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Can you tell us about the Empires propaganda machine?

Later, after, in all the holonews segments and all the long ‘net articles furnishing further analysis, they—and here ‘they’ is vaguely defined, reporting is is too scattershot in a galaxy marked by lightyears and hyperlanes—will not be able to pinpoint the place where they went wrong. Where it was all tipped from earnest republican v. separatist reporting to laying the groundwork for imperial v. everyone else. When they stopped, or when their blades met with armor they couldn’t pierce, or—

But by then it’s too late. It’s too late, the Empire is already wound itself through every word spoken and every reference made; it’s in everything, a dark undercurrent of emotion and justification—don’t you love the Republic? don’t you care about other galactic citizens? don’t you want to follow the laws and reward those who have justified their existence as you have justified yours? you have worked so hard, the day is long and the rewards few, why would you give those to others? why would you share?

(’Sharing’ is a dirty word, under the Empire. To each according to his strength, that is the Imperial motto. But ‘strength’ is a narrow gate, and it cuts many off at the knees, the ankles, those unguarded places—)

There is no question that human beings are afraid of difference they have been afraid of that since whatever primordial swamp they crawled out of but—they have always put it aside, they have always at least pretended to the idea of recognizing other species, the claim of xenos to homeworlds. the equal right of existence. Et cetera. Never mistake how hard human beings will try, when confronted with tentacles, if there is profit or benefit in ignoring any difference.

But humans also reproduce like orburs in spring, and they colonize, multiply out into the galaxy like a plague. Like a—spore. Like something biological and not, because nothing in nature moves without regard to the animus they generate. And they are a tetchy species, measuring everything in relative value. It doesn’t matter if—

Luke does not stop to question the holoradio adverts he hears, the faded propos papering the Toshe public hall, saying ‘JOIN THE EMPIRE TODAY! FLY FOR THE EMPIRE! BE BRAVE BE TRUE BE STALWART!’ Anywhere is better than here, right? Get closer to that bright center and anything is better—

(It is still hard to find that bright line between the Republic under the tyranny of the Clone Wars and the perpetual state the Empire embodies. That is just how these things go.)

Leia is on the first line of defense for the Rebellion, she watches propos and listens to senators argue, quoting lines from holodramas—ironically, but also as illustrations. (She learns very young that a well-told story, even fictional, has quicker legs than one badly told and true. She disapproves, but that is the way of things.) It is amazing how many late Republicans would have supported he Empire despite explicitly stating they did not support the Empire, its agents, or any move toward a less democratic structure of government. It is amazing how weak it makes them seem, given what she knows about the inner workings of the capitol. It is—

Han is good at finding cantinas where, if the Imperial propos cut into he grav-ball match, everyone groans aloud. He smiles a little against the curve of the mug as everyone curses out the poor bastard who has to—

(Han always feels a little bad for him. Her. Whoever—he knows what it’s like to have your neck under someone’s boot, to know you don’t really have choice in this. At least he’s busy smuggling, can’t be much a spokesperson that way.)

The Resistance does not have the access the Empire does, but the Rebellion has feed hackers, holonet ‘ware corrupters. The Alliance blasts every inbox with public reveals of complaints, salaries, donations. Saw Guerra’s people de-encrypt transmissions, and release them to the ‘net in vicious anarchic fashion. (Make of it what you will, that Tarkin sent a transmission to Krennic saying ‘stop being so gentle on your workforce,’ after Krennic’s 12-hour days resulted in its first overworked, dehydrated, malnourished death.)

Regional reporters dump their findings onto the holonet, saying, look at what the governor is doing, we buried the jedi but we found, we—

look, they say in unison. look at this. you are not alone. you are not crazy. something has shifted, something significant has changed and you are not alone in thinking this. We are here, together, and this is dangerous, this is—

you are not alone. you are right, your perception of the world is—there is an objective reality, and they depart from it. you are right. you are sane. it is the galaxy that has gone insane in the interim.

“Senator?” the holonet reporter asks, when Mon Mothma falls silent, and she is smiling down at the podium. “Senator, if you could—”

“According to the study conducted by the Galactic Agency for—” she begins, and the briefing room falls so quiet she is afraid she has lost them. But there is a holonet reporter in the first row who has pressed her hand to her mouth, even as her eyes are wide, fixed on Mon’s face; and out of the corner of her eye, Mon can see Leia Organa (so much Bail and Breha’s daughter, even now) pressing her lips together, her eyes shut. And this is good. They are good, they are better. Here is the study. Here is the definition. Here is the closest she knows how to get to objective reality.

She justifies. From the root word, meaning justice. Meaning to make right. Meaning, more than what is what is available on the surface, more than what is unquestioned. More. 

So much more.

hullo, rping community !  today we thought we ( gillian, jas and karina ) would make a guide on roleplaying adopted characters, as we’ve seen several people rp it, and unknowing of course, were actually a bit offensive. as someone who is adopted, we wanted to clear up some things, so hopefully you find this useful ! please like / reblog if you do

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But seriously, they could have had anybody catch Clarke at that panther pit. Finn would have made a lot of sense given their romantic development. Or Wells given Clarke's deep-rooted trust issues at the time with him, because of her father. But nope, they chose to have Bellamy catch her. They chose to have their paths literally collide on their way to the tree when Wells and Finn were standing between them just a moment before. I don't romanticize that scene, but it was definitely important.

I think that scene was about defining Bellamy’s real personality, to Clarke and to Bellamy both. He is not a villain. He is a hero. That’s who he is. And Clarke knows it and she starts fighting for him to be one.


Root/Shaw Parallels: 4x11

‘Die for something that you love’

the lady swan (2/4)

After falling through Zelena’s time portal alone, Emma finds herself on Neverland, meeting the acquaintance of one Lieutenant Jones and his brother. But the time spell is torn, and Emma finds herself diving through the years, each time meeting a different version of Killian Jones.

Season 3B Canon Divergence, Lieutenant Duckling, Captain Duckling

This is the second chapter of my CSSS gift to @stubble-sandwich​! Tori, the more I talk to you, the more I am so happy I got to write this for you! Special thanks to @killiancygnus​, @abbadons-little-witch​, and @hook-come-back-to-me​ for looking this over and cheering me on. You ladies rock!

Catch up: Chapter One

AO3  Rated T+   6k words

Chapter Two: The Dread Pirate Jones

The warmth of the campfire is comforting on Emma’s fingertips. Her knee bounces in comfortless tension. She can feel the way Killian watches her, the way a man looks at a beautiful treasure he’s never seen before and can’t wait to finally have in his hands. It’s not much different than the way he typically looks at her, but feeling it again after having he’d been quiet about his feelings for so long is a bit overwhelming.

“So, what can we help you with?” Liam asks, frying up a fish for her to eat.

“I assume you know of my curse, being unable to leave Neverland,” Emma answers, playing along.

“Are you looking for help with breaking that curse?” Killian speaks this time, leaning forward to examine her face a bit closer.

“No, no. See, that’s the thing. I was able to break it myself through…” Emma struggles for a moment. “A deal that I made with the ruler of this island. He’d rather have me gone than helping sailors leave.”

