definitely not a break up

@ everyone please never feel the need to shy away from having a conversation about consent with your partner. If they get mad and take it as a personal attack or even go so far as to break up with you, you definitely don’t want to put yourself in such a vulnerable situation with that person anyways.


Your blush is so much more obvious without your glasses, Yuuri <3

(or, guess who got into Ice Gays)



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Tips for Learning Tarot

✨The best way to learn is to start using your cards! Don’t feel like you have to memorize all of the cards before you start reading them – it’s absolutely fine to look up definitions as you go!

✨Instead of trying to learn all 78 definitions at once, break it up into sections. I’d recommend starting with the Major Arcana, because they are definitely more self-explanatory than the Minor Arcana. As you start studying the cards, always keep in mind that the goal is to understand the cards instead of memorize them.

✨When you’re ready to move onto the Minor Arcana, I would first focus on the difference between each of the suits. What characteristics and elements are related to each? For example, the Cups deal with relationships emotional journeys, while the Swords deal with intellectual ones.

✨Just like each suit has a common characteristic, each court and numbered card has a similar theme; for instance, Aces represent new beginnings and potential.

✨I’ve found it very effective to learn the minor arcana by taking the same card from each suit, and compare and contrast the similarities and differences of each. Consider the “Tens;” which all represent some form of completion or finality. The Ten of Wands indicates you have worked hard and are now burdened with responsiblity, the Ten of Cups represents celebration, unity, and harmony, the Ten of Swords represents an unexpected defeat by betrayal, and the Ten of Pentacles represents fulfillment of a legacy after a long journey. While they all mean something different, there’s also lots of similarities to consider!

✨Always remember that there’s never one correct answer in tarot, and each card has countless interpretations. It’s always a good idea to use multiple sources (including your own intuition!) when learning the cards, so you can get as many perspectives and insights as possible. Also keep in mind that your interpretations of the cards may change and evolve over time, and that’s completely okay – it just means you’re learning!

✨As this post is already long enough, here’s a separate post listing my absolute favorite websites for learning tarot meanings!

I hope you found some of these tips helpful, best of luck! 💖

My Turn

Your busy schedules have left Tom in desperate need of your touch, and you decide to shake things up a bit…

(1800 Words)

Warnings: smut, language, the usual

A/N: I’M SO SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG OMG but hey midterms are DONE. hopefully I’ll be posting Part Two of A New Hero in Queens, so stay posted and as always, REQUESTS ARE OPEN

Your favorite thing about moving out of the apartment with your roommates and into one with Tom was easily the fact that you never had to wear pants. On days when you didn’t work, you could just lounge around in underwear and one of Tom’s sweatshirts. Not only did you love it, but so did Tom. He loved hearing you squeal and giggle whenever he’d give your ass an unexpected squeeze while you were making breakfast or playing with Tess.

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The De Carrington Dressing Guide Part 3

Hey y’all, it’s part 3 of my guide to helping those that want to look elegant and well dressed, rather than a pile of soiled laundry. For those that missed them:
Part One
Part Two

Proportional Representation 

Today I’m going to be talking about proportions. That is, looking like everything is the right size and you don’t look gangly, squished, or a nightmarish combination of the two. 

So let’s get out some candles, stand in front of a mirror and whisper the words ‘Shazza and Bazza’ 3 times…. and as if by magic, our glamorous models appear. 

First up, let’s look at where the waist sits. On Shazza, our female model, the elbows and the waist are roughly in line with each other, but on Bazza, the elbows are noticeable higher than the waist. 

Bazza’s male torso is also noticeably longer than the female figure. 

How can we even this out?

Creating a waist

On my outfits I will almost always have a waist. Without this the torso has no definite ‘end point’ and will look longer. Even a simple belt breaks up the mass of the torso, and helps create more of an hourglass silhouette. Without a defined waist there is a much greater risk of looking ‘barrel-like’.

(a belt creates more of an hourglass figure and shortens the torso)

If we shift the waist up to closer where the elbows are, we can create a more feminine figure. The effect is also accentuated if you use padding and or corsetry. (Dresses with built in boning are also great for this.)

I’d also recommend tucking your top into your skirt as well, to create the contrast between the two, again creating that important waist. 

If you have the guts to try it, or rather, lack of gut, you can also use a crop top to make the torso seem a bit shorter. 

