definitely not exaggerating

But Percy singing ’How Far I’ll Go’ from Moana.

3x16 thoughts

“Everything’s too big and exaggerated for no reason on TV.”

I appreciate the lesson, but this doesn’t seem like the kind of lesson that Riley would have needed to learn at this point. This rebellion just felt really out of place for the character. And it was all definitely big and exaggerated.

“Hi, honey. I’m home.”

I believe this marks the first time Riley has ever called Maya honey. (Possibly the first time she’s called Maya any pet name other than peaches.) I’m honestly getting tired of them acting like a couple, but not actually being a couple. Get on that, Disney Channel.

I almost made myself feel feelings when Topanga was giving Maya’s phone back and I thought about when Cory gave her that phone in 1x02 and how she probably felt really bad that the gift was taken back.

And if Blarg was actually a human, then I really wanna know more about the girl who fell in love with Blarg’s other head.

  • what i say: i'm fine
  • what i mean: han says “take off that mask" and kylo ren DOES and you look at him and he’s so YOUNG and you realize that leia must have brought him to senate meetings asleep in a sling against her chest and han must have tossed him into the air and told him definitely exaggerated, questionably child-appropriate stories about his adventures and he probably fell asleep ages 5-12 using chewbacca as a pillow and i bet he annoyed the hell out of c3po and han looks at him now - maybe he tried to think of him as dead, but he can’t, that’s his son, that’s still his SON - and sees his child and because he sees it you see it and HAVE YOU THOUGHT ABOUT just how much leia organa has lost in her life?? she built a new family after her family, her whole planet, was destroyed - only to lose that as well. she built a new republic only to watch everything threatened with destruction all over again. she told han to bring ben home and now han will never come home but she's still standing, still leading, because that's the only thing she knows how to do and now the ot trio will never be reunited and have you thought about how

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If that's what an actual 6 in height difference looks like I'm fucking SHORT

NO I DEFINITELY EXAGGERATED IT HAHAHAHA (realistically he should be about…to his jaw area?? heads are usually 7+ inches, so he would be only about a head shorter than abe AHAHHA)


I love this boy

I’d like to preface this post by saying that I cried and screamed my way through most of the episode and @cutiepanser will attest to this because she was skyping me while I watched. I could feel the gay literally exude from my laptop screen, and it blew me the fuck back. With that, I’m gonna say that KanaMari might as well be canon at this point. 

I have never seen two characters who seem more in love with each other than these two. I mean I’m definitely exaggerating the ‘never’ part, but like you catch my drift I’m sure. I truly believe it is indisputable fact there is a bond between them that transcends any other bond in this series. Lemme explain my thought process:

Initially, I was furious at the implication that Kanan basically told Mari to go. I allowed Sunrise to play my ass because I believed Kanan and Dia wanted to get rid of their last link to idols by telling her to leave. And I owe my sincerest apologies to Mari for thinking that she left her friends behind because the real answer was much more complex than I thought, and I truly wasn’t prepared.

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Hollstein Chips fics - Masterpost

*works in progress

Canon/Canon divergence:

Dancing in the Dark (smut)

“Carmilla is an asshole.
As far as Laura is concerned, roommate from hell is definitely not an exaggeration.
But there is also no denying that Carmilla is a hot asshole.”

Takes place in s1 and after the season finale.

Home has a Heartbeat (smut)

After more than 300 years walking the earth, there were certain basic lessons Carmilla had learned if she was to survive in this world.

Never steal another vampire’s food.

Don’t call the attention of humans to the existence of supernatural beings.

Don’t try to kill your immortal Mother.

On top of that list, was definitely having sex on a table with your ex-girlfriend while her father was just a floor away.

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Meet the Characters: Andy Forrester

(Pictured here as the beautiful Elise Bauman!)

Andy is going into her second year of Social Work and is SO excited to be interviewed. Like, honestly, this is probably the most exciting thing that’s happened to her all week. Or all month. She’s not exaggerating, she’s being serious, she definitely never exaggerates. Andy would like you to know that she likes waffles, buddy cop movies, running, party planning, and being a roadie for her boyfriend Dex’s band (he has never specifically called her his roadie but she knows it’s implied). Oh, and her and Julie’s apartment is the sexiest apartment anyone has ever lived in. Trust her.

P.S. DO NOT call her Andrea. Don’t. Just…do not. She says it makes her sound like a 40-year-old receptionist and that’s not the aesthetic she’s going for.