“Who? That boy?” Liam scoffs. Emma cannot help but feel as though Pan is watching them. She can sense his eyes in the trees, through the vines, dripping from the humidity. He’s out there, and she’d rather not provoke him.

“He’s not one to be trifled with,” Emma answers. “Take it from someone who knows from experience.”

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The characters from Undertale say ‘we love you!’

i made one of these posts for the professor layton fandom to spread a little positivity and i was really happy that it helped a lot of people feel just a bit better

so i thought, why not do it for the undertale fandom too? spread a little love (not LOVE, but love)

Frisk wants you to know that no matter who you are, what you look like, or what your background is, they accept you. They love you even if you’re a human, monster, flower, or whatever it is that comes in-between. Stay determined! No matter what obstacle you face, they know you can get through it.

Flowey is sparing you, because you’ve already been through enough as it is. Go on. Get out of here. 

Toriel is hurrying over with a blanket, a butterscotch pie and some nice hot chocolate. Huggies???? Huggies!!!!! Yes! All the huggies!!!! She hugs you so tight she practically lifts you off the ground, then kisses the top of your head. She loves you, and wants you to know you’re safe with her. And if you ever try to venture out of your comfort zone….. just know that she’ll always be waiting for you to come home, and greet you with a smile.

Sans is already taking off his poofy jacket and wrapping it around your shoulders. Comfy? Good. He’s going to take you to Grillby’s now, and make sure you have a good time. And hey, kid….. it’s okay. He knows how hard you’ve been trying, and he knows how it feels to be hurt over and over again. But you can both make it. He guarantees that. Now, how about a burger-eating competition? (Sans will of course cheat.)

Papyrus has just let out the loudest “NYEH HEH HEH” of his life! He is charging towards you right now in his special car, with boxes upon boxes of puzzles to cheer you up! He knows you are very great (just like him, the great Papyrus) and he wants to help you become the very best great you can be! Also he has about 10 containers full of specially home cooked spaghetti that he made just for you to eat. 

Undyne would offer you a drink, except her house is still on fire. But never mind! You can both train together instead, and get stronger together! Ngaaaahhhhhhh! She knows you can do it! With determination!!!!!!!!

Alphys wants you to know that even if you make terrible, terrible mistakes, that doesn’t make you a terrible person. As long as you apologized, and work hard to fix your mistakes as best as you can, you’re doing just fine. She’s rooting for you. And she also wants you to know you should never be afraid to express who you really are! There will definitely always be someone who loves the true you. And if you ever get tired, you can come watch anime with her and Undyne! You can all become couch potatoes together.

Mettaton is talking about just how faaaaabulous you are, darling! And you don’t have to beat yourself up if you haven’t achieved your dreams yet. It’s perfectly okay to take it one step at a time. Would you like to sing a number with him? Just look at those ratings! Just having you appear on the show is making so many people happy and excited! 

Napstablook is inviting you to just lay on the ground and be garbage with them. Sometimes, it’s okay to be unproductive. You don’t have to do something brilliant every day, slow down a little, breathe. Relax. Afraid of talking to people? They’re struggling with it too, but at least you’re not alone. Look, they’re crying you a nice dapper hat, as a thank you for being such a great and friendly person.

Burgerpants is struggling to put on a smile just for you, because he’s had such a bad day at work. But look, he did it! That’s because he’s that happy to see you, little buddy.

Bratty and Catty are like, sooooo excited that you’re here! I mean, check it out! You look so great! That outfit is like, so on point it’s amazing???? 

Monster Kid thinks you’re probably the greatest person they’ve ever met! Can you sign an autograph for them???? Oh no, they’re shaking so hard they can barely look you in the eye…..

Onionsan says you’re it’s new Big Favorite, y’hear! Yeah! 

Asgore would like to offer you a cup of tea. It’s cold, but he hopes you can accept it….. would you like to come and look at the flowers with him? He finds it always helps to calm him. So what’s upsetting you? Come, let it out. He will always give you a listening ear.

Asriel doesn’t want to let go of you, because he knows just how lost and confused someone can feel. This time, he’ll be your anchor, your safe harbor. Come and visit him and the golden flowers anytime…. they’re lovely, just like you. 

Chara won’t reset. No, they won’t. They’re letting you go. Just go and your own happiness, okay? No one should ever have to repeat their suffering ever again.

Gaster wants you to know that even if you think no one cares about you or even understands what you’re trying to say, there will always be that one person who does. So don’t cry. Don’t cry…

Shyren hums a few notes for you. Won’t you please hum along with her? It always makes her feel better to make music with a wonderful friend.

Lesser Dog wants pets!!!! Lots of pets!!!! Hello human!!!!!! You are so cute!!!!! Lesser Dog loves you!!!!! Lesser Dog has now gone where no dog has gone before because you’re so cute and brilliant and warm and friendly and….

Grillby nods at you as you walk in and hands you a plate of hamburgers. Oh no, don’t take out your wallet! It’s on the house, because you’ve just been through a bad day and it’s a little reward for having the strength and courage to get through it.

Muffet giggles and pours you yet another cup of spiders, and what’s more, this entire tea party is free of charge. Can you believe it???? She wants you to relax, put your feet up…. and smile, deary! Ahuhuhuhuhu~!

Temmie welcom you to teM SHOP!!!! yayA! sell u MANY THINS, NEW ITEM, will give many muns discount because tem LOVE YOU! hOI!!!!! if you feel eva frustrate….. or having TUOGH TIEM, tem will give u tem flake to cheer up u!!!!

Aaron flexes in, and winks at you. What can he possibly be winking at? Then he tells you that you’ve impressed him so much, you amazing person, that he almost feels nervous about his own incredibly toned muscles! 

Woshua insists you wosh your ears, to clear out all the bad stuff that people said about you, because none of it is true!

(feel free to add more characters!)


(yoooooo guys i think for the moment i wont add any more characters to this post, you can reblog it and add them yourselves, tho!)

“What the hell are you doing here?

Usually the Bennett witch’s Saturdays were quite peaceful relaxing. She was enjoying an anfternoon read until she heard a knock on the door. She wasn’t expecting any company. Her friends knew her Saturdays were sacred. So who could it be?

The question was clearly answered seeing the uninvited guest sitting on her porch swing. A Mikaelson.

“What? No happy tears of joy or a hug for an old friend?”

“No.” Bonnie said plainly. “What do you want?”

Klaus stood from the porch swing to stand in front of the Bennett beauty. “You know this hostility -”

“What do you want, Klaus?” The witch was becoming quickly annoyed. She didn’t want him here, in her space, in her life, none of them. She was done dealing with the Mikaelson family. “I’m won’t ask again.”

The playful grin on the hybrid’s face disappeared instantly. He stared down at his black boots only inches away from Bonnie’s bare feet. All the sudden he felt nervous being in front of her. He didn’t know what to say to her. Correction- he knew what to say, he just didn’t know how to ask it. With the way their relationship ended, how could he dare fix his mouth to ask for a favor.

Bonnie was angry with him and his siblings. She was rightfully just for her wroth and spite with them. What they did was unforgivable but it was the only way to keep their little witch safe. 

“I know…” Klaus started. “I know I have no right to stand here in front of you.”

“You don’t.” Bonnie agreed harshly. 

