definitely need to rewatch this to get it

That pic is actually from the very last episode of 2003, but I definitely agree! I’m actually planning a full Shamballa rewatch some time this weekend/early next week (send emotional support and hugs please!) where I’ll be taking tons of screenshots, so expect lots and lots of Shamballa coming your way soon!

Until I find the time (and emotional stamina) for my full rewatch/photoshoot, I do have a handful of beautiful real-world-AU Ed pics that my friend Ling gathered together for a post he did and then kindly sent to me to use, so I’ll post some of those right away. Thanks again, Ling :-) 

Thank you for your comment @competition-sky. I really do like to hear from you guys you know! I can keep random-firing Eds at your dash; in fact I’m happy to. But I actually do love to hear from guys about what you like best. My followers are awesome and they help me make this blog the very best it can be!!

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Bellarke Meta: “I need YOU”

This is just a fun post and something I found interesting when rewatching season 1x07 “Contents Under Pressure.” 

This is the episode that Clarke decided that she would “let Finn go” in order to make Raven happy. Why did she do this? Because she was able to see that Raven needed Finn more than Clarke needed him. 

Clarke (1x07): “[Raven] needs you, Finn.”

What caused Clarke to realize this? Raven’s willingness to literally do ANYTHING to save Finn when torturing Lincoln (electrocuting him) to get the antidote. Now, Clarke also compromised herself when she let Bellamy torture Lincoln to save Finn too (showing that Clarke definitely loves Finn, no doubt there, since she would compromise her beliefs and morality like that), BUT Clarke kind of almost gave up or at least didn’t think about compromising herself any further than what she and Bellamy had already done. 

Because when Raven came up to tell Clarke that Finn was close to dying, the following happened: 

Clarke: “He won’t tell us anything.” (sounding a little resigned though panicked) 

Raven: “Want to bet.” 

Raven proceeds (unflinching) to get the electrical wires and shocks Lincoln with them. This actions really causes every one of the main characters to show real horror at Raven’s actions. We were suppose to see that is an even more EXTREME action than what Bellarke had already done to Lincoln in order to save Finn. 

I mean, look at Clarke’s face when she realizes what Raven is going to do:

She’s a little horrified at how far Raven was willing to go to save Finn, and I think that’s why she realized that Raven needed Finn more than Clarke needed Finn, because Raven was willing to do ANYTHING to save Finn. 

Tangent: Note that Clarke uses the word “need” when she realized that Raven and Finn should be together instead of her with Finn, because in the VERY next episode we have this conversation:

Clarke (1x08): “But I need you [Bellamy].” 

- - - 

We also know that this theme of “need” continues to be relevant throughout the series thus far, too. 

Clarke (2x11) to Lex/a: “We need him.” 

Clarke (3x05) to Bellamy: “I need you.”

Clarke (3x13) to Bellamy: “We need each other, Bellamy.” 

Yup, this theme of “need” (and I know others have pointed this out a bit before too, but I just want to reiterate it and show the textual proof) started with Clarke letting Finn go and holding on to Bellamy instead (No, Bellarke wasn’t romantic yet, but I DO think that Clarke realized that out of everyone else in her life … Bellamy is someone that she needs more than anyone else, and I do think this theme will continue throughout the run of the series). 

All right, so now that I’ve gone on my side tangent, I want to revert back to the torture scene and Clarke realizing that Raven’s love for Finn was (dare I think it?) stronger or at least more desperate than her own? I mean, it truly seems like this is the reason why Clarke let Finn go… because Clarke realized that she would be “okay” without Finn since Clarke wasn’t quite ready to do ANYTHING to save Finn like Raven. 

BUT, who, so far in the narrative (up to season 3), does Clarke seem (seem is the important word because I think the writing team or at least Aaron is playing with this idea and leaving it up for interpretation) to be willing to do ANYTHING for?

Roan x Bellamy x Clarke Scene in 3x02: 

Clarke (3x02): “I’ll do anything. I’ll stop fighting.” 

Clarke x Abby Scene after Abby realized that Clarke let the bomb drop on TonDC: 

Clarke (2x12 “Rubicon): “We had to protect Bellamy. Without him…”

Abby: “You crossed a line.” - (she legit crossed the line like Raven and even she did in 1x07, didn’t she?)

Clarke to Octavia when justifying her reasoning for letting the bomb drop on TonDC: 

Clarke (3x14): “I did it to save Bellamy.”

Octavia: “… he [Bellamy] would have found another way.”

