for the rest of your school day. The bell was ringing. You got up and rushed out of the classroom, ready to confront your brother with the Connor Project.
He was already at home. You heard him upstairs, cursing while playing any video game. Filled with anger, you just bursted into his room. Immediately he turned around and looked at you.
“What the fuck? Why don’t you just knock on the door, like any other sensible human being? I could’ve masturbated right now!”
A tear rolled down your cheek. “What is the Connor Project and why are you a part of it?”
He stopped the game and stood up, walking towards you.
“It’s just a project about that guy-”
“Connor. His name was Connor.”
“Alright, it’s about Connor Murphy, who committed suicide some weeks ago. And we don’t want him to be forgotten. That’s it.”
“And why do you suddenly care so much about Connor? I heard how you made fun out of him the whole time!”
“Wait…why do you care so much about Connor? Why are you so upset that we’re starting this project, so nobody forgets about him?”
You were on the brink of bursting into tears again. You tried to be calm, but in that moment your whole world was crushing in again.
“We were dating, before he died! I was the only one around for him.”
That was enough for you to break down together. Tears came streaming down your face. But then you felt Jared’s arms around you.
“Sh sh, calm down.”
“I just miss him so much”, you whispered.
“It’s not your fault, everything will be fine.”
Jared did not know what he had to do now, but he still tried his best.
“I think you knew Connor the best then?”, he stuttered.
“I guess”, you said, wiping away your tears. The last time you cried in front of your brother was so many damn years ago. You felt ashamed, that he saw you like this again.
“It’s okay to cry and you know that, right?”, he said, as if he read your mind, “and it’s definitely okay to cry in a moment like this. I didn’t know that you two were dating. Oh god, I’m so sorry.”
He hugged you again.
“I’m afraid that I will forget about him one day.”
“I don’t wanna change the topic now, but The Connor Project is about remembering him. Keeping his memories alive, you know? We’re trying to do this.”
“You really are? You don’t let him disappear?”
“We won’t, we won't”, Jared whispered, as you cried again. You were overwhelmed by this whole situation. People did care about Connor! And now there was a project about him. You felt so incredibly happy and sad at the same time and asked yourself how that could be.
You didn’t even ask yourself anymore why your brother cared about Connor. That was no longer important in this moment. You were just glad, that people would not forget about Connor. Nobody would forget about him. And definitely not you.

While he held you, Jared asked himself what would happen if you found out the real reason behind it. Within a second, the thought about that was gone again. You were happy – and that was all that mattered to him.

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(You probably won't publish this) I was just reading your response to the last monolid ask you got and yes dan and phil did apologise for their editing mistake but what I think the anon was trying to get across was that you also made a mistake and were wrong about dan and phil actually saying that monolid eyes are 'snek' eyes- and even when someone pointed it out to you that it looks like an editing mistake (which it was) you shut them down and said they they definitely said it on purpose (1/2)

amd yeah you said it definitely wasn’t an editing mistake and then in your tags you said “they probably don’t even know what monolid eyes are” what was ?? But everyone does make mistakes!! And that’s okay! dan and phil apologised for their mistake, and I think the other anon was trying to say that you should have apologised for yours too. I really don’t want this to come out as horrible or anything, I’m just trying to get my point across. Thank you for even if you just read this :) 

ha, i rly wanted to ignore this but i’m going to respond simply bc you were respectful in your message and bc i believe there are probably a number of people who share your views. but i feel like it might be important for anyone who feels this way to try and view the other side to this so i’ll try to explain that. if youve already decided how you feel though and don’t really care about hearing the other side then go ahead and skip this post. 

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my Very Sad Headcanon is that Sokka helped design the Red Lotus prisons after Yakone (a "how do we best imprison powerful benders that doesn't involve Aang taking their bending, he won't always be here" thought) and then gave his life to protect Korra and stop the Red Lotus.

Listen. LISTEN. I have so many thoughts about Sokka post-ATLA (well, I guess post-comics, really).

He was a planner, a negotiator. We KNOW that he was involved in the government in Republic City from the one flashback episode we get. He was almost certainly INSTRUMENTAL in building a post-war world. I mean, I think the three people who probably had the most influence in shaping Republic City and the new relationship between the different nations were probably Aang, Zuko, and Sokka. Not that Katara and Toph and all the rest of the ATLA characters were insignificant - certainly the White Lotus would have been a major part of it, and the Northern Water Tribe must’ve been key as pretty much the only major government structure left intact - but Aang and Zuko were figureheads of the new world. The face of the revolution and the hand that enacted it. Sokka may not have been as visible - but he’s always been the one to make sure things stayed on track. He and Katara were the glue that held the Gaang together. Every episode where things start to come apart at the seams, it’s one of them who puts up their chin and says “No. I will hold this family together if it’s the last thing I do.” It’s Katara who’s the emotional touchstone most of the time, it typically falls to her to be the rock of positivity and hope, but when Katara starts to lose herself, Sokka is her rock. I 100% believe that Sokka was there negotiating with fractured corners of the Earth kingdom and discussing what a city full of every kind of bender would mean and need and advising Aang and Zuko his whole life.

Sokka is brilliant, and that’s demonstrated consistently throughout the series. If he’d been born under different circumstances and a few generations later, he could have been an inventor to rival Asami’s father. I would absolutely buy him designing the prisons for the Red Lotus, and that headcanon hurts me because I know it could be true. Sokka was a genius tactician and inventor and he was born to a world that put a weapon in his hands when he was still a child and told him he had to fight, even if it would probably get him killed, because there was no one else left to do it. And even when the war was done, I imagine that that mindset stuck with him: he had to step up to the front lines, because there might be no one else who would.

I hate that he wasn’t in Korra, and while Korra made a number of missteps so I can’t say it’s the first thing I’d pick to fix, it’s definitely high on my list of things that would have improved the series tremendously. I wrote a post on it like forever ago, and while most of the things I say I wanted from him are jokes, he also would have been just such an important shift in the series. Imagine having his input in S1, when there were all these protests by non-benders. With Asami tied up in a love triangle plot, we really didn’t get that much perspective from any individual non-benders in S1, which is… weird. Sokka could have fixed that. Imagine him working with Katara in the Southern Water Tribe and oh so definitely seeing through Unalaq’s bullshit from day one. Imagine him reuniting with Toph in S4. And also, yes, imagine Old Man Sokka completely done with all this flying and magic knocking Zaheer out of the sky with his boomerang.

Sorry I took your ask as an excuse to rant about how important Sokka is and how furious I am that Korra decided to just kill him off even though there was no reason he had to be dead :/ I just have a lot of feelings about this and Korra… basically just said “oh ya he’s dead,” showed him once in a flashback, and then never mentioned him again

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Dear god in heaven. Yang's recovery arc is kicked off by her overhearing about Ruby in Mistral, and her very last scene of Season 4 is her choosing between going after her mother or her sister, and she chooses Ruby. So yes, "I'm racing to her side, there's nothing that I won't do for her," is definitely about Blake. Yep. Mhmm. 100%. A+. Every mystery in the series is solved, everyone go home.