“”I understand.” He nodded. “I understand.” He repeated again as he finally found the nerve to look at Bonnie in the eyes unwavering. “But I need your help.”

Klaus watched the annoyance drain from Bonnie’s face and contorted into unadulterated hatred. His dead heart plummeted to his stomach, soaking up its acidity. This was a bad idea.

Though Bonnie was shaking with rage, she was able to keep her voice leveled. “I want you off my porch, Klaus.”

“Bonnie, please! It’s E -”

“I want you off my porch…now.” Her lips begin to tremble and her hand on the doorknob was aching from how tightly she was holding onto it. “I want you off my porch…and I don’t ever want to see you or anyone from your family ever again.” Bonnie stood behind the door. “Let this be the last time we see each other.”

Without waiting for his answer, the Bennett closed the door in Klaus’ face. Her back slouched against the door trying to calm her breathing. She inhaled and exhaled slowly through her nose. The steady practice she found wasn’t working since she could still feel the hybrid presence outside her door still on her porch.

“Go away, Klaus.”

“Bonnie, you have to listen to me.”


“If you really wanted me off your porch, I would have been already flying across your lawn by now.” He leaned close into the door as if he was whispering in the witch’s ear. “And if you hated me as much as you think you do, I would have met my final death soon as I stepped a foot on your stone pathway.”

Klaus hurriedly leaned away from the door as it suddenly swung open with a furious Bennett witch filling the doorway with her murderous aura. The Original took in the eerie malachite eyes glow as black veins protruding around her face and neck. He knew then that this was probably a bad idea.

“The only reason you’re not incinerated to ash beneath my feet is because your daughter would be fatherless!” Bonnie stepped out her house and a wave of magic slammed into Klaus full force. He stumbled backwards feeling the copious amount of power from the tiny witch. This was definitely a bad idea. “I care for Hope and as much it sickens me that she have a manipulative and heartless prick of a father like you, I would never take you away from her.”

Witch and hybrid stared intensely at each other both seething with anger. Klaus was the first to break the deafening silence.

“I know my family and I hurt you and you want nothing to do with us…” He took a much needed breath. “But I ask you as my friend…” Klaus carefully placed his hands on her shoulders. Bonnie was tense but she not remove his hand. “…as my sister…help me bring Elijah home.”

Bonnie stared at Klaus closely. He was sincere she could tell and that made it hurt even worse. She definitely didn’t need this. “Why?” Bonnie questioned. “Why me? I’m sure you have other witch’s at your disposal.” She sneered. 

“We do.” Klaus admitted. “And we tried and none of them could find him.”

“Why? Is there another witch cloaking him?” What kind of mess they get themselves into now. 

“Yes.” Bonnie arched her brow waiting for him to continue. “Tristan and his sister -”

“You mean your psycho red headed lover?” 

“His sister, “ Klaus grimaced. “Dug up some elder witch from who knows where and rooted us in the compound while Elijah went to talk to Tristan about the whereabouts of Lucien’s witch.”

Bonnie remember fleetingly about the Originals first children along with the special witch of Lucian. She met her once and she didn’t like the wench. Something about her rubbed Bonnie the wrong way. 

“What’s so special about Lucien’s witch?” Klaus was about to answer until Bonnie held up her hand to stop him. “On second thought, I don’t want to know.” Klaus frowned hearing the void of emotions laced in her voice. “So, Tristan and Aurora have Elijah somewhere where he is magically cloaked and you need me to find him.”

“I thought to give it a try. Since you are his -”

“Do you really want to finish that sentence?” Her malachite colored irises rotated left creating four small gold-like petals around her pupils. Klaus remained silently watching the majestic irises rotate right making the petals disappear.

“I would appreciate your help.”

“Yeah? Well, I would have appreciated if you didn’t ruin my Saturday with your Mikaelson nonsense.”

Klaus only shrugged unashamed. “I would have called, but we both know that’s not particularly my style.” A small smile tugged at his lips.

Bonnie returned the small smirk knowing what he said was true. The smile to Klaus’ disappointment didn’t last long as he wanted. He missed it. The smirk disappeared at the same time of her monstrous guise reverting back to her normal appearance.

“I will help you find, Elijah.” She turned away from Klaus back in her house.

“Thank you.”

When Bonnie was inside the warmth of her home, she glanced her shoulder, eyes distant and cold. The look startled the hybrid. Looking closely he could see the hurt and ire for he is his family shining through. Though she was helping Klaus save his brother, it didn’t mean everything was okay between them. Things would never be the same. He knew this, but he couldn’t help but hope.

“After I find Elijah, all contact between me and the Mikaelsons will cease.” She said said seriously. “Don’t ever come back here, Klaus. Not to say hi or sure as hell not to ask for a favor.” Klaus stood letting her words wash over him. “If you do…I’ll ignore the fact I’ll be breaking a little girl’s heart.”


The flight from Portland to New Orleans was uneventful. Clear skies all the way through. When Bonnie stepped off the plane, she immediately felt the connection to NOLA strum to life again. It was a wild rush and fire in her veins. While in the cab, her face was planted on the window. She forgotten how colorful it was and how the music serenaded every corner of every street. She missed her home.

However, soon as the cab pulled up to the Mikaelson compound she felt her rage churn again inside her. This wasn’t home. This was her grave. Walking inside her rage only grew being in their space. Why did she come back?

“Bonnie …”

The Bennett witch turned around facing the female Mikaelson. “Freya.”

The witch came from around the table to stand in front of Bonnie. “How um…how are you?” Freya was beside herself. She missed Bonnie terribly. It was good to see her sister again. “I heard you moved to Portland.”

“I did.” Bonnie looked around the living space then back at Freya. “Where are we setting up?”

Freya inwardly flinched from Bonnie’s curt tone but grinned anyway. She had to remind herself she had no right to be hurt. “Follow me.”

Bonnie followed Freya into the study where Hayley holding Hope, Klaus, Marcel, Kol with Davina by his side, and Finn. The air escaped Bonnie seeing her once family standing in front of her. It felt odd and maddening.

Bonnie opened her mouth to speak but ended up being gathered in the young hybrid’s arms.

“I missed you." 

Bonnie heard her ex-friend voice break mid-way. Awkwardly she hugged her back. She honestly didn’t know how to feel. Correction - she knew she was beginning to feel overwhelmed.

Over Hayley’s shoulder she saw Davina coming towards them with a smile on her face and hope in her young eyes. "Hi, Bonnie.”

The witch frowned. “Hello, Davina.” Bonnie wiggled to let herself loose from Hayley’s grip. 

Hayley pulled herself away as she wiped her tears away. “I thought you would be riding with Klaus.”


Hayley deflated a bit but didn’t let feeling unwelcome by her friend bother her. “Thank you for doing this, Bonnie. Even though you didn’t have to -”

“I know.” Bonnie moved past Hayley and the hybrid swore she felt a cold chill come from her.

Davina stared at the witch’s back. “Bonnie -”

“I need a map and a blade.”

Davina bit her lip. She needed to say this. “Bonnie, I just wanted to tell you I’m sorry. I’m so s -”

“I need a map,” She interrupted the young witch. “And a blade." 

Davina, without another word, left out the study to get the supplies. She returned with the items a few minutes later. She placed the map on the table and the blade beside it. 