Clarke: “I couldn’t take that risk.” (hmm… so soon after 2x09 in which she said she COULD take a risk with Bellamy leaving…hmmm, she changed her mind… interesting) 

And, let’s not forget to mention that Bellamy has also stated that he’d do ANYTHING for Clarke.

Bellamy to Lincoln in 2x09:

Bellamy: “He’d do ANYTHING for her. To protect her.” - (btw, a writer confirmed that Bellamy was talking about Clarke here. I need to go refind that tweet, but I’ve got a strong memory, so I remember seeing it). 

Jason also sent a tweet saying that if Bellamy had been in Clarke’s place and it was Clarke who was in danger that Bellamy would have also let the bomb drop on TonDC… again, interesting, yeah? (*if you want THAT tweet, I do have it. Just let me know.)

Do you see the connections I’m trying to draw between the Raven x Finn x Clarke scenes in 1x07 in comparison to the Bellarke scenes throughout the series thus far? 

I truly believe that the writers (especially Aaron) are trying to suggest that Bellarke’s love for each other is DEEP and definitely a bit extreme for both of them (more extreme than Clarke’s love was for Finn, anyway). 

Now, Bellarke is also pretty “professional” about their connection and their first loves will always ALWAYS be their people, so I do think they’d likely sacrifice each other to save their people… BUT I also think the writers are trying to say that it’s a damn close tie (between their people and each other) for them. 

I also still suspect that the writers (again, maybe Aaron more since he wrote most of these episodes) are LEAVING THIS IDEA OPEN. Bellarke’s story isn’t closed yet and I still wonder if we’re going to get a scene that finally (and definitively) answers this question: “Will Clarke literally do ANYTHING to save Bellamy’s life? Does she possibly love him AND need him to a degree that without him she herself would be destroyed?”

I think that IS what is being communicated. In fact, Aaron retweeted a review after 3x15 in which the reviewer also said that the “Start w/Bellamy Blake” scene proved that Clarke would be destroyed if something happened to Bellamy. 

Anyway, you could probably pick apart this post and mention all the other reasons Clarke feels this way (for example, in the season 2 scenes, someone could say that it was really a strategic reason she protected Bellamy, not because she cared for him THAT much), but I would highly disagree. I think ALL of the above is intentional and I think it’s being intentionally played with and left open for future Bellarke scenes. 


A/N: Quick drabble about how the Season 4 kiss we’re all speculating probably won’t go down. But it’d still be cute, and hey–we can dream. I want to believe that they’ve maintained a relationship throughout the first three seasons, but if not… C’mon, there’s bound to be tooth-rotting awkwardness taking place. Like bumping noses, maybe? ;)


It was as if gravity, the very force that Hiccup would constantly defy alongside Toothless, was now working in his favor. It pulled them together, pushed them closer toward each other’s directions, drew them into one another’s arms–

And it’s only during the moments that they finally, finally reach each other that Hiccup realizes that it always has been.

In spite of the fact that he so often travels massive distances on the back of his dragon, he’s been tethered to Astrid in the same way he is to Berk. Though their individual aspirations may have caused their hearts to stray in the past, it was their hearts themselves that never truly faltered in the face of distance and time (or lack thereof) and… and ambition.

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“… they just married because they both loved Mikazuki and they both wanted to take care of Akatsuki, not because they love each other romantically. “

1) get out of my house with this ‘just gal pals’ bullshit when you’ve been all over the m/m ships in this show since the first time i saw you in the tags

2) there are at three (3) separate occasions in S1 and S2 (possibly more, i’d need to do a full rewatch to make sure) where i can prove that Kudelia likes Atra just as much (if not more) than she likes Mikazuki, so in her case i can definitely make a strong argument that she’s bi and romantically into Atra. they have moments together that are, in my lesbian opinion, much more intimate and meaningful than the moments they have individually with Mikazuki. 

but yeah, okay, sure, they’re in it solely for tax and legal benefits. okay.

Say what you will about angela, but she may be one of the most selfless people on tv. She will do just about anything for the people she loves. And every single time Brennan needs her, she does not rest until she’s done everything in her power to help. Brennan doesn’t ever even have to ask. I was rewatching The Past in the Present and in every scene she is tirelessly working to keep Brennan from getting arrested. And I have no doubt she worked day and night for the entirety of Brennan’s stint on the run. 

Angela does not always get the credit she deserves, as she’s not a “genius.” But i think she’s definitely one of the super heroes of the Jeffersonian. I just wanted to give her a shoutout for all she does. 