(a crop top can shorten the torso)

Do these things:

  • Wear clothes with a defined waist
  • Use a belt
  • Tuck your shirt in
  • Wear the waistband a little higher than you would in boy mode
  • Wear dark colours on the top half
  • Eat sensibly and exercise

Don’t do these things:

  • Go for empire line dresses
  • Wear anything that looks like a tent
  • Wear horizontal stripes that will make your torso seem broad
  • Wear a baggy top and tight skirt
  • Binge on pies


Right, this is one of my gripes with a lot of people that want to try and appear feminine- wearing a skirt that is far too short, especially tight ones. This will make you look very top heavy! It’s also trashy and not very classy, more Wednesday in Bognor than weekend in Paris. But here’s a simple rule to avoid looking like something that’s escaped from a 1980s Bon Jovi video..

Your skirt’s hem should be lower than your fingertips if you stand with your hands by your side.

Easy as that. This can make it harder to find skirts that fit, as we’re generally taller, but if it doesn’t fit, don’t buy it, or give it to a shorter friend. 

(I don’t go any shorter than this)

With other lengths of skirts there’s less rules, though generally I’d avoid anything that hits between your ankles and mid shin, that’s prime frump territory. 

The most flattering length on myself I find is just below the knee, as it seems to show off my frame and height, though someone shorter would probably look a bit swamped by some of these looks. Generally if you wear something below the knee I’d suggest heels, but with some more streetwear orientated looks you can get away with flats if you have cool shoes.

That’s it for the moment. Shout me if you have any questions or areas you might want me to cover.

Keep it regal


newsies as vines pt. 9

spot: i put a banana peel on the ground. i’m gonna see if it’s really slippery like it is in the cartoons.

spot: *steps on banana peel, doesn’t slip* … wow. i thought it would be, like… really bad.

spot: but i guess it’s not- *AGGRESSIVELY SLIPS ON BANANA PEEL*

spot: …… AAAAAAHHHHH- (x)

thank you for the suggestion anon!

~newsies as vines masterpost~ 

anonymous asked:

okay I'm going to ask you this because i've always loved your take on things, especially about malec. have you seen the sdcc trailer? do you think they'll break up?

No. I don’t think Malec will breakup.

About that trailer. I know a lot of theories are going around but, here’s what I think. Possible spoilers below so please skip this entirely if you don’t want them. I had fun discussing the trailer below but please take it with a grain of salt. These are, after all, just theories.

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1. I’m in love with your boyfriend.


Also if you like the oneshot, let me know and comment some prompts because I’ll do them :)

SUMMARY: Dan’s girlfriend Ella comes to stay with him and Phil for a week and Phil is shocked by how he feels about it.

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she’s a handsome woman || panic! at the disco

scorpio is a water sign, feeling oriented, to leak into the water is the fixed modality that refuses to flow, so emotions can swamp, pluto releases anguish from the unconscious and mars is volatile. usually, this sort of reaction has involved a relationship break up. but definitely not all or nearly all, most scorpios are neither primitive or emotionally dysregulated to the point of no control. they tend to have a high emotional intelligence stemming from a childhood and youth full of deep emotional complexes they could not explain. scorpio is not a sign simply a sign of destruction, but destruction for the sake of elevating creation, because in the blazing ashes new light is found and life reborn, scorpio rules the reproductive system as they are the apex of creation… in their lowest expression scorpio can become destructive in the midst of an emotional storm, but many that I know have so much self insight that they are quite contained and direct their emotions into something productive

Anything for You: Part Five

Pairing(s): Richie Tozier x Eddie Kaspbrak

Warnings: hickeys, fluff

Word Count: 1.1 k

Part 5 / ?



9 Months Ago

Trees loomed over Richie as he sat with his headphones in. The forest was dense around him, sunlight peaking through the gaps of the tree limbs and illuminating patches of dirt and grass. Music blared into his ears from the cassette player strapped to his jeans. The tape played the same songs he’d heard a thousand times over but not got tired of.

“Richie Tozier!”

The slightly intimidating, yet adorable, voice startled Richie. Pushing the headphones off of his ears, he watched as his tiny boyfriend stomped up to him. Eddie was red-faced, absolutely fuming, but Richie wasn’t worried in the slightest and couldn’t seem to wipe his grin away.

“Good to see you, Eds. You look as gorgeous as always.”

“Get that smug look off your face, asshole,” Eddie scolded, coming to a halt, “You fucking gave me a hickey!”