Marcel reached for her hand and brought her to his side. The vampires in room could hear the Claire witch sniffling while she was away. She was hurt and yet again, they had no right to feel hurt. None of them did.

Klaus, Freya, Finn, and Kol stood around the table watching the Bennett witch work. 

She cut her finger with the blade and let droplets of her blood hit the old parchment paper. She held her hand over the map and began to chant. Soon as the spell emptied from her mouth, she could feel the other witch counterattack against her. Good thing it wasn’t going to work.

Bonnie’s lips moved quicker saying the incantation. Ebony veins crawled over face and neck spreading all the way to her neck, shoulders, and back until it covered her whole body. Eyes were the color of malachite and her sclera bled pitch black. The witch was turning into a different being before their eyes. 

The first time they seen this particular creature was two years ago. Bonnie was in a fit of rage and was aiming to kill each and every Mikaelson that night, but the cry of Hope waking up from her nap stopped the witch from doing so. Two years Bonnie kept away from them. How could they blame her? They made her into the creature she was now.

Magic pulsed around them and tightened around their bodies in a vice grip. The lights flickered in and out. Walls and floors creaked under pressure from the wave of magic.

Suddenly, everything became quiet.

Bonnie leaned over the table seeing the blood on the map unmoved over the location of the compound. Then the droplets merged together and began to move. The Bennett witch broke the cloak over Elijah. She had a hold of him and she could feel him. She felt relieved that he was okay but then she hated that she felt that relief.  

The blood continued to move farther upward until it reached the pier.

"He’s there.”

Swishes were heard around her. The vampires and Freya left to rescue their brother and possibly kill whoever in their way. Bonnie didn’t particularly care. She needed to rest to replenish her magic.

Bonnie sat on the large cushioned chair by the fireplace letting the warmth of the fire caress her skin. Her fatigue quickly claimed her senses and in a matter of minutes she was asleep.


When Bonnie stirred awake the first thing she noticed was her magic was fully replenished. The second thing she noticed was her hunger. She can’t remember the last time she ate. Her stomach growled angrily at her, ravenous from the lack of food.

“You must be hungry.” Bonnie glared at Klaus walking from across the room to her. “Here.”

Bonnie stood tiredly from her seat and grabbed the four blood bags from his hands. “Thank you.”

Klaus let Bonnie have her fill as he crawled into his thoughts. He realized he would never get used to Bonnie being a witch/vampire hybrid. But could he call her that? Sure, she was a witch who died with vampire blood in her system, but he felt she was something more, something unknown, something dangerous.

It was something that wasn’t expected or planned. It just…happened. One moment Bonnie was alive and fine, then suddenly she was keeling over holding her stomach, blood soaking through her ivory blouse.

Klaus looked away from Bonnie as if he was witnessing it again. He pinched his eyes closed not wanting the memories to continue. It hurts. It hurts deeply to know they made her into this.

The sound of crumbling plastic caught Klaus attention. He turned around seeing a well fed Bonnie. “We didn’t have O negative. I know that’s your favorite.”

Bonnie shrugged. “It’s fine.”

Klaus went to say more but paused when he heard footsteps coming into the study. By the look of fury on Bonnie’s face, he knew exactly who it was.

“Niklaus, give us the room.”

Klaus noticed Bonnie flinch when Elijah spoke. He felt his dead heart break seeing the sight.

He closed in on Bonnie startling her. He placed both hands on the side of her face and placed a chaste kiss on her forehead. “Thank you, sister.” He whispered against her skin. With those parting words, Klaus vamped out the room leaving Bonnie and Elijah alone.

Elijah closed the door but kept his eyes on Bonnie. He swallowed the lump in his throat and fiddled with his daylight ring.

“Bonnie.” The taste of her name sent shivers down his spine. He hadn’t said her name in two years. He hadn’t seen her in two years. And yet he had the pleasure doing both at this moment.

Bonnie was shaking all over but kept her tone as neutral as possible. “Elijah.”

The silence in the room was deafening. They could only stand and stare. Someone needed to say something. Someone needed to do something. That something was Bonnie leaving.

The witch straightened her leather jacket and walked briskly towards the door.

Elijah breath hitched seeing her come forward. He didn’t want her to leave, not yet. He needed to do something. He needed to say something.

“Why did you save me?”

That got her attention. Bonnie eyes widened owlishly at the Original.

Elijah stared down at the little woman and by the gods she was beautiful. The last time he seen her, her hair was cut into a bob. It was now long, well past her shoulders, wavy in a richer chocolate hue. Green eyes as shining emeralds complimenting her almond skin complexion. Her high cheeks were dusted in rose and lips pink as petals. She wore immortality beautifully.

“I don’t have time for this, Elijah.” Her scowl deepened as the seconds passed by. “Let me out.”

“Bonnie…I…” Elijah rubbed his forehead. “I didn’t want this to happen…to us. I never…” He shook his head pinching his eyes closed. “I didn’t know they would bring you into this.” He finally said completely changing the subject. Shockingly that irritated Bonnie more.

Bonnie rolled her eyes. “It made sense.” She shrugged. “I’m a Bennett witch and my blood and yours are tied to one another. After all,” She smiled ruefully. “You are my sire.”

Her tone was dripping with venom and disdain. It was acid pouring on his chest seeping through his flesh eating at his bones and into his heart.

“Words can never come close to describe how sorry I am that I hurt you.” He shook his head. “I never wanted to hurt you.”

“But you did!” Bonnie bellowed. “I was dead, Elijah. I was killed in front of those stone steps outside the compound.” She breathed in heavily. “I should have stayed dead but I’m this.” She motioned to herself. “I told you and everyone else if I died, let it be. But you totally went against my wishes.”

Elijah shook his head seeing the images of Bonnie limp body on the stone steps bleeding out heavily. “I didn’t want to lose you.” He stepped towards the trembling witch. “I couldn’t stand seeing you motionless. I couldn’t stand being in a world without you.” He admitted. “It was selfish on my part -”

“Extremely selfish!”

“What would you have me to do?” The Original hollered loudly. “Bury you in your garden? Watch dirt pile on your coffin? Let you leave my life -”

“I expected you to respect my wishes! That was my choice, not yours, not anybody! It was mine and you took that from me.” Bonnie fingers clenched beside her. “What did you say before? You didn’t want to lose me? You mean lose me like after you turned me into this monster? Lose me like you and your family pushed me out!” Bonnie blinked back her angry tears.

“You had Davina, my own student, bring me back for a few moments. Just enough time to put your foul blood into my system to turn me.” Bonnie paced like a furious lioness keeping her eyes on Elijah. “I wake up confused and have the most burning sensation in my throat and this ravenous hunger. I wake up as a hybrid.”

“Bonnie -”

“You and Klaus hold me down and forced Davina’s blood in me, so I wouldn’t let myself die. That’s twice you ignored my wishes. It took months to even fathom the thought of being what I am.” Angry streaks of tears fall from her eyes. “When I semi get my head around what I am, you give me the cold shoulder?”

“It wasn’t like that.”

“No?” Bonnie scoffed. “So you didn’t ignored me for weeks then? You didn’t deny to touch me, to kiss me, to fuck me.”

“Stop this.” Elijah begged brokenly. “Please.”