Amethyst’s internalized guilt

Oh shit. I feel a post about my trash baby coming on.

So I’ve been trying to keep this somewhat low-key and I can’t anymore.

Since finally finishing SU, I can’t get enough of it. And I find that it’s the perfect length show to watch when I just need a quick mental break, or like, when I’m putting on my makeup before work or whatever. So I’ve rewatched a good amount and…Amethyst fucking has me. She’s definitely my favorite character to the point where I have a disgusting emotional reaction every time I see her on my screen.

Anyone who knows me knows my obsession with A Song of Ice and Fire is a little too strong. But as a result, my friend theculturalvacuum​ and I came up with a metric to apply to a character or family called The Martell Criteria. And any character/character’s family coded with these features makes my heart feel like it’s about to burst with pain. Amethyst is the only non-Martell character I’ve come across (in any narrative) who hits 9/9 on this scale.

I just want to talk about the first criterion though: internalized guilt and self-deprecation. As Amethyst outright told us in the episode On the Run, her “entire existence” is characterized by self-loathing and extreme guilt over the Kindergarten. She thinks of herself as “bad” and a “parasite.” It’s clear she’s hurt by Pearl talking about how the Homeworld Gems must never be allowed to restart the program, because it furthers her opinion of herself as a mistake and something the Crystal Gems would rather have not existed at all.

And even though she couldn’t have controlled the events of her existence, her guilt over the “bad program” being where she came from is so much that she openly talks about hating herself and never asking to be made. In fact, she thinks that if Steven understood the full circumstances of Kindergarten, he wouldn’t even talk to her.

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SPN 11x21: The bond and the bait

It took me a while to write about episode 11x21 because I’ve been really busy. I watched the episode the night it aired, but I hadn’t had the time to rewatch it, and I definitely needed that before stating my opinions on it. I’ve read what others have said about the episode, and I’ve reblogged everything I’ve considered interesting and everything I’ve agreed with. I’ve tried to be careful with the “Amara used Cas’ connection with Dean” idea spreading, because I wanted to be sure before jumping in. Now that I’ve watched the episode a second and third time, let’s talk!

There’s no other possible interpretation for the scene where Amara touched Cas to get to Dean. Because the one she was touching was Cas, not Lucifer. She was using Castiel’s vessel to reach out to Dean. This makes me think that Amara sensed Castiel’s connection to Dean since she met him. Remember 11x10? Amara sent Dean a message carved in Castiel’s chest: “I’m coming.” She sent him to Dean, but how could she know where he was or that Cas would show up where Dean was? She couldn’t possibly know at the time… unless she felt something different about Cas and his relationship with Dean. If she had doubts about the connection between Dean and Cas, she probably lost them in 11x18. When Dean called out for Cas despite Amara being there, the bond between Dean and Cas proved to be stronger (more profound) than whatever bond Amara thought she had with Dean.

In 11x21, Amara wanted to communicate with Dean, so somehow she knew that by touching Cas, she would be able to find Dean and speak to him. She knew how important Cas was to Dean; that’s why she made sure she mentioned him. She asked Dean to tell god that his favorite, Lucifer, wasn’t doing so well, but she knew Dean wouldn’t care about Lucifer, so she added that the vessel wasn’t doing well either. She specifically said, “Your friend Castiel”.  She wanted to find god through Dean; that’s why she told him that god was allowing her torturing Lucifer and Castiel’s vessel by choosing to ignore her. She wanted Dean to betray god, and she used Castiel as bait; that’s why she showed him Cas. 

And that’s why she was incredibly pissed when she realized that instead of betraying god, Dean betrayed her. She realized that Dean went to her not because of the “bond” they shared, but because of the bond he shared with Cas. Dean did want to save Castiel. He did exactly what Amara tried to. Dean used his bond with her as bait to buy Sam and the others time to free Lucifer. (And by Lucifer, we know Dean meant Cas… that was textually said in the episode).

This explains why Amara was so pissed. She couldn’t control Dean as she did in 11x09. She was right: something HAD changed. The thing is that she got it wrong. The change wasn’t that Dean had talked to god. He didn’t even have anything to do with Dean’s plan to save Lucifer/Cas. The change was that in 11x09, Amara didn’t have Cas. Remember that we were told there would be a turning point in 11x14? What happened there? Dean found out that Cas was possessed by Lucifer. The fact that Amara took Lucifer (and therefore, Cas) in 11x18, and the fact that she showed Dean the state in which she had Cas, changed a lot of things for Dean. Cas is family! Dean was able to break from Amara’s control for a moment in 11x06 when Sam was at risk. Now, 15 episodes later, Amara couldn’t control Dean the way she did before because Cas was at risk. Where were Dean’s thoughts? The last 6 or 7 episodes can give us the answer: his thoughts were with Cas. That’s why we had Sam repeatedly tell Dean (in previous episodes) that they’d find Cas. That’s why we had Dean worried and Sam trying to get his brother out of the bunker so he didn’t drown in desperation.