I think it’s about Weiss. Yang raced to her side after their fight against Flynt and Neon. 

I mean come on. Honestly. The lines being about Ruby is such a stretch because taking the context of the song and the other lines of the song into mind it doesn’t make any sense. Yeah, they could be about Ruby if they’d stand alone, but they don’t. Look at the lyrics:

It happens every night
I watch my world ignite
But there’s no waking from this nightmare
The stage is always set
The place I can’t forget
The hidden eyes, that I can feel there

My eyes are open wide
I’m racing to her side
There’s nothing that I won’t do for her
But this is not a dream
My mind repeats the scene
I can’t forget it and it’s torture

That was before
But not anymore
I’ve left it behind
As much as I lost
Once I’m across I’ll find

The first two stanzas are about Yang reliving her trauma, the night Adam cut her arm off, the night she has been dreaming about on the show. They are about that particular moment. It doesn’t make sense for the song to jump to Ruby between “The place I can’t forget/The hidden eyes, that I can feel there” (Adam) and “But this is not a dream/My mind repeats the scene/I can’t forget it and it’s torture” (the incident). That would be like “I dream about this thing every night, it’s always the same, there’s Adam, also I’m going to drive to Mistral to join Ruby there now, I dream about this thing every damn night and can’t get it out of my head”. 

The third stanza changes the tone of the song, only now it is about Yang’s recovery. If those two lines came after this third stanza it would maybe make a bit of sense for them to be about Ruby, but before? During the two stanzas that are about that particular night? That are still about Yang being tortured by her trauma? 

It. Doesn’t. Make. Any. Sense. 

And why wouldn’t those lines be about Blake? “There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for her” is definitely something Yang would say about Blake. Also about Ruby and probably even Weiss. Yang has been shown as a very caring person. She’d protect any of her friends like that. This line doesn’t have to be romantic. It’s something Yang would definitely say about Blake, no matter whether you ship Bumblebee or not. Yang’s heart is too big and pure for this world, Ruby is not the only person she loves and wants to protect. She’s probably the person Yang loves most, and that wouldn’t change with Yang falling in love with Blake. She’d never love anyone more than Ruby. But Ruby’s not the only one she loves

The lines are about Blake, you don’t have to interpret them in a romantic way, live with it. 

Into the night - Chapter 100

“Are you sure you don’t want me to come with you, I could talk to her, make her see sense, you know? She’s my friend too and I flew all the way down here for her” Nahla let go of Noah’s hand for a second as she walked up to him so the child wouldn’t hear, “I know, Nahla, I know you care about her, but I really need to talk to her in private this time,  I promise we’ll all go see her once this is settled, ok? but right now I need you to stay with Noah, he’s had enough to deal with lately” they all had..why could this not be as simple as hitting some reset button to erase the memories of the past and start over?. “Yeah..ok..” Nahla sighed a little dissapointed but she stepped back and wanted to take Noah’s hand but the boy pulled it away from her, clutching both his arms around his doll instead and just stared at Jared without saying a word until he broke eyecontact and closed the frontdoor behind him. Tom waited for him at the end of his driveway “Rough night, huh? I’m sorry for dumping all this on you yesterday, I..” he apologized as he saw the dark rings under Jared’s eyes, but he just shrugged “let’s just go and convince her to come home where she belongs”. Jordan stopped in her tracks on her way to the kitchen, where was she going? She was on her way to do something, but what? The last couple of days it felt like there was a huge hole in her head, she had so much difficulty concentrating on anything, her thoughts were starting to become such a blur like now, she knew she had to do something in the kitchen but what was it? Ok, think Jordan, think..she closed her eyes and forced herself to trace back her steps, she had gotten up, she had come down the stairs..and then what?..she had put water in that thing and pushed a button..what was the water for again?, of course, coffee. The ringing of the doorbell made her stop in her tracks, and stare at nothing at all for a few seconds before she plodded over to the door and opened it. “Hey Babe…” Jared’s heart jumped in his chest “can we talk?”, Jordan stared at the two men on her doorstep without saying a word while behind her Per came walking down the stairs as well, tying up the belt of his bathrobe “I really don’t think that’s a good idea, gentlemen”. The voice of that man always made her skin crawl so she stepped back and pulled the door open a little further to let them in “Per, it’s ok, talk” she walked up to her nurse who shook his head and hissed at her “No, it’s not ok, you still need to take your meds”. Meds, meds, meds it was all this guy could talk about, every time she took them her brain got all fuzzy again, “excuse me, but I don’t appreciate your tone of voice with her” Jared walked up to them “I’m the one who’s paying you, remember? so I would appreciate it if you gave us some privacy while I talk to my girlfriend, alright?” the ice in his voice made Per take a step back and go back upstairs where he came from. “I could say something really sarcastic right now, like how glad I am that I’m not the only one on the receiving end of your wrath, but I’m not going to..I guess I’m just too much of a childish brat for that” Jordan huffed and walked to the kitchen.

”Coffee?” she asked all casual, trying to hide the fog in her head but when she stood there with the hot kettle in her hand looking ever so lost, Tom stepped in “it’s ok, why don’t you sit down? I’ll get the coffee” he took the kettle from her hands and guided her to a chair. “I missed you, so much..” Jared reached for her hand as she sat down and their eyes locked for the first time in a while, “Did you?” she batted her eyelashes and pulled her hand away. Tom put the cups in front of them and sat down himself “Jordan, come on, of course he misses you, we all do, I know for a fact that Noah misses you terribly”, her head shot up hearing his name “Noah, how is he? Is he ok?” the worry in her voice take everyone’s breath away. “He’s fine but we do need to talk about him, especially about his future” Tom sipped his coffee, “what? But Tom?” she stammered but it was Jared who grabbed her hand again and squeezed it this time “Babe, Tom told me all about the letter”. Jordan’s eyes shot daggers at Tom “Why Tom? I trusted you!”, Tom put his cup down and stared back at her “I know and I told you that I can’t take care of Noah, I wouldn’t know what to do or where to start, you know I have absolutely no experience raising kids and neither do I want to”. Jordan put her elbows on the table and held her head “Tom, please, you know I have no other choice”, Tom could feel his heart break but he needed to be honest “Yes you do and you know it, if there’s one person who’s always been there for that boy then it’s definitely Jared, I don’t know why you refuse to see that!”. Slowly she raised her head and shook it keeping her eyes closed “Great, this is just..great..whose side are you really on, Tom?” she hissed as she hung her head again, “what? This is not about taking sides, Jordan” Tom grabbed her wrist to make open her eyes and face him but she just yanked it out of his grip and pushed her chair back “No, of course it isn’t..d'you know what, forget it! It was stupid of me to think we could even be friends, let alone think that you would respect my last wish”. All of a sudden Per came walking into the room “Jordan, come on, I’ll take you to your room, you really need to take your pills” his tone of voice hardened as he approached the table, “No, I don’t!?” she pulled away from him as she got up, “you do, Jordan, don’t be ridiculous, your life depends on it” he grabbed her arm. “Fuck off” she pushed back against him and stomped out of the room, just when Per wanted to follow her, Jared stopped him and shook his head at him “I’ll go”. Upstairs Jordan let herself fall on her brother’s bed, and silently cried holding one hand over her mouth to muffle the sobs and one over her painful heart, her doctor kept saying she had to worry less, but how could she when everyone around her kept piling on top of the already endless list. Jared stopped at the door, seeing her lying there curled up into a miserable little ball broke his heart, suddenly the matress dipped and her eyes shot open to see Jared lying on his side, staring at her.