“And then got everyone to turn away from me. Then kicked me out of what I thought was my home with my family!” A sob broke through her lips. “All of you left me alone. You had me to figure out what I am by myself. I had no one!”

A lone tear fell down the Original’s cheek seeing the aching pain and hurt radiating from her. “Bonnie…I have no excuse to what we did to you. We just didn’t want to cause you more pain. We thought…” He shook his head. “I thought you’d be better on your own. I was disgraced with my selfish actions. In the process of needing you with me and then never getting to chance to tell you…” He stopped himself.

Bonnie eyebrows pinched together noticing his silence. Then it clicked. “Don’t you dare.” Bonnie shook her head back and forth. “You have no right.” More tears fell down her cheeks. “I’ve waited for you to say those words. Don’t you dare fix your disgusting mouth and say it now!”

“But it’s true Bonnie.” He stepped closer to her. “I left you, pushed you, have my family turn away from you, because I love you. We love you. We couldn’t stand seeing how unhappy you were. We seen your anger, your resentment, your sadness, your darkness…and it was all our fault.” Elijah stood directly in front of her placing his hands on her tear stained cheeks. “I wanted you to have a good life outside of our family. We put you through so much. I couldn’t stand -”

“Exactly! You couldn’t stand it!” Bonnie ripped her face away from his touch. “Both decision wasn’t for me, it was for you. YOU couldn’t stand being without me. YOU couldn’t let me die. YOU couldn’t deal with my unhappiness. YOU wanted your pain to go away, not mine.” Bonnie chest heaved harshly. “Both decisions involving my life you made on your own and have me suffer both times because of your selfishness!”

Elijah eyes pinched shut as the tears broke through his long lashes. The truth was laid out for him. The truth that he refused to see for so long. Everything the Bennett witch was painfully true. He was selfish. His true nature broke through the flesh and fur of the noble stag creating a new monster.

“I love you, Bonnie.” He opened his eyes, brown eyes swimming with sorrow. “I love you. I stand here before you telling you this, here and now. I know I made you wait then -”

“Stop.” The witch held up her hand. “Just stop.” She wiped her cheeks. “I’ve been there for you for how long in my human days? You had feelings for me. I had feeling for you. We kissed, we loved, we couldn’t control ourselves but you never said those three words I longed for.” Bonnie smiled solemnly. “And now you say it after what you’ve done to me. Now is the time you say it? It took you this long?”

Elijah bowed his head raking his thick fingers through his hair. “I don’t let people in.”

“Because you never tried!” Anger coiled tightly within her. “I gave myself to you. All of me!” She jabbed her finger repeatedly on her chest. “You never did the same for me. You kept me at arms length at all times.”

“I was trying to protect you.”

“From what exactly? From me being hurt?” Bonnie jibed nastily. “How very sweet of you, you noble man you.”

Elijah turned away from Bonnie pinching the bridge of his nose. “What we had was not simple, Bonnie. It wasn’t simple to just be with you.”

“But it was simple enough crawling into my bed.” Bonnie ticked her crooked jaw. “Was it simple enough to get on top of me? Should I have opened my legs wider for you, sire?”

“Stop it!” Elijah whirled around in rage pointing towards her. “Don’t you dare demean my love for you.”

Bonnie shook her head sadly at the Original. “You did that on your own, Elijah. I only wanted to be with you.” Another flood a tears streamed down her face. “I loved you.” A sob escaped her lips. “I love you.” Elijah went to hold her but Bonnie stepped back. “But you denied me a chance to love. You denied me the chance to die. And you denied me the chance to live." 

The witch bit the insider of her cheek holding in her sobs. "You hurt me.” She hiccuped. “You all did.” She said to the rest who she knew were listening. “And I will never forgive you for that, any of you.”

“Bonnie…please let m -”

“Goodbye, Elijah.” Bonnie moved around the stunned Original and left out the room.

When he heard the door shut, Elijah closed his eyes letting his dead heart come undone as he heard the love of his life footsteps move farther away from the study. 

Bonnie kept her head down walking down the steps to the front door. She could smell their tears. She hear their sniffles. She could feel their heart breaking, but the witch didn’t couldn’t find herself to care to look. They deserved this. This was only a fraction of what she felt and been through.

Almost to the door Bonnie stopped. She cursed herself for the moment of weakness. Slowly, she turned towards them. 

Davina was tucked into Kol’s arms back towards her. Finn and Marcel sat across from each other but looking at nothing but space. Hayley holding Hope close to her chest rocking her slowly. She didn’t miss the wetness from her red flush cheeks. Freya sat on the arm of the couch next to Finn, blond hair curtained her face filled with regret and shame. 

And lastly, Klaus was standing on the right of her. He was the only one that was looking at her. Red and wet eyes, tears running slowly down his face. This hurts really bad, she thought. 

Bonnie turned away and opened the door letting the cold brush across her heated face. Before she stepped a foot out the door, she felt someone grab her hand. She turned back seeing it was Klaus.

Klaus squeezed her hand into his not wanting to let go. “We did love you, Bonnie.” Bonnie felt another tear roll down her cheek. “We still do.”

The witch looked around her seeing everyone looking at her seeing their love for her shining through. She could feel it. Bonnie’s eyes lifted to the top of the stairs seeing Elijah staring down at her. Chocolate eyes begging for her to stay. Eyes begging her to forgive him, be with him, love him.

But she couldn’t. She didn’t have the strength to love him, any of them. Not after what they did, she could never.

Bonnie broke her hand free from Klaus’ grasp and walked out the Mikaelson compound leaving her past behind and finally able to live in her present.

She didn’t know what was going to happen next in her life, but she knew she would find a way on her own. She was all she had.

I of III (maybe)

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Seeing Kae work this year and even 2015 is really astounding. I been following her since I found her pictures in a FF forum and I just had to know who she was 😫. It’s crazy cause that was like in 2009-2011. Like almost of decade and to see her build
Herself up like this and keep pushing past the barriers and road blocks people tried to set in front of her. AMAZING. She def my ultimate fave man. She’s about her business and keep her mind to herself. Love this girl man, definitely enhanced my wardrobe (along with your blog Amb💘) and I’ve taken so many makeup and beauty tips from her. Like it’s just crazy to know how she’ll succeed in 2017 and then from. I’ve always rooted for her. She’s just so bomb man. I really can’t wait for NYFW and see what she brings. Cause I really can’t remember an outfit that I hated (I probably disliked it at first but after staring at it for awhile I be liking tf out of it lmao). Literally couldn’t ask for a better fave, or mom. 😫😫😫

//// Omg. Yassssss. She deserves it all. I still remember like it was yesterday when she was shooting for 1two 5 years ago and look at her now. I’m so proud. Hard work pays off! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

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Not a pairing. Zhara and Kashew with the prompt: "Is there any part of you that isn't bruised?"

The door to the library opens slowly with a slight creak. Zahra glances up from her book to watch Kashaw shamble in and close the door behind him. He’s cradling his stomach and moving as though he’s aged about sixty years since Zahra saw him the previous evening. She watches him shuffle forward, and smiles as he pushes her feet off of the chair where she has them propped. He groans and sits down heavily.