So, the angel that Amara didn’t want to kill because he wasn’t worth the effort has proved more dangerous than she originally thought. She realized that they’re not worth sparing. None of them. Neither Cas, however useless she considered him, nor Dean, however bound she thought they were. Dean betrayed her just as much as god betrayed her in the beginning. Dean and god have a lot of things in common. Apparently they both took a strange interest in the same angel; they both have horrible taste in men.

oh man, that was really cute, it’s just like I thought - Greg stayed in Beach City after meeting Rose rather than try to pursue his career, because it would make him happy to be with her. That’s sweet. It’s something I could definitely see Steven doing, which makes sense since they’re so much alike

Ohh my gosh though, young Gems! Little, more feral-like Amethyst (she was so cute with short hair), Pearl has that outfit with the leg warmers you can see the silhouette from in “Steven the Swordfighter”, and Garnet is just like “I’m going to throw him back over the fence” haha (I’ve forgotten what her outfit looked like, I need to go rewatch). Amethyst and Pearl seemed to get along better. And then Pearl is, like, immediately jealous of Rose’s interest in Greg “I can sing”. Gosh Pearl

It’s neat to see kind of what Rose was like, at least by Greg’s description. I loved the bit at the beginning where she’s talking to him about the album theme and then later when she excitedly says his gimmick is space. So cute.

gosh, they were all so cute, I need to see more flashback stuff with them all

Also, there’s that fence Pearl was talking about in “Full Disclosure” (and she’s so excited about barbed wire because if there was barbed wire Greg wouldn’t have climbed over it and end up changing their lives forever? maybe reading too much into that)

Pretty sure Marty is Sour Cream’s dad and Vidalia is his mother

Gonna go rewatch with my little sister now, lets see what she thinks of it

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Okay, kimmismiles most recent were they so silent... Tro's hand is on someone's knee i think but who's knee, i need help to identify.

yooooo……you’re onto something here…..i rewatched it and saw he definitely moved his hand and i couldn’t tell if it was from his leg or someone elses but after getting screenshots i think you can tell it’s someone elses with a different pair of pants bending their knees up, not troye’s lighter jeans which you can clearly see the difference in the second shot…hmmmm

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i know The Original Slash is popular, but is it ever explicitly canon Kirk is bi? i want to see this episode andor rewatch this movie.

I don’t think it is ever explicitly stated, no.  Although Gene Roddenberry’s novelizations get us about as close as we need to be, really.  His first use and definition of t’hy’la occurs in his novel version of The Motion Picture, where the term includes ‘lover’ in its definition, and Kirk makes reference to it and Spock in the text.  If Roddenberry uses it, I pretty much consider it canon, and I’m sure most of the fandom feels that way too.  This would really only confirm a relationship with Spock, leaving us to weigh his relationships with women throughout the show in determining whether or not he is ‘canonically’ bi.  I’ll leave that to you, or someone else who wants to give analysis a go.  It’s fun!  Or, if you do the same thing when watching TOS, then enjoy the TMP hand-holding scene, I think that’s pretty slashy.  If you’re looking for specific episodes, Spenser and I really only enjoy Shore Leave when imagining Finney and Kirk were in a relationship back at Academy.  This is far from canon, but it’s entertaining. 

Otherwise, if you want to get further from canon but still enjoy Kirk/Spock, Killing Time is absolutely perfect.  The first version was recalled from publication, because it was too explicit in its portrayal of Kirk and Spock’s relationship.  You can read that version here

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I finally caught up with Waffle Crew and now I dont know what to do with my life. Can I just say how proud I am of Nate tho? He's improved so much at roleplaying over the course of the campaign.

I had that same problem when I caught up, haha. I went through all the ao3 fics and tumblr tags, and then I started rewatching all the episodes to look for sneaky foreshadowing. Chris Perkins, man. XD

He definitely did! It can be kind of hard to rp at the start, for sure, because you can get all self-conscious and stuff, but he’s gotten a lot more into it. I especially liked the recent scene with Paultin, van Richten, and Diath. :3

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