definitely not hawkeye


If Fullmetal Alchemist was like every other anime (Original)

MCU ladies week day seven- to the future

I’ll admit that I have a bit of an obsession with the teenage/young adult superheroes in Marvel comics and these seven girls are my favourites who I’d love to see come up soon in the MCU

Cassie Lang- Stature/Stinger (I know she was in Ant-Man, but I’d like to see more of her as she grows up and becomes a superhero)

Nadia Pym- Wasp

Kate Bishop- Hawkeye (definitely my personal fave)

Viv Vision

Kamala Khan- Ms Marvel

America Chavez- Miss America

Ava Orlov- Red Widow


i know it’s a mess and it’s half-taped together and it’s old and busted…but it’s mine. and you gotta make that work, right? 
for madis-hartte

i. invincible - ok go | ii. we can work it out - the beatles | iii. a little faster - there for tomorrow | iv. ain’t it fun - paramore | v. who i am hates who i’ve been (acoustic) - relient k | vi. supermassive black hole - muse | vii. satellite - rise against | viii. dog days are over - florence + the machine | ix. move along - all american rejects | [bonus track] |