“It’s only a few hours past noon,” Zahra remarks, marking her spot in her book with her finger as she folds it shut in her lap. “Bit late for a hangover, so what’s got you groaning like an old man?”

Kashaw looks up at Zahra with a scathing expression. The tiefling receives it with a fanged grin. She leans forward, looking over the human with an amused but concerned eye. He doesn’t seem to be seriously injured, but is definitely uncomfortable. So Zahra doesn’t feel bad about poking more fun at him.

“Did you fall down a very long flight of stairs, dear?” she asks. “Trip over every root of the Sun Tree? Run in to–”

“Ha-ha,” Kashaw says, bland but forceful. “I’m laughing hysterically, honest.” Anyone who doesn’t know Kash would say he looks angry, irritated, but in the cool almost expressionless way. Zahra knows Kash very well, and can see the little glimmer in his eyes and the slight wrinkle of crows feet at their corners. She can read the smile the exists in his mind, but that he refuses to show on his face.

“Alright,” Zahra says, leaning back in her chair and re-opening her book. Kashaw grunts as he leans forward and props his head up on his hand with his elbow on the table.

“Kima. I was sparring with Kima. She… left a couple of bruises,” he admits. Zahra snaps her book closed fully this time, and puts it on a pile of tomes stacked on the table. 

“A couple?” Zahra repeats, “Is there any part of you that isn’t bruised?” 

Kashaw moans and lowers his head to rest it on the table. A muffled but still forceful ‘ha-ha’ reaches Zahra’s ears. She laughs and gingerly pats his shoulder. Kash winces.

“Kima knocks you on your ass every time you spar with her. Why did you fight her? And why did you let it go so far? I’m guessing it has something to do with your stubborn pride?” Zahra asks, propping her chin thoughtfully on her fist. Kashaw is silent for a very long time, wrestling with the aforementioned stubborn pride. When he finally answers, his voice is so low and muffled that the words lose all meaning.

“Oh that clears things up,” Zahra says sarcastically, rolling her eyes. “Try articulating, dear. I know you’re not a fan of words, but they are the best way to communicate.”

“Keyleth was watching,” he mumbles. Zahra snorts out a laugh, shakes her head, and stands.

“Of course she was,” she says and loops an arm underneath Kashaw. He yelps when she pulls him to his feet. “Come along, dear. I’m sure Pike can help with the bruises. You’ll have to nurse your ego by yourself though.”

Kash chuckles, and puts his arm over Zahra’s shoulder.

“Ha-ha,” he says, a little softer this time.

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what do you say to ders who use damon's "im fine with her either way, brother" to drag stefan/se?

Ah, this tired drag. My defence is pretty simple and it actually gets to the root of Stelena and Delena.

Stefan knows Elena. He knows her implicitly, intimately, fundamentally. It’s said by Elena: 

And she says better than anyone that means better than Matt and Bonnie and Caroline, her best friends since they were infants; that means better than her Jeremy, her brother; and that definitely means better than Damon. And I bring this up because Stefan knew from the very beginning that Elena wasn’t supposed to be a vampire. He knew it wasn’t what she wanted. He knew that even if she learned to accept her condition, she would never embrace it; he knew that even if she learned to be OK with being a vampire, she would never love it. Him finding the cure and him saying he doesn’t want her to be a vampire wasn’t about him because does this look like a man who stopped loving her because she turned into a vampire?

No! Stefan was thinking about Elena and what she needed as a person because he knew her. He knew she didn’t want to be a vampire before she could even articulate her negative feelings about it and he gets her to admit that in season 2.

Then in season 4 he’s there when she has her first taste of blood and sees that tear that falls down her eye because she’s lamenting the loss of her human life:

he hears her rant and rave about the hurt pouring out of her, he sees her half-starving because she can’t drink blood in a way that makes her feel comfortable:

He knows this isn’t the life for her.

Damon was fine with Elena either way because Damon just wanted to consume Elena. Her quality of life never really mattered to Damon, which is why he would’ve saved Matt in season 3 and why he said he would gladly let Bonnie die in season 2, which is why he force-fed her his blood in season 2 because Elena just needs to be physically alive, there for him, it’s always about what he wants in relation to Elena rather than Elena herself; Elena as a person. I don’t think Damon even knows who Elena is outside of what he feels for her and what she supposedly does for him. He made it about himself in that scene with “I’m fine with her either way”, Stefan wasn’t talking about his preference, Damon, he was talking about what Elena needs.

What I also find ridiculous is that in season 6, it’s packaged as a revelation that Elena doesn’t want to be a vampire and Damon is treated like a hero because after


to her for like three episodes he tells her to take the cure when Stefan had known two seasons ago that Elena didn’t want to be a vampire and he was treated like an asshole because he was adamant that she have the cure. Another thing, if Stefan was driven by the desire to “fix” Elena and if it was about what he wanted and not what she wanted, when she finally gets the cure, Stefan would’ve encouraged her to take it, would’ve been like “isn’t this what you always wanted???” instead what happens is that Stefan tells Elena that he wanted the choice to be hers because he just wants to give her what she wants. So DErs need another argument.

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things you said when you thought i was asleep

12. things you said when you thought i was asleep

 Your forehead is pressed up against a hip or a thigh, or some other soft, warm body part that’s relaxed you enough to drift off while Root works on some project in bed, fervently typing away in a her nerdy librarian glasses like she  didn’t just spend the evening fucking you into oblivion.

You’re not sure what’s woken you up: your severe dehydration or the soft murmur of her voice, deep in the midst of a conversation that you’ll only ever hear one side of. Probably a bit of both, but you’re too sore to move – too comfy and sated to consider anything other than pressing into her closer, flush up against her skin. She pets your hair, goes on talking in a quiet voice; the one you’ve come to recognize is just for Her.  

“I know you think you want to know what it’s like,” she says, “but you don’t; trust me. You’re perfect. You don’t want something like feelings corrupting your data.”

Shaw wonders what question it is now, what thing about the world She only seems to trust Root enough to answer. It’s a fundamental difference between she and The Machine: She always wants to know the details, the intimate crevices of Root’s emotions, not content with the one-word answers, the wide open expressions on her face. 

She always wants to know more and all Shaw wants to do when confronted with that sort of thing is press into Root, make her feel something else, something she can control. Often, all she knows how to do is look away; Root shines too bright sometimes, like driving down a highway when the afternoon sun is at its peak.

“Stick to the textbook definition,” she hears Root tell Her, “Maybe read some Sappho if you’re really curious. But,” she says, the hand on Shaw’s back shifting in patterns, “I don’t think you need me to explain it you, really. Who says you need feelings to understand love?”