@jinlian as someone with significant hufflepuff tendencies who is nevertheless still definitely a gryffindor (i did a little experiment, and pottermore sorted me gryffindor 8/10 times and hufflepuff 2/10), i think victor is in the same boat.

let’s start with why he’s not a true/full puff:

* he doesn’t seem to feel very guilty when he realises he’s failed to remember and fulfill a promise for yurio, which for a puff should be a more upsetting realization
* yakov is definitely exaggerating when he says victor never thinks of anyone but himself, but that’s not a description anyone would give a puff
* while victor does steady yuuri, he’s not a steady person - he aims to surprise, and despite still being well loved, he gets depressed when he’s starting to become predictable to people
* hufflepuffs tend to like things to be predictable, but victor uses routine as a structure for surprise rather than as an end in and of itself

why is he a gryffindor?

* in no universe is it a puff move to fly to another country without warning, stand up naked, and proclaim, “i’m your new coach *wink*”. those are some gryffindor antics, and i would know lmao
* seduction and romance are hard and scary. victor isn’t always a super open person emotionally, so every genuine romantic thing he says to yuuri is also an impulsive thing. “that sounds like a marriage proposal,” “these are engagement rings!” if i were going to say these things to someone i loved, my heart would pound while i did, wouldn’t yours? gryffindor. if he were the type to make pronouncements to everyone always, it could be a puff thing, but… this feels like a gryffindor thing for him.
* he’s constantly making impulsive decisions and then either going “yay” or “oh, shit.” example: “sure yurio i’ll come back to russia with you if you win! *thinks for .5 seconds* uhhhh… gotta make yuuri win, shit” see also: me, a gryffindor, betting $400 on the outcome of a tv show
* imo he definitely has hyperactive/impulsive type adhd, which he controls through the physical exercise and routine of skating, which is just like… hi, honey. if i had more hyperactive symptoms and ever got out of bed: same. 💛 gryffindor is the adhd house irl, in my experience. you can DEFINITELY have adhd and be in other houses, and i know slytherins and hufflepuffs with adhd, but the fact that victor has such strong and obvious adhd traits and that they’re expressed in the manner they are cements the gryffindor thing for me.

that said, he DOES have puff moments:

* “what do you want me to be to you?” he’ll mold himself to fit what yuuri needs
* his love of connecting to people through his art - this is ultimately a gryffindor move for him because it’s centered on surprising them, and having their love isn’t enough, but wanting people to have an exciting experience is giving in its own way

i can probably find more moments, but the bottom line is that i think he’s more puff than i am (steadier and harder working) but ultimately just definitely a gryffindor

thanks for coming to my ted talk

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Do you think Anders really thought the only good thing about him was his looks? And that everything else no one could possibly like...?

Well, it wasn’t quite just his looks. I think his charm and humour and flirtiness were also things that he considered to be ‘likable’ about himself.

But then again, I firmly believe that ‘fun and flirty’ personality to mostly have been a front for his fear, anger, and need for affection, as well as to help bury all of his past trauma. Yes, a bit of it is definitely him, but he’s exaggerating the ‘fun’ part of him to cover up all the other parts, the parts he doesn’t think others would like because he doesn’t like them. So pretty much everything he thought people would like about him were surface attributes; his appearance, and this persona he’d crafted for the purpose of protecting himself both from others and his part. Because if people didn’t like him, bad things would happen to him, plus his general need for attention/affection didn’t help.

And he loses that part, a lot of it, when he merges with Justice, because Justice isn’t one for covering things up or deflecting the ones that hit deeper than they were intended to. Justice can’t lie, not to others or himself, and I think that bleeds into Anders as well. His humour’s still there, of course it is, but he can’t just avoid everything with a joke or a well timed flirt or anything of the like. He can’t cover it up anymore because Justice can’t, and Anders ends up being forced to be more honest about all of it. Both to himself and others.

So he loses that. The flirts and jokes remain a part of his personality, but he can’t use them as a shield anymore. Those emotions he tried so hard to repress, so hard to pretend weren’t there can’t be denied any longer. And this anger, this fear, this need are all things he believes will drive others away as they’re the things he doesn’t like about himself. Because why would anyone want to put up with all the ‘ugliness [he’s] going to bring into [their] life’ (line from Legacy)?

So with all of this now on display, those parts of himself he liked no longer at the forefront but just as a normal part of him, all he had left was his looks. Which he eventually stops paying attention to as well, because it’s not important and looks alone aren’t enough anyways. The time he would spend on his vanity isn’t worth it considering he could spend that time on more important things, such as helping people. So then he didn’t think he had anything left.

Because he doesn’t see the good in himself. He doesn’t see how kind and selfless he is, helping those who most need it for free. He doesn’t see his passion, considering it to be an obsession, always afraid that he’s wrong, that it isn’t justified and that he’s just out of his mind (because he definitely has been gaslighted before). He doesn’t see how funny and charming he still is, because he’s comparing it to before when that was all he allowed people to see of him.

All Anders has ever been liked for, his humour, his body, etc., were surface things, put into place for good reason. Now, in his mind, it’s all gone. So he honestly can’t understand why anyone would find him likable at all. Because the few things he did like about himself are gone, and the things he’d spent so long trying to hide are now more of him than he would like. 

He doesn’t believe anyone would want what he really is. No one wants someone who wakes in the night, screaming, because of nightmares and bad memories. No one wants someone who clings so desperately for any kind of affection, because he’s been deprived of it for so long. No one wants someone who’s working for a doomed cause, who believes in something the world does not and is dangerous simply for wanting change.

That’s what he believes he is, and nothing more. All that good? He doesn’t see it. He only sees the bad, the things he tried so hard to hide with his looks and charm. And those, yeah, he basically did consider to be his only redeeming qualities.

And I believe that, because once he loses those, he believes himself to be entirely irredeemable and undeserving of even the simplest kindnesses, since he believes there is nothing worth liking about himself anymore.

So, they had arranged to meet at an indoor funfair type of thing, or whatever it was called— obviously, because they were both mature adults, and that was only a one hundred per cent very adult decision. 

Well, to be honest, Evan had picked the place, had asked Dem to meet him at a café 6 blocks from their apartment complex, because tonight was supposed to be a surprise, and Evan just wanted Dem to have fun, plain and simple—of which he (honestly, both of them) was hideously overdue—just give the finger to their responsibilities and requirements, and just breathe. Lately, he’d felt suffocated, even stifled, and he knew that Dem had had it a thousand times worse. So, here they were now, them and about what felt like 40% of Chicago’s teenage population (a definite exaggeration, but still.) — cue Evan having doubts about his choice.

There was a nervous buzzing energy about Evan, especially when they arrived at the funfair. It wasn’t just the fact that he really wanted Dem to like both him (he had, after all, spent at least 2 hours in front of his mirror and changed at least 30 shirts before deciding on the one he was currently wearing) and the place he had picked; there was an unsettling feeling looming over him that just made him feel dazed and dizzy with nervousness and excitement. And then, there was Dem: he was unimaginably attractive, for one; for two there was something different about tonight, something that made this thing that they had between them feel realer—it scared him and excited him at the same time and the feeling was overwhelming in its entirety.

Reality check, Evan; no one’s super chill and not-nervous on their first real date with someone they really dig. Chill. 

When they stepped out of the car, he swiftly moved so that he was standing close to Dem, their shoulders brushing as they walked. He glanced at Dem nervously, licked his lips at the sight, thoroughly appreciating how absolutely gorgeous he looked tonight (but then again, when did he look anything but—?)

Sighing quietly through his nose, he set his jaw, swallowed the nervousness that rose in his throat—god, he was fucking 35, had been on more dates that he cared to count. He could do this. 

“Okay, I know it’s kinda cheesy” he indicated the area all around them. “I just thought it’d be fun?” he shrugged nonchalantly but, in the same breath, nervous excitement was rushing through his blood and fueling an abrupt onset of adrenaline. 

When you get feedback on something major to be published, or if friends are asking for such, that is the time to be harsh as possible.

For smaller things like sketches  or doodles or tests, whatever, but for stuff like…

  • Things you plan to sell as merch
  • Animation
  • Voice acting for a video (animated or otherwise)
  • etc.

If you don’t bring up what MIGHT be an issue, there will be people who see the content who DEFINITELY will and they will exaggerate its severity 10-fold.

Among peers, we kinda hold back because we don’t want to discourage our friends, we might have biases, and we don’t want to be inconvenient.

But if something’s to be sold or published and it falls more into the line of ‘for work’ rather than ‘for fun,’ that is especially the time to take the gloves off. If a narration has a bad or sloppy part to it, you’re worried a design might not sell, or you’re noticing an animation error, it’s better to bring it to their attention while it can still be fixed than to let it be subject to the mercy of public viewers.

You know your friends and better know what they’re capable of. You know how not to be a dick and don’t want to be a dick. Those random viewers on the forums or comment section? They’re far less likely to be forgiving, realistic, understanding, or as helpful as someone who knows the person directly. Don’t apologize for providing feedback in an early state, just don’t hesitate with it. (And don’t be hesitant to receive it either.)