“Go away” she mumbled, agressively wiping her tears away, “nuh-uh” he shook his head without breaking eyecontact with her, “I’m sorry” he breathed, moving closer to her “I’m sorry for losing my temper, for saying all those godawful things”. Jordan blinked a few times, never had an apology sounded more sincere but she kept her forcefield firmly up, for now at least..”I don’t want to do this anymore..” her breath danced on his face as he moved closer to her. “What? What don’t you wanna do anymore, Jordan?” Jared swallowed hard and held his breath, unsure whether she was talking about their relationship or their epic fights, “this! This know, this whole..oh fuck this” Jordan just couldn’t get the words out. “Ok, you’re gonna have to be a little bit more specific here, this whole what? Jordan? This whole mess we’ve created, us fighting? Is that what you’re sick and tired of? Because hey, so am I, ok? But we can handle that, just don’t say you’re sick and tired of ‘us’ because I won’t survive, I swear I won't” he rambled in a voice that was suddenly hoarse with worry as he pushed himself up on his elbow. “I don’t know, Jared, you and I..” she tried to get her clouded mind to function “you and I came together under some pretty sinister circumstances and I don’t know..I don’t know if we..I just don’t think you would have even so much as noticed me if we had just met without all this darkness surrounding us..half of the time I feel like some kind of distraction or something, someone to keep you occupied to stop you from missing her too much, I know you still love her and I know how much it still hurts, the wound of her death is still so fresh..Are you really sure you’ll be able to go through all that grief again?”. Jared felt like his blood was freezing in his veins “No, I’ll not be able to go through it again, because I won’t have to, you’re not gonna die, ok? You’ll get that new heart and we’ll get our happily ever after! That’s all I’ve ever wanted and all I’ll ever want, to spend the rest of my days with you and Noah” his face hovered over hers while his hand rested on her stomach. She didn’t say anything, she just lay there looking up at him like she was studying every single detail in his face, her silence made his heart thump in his throat, there was no telling what she would do or say, but then her hand slowly reached for his face. Her hand caressed the heavy stubble on his cheek and he closed his eyes, leaning in to the warmth of her touch “What is all that ‘happily ever after’ anyway? Come on, I know we’re in Hollywood right now and I know they invented the phrase but they sure as hell aren’t practicing what they preach, are they? Nobody believes in all that bullshit anyway, I mean, the average relationship here only lasts as long as what? 6 months?” she breathed. “Oh, you really are a romantic, are you?” Jared sarcastically grinned, at least she hadn’t said that she was breaking up with him “well, thank god we’ve managed to survive the 6 months itch then!”. The first signs of a slow grin on her face were starting to show “No we didn’t, we were friends longer than we’ve been lovers, so we’re not out of dangerzone just yet”. Jared felt the tension between them slowly fall away so he brought his face closer to hers, his lips only inches removed from hers “Well..Some might say ‘danger’ is my middle name”, the grin curled into a cheeky smile beaming up at him. “Oh really? Well that’s odd, because I did have a few dangerous men in my life you know? I do love a bad boy as much as the next girl, but you..this..I guess I just don’t feel any danger, at all, wait…” she frowned and pretended to be checking “nope..definitely no danger”. Jared played along and pretended to be shocked too “Ok, how about this then?” he gathered his courage and kissed her warm lips, hungrily biting her bottom lip before he lifted his head to look at her, she didn’t really participate, but at least she hadn’t pulled away or protested. “Uhm, no..nope..still no danger” she slowly shook her head at him, “ok, well, how about now?” he murmured before his mouth came crashing down on hers, within seconds his tongue was demanding entrance to her mouth all dominantly. And just like that, with nothing more than a kiss, she could suddenly feel the fog in her head clear and remember the excitement of the first days of their relationship and it brought an unexpected fighting spirit back into her, something she had thought had gone for good, so she broke down the wall that she meticulously had built between them, there was no reason to keep it up any longer now that she realized there was nothing left to fight over.

Noah pushed past Tom who tried to stop him and quickly ran up the stairs  ignoring Tom who chased him, heading straight for his parents’ bedroom but stopped in his tracks at the door looking at the scene in front of him. “Leave my aunt Jordan alone” Noah spurted forward and jumped on the bed, breaking up their passionate kiss by throwing himself inbetween them as they hastily let go of each other, “whoaaaa, whoaaa, easy, easy, buddy” Jared folded his arm around the boy to stop him from crashing into Jordan. Smiling and relieved she pulled Noah against her chest and held him tight “hey, hey it’s alright” she breathed in his tousled blonde hair, a little smile forming around her lips as she glanced at Jared, “I missed you so much, aunt Jordan, you can’t leave me” her nephew murmured against her chest, his little fingers digging deep into her skin. “I missed you too, Noah, and I’m sorry, I’m never leaving you again, you hear?” she kept kissing the top of his head while Jared scooted closer to them as well, caressing the young boy’s back which finally made Noah turn his head “can my aunt Jordan come back to live with us?” he asked as he reluctantly let go of his aunt and rolled on his back between them. “What kind of question is that? Of course she’s coming back to live with us..that is if she still wants too of course” Jared cocked his head. Jordan pretended to still think about, but then put them both out of their misery “I would like that very much” she said with a warm smile, “yaaaayyyyy!!!” Noah sat up and pushed a clumsy, sloppy kiss on her lips and jumped off the bed “Tom, my aunt Jordan is coming back home” running up to Tom who stood there, all doe-eyed at the door. “So I heard, come on, we’ll go tell everyone the big news and give your aunt and Jared a little bit of time alone” he winked at Jared and Jordan as he put his hand on Noah’s head and started guiding him out of the room, “they’re not gonna make babies, are they?”. Noah’s words had been just loud enough for her to hear “What did he say?” she gave Jared a worried frown but Jared tried to suppress a giggle “it’s a long story, he asked about siblings, about not having a brother, and he didn’t know where they come from so I kinda told him”. Jordan closed her eyes and shook her head completely clueless “wait, what? You had ‘the talk’ with Noah? He’s 5! you didn’t make it too graphic, did you? Because I know what you’re like”, her prudish reaction made him lean into her again “what I’m like? Ok, so what am I like?” he teased her mouth with a butterfly kiss before he left a trail of them on her chin, making his way to her throat. “You know what I mean, you’re not exactly the type who talks about the flowers and the bees..” she swallowed hard as his lips had now reached her collarbone, his teeth grazing her skin there was driving her slowly insane “I just don’t want to put images in his head, you know, of us having sex”. He pushed her back down on the mattress, his tongue drawing circles on the side of her neck “well, lately we haven't” she could feel his mouth curl into a grin “and I’m not against it”, wait, what did he just say?. “You’re not against what?” her hand stilled on his back as he crawled on top of her, “against us having babies” he whispered against her lips and kissed the tip of her nose, “Jared..” this was the first time they had ever talked about something as lifechanging as this and she didn’t know how to feel, hell she didn’t know if she would live that long or if she even wanted any. “Don’t panic, it’s just a thought, I’m not saying we need to have them right now, but maybe one day? And until that time, I was thinking we could start practicing tonight, in our own bed, how does that sound?” he claimed her mouth again in a hungry kiss.