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Some nice reminders:

- it is okay to believe Root is still alive

- the ending of poi was extremely open ended

- it was probably left that open ended for a main reason: to leave room for belief that Root is alive

- Amy Acker has consistently liked tweets about a Root/Shaw spinoff

- Amy even tweeted at Kevin, Sarah, and Michael saying she wants to work with them again

- after the out-pour of fans tweeting about Root being alive and all that good stuff, none of the writers/crew/cast came back and put the fans down by saying that Root is dead for real or that she’s really gone or anything of that matter to crush fans’ hopes (unlike some writers in a certain fandom yall know who i’m talking about lmao)

- continuing to fight for a Root/Shaw spinoff is a good thing because it could definitely happen in the future

- believing that Root is alive isn’t still being in denial because after the open ending it’s a very real possibility

- if someone tells you that you’re in denial for believing this please send them my way so i can fuck me up a bitch for you

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"Why do we need a special angst week when EVERY WEEK CAN BE ANGST WEEK," Fab thought, stacking the jars with freshly ripped hearts on the display shelf. Just kidding, it's great to see you're writing again :) How about the ducklings crossing prompt for some counterbalance? I'd say it's impossible to make it sad, but I'm kinda afraid you'd take it as a challenge :D)

“You and I both got arrested for holding up traffic to let a duck with ducklings cross the road and now we’re in the same holding cell” AU

Ahhh thanks so much <3 it really means a lot.  I haven’t loved a lot of what I’ve written in a long time, so it’s not always easy to feel positive about it.  But I promise I’ve kept this sweet!  It’s set in my still-unpublished birdwatching AU.

Maka waited to open the door to her car until a break in the traffic occurred.  She hopped out and closed it quickly, skirting the edge of the road until she could drop down into the low shoulder.  The sight of her boyfriend lying face down in the dirt came into view.

If she didn’t know him so well, she’d be worried, but she merely rolled her eyes as she squatted next to his head.  “Hey!” she cried, and he turned to look up at her.  There was a smudge of mud across his forehead, but he looked serious, so she swallowed the smile.

“So I’m here,” she said, talking loudly over the noise of the traffic.  “What’s going on?  A ‘bird emergency’ is pretty vague.”

Soul lifted himself up more and she could see what was underneath him.  He was lying across a storm grate with his arms through the slats, reaching into the darkness.  Maka could just barely hear some peeping from below.

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inspired by this gifset by karastantons. I just wanted to write tags but it got a little out of control so here have this weird combination of meta and fic. 

It’s ten years maybe after Samaritan took over the world.

Someday doesn’t happen. There was always something more important than really figuring out if the thing between them is worth a four alarm fire.

They keep putting it off until it’s too late and they’re both dying, and The Machine decides in their last moments, as a gift, to show them what could have been.

What if Root wasn’t the kid who had to grow up too soon?

What if Hanna didn’t get taken away from Root and her mom didn’t get sick until after she graduated college when she is more equipped to care for her mother?

What if Shaw’s dad didn’t die?

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The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same

Regal Believer, with a dash of Outlaw Queen

Regina knocks softly on Henry’s open bedroom door, smiling when he turns to face her. “Can I bother you for a second?”

“You’re not bothering me,” he says with a groan as he drops his pencil down on his desk. “I’m doing algebra homework. I’ll take any distraction I can get.”

Regina smirks as she comes into his room and sits on the foot of his bed, “Well, I’m glad I rank above algebra.” She looks at him for a moment—at fourteen years old he’s nearly as tall as her and he looks so grown up, no longer the little boy who would reach for her hand as they crossed the street and fall asleep on her lap as she read to him.

“There’s something I wanted to talk to you about…ask you, actually.”

Henry spins his chair to face her, “What’s up?”

Taking a breath, she nods. “I was wondering how you’d feel if I….asked Robin to move in with us. Would that be okay with you?”

She watches a coy grin form on Henry’s face, “He doesn’t already live here?”

Regina laughs out.

It’s a fair question. Since returning from New York Robin and Roland have spent a great deal of time at the house with her and Henry. At first, they took things slowly—getting reacquainted with one another, working through everything that happened in the months of Zelena’s deception, and working together to bring Emma back from the dark side. In some ways, he’s been the old-fashioned type, courting her with moonlit walks and lunch dates, and offering unwavering support and an empathetic ear throughout the chaos. But now, more times than not, Robin and Roland are there for dinner and more times than not, Robin is making them all breakfast in the kitchen when Henry wakes up for school in the morning.

But it’s not official. For the past few weeks she’s felt like she had one foot it and one foot—committed, but not completely. There’s a small part of her who fears diving into that sort of complete commitment, a part of her that fears it’ll be ripped away from her, and a part of her that wonders if, after everything, she’d be able to survive it. Not to mention that change has never been something that came easily.

“Mom, why wouldn’t it be okay with me?”

“Well…it was just you and me for so long, and things have just gotten back to normal between us. Things are…good. I don’t want to lose that.”

For her, it’s such an understatement. There are times when she wakes in the middle of the night and finds herself peeking into Henry’s bedroom to reassure herself that he’s really there, that he’s really still hers. Losing him was slow and gradual, a wound that just kept deepening no matter what she did to mend it. Losing Henry was the single hardest thing she’d ever experienced…and winning back his love was her greatest triumph.

“Things are good,” Henry agrees with a nod. “And they’ll still be good with Robin and Roland here.”

“It’ll be different.”

“Different doesn’t mean bad.” Henry shrugs his shoulders, “He makes you happy. You deserve to be happy.”

Leaning forward, Regina touches her hand to Henry’s knee, “You make me happy. And you come first. This is your house, too; and, you should be comfortable here. So….”

“Mom,” Henry interjects. “I like Robin. A lot. I wasn’t sure for awhile there, but he’s a good guy and he’s good for you.” He grins. “And he’s teaching me all sorts of cool stuff like how to shoot a bow and arrow and…”

Her brow furrows with worry, “I didn’t know that.”

At that, Henry smiles and reaching out, he pats her hand. “The point is…I know you love me, Mom. But I shouldn’t be the only person around you who makes you happy. That’s not fair to you and that’s not why you worked so hard to find your happy ending. And now that you’ve found it, you should get to enjoy it.”

Pulling back her hand, she tucks her hair behind her ears and grins, “You know, it wouldn’t just be Robin moving in with us. Roland would be here too, and pretty soon, there will be a baby. That’s a lot to adjust to.”

 “Hanging out with Roland is actually kind of fun. Getting to be a big brother is pretty awesome.” Henry pauses for a moment. “When it was just the two of us, that was really great. But it being the four of us has been pretty great, too; and, I’m sure that when it’s the five of us, that’ll be even better.” Regina can’t help the smile that stretches across her lips.  “You told me once that one day, I was going to have more family then I knew what to do with…”

“This isn’t exactly what I meant by that,” she says with a soft laugh.

“I know. Maybe you didn’t mean it that way then, but maybe, deep down, this is what you really meant…that we’d have a bigger family one day.”

Her eyebrow arches and she smirks. “A premonition?”

“Hey, stranger things have happened around here.”

Regina’s eyes narrow. “When did you get to be so thoughtful and wise?”

Henry grins, “My mother raised me well.”

At that, she smiles and takes a breath, looking away as she swallows the lump that has formed at the back of her throat, telling herself that a fourteen year old boy as no interest in watching his mother get weepy and sentimental— but, Henry will never know how much hearing that means to her.

“I have an idea…” She looks back to him. “How about you put that away for tonight—I’ll help you with it tomorrow. I’ll go downstairs and freeze the pasta sauce I made and order a pizza, and you can pick the movie.”

She watches as a grin stretches across Henry’s face—this used to being their ‘thing.’ “Mom, a movie? As in one? Do you know how many Marvel movies have been made in the last few years? I think we’re in for a marathon.”