Richie got to his feet as Eddie jerked the collar of his button-up down, revealing a deep bruise right in the crook of his neck. Richie’s grin widened as he admired his handiwork, his finger brushing against the spot.

“It’s not fucking funny, Rich. When my mom sees it she’s gonna flip.”

“Sorry, Eds,” Richie drew his lips into a pout, “Want me to kiss it better?”

‘If your fucking lips get near my neck, I will slit your throat.”

“Well, I could put them somewhere else-”

Richie recoiled as Eddie’s tiny fist hit his bicep, a loud laugh bellowing from his lips. Eddie was nearly seething, and Richie’s humorous personality was absolutely not helping. It was cold out, but Eddie was not shaking from the temperature - only from the rage and anxiety he felt.

“I told you not to leave any marks, Richie! What will I tell my mom?”

“Eds, calm down-”

“No!” Eddie let out a loud heave, “Fuck, she’s going to fucking see it! God, she’s going to find out I’m gay and then she’ll find out you’re gay and we’ll have to break up and-”

Richie cupped Eddie’s face, forcing the smaller boy to look at him.

“That won’t happen. Your mom won’t find out we’re gay, or together - and I’m definitely not going to break up with you, alright?”

Eddie nodded, leaning into Richie’s touch. Richie’s hands left his face and instead gripped his hips, pulling their bodies flush as Eddie’s arms coiled around Richie’s torso. Another cool breeze rolled in, Eddie pushing himself further into Richie’s body as he let out a groan.

The older boy stepped back and unzipped his jacket. He held the cloth open, leaning forward and wrapping his boyfriend in it before zipping it back up around both of their bodies. Eddie’s body was completely flatten against Richie’s, as if they’d been stuck together with glue.

“Richie, what the fuck are you doing?” Eddie spoke through laughter, wiggling around into the confined space.

“I refuse to let you freeze, my dear Spaghetti Head!”

Richie removed his arms from the sleeves, sticking them out from under the jacket and hooking them under Eddie’s thighs. He lifted the giggling boy, twirling him around. Eddie gripped Richie’s shirt under the jacket, his head practically adhered to Richie’s neck.

“You’re going to fall - we’re going to to fall!” Eddie exclaimed as Richie stumbled over a tree root.

They hit the grassy terrain with a thump.

“Can’t you see, Eds? I’ve already fallen; fell in love with you a long time ago.”

Eddie let out a snort, trying to cover the burst of adoration in his body as he cheeks flushed bright red against his boyfriend’s skin,

“You’re an idiot, Richie Tozier.”

“But I’m your idiot.”

For the next several minutes, Richie squirmed around in the dirt with Eddie attached to his chest, struggling to get back up to his feet. Eddie practically cackled the entire time, feeling his lanky boyfriend writhe uncontrollably.

“Rich, unzip the jacket-”

“Quiet, Eddie Spaghetti, there’s a master at work.”

Richie rolled over, pressing Eddie’s covered back to the ground. Eddie shrieked, grabbing at his boyfriend’s shirt again to prevent himself from being crushed, but making no real difference in the situation.

“You’re going to squash me, lard ass!”

“No, shut up - I’m a genius.”

Richie sat back on his knees, tightening his grip on Eddie’s thighs before letting out a grunt and pushing his own legs up straight.

“There we go!” Richie praised himself, “You’re lucky you have such a beefy hunk for a boyfriend, Eds. It takes serious muscle to do that.”

Eddie snorted again, “Yeah, you’re practically a Roman god.”

“Sculpted from stone by Zeus himself.”

“That’s a Greek god, doofus.”

Richie laughed, reaching up to unzip the jacket. Eddie didn’t realize how hard it was to breath until he was unlatched from his boyfriend and back on his own feet, but he found himself missing the warmth. Richie stared at him for a moment before reaching and pulling down Eddie’s shirt collar, glancing back over the hickey as a sense of pride overtook him.

“I’m real sorry, Eds,” said Richie, “But that’s some of my best work.”

Eddie rolled his eyes, jerking back from the older boy and glaring at him. He turned away from Richie and rubbed his hands over his own face with a groan as he remembered the issue.

“I bet Bevs has some makeup, she could cover it for you.”

“You think my mom will notice?”

“There’s only one way to find out.” Richie shrugged, before grinning, “And if the makeup covers it, that means I can leave more.”

“I will actually kill you right here in these woods.”

Eddie picked up the cassette player laying near his feet, Richie immediately patting his sides in search of his own. Eddie placed on the headphones, letting the music fill his ears. Richie watched as Eddie’s eyes fluttered shut, the lyrics encasing him entirely.

“They sound just like you,” Eddie spoke, keeping his eyes closed, “The songs - the lyrics, they’re you. I don’t really know how to explain it, but it’s comforting.”

“You can keep it.”

Eddie looked at his boyfriend, sliding the headphones off, “But you love this tape.”

“Yeah, but I love you more.” Richie stuck his hand out and Eddie placed the player in his palm. “Got a marker?”

From his fanny pack, Eddie dug out a pen and handed it over. He stretched up on his tiptoes to see Richie’s scrawl along the white label of the tape. His heart gave a shake as Richie gave it back.

‘For when I’m not with you’

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scorpio and scorpio moon can explode with destructive emotion. scorpio is a water sign, feeling oriented, to leak into the water is the fixed modality that refuses to flow, so emotions can swamp, pluto releases anguish from the unconscious and mars is volatile. usually this sort of reaction has involved a relationship break up. but definitely not all or nearly all, most scorpios are neither primitive or emotionally dysregulated to the point of no control, they tend to have a high emotional intelligence stemming from a childhood and youth full of deep emotional complexes they could not explain. scorpio is not a sign of destruction but more of creation, because in the blazing ashes new light is found and life reborn, scorpio rules the reproductive system as they are the apex of creation… in their lowest expression scorpio can become destructive in the midst of an emotional storm, but many that i know have so much self insight that they are quite contained and direct their emotions into something productive

this is so open ended lmao!
i went with jealous saeran and mc but requests open soon so hey resend if this isn’t what you were fancying ^^

- It’s incredibly easy for him to become jealous. He’s very protective and obsessive, he just doesn’t like anyone to even look at you the wrong way. He always has a hand wrapped around your waist or holding your hand in public– But that still doesn’t stop the creeps sometimes.

- Someone wolf whistled at you and you had to hold him back from punching that dude so hard. The guy cussed Saeran out before leaving, you swore you could have heard him growl before he pulls you into a hug. Seriously..? He’s like a little boy with candy bar. Never wanting to share nor give it up.

- He absolutely hates Zen with how much that man flirts with you. Almost got into a fight with him while drunk– Saeyoung had to break it up. He definitely needs a stern talking to once he’s sober– He cant be like this forever.

- He tries to brush it off when you bring it up, but you stand firm and finally he’s silent and listens to your say on things. He gets it, the last thing he wants you to feel is smothered in the wrong way– But he can’t help himself.. He just wants to protect you at all costs. He’s so used to getting everything he loves taken from him.. So it’s a hard habit to break.

- With time, he eases up a little more. Let’s you go out on your own when you want to, even let’s you and Zen stay friends. Just as long as he can still make fun of his ‘long ratty hair.’

- But he noticed how much you laugh around Zen. He even caught you blushing one time– He felt awful. Jealous? of course. He sent Zen a string of nasty messages on the app before slamming his face into a pillow; groaning loudly into it. He regretted it immediately, But why does that asshole have to be such a huge flirt? He cant find his own lover so he tries to steal others?

- He’s grumbly for the next few days– Finally Zen confides in you the messages Saeran sent, instantly you make your way up to his room to talk with him. Even calling him by his full name— He knew he was in trouble now.

- He’s covering his ears before you even open the door– Sometimes he could be such a baby. But he feels bad, so listens to whatever words you throw at him. He’s stubborn though, so an argument might spark. Saeran doesn’t like people yelling at him, it makes him uncomfortable– So it never gets heated. Just you two releasing a bit of frustration.

- He even mockingly calls Zen ‘your secret boyfriend’ as he rolls his eyes. If it really made him that uncomfortable, he should have talked to you about it. He’s said it’s fine in the past, if anything changed he should have told you. You let him know this, But the way you get excited and giggly around Zen frustrates him to no end.

- You assure him the only person that makes you truly happy is Saeran. You love him, him only. Now he feels extremely selfish.. he sheepishly apologizes with a sigh– You pull him in for a much needed hug. He’ll try his hardest to contain himself in the future; despite how hard that’ll be.

~a couple extras with nsfw sprinkled in hello there~

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