that-girl-nix  asked:

If you're still doing the Hell's Studio prompts I have one for ya. Since ya wrote Sammy and Susie as a couple how about a story where the have a baby. Sammy's worried that they won't like him since he's a grouch, but when the baby comes and they bring the baby to the studio it turns out the baby is much like him in some ways. Like being calmed down by music, liking Alice, cries because of Joey, ect...

This is the last prompt I’ll do for now. I wanted this to be my last one, because I wanted to write it. 


When Susie had announced she was pregnant, Sammy had freaked out. He wasn’t the best with small children. Or, at least, he was never quite sure how to deal with them. Contrary to popular belief, Sammy was actually quite good with children. He never dumbed anything down, never treated children like they were stupid. His coworkers would have been blown away if they’d seen him interact with a child. Babies were a different matter though. Babies were just so tiny and loud and….strange. Everyone told him it would be different when it was his own though. He took their word for it, just trying to help Susie whenever he could. Secretly, though, he still worried. He wanted to be a good father for his child and a good husband for Susie. When the day came, everything was pandemonium. The two of them drove to the hospital in a frenzy. Susie was the calmer of the two, although she was still screaming because of the contractions. But Sammy was a mess. Susie was in pain and she was about to push a baby out of her and he didn’t know how to deal with that. He didn’t have a lot of friends, nor did he have any sisters, so he’d never experienced this before. Henry, being the only one with actual children, showed up prepared. He had a bag and everything.

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makingdoughnuts  asked:

Would you consider Baked Alaska (Yang x Neo)as a good rare pair for your event? If so a prompt for them is could be: It's super hot right now, and this is the last ice cream pop in the fridge. Your puppy dog eyes won't work on me this time. Just an idea id you were still looking. Cheers! And can't wait for rare pair week

“Your puppy dog eyes won’t work on me this time”, Yang said. “I had it first.”

Neo’s expression got frighteningly angry, but Yang was far beyond being impressed by that. She poked her tongue out and turned around. 

Neo followed her into the living room. Yang sat down on the couch and tried to seductively lick the ice cream, but Neo was unimpressed and rolled her eyes. “I told you to buy new ones”, Yang said. “It wasy our turn to go to the supermarket. Stop acting like this was my fault.” 

Neo raised her eyebrows. 

“I know it’s hot today, that doesn’t change the fact it was your turn.” Hot was an understatement. Neo was wearing her hair in a messy bun, something she rarely ever did, and walked around in nothing but her sport’s bra and shorts. Yang’s hair was still wet from the shower she had just taken, but the top she was wearing felt way too warm already. 

Neo sat down next to her, crossing her arms in front of her chest and not looking at her while Yang licked her ice cream. 

“I would share, but I already licked it.”

Neo gave her a look that definitely was supposed to mean I have licked worse. We’re dating. Do you really think this will stop me? 

Yang sighed. “You can lick it from my belly button.” 

Neo just shook her head and leaned closer. 

Yeah, she was definitely better at the seductive ice cream licking thing. 

aftertherockets  asked:

What about a West Wing AU with Clarke as CJ and Bellamy as Danny? Clarke's just trying to get through a crazy press day, but that relentless reporter from the third row won't stop hounding her for the story he knows she's keeping back.

Clarke has been at the White House since five a.m., and didn’t leave last night until after midnight. She managed about two hours of good sleep, and she’s been working on press releases all day, none of which are ready, and no one will leave her alone.

She’s amazed Bellamy doesn’t show up until eight; it’s a lot of restraint for him. That doesn’t stop her from greeting him with, “I will actually murder you.”

“Good morning to you too,” he says, grinning. “I brought you coffee.”

She frowns down at the paper cup, which is definitely from her favorite little coffee shop and definitely smells delicious. “I don’t accept bribes,” she says.

“It’s not a bribe, it’s–” He pauses. “No, actually, it’s a bribe. But it’s so you don’t kill me, not because I think it’s going to get me advance information.”

She wavers for all of five seconds before she snatches the mug and drinks deeply. “I won’t kill you yet.”

“That’s the best I ever hope for,” he says, falling into step with her. “Where’s your intern who doesn’t know how to shut up? Myles? He’ll tell me what’s happening, right?”

Clarke gives him an unimpressed look, which he returns with an even brighter smile. Bellamy is her least favorite White House correspondent, in that he’s actually her favorite and that makes him incredibly inconvenient.

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ironsstark  asked:

What eyeliners would you recommend for me I'm just starting out (I've learnt bottom easily it's too that's difficult) and am a big fan of cat eyes and wings also I love red lipsticks but as I am a messy eater is there anything you can recommend that won't shift a lot and end up smeared across my nose or something (it's happened before) but also under a budget of $15

Hi!  If you’re just beginning with top eyeliner, I’d definitely recommend NYC Liquid Eyeliner.  That’s the very first liquid liner that I used, and I still like to use it to this day because it’s simple and the brush is thin and precise.  If you want to do wings and cat eyes, you’ll definitely want a liquid versus a pencil.  The NYC liner creates the perfect flick without you having to struggle!

NYC Liquid Eyeliner - $3

As for a long-lasting, smudge-proof red lip, I’d recommend Revlon Colorstay Overtime Lipstick!  They have a couple of great reds, and that formula doesn’t budge.  It’s a liquid lipstick with a waterproof sealant that keeps lips feeling comfortable.

Revlon Colorstay Overtime Lipstick “Ultimate Wine” - $10

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Entry for Supercat Week Day 3 - Baby!Carter AU. 

The Grants’ are looking for a new nanny. 

Cat takes a deep breath outside of the front door of her apartment before she opens it to walk inside.

A breath to compose herself, to let go of the cool, calm and some would say cold-hearted woman who was building up a media empire, and to allow herself to become the mother that her three year old son needs her to be.

A breath to prepare herself for the sight of the husband that she knows doesn’t love her anymore, if he ever did. The ‘business trips’ he takes get longer and longer, and Cat had stopped caring about it a long time ago.

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Season 4 head cannons/game changer
  • So I have no clue what's going to happen at the end of season 3. I surprisingly haven't seen many spoilers from the finale lol. However, I have seen some very vague spoilers and from what I gathered, I definitely could be wrong, they are not going with the game changer.
  • Now I already wrote a post saying I personally think it would be cool if they did the game changer and the show actually didn't end. Because let's be honest, we all know the game changer could be the end of the show. BUT if it got renewed I think it would be interesting. But yes everything would change.
  • So I have so many head cannons on if the game changer happened
  • -time skip (but only like a year because I wouldn't want them to go through more than that) I imagine the "game changer" would come to an end by the time the kids are ready to go to their junior year of high school preferably the summer before
  • -Maya and Zay get SUPER CLOSE. Can't y'all just see it?! I have so many head cannons for them alone, that's for another post
  • - Of course Maya and Riley are still the bestest best friends in the land! FaceTime, snapchat, text, call you cant keep them apart lol. When things first go back to normal there is a little awkwardness because that's normal but overall they are SOLID 🔥👌🏾
  • -rucas tries, they really do, but obviously that doesn't work out lol. I ship rucas I really do, but only for Riley's first BF. I think with this game changer, their relationship wouldn't last. Shit from the spoilers from the finale it doesn't even look like Riley and Lucas are going to try 😂 at least in my head cannon they would try and really like each other but just can't make it work. When the game changer ends they realize they still have low key feelings for each other and that insues a LITTLE drama but quickly they realize they are both different and it is never the way that it was and that's the end of that but they are still great friends.
  • -Joshaya kind of falls apart. Well not really falls apart per se. They said someday so... But I think with the game changer realistically, Maya wouldn't see Josh. So they don't really fall apart as much as, no new developments with them, actually, Josh gets a new girlfriend or something and Maya starts dating other guys. Basically they don't really see each other for the duration of the game changer. They probably won't see each other again until Maya is like 16-17 (and I've made my feelings for joshaya very clear before. I have head cannons galore for them lol that's another post for another day)
  • -Riley has changed, grown up. Now Riley is always going to be Riley. She is always going to be positive, look at the best in things and have a certain innocence to her but after the game changer she is different. Not lost different, but more grown up. She is for the better. Listens to some cool music that she learned about and wants to share, her clothes 😍 imagine it now. She has met new people, done new things, some things that may/will be surprising to her friends. Everyone is impressed and almost in awe at the new Riley. Again she hasn't changed drastically, she is definitely still Riley but she is more grown up. Everyone is here for it.
  • - Farkle and Smackle have broken up by this point too. They are still friends but it fell apart somewhere lol. Now here's where things get dicey lol I ship Riarkle I mean who doesn't but I want riarkle done the right way, I saw someone describe it as a slow burn. IF riarkle did happen I would want it to be when they were older, possibly junior/senior year. Farkle is now one of the low key hot popular guys, he has options and recently has been turning up 👀 (not in a true fuck boy way because Farkle is too good for that. He was just one of those glo ups that people started to notice, which happens a lot in high school) but lol head cannon riarkle happens in a very casual way Riely and Farkle hanging out, doing homework, laughing, play arguing (maybe Riley teased him about his latest "girlfriend"), and somewhere between laughing and playful jabs, kisses happen Lol I want riarkle to be THE friendship to relationship on this damn show lol I want laughter, friendship, the MOTHER FUCKING BURN. Honestly to me i would rather no riarkle than Riley still low key liking Lucas riarkle that's why I'm happy af Riley and Lucas are together right now. GO RUCAS! 😄
  • -although Maya and Riley stayed as close as could be there were things both did that they didn't tell the other about. Post game changer, things are admitted, great friendship moments, more growth, more Maya and Riley balance.
  • -Topanga was LIVING for the game changer but glad things are back to normal, her wardrobe is BOMB
  • -Auggie and Ava. Oh lord! when your a kid it's harder to get through something like this. Post game changer Ava gives Auggie the cold shoulder feeling betrayed and she made new friends. Poor baby Auggie honestly had the hardest time with the game changer and post game changer. Auggie and Ava, like Cory and Topanga go through some "lost years" (BMW reference) but FTW IF NO OTHER couple on this damn show is endgame Auggie and Ava are. At the end of everything Auggie and Ava will grow up and get married. And I think THAT is going to be a damn story.
  • -Cory just goes with the flow completely in love with his wife and kids, tries to give lessons when he can. Learned A LOT from the game changer very happy for the experience. Post game changer makes corny jokes about his experience and uses accents 😉
  • -I have nothing specific on Lucas or Smackle. And Zay, I would need a whole other post to do head cannons on him 😍
mawaru-penguindrum starters
  • "I hate the word “fate.” Birth, encounters, partings, success and failures, fortune and misfortunes in life. If our lives are already set in stone by fate, then why are we even born?"
  • "There are those born to wealthy families, those born to beautiful mothers, and those born into the middle of war or poverty. If that’s all caused by fate, then God is incredibly unfair and cruel."
  • "Because, ever since that day, none of us had a future and the only certain thing was that we wouldn’t amount to anything."
  • "I love the word “fate”. Because, you know how they talk about “fated encounters”? A single encounter can completely change your life. Such special encounters are not just coincidences. They’re definitely fate."
  • "Of course, life is not all happy encounters. There are many painful, sad moments. It’s hard to accept that misfortunes beyond your control are fate."
  • "But this is what I think: sad and painful things definitely happen for a reason. Nothing in this world is pointless."
  • "At this time, I thought we were just lucky. That unfair and cruel God altered our fate with a tiny miracle on a whim. I thought we even had the right to be happy"
  • "Why are people born? If people are born only to suffer the hard life, is it meant as some kind of punishment? Or a cynical joke? "
  • " that’s the case, animals that adhere to the survival strategies programmed in their DNA are far more elegant and simple. If there really is an existence worthy of being called a God, I want to ask him just one thing: Is there really fate in the universe? "
  • "If a man ignored fate, and ignored his instincts and DNA to love someone else… Dear God, is he really human? Just wondering. I hate the word “fate.”"
  • " Survival strategy!"
  • "isten up, you lowlifes who will never amount to anything!"
  • " If it's money, I'll get it somehow! If they can't get the surgery in (blank), we can send her overseas! If she needs an organ transplant, they can use mine! So... so, please, don't say there's nothing you can do!"
  • "That hat is controlling (blank)!"
  • "This persons's life has been temporarily extended using my powers. However, everything comes with a price! I am taking the price for their life."
  • "I have come from the destination of your fate. Rejoice, for I have decided to extend this persons's life. If you want to keep the person alive..."
  • “Simply put, the apple is also a reward for those chosen to die for love.”
  • “As it turns out, living was a punishment.”
  • “Why do we continue to hurt each other with superficial words?”
  • "I realized one morning... That I hate this world. This world is made of countless boxes."
  • " People bend and stuff their bodies into their own boxes. And stay there for the rest of their lives. And eventually, inside the box, they forget: what they looked like; what they loved; who they loved."
  • "That's why I'm getting out of my box. I'm one of the chosen. That's why I'm going to destroy this world."
  • " Isn't it electrifying?"
  • "n the human world, truth and reality aren't always one and the same. Humans just call their desires and ambitions "truth". Humans will even kill other humans if they have "truth" as an excuse."
  • "Oh, I must crush him as soon as possible."
  • "Let's share the fruit of fate."
  • "No storm lasts forever. But you can't protect the people you love if you just wait for it to pass."
  • "I’ve been punished in small doses living as a (blank)… but still, we were together. We took all the punishments, no matter how small and trivial. They are all precious memories. Because the only reason I felt alive was because you were there."
  • "Because punishment has to be the most unjust."
  • "It's nice knowing someone will find you."
  • " This world is corrupt, it's all about winning and losing. Who is ranked above and below you."
  • " The profitable and unprofitable. The accepted and unaccepted. The chosen and unchosen. They never try to give up... All they care about is taking. What a miserable world we live in. "
  • " A world ruled by those who will never amount to anything. This is already a frozen world"
  • "But fortunately for us, the flame of hope is still burning strong. Tomorrow we will cleanse the world with this flame. Now's the time to take back... The beautiful world where the mankind only need true things to survive! This is our survival strategy."
  • " It's no use. It's akin to love. Akin to the first kiss. It only works once."
  • "Cry, monkey bitch."
  • " Like I said, the apple is the universe itself! A universe in the palm of your hand. It's what connects this world and the other world. "
  • "I have come from the destination of your fate."
  • "Sorry, that may actually be my fault. My bag was stuck and I yanked it out forcefully. I didn't mean any harm, but I apologize for any discomfort I may have caused... I'm sorry."
  • "Don't worry. Your days of eating dinner alone are almost over. After all, from now on I'll always be with you. I won't let you lonely. It's ok. The future is already written right here. Nothing in this world is pointless. I believe in fate."

anonymous asked:

The fact is that Bellamy is written as subservient to C/larke and O/ctavia in every way and would die for them, but they would never die for him, not really (Octagon doesn't give a shit as long as Bellamy does what she wants and Cla/rke, of course, is a Bigger Picture thinker, and she only gives fucks about Bellamy when it's convenient to her plans of saving the world/"her people"). Bellamy won't have a character development when he'll think he deserves better or starts to love himself.

I actually don’t think Bellamy is written as subservient to Clarke or Octavia (although I can see how you might, Nonny). Self sacrifice is practically coded into Bellamy’s DNA at this point, he doesn’t know any other way, he doesn’t see himself as particularly valuable and so is willing to risk himself for the safety of others. 

I also definitely don’t think that being willing to die for your sister (especially when their relationship is more father/child, than sibling-something Bob himself has stated) is subservience. I think it’s natural. I think it’s human. I think it’s real. Don’t forget: Bellamy was always willing to die for Octavia, even back on the Ark (he was willing to create a diversion so she would have time to escape-the ONLY reason he didn’t was because she said she didn’t know how to get home.)

We all know how I feel about Octanakin. She’s kind of #theworst, but I also don’t think it’s true that she doesn’t care about Bellamy. Octavia loves Bellamy, heart and soul (and remember-I say this as not her biggest fan), never forget how she refused to leave with Lincoln, even though she knew she could die of the biological weapon, how she took care of him when he was ill when she realized she was immune, how she hugged him before Lincoln took her away in the Season 1 finale, how she saved his life with the horn blowing in Season 2 and then hugged him for all she was worth, how she turned her back on the thing she wanted most (to be a Grounder) in the Season 2 finale, losing her position as Indra’s second to stay behind with her brother, how she saved Bellamy’s life (at the cost of her own imprisonment and being taken to Polis) in Season 3 by warning him of the trap the Grounders in the village had rigged (even though Monroe died). 

Please remember when talking about Octavia and Bellamy’s relationship that it is far more complex than just “They’re brother and sister, they should love each other in xyz way.” Their relationship is canonically unhealthy because of their upbringing. They depend on each other to an unnatural degree (even while simultaneously rejecting each other (in a way).) Octavia takes Bellamy for granted, because he’s always been there, similar to the way a child doesn’t appreciate the things they’re parents do for them until those parents are gone/they have to do it for themselves, etc. She doesn’t know of a world wherein Bellamy doesn’t rush in to save her (even when she thinks she doesn’t need her) and so a lot of her “bluster” is a combination of her grief (remember-just as Bellamy has gone through a lot-so has Octavia, hidden under the floor for 16 years, mother floated, jailed, mocked by the people who should have been her peers, isolate, socially and emotionally stunted, forced down to a hostile Earth, watched her lover murdered in front of her), anger and other emotions. Octavia is….(hopefully) a work in progress and I have faith that Season 3 O is not the last Octavia we’ll ever see. 

In terms of Clarke being a “Big Picture” thinker-so is Bellamy. Clarke’s willingness to sacrifice Bellamy is devastating and harsh, sure, but it’s mirrored in Bellamy’s own willingness to sacrifice himself. If Bellamy truly believed it was necessary to save the majority of his people, he would (and has) sacrifice himself without hesitation. That is who he is. Would he sacrifice Clarke? I doubt it-look at Nevermore, but Clarke would (and has!) sacrifice herself for her people-again, look at Nevermore. 

In fact, I’m almost inclined to believe that if Bellamy truly believed there was no other way to save their people, he might sacrifice Clarke. Bellamy and Clarke are far more similar than you all give them credit for. 

I also really beg to differ on Clarke only caring about Bellamy when it’s convenient to her plans, because… Season 1 she was definitely concerned about him suffering from the biological warfare and in the finale it was Miller who yelled at her to get back in the Dropship and leave Bellamy (and Finn) behind, in Season 2, her first question when she was brought into Arkadia was about Bellamy, when he returned to camp she ran for him as if her life depended on him, she got (bad) advice and attempted to harden her heart, but immediately regretted it, she let a bomb drop on 200 people to save his life, she literally traded her own life for his in Season 3, she was THE ONLY PERSON IN THE ENTIRETY OF SEASON 3 TO ASK BELLAMY IF HE WAS OK. LIKE…RE-WATCH THE SEASON…SERIOUSLY…SHE’S THE ONLY ONE. 

Clarke loves Bellamy, he is not just a tool for to her. I’m sorry you guys can’t see that. 

Time for a very, very long ramble on the state of things regarding Rose Quartz, Pink Diamond, the Diamond Authority, and the Crystal Gem rebellion.

@ariadnearca said:

Man, this Pink Diamond stuff is making me SO nervous. There has to be a /reason/ they’re hiding PD’s identity that isn’t just “so we can trick the fandom into believing she’s Rose”, right? I hope it’s a satisfying reveal at the end, whatever it is (though I’m still holding out for Rose being an ex-Diamond…)

@powtothenuts said:

hi, to clarify, is your pink diamond theory post implying that the placement of pink diamond’s gem is on the stomach, proving that rose quartz is pink diamond? or something else?

[link to post]

That post was mostly a scream of… I have no idea what to think anymore, and I definitely don’t know what they want me to think. It feels like the episodes this week deliberately poked a million holes in the theories about Rose being Pink Diamond and tore it down for good, but then the next second they turn around and tease it some more, like with this whole gem placement thing implying that, yes, following the pattern Pink Diamond’s gem would be somewhere around her midriff, and the highly conspicuous hiding of the mural in the Moon base. Basically, if Rose isn’t Pink Diamond, what is the deal with Pink Diamond, what’s so important about her, and why is she being kept such a big secret? It feels like I’m trying to solve a jigsaw puzzle, but have too many pieces, and I can’t make sense of this… red herring? misdirection? impending twist of whatever kind? narratively or otherwise. Additionally, Rose Quartz is a character I am very invested in (second only to Pearl), so I really hope this big mystery she’s obviously embroiled in somehow gets a satisfying resolution.

I recommend taking a look at this post and this post, for a rundown on how the whole Pink Diamond thing grew. Lots of words and Oath Opinions under the cut.

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spacecleavage  asked:

Clarke is a serial drunk dialler, and because she is such a light weight, it takes like two ciders and she is out! She wakes up on morning with bad hangover and her phone blinking at her, she knows she is in trouble. There's the usual missed call from Raven checking on her, but the one she wasn't expecting was bellamy's with the message 'anytime you wanna talk princess, I'm here,' follwed by 'i promise i won't tell o about your crush'. Her ceush, which was on bellamy... fuck

AN: thatweirdparamedicstudent I ain’t backing down, aussie. ;)


Clarke is a many splendored things — she’d like to believe every once in a while. All of which, of course, she’s aware of. Like that one time her hard-ass superior called her a ‘pretty decent doctor’, which is about the best she can get from said superior. Or that one time a university professor bought the art she was selling during senior year for some extra bucks and called her ‘an amazing potential’. There’s the occasional ‘pretty’ from drunk friends (Jasper and Monty, always), and often the ‘bad bitch’, lovingly commented by Raven, and that one time someone called her ‘sexy’, and it made all her insides flutter. Not because it’s from a particular someone, but because she’s only seldom called that. Right. That’s it.

(It’s Bellamy – he had said it as an offhanded comment, but she took it to heart alright.)

One thing she doesn’t know, and is probably gonna be held against her for the rest of her life is that she’s a terrible drunk.

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anonymous asked:

Stephen has been very vocally pro-Olicity in the last week. If love to hear you thoughts on why this is considering, despite his own personal opinion, he has firmly maintained a neutral stance since S2, with the exception of one SDCC interview. I'm wondering if there is concern amongst the ranks that Olicity fans either won't tune without Oliver on screen in present day or because we suspect difficult times are ahead considering some recent spoilers. Thoughts all knowing Olicity goddess?

Anonymous said: First off, Happy Arrow Wednesday! We made it!! I just need to flail a bit about the fact that Jimmy Kimmel brought up Felicity/Olicity in Stephen’s interview. This is HUGE. His interview wasn’t very long and the fact that Olicity was talked about at all is such a big big deal. Those topics are predetermined. Olicity is so powerful that it was discussed on national television. Such an awesome way to start this Arrow Wednesday!! What are your thoughts on his interview? Thx!

Our Captain sure is chatty lately isn’t he?

My thoughts on the Kimmel interview are here. I stand by the gifs.

I actually disagree with the assertion that Stephen has maintained neutrality since S2. Every interview is different and the nuances in every interview are incredibly important. The way the question is phrased is vital - especially when discussing ship wars.

Yes, obviously Stephen has always been supportive of Olicity since day one - it’s why he’s our Captain. Everyone knows that his personal opinion definitely slants towards that ship and a belief that Oliver’s true love is Felicity.  However, he has always adamantly refused to say one way or the other which ship he prefers - Lauriver or Olicity. And it’s for understandable reasons.

I’m teasing about Stephens “I don’t give a fuck about ship wars” attitude. I don’t actually think that’s what’s going on. I think the interviewers have just finally gotten smart. I know. Miracles can happen.

In all of these interviews this past let’s just say couple weeks, because Stephen’s been on a media blitz promoting 3x10, there are a couple interviews that come to mind - Access Hollywood, TVLine, EW, Jimmy Kimmel and of course the great SDCC interview.

Do you want to know what all of these interviews have in common? NONE, I repeat, NONE are asking Stephen for his personal opinion. They are asking Stephen about OLIVER’S feelings and what’s going on the show. The answer is simple - there’s one love and that’s Felicity. BOOM.

I think the why is best addressed in the TVLine article. Hero’s stories are different in the romance department because they typically choose ONE main love interest for the hero. It’s not necessary for a love triangle or a bevvy of love interests, because the conflict doesn’t stem from romance. The conflict stems from outside factors - by the hero’s journey. So it enables the writers to be a bit more honest about the hero’s true feelings, without needing to pull the will they/won’t they trigger. Also…it’s just the way hero’s stories roll. Take it up with Homer.

Arrow is in its 3rd season. They know what works and what doesn’t. As the other Anon so elegantly pointed out - what was brought up on Jimmy Kimmel was incredibly important. This interview was big - national television, late night. And Olicity was one of the main topics. Kimmel’s team does their research and and topics are predetermined, so yes…Olicity is hugely important and a driving factor on the show. Everyone knows that. The writers, producers, actors and even the media. Everyone is on board. So, what’s the point of dancing around it anymore? The show isn’t. The show has definitely made Oliver’s choice - it is Felicity. And it’s obvious Felicity loves Oliver. As Stephen elogquently points out - it’s not love but circumstance is the issue for these two lovebirds. Typical of any hero story (Looking at you Superman!!!).

So this provides Stephen with a great deal of freedom and a hell of a lot of cover. He can be more honest not because he’s choosing a personal preference but because THE SHOW HAS.

They are not promoting Olicity because the writers/producers are concerned that fans aren’t going to watch or because there’s more trouble in the water. They’ve been promoting Olicity since this summer. They’ve got research in hand, the ratings are proof - Olicity is popular among the fan base. It drives ratings. It makes the show money. That’s why it’s trotted out like a pretty pony at a horse show every interview. It’s the sparkly diamond the fans want to  ”ooh and aaah” over. That’s what peaks our interest. That’s one of the reasons we watch/read the interviews. Olicity doesn’t simply give Arrow traction among viewers - it gains the media outlet traction as well.

Bottom line? Whether Oliver & Felicity are together or not, the show has chosen a lane. The love story of Arrow is Oliver & Felicity. And that’s the way they are going to promote it. Which means…that’s the way Stephen promotes it.

Which, believe me, makes our Captain very very happy.

AZ: "Holy shit! She's on her way over here right now, she/he CANNOT see you!"
  • Zade: *still sleepy* W-whaa?
  • Andreau: *grabs his boxers* Shit, Zades. Gumising ka na dyan! Mars is coming!
  • Zade: *tinakpan ng unan ang mukha* No. Still sleepy.
  • Andreau: *stares at her* Scheherazade Pascual please for the love of god wake the fuck up.
  • Zade: *rolls away from him* Too tired. Body hurts. Your fault.
  • Andreau: How come this is my fault??
  • Zade: *sits up, throws a pillow at him* Kasalanan mo naman talaga eh!! i'm not supposed to be here! Ang tahimik ko lang kagabi and getting my beauty sleep tapo--
  • Andreau: Okay okay! My fault! Now can you please fucking get up right now and get dressed? Mars will definitely kill us!
  • Zade: Okay fine you little shit. *nakita ang bra na nakasabit sa lamp shade* An indicator of a great sex: bras on lampshades. Well played, Cortez. Well played.
  • Andreau: *from inside the bathroom* I know, you don't have to remind me. I was there.
  • Zade: And please mention you are the most willing participant betwe--
  • Andreau: *goes out of the bathroom, holding a toothbrush* You came five times-- wait, was it six?
  • Zade: *throws a water bottle at him* Asshole! Ang sama talaga ng ugali mo! And that's my toothbrush you idiot!
  • Andreau: *rolls eyes* You're in my room so this is mine! Don't act like a prude. I went down on you for thre--
  • Andreau: *laughs* You're so adorkable, Zades. I love you.
  • Zade: *dresses up* I love you mo mukha mo! Pasalamat ka nahihiya lang ako sa mga guest natin! Kundi hindi kita sisiputin mamaya!
  • Andreau: Nah. You won't do that to me.
  • Zade: Wow, you're so confident ah. Bakit naman? Kasi kung sasabihin mo na gwapo ka hindi 'yon ang ras--
  • Andreau: *flashes mysterious smile* Because you love me. Because six hours from now you're gonna be my wife. Because nine hours from now we'll be having our first married sex. Because you love me. And.. because I love you.
  • Zade: Walang hiya ka. I don't wanna cry on our wedding day, Francisco. *walks towards him; hugs* I love you, too.
  • Andreau: Good. Now go before Mar--
  • *a loud bang on the bedroom door*

I started writing a Kaisoo Elevator AU, thanks to doksoo~ ♡♡

Kyungsoo steps out of his apartment and locks the door, pulling on the door and trying to open it afterwards. He slips the cold metal of his keys into his pocket with a laugh because hell, why would he care whether or not anyone broke into his apartment, he’s got nothing to give. Just some lousy old furniture he threw together years ago with the intention of starting a great, new life, and buying great, new things, and spending a great, happy life with someone he loved. But time went by, and the furniture was no longer new but covered with Sunday morning coffee stains, and the white, fresh curtains were replaced with scrappy, old dark ones; Kyungsoo never found the love of his life, and after almost twenty-two years of being alone, he doesn’t think it’s worth trying for anymore, because he’s had boyfriends and flings, lovers and one night stands, but none of them have ever stayed more than a night or gave him a call the next day or two to ask whether he needed anything, or whether he was okay– If they asked, he wasn’t okay, but he never got the time to explain why because they were gone in the time it took him to pick up the phone and say hello. For the first time in a while, though, Kyungsoo is smiling as he walks to the elevator of his run down apartment building, because today’s the day it’s all going to fade away– no more sadness, no more disappointment, no more nights spent awake wishing for childish dreams. He knows where he’s going to go and what he’s going to do, and there will be no note left in his path, because Do Kyungsoo’s departure will mean nothing to the world and everything to himself. He walks down the small, dingy hallway, jacket pulled tight around his body even though it’s almost the middle of summer and he’s about to go outside; it doesn’t affect him much, though, because Kyungsoo always feels cold, and he doesn’t think it has anything to do with the temperature of his skin. He reaches the elevator and presses button, swaying a few times and humming a soft tune to some song that’s been stuck in his head for what has to be days now, blinking a few times as the door opens in front of him. There’s only one other person in there, a boy around his age with platinum blonde hair and tan skin who’s a few inches taller than him, and Kyungsoo bows politely, muttering a greeting before stepping inside. “Could you press the ground floor button?” He asks, and the other boy nods, reaching out and pushing the button quietly. Kyungsoo thanks him before leaning against the wall of the elevator, holding back a sigh when he sees that the other male is heading all the way to the top floor of the building. It puzzles him as to why someone would want to go to the roof, but he doesn’t ask questions, because maybe it’s just him that’s terrified of heights, and he has no room to ask– who knows, maybe the blonde haired boy likes heights, maybe they make him feel alive; someone on this earth deserves to feel alive, Kyungsoo thinks, because he certainly doesn’t. The elevator begins to move and, much to Kyungsoo’s distaste, the torturous, monotone music begins to play. The elevator takes them up first, and they’re almost to the top before suddenly, the machinery creaks and comes to a sudden halt, a loud bang accompanying the movement before an eerie silence takes it’s place. Kyungsoo’s eyes go wide, and he looks towards the taller male near the corner of the elevator before he walks to the button panel, hitting the emergency button numerous times in hopes that it’ll call someone. Of course, the button does absolutely nothing, and he curses himself for forgetting that the apartment complex he lives in is almost as shitty as his life. He begins to press all the buttons in sight, almost smashing them in an attempt to get help. He jumps as the blonde male begins to bang on the elevator door, shouting for help as if someone will hear them. Kyungsoo doesn’t blame him for trying, though, and after a few moments of silence, the smaller male watches as the other slides down the side of the elevator to sit down. He does the same, and while he’s thinking of a way to get out of the elevator or possibly end his life right there, the boy in front of him offers a soft smile, and Kyungsoo returns it, laughing softly at the other’s next words. “Hey, I’m Jongin, and we’re stuck in an elevator together, but it’s not all that bad, because I have a pack of gum in my back pocket that’s gonna last us at least two days.”

“Kyungsoo, huh?” Jongin asks, raising his eyebrows and scrunching his face up in slightly confusion. “You say you’ve lived here for years now, but if that’s true, how haven’t we met yet? I mean sure, we live on different floors, but this apartment if pretty goddamn small, and I don’t mean to brag, but I’m willing to bet I know everyone in here.” Kyungsoo takes a deep breath and rolls his eyes lightly because wow, is Jongin talkative, and he’s really hoping he won’t regret telling the man his name and apartment number out of desperation to get the conversation away from a debate over which flavor of gum would be the most satisfying to live off of. The dark haired boy shrugs his shoulders and stretches his legs out in front of him, examining the suddenly fascinating fabric of the washed denim that clings to his legs before he raises his head to meet Jongin’s eyes. “I don’t know. It might be because I’m either holed up in my joke of an apartment or out avoiding the rest of the world and it’s suffocating responsibilities,” he replies, realizing he probably should not have told the stranger that he’s stuck in an elevator with of his boring, utterly pathetic life. So he’s surprised, to say the least, when Jongin laughs and nods along, leaning his head back against the cold metal of the elevator and swiping his hands along the fabric of his pants. “Are you kidding me? We should have definitely met each other at least once before, because we have the exact same hobbies!”