Regina nods as she grins at Henry—she does know. She’s kept count; though, for a long time, she doubted they’d ever have one of their infamous movie nights again. Her grin widens as she realizes how far they’ve come, yet how easy it’s been to slip back into old, comfortable routines. “So extra breadsticks are a must, then.”

“And don’t forget the root beer.”

She stands and nods, acknowledging his request. “Think they’ll deliver vanilla ice cream so we can make floats?”

“It’s definitely worth asking,” Henry says in a serious tone, as she walks out of the room.

Looking back over her shoulder, she smiles at Henry who is already scrolling through a list of movies. Despite everything—despite their separation and the long road back, despite all of the changes that have taken place in their lives over the past couple of years—there are some things that will never change.

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Shoot Prompt- Gen stays with Root and Shaw now any chance she gets, and they have taken on the role of sorta-mothers to Gen nicely. Gen does get exasperated sometimes because Shaw and Root are not normal people with normal lives. One day Gen tells them that she is going to bring over one of her friends, a boy. When they walk in the door, they see Shaw sitting on the couch cleaning her sniper rifle while her wife is fiddling with her favorite taser. Needless to say, the boy gets the message.

Bringing Home a Boy

(For part one- this is a loose continuation- click here)

A thin beam of sunlight trickles in past the drawn blinds, splashing against Root’s hair and lighting it a magnificent bronze. Shaw watches her pale face as she lays on her side, head resting against her arm as she listens to the sound of morning and Root’s slow, steady breaths. Shaw, barely able to suppress a tired yawn, arches her back to free herself from sleep, Root’s arm sliding lightly down her waist in the process. The small shift is enough for Root’s coffee eyes to flutter open, the sunlight reflecting flecks of gold within them. Upon seeing Shaw’s face, she gives a sleep-ridden smile.

“Morning, Sweetie,” Root mumbles, fingers beginning to trace lazy circles on the small of Shaw’s back. Shaw’s eyes look her over slowly, face not revealing anything as her gaze gradually returns to Root’s face. “What do you say to calling out of work today?” With this, Shaw’s stoic disposition falters, and she cracks an amused half smile.

“I don’t think our boss would let that happen,” Shaw murmurs in reply, eyes warm as they take in Root. With the covers over them and the softness of the pillow under her head and Root only inches away- it is tempting to remain like this forever. Root’s bottom lip protrudes in thought, eyes narrowing with play.

“Maybe I could talk to Her; request a sick day,” Root replies, voice muffled with the last tendrils of sleep, eyes closing for a moment.

“Tell me how that works out for you,” Shaw responds with a smile in her voice, yet doesn’t make a show of getting up. Instead, she brings her left hand to the side of Root’s face, pushing back a few strands of her hair before Root places her free hand over Shaw’s, eyes flickering back open. Laying here, Shaw realizes just how much she enjoys the days like this one. The days where they linger here, and where she listens to Root conspire to stay home, knowing full well they’d both grow far too restless without a number to oversee.

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hi! i understand that your headcanon is bottom!shaw so i wanted to ask... amy said that root enjoys shaw's muscle when it's used on her, shaw will top in the sex scene, why do you think shaw is a bottom? she always seemed like a top to me, she basically dominates everything. though of course they probably switch too. can you explain your reasoning? thanks!

i have a lot of thoughts and reasons for it tbh maybe too many so hopefully i can articulate them 

  • a few things first, i prefer and like the idea of shaw taking on the role of the bottom, of a service top and a sub but don’t think that in the canon of their relationship she would exclusively take on only these roles with root but in my mind 9/10 times - she’s taking on one (or more) of them 
  • in relation to what amy said i mean, it’s just a fact that shaw is physically stronger than root and so regardless of what dynamics they take on in sexual situations i think that shaw’s physical strength and physique are a massive turn on for root and she is incredibly attracted to that aspect of shaw
  • i would say that i definitely see shaw as aggressive opposed to dominate. we know from what she has said about her pd that anger is the easiest emotion for her to express - it’s the volume that’s turned up the loudest so she is definitely aggressive and can easily express that and so we get her punching root in 3x06, choking root in 4x09 and grabbing her for the kiss in 4x11 and then again there is clear aggression in what we see in the promo from s5 but i don’t think that necessarily transfers to who is actually the more dominate within the dynamic of the relationship 
  • and for the record i fully accept shaw taking the more aggressive and dominant role in THE scene, i think it fits the characters immensely. root needs to let shaw take the lead because god knows what she has been trough and shaw needs that control, whatever is gonna happen, after all she’s gone through, it’s gotta be on her own terms and i say again, of all of the feelings she would be having anger has always been the easiest for her to decipher (root also is so helplessly in love i’m pretty sure shaw could literally do whatever she wanted to and root would have no complaints)  
  • but let’s go back to CONTROL. my view of root is as a character with a need for control, it’s all well and good for her to have faith in the machine but FUCK ROOT CRAVES CONTROL SHE JUST DOES from baby sam groves taking back control when no one listened to her when hannah was taken, how she took control and had the dude killed. she didn’t get to control that she was samantha groves with the absent dad and the sick mom but she chose the identity of root, she controlled that, she decided it. she was a contract killer she literally CONTROLLED LIFE AND DEATH. shaw being taken was out of her control and my god does she try and take it back when she wants to kill beth to save harry SHE IS TRYING TO CONTROL THE SITUATION root and control is very important in my understanding of her character and so when it comes to her sexual relationship with shaw, that power dynamic and the elements of bdsm the partake in, she absolutely takes on a dom role and shaw serves as her sub 
  • also just from reading fic i accept the idea that root doesn’t like a lot of penetration so to be specific i never really like the idea of shaw using a strap-on on her, that never feels right to me and wearing a strap on doesn’t by default make you the top but in  a lot of fics that’s how it often plays out
  • i headcanon that shaw has usually taken on the role of top or dom with most previous sexual partners and that’s because she hasn’t ever really trusted anyone or felt comfortable enough to not do that. she says she had a 3 night max policy, that’s not an exceedingly long amount of time to establish the kinda of sexual relationship i think root and shaw have fallen into after all this time. 
  • but most importantly shaw’s actions speak louder than words, because most of the time she physically cannot find the words, she can’t express what she feels but act of giving root that control and submitting to her says so much. 
  • my interpretation of canon based off this gifset is certainly that shaw enjoys pain and in most contexts of the comments we see root is the one (potentially) inflicting it, i don’t see that shaw has an overwhelming desire to inflict pain in same way she has exhibited a desire to have pain inflicted on her however root has vocalised that she enjoys receiving pain as well as inflicting it so i think that definitely happens
  • but that could just mean shaw takes on the role of service top, following root’s orders and requests on how to inflict pain on her who knows if people think that a definite switch happens in those instances i don’t mind 
  • if we talk about this gifset/scene i think that it’s super instinctual how root pulls shaw into her and shields her and i think in the top gif i get the feeling this a familiar position for them, that shaw in aroused by it but then she becomes uncomfortable with the intimacy of it because they aren’t in a sexual situation 
  • and again just my interpretation of canon from this scene i 100% imagine that root zip tied shaw and put the hood on her, shaw’s face and the implication that root it holding the stuff implies to me that she will be using them on shaw (also we see root placing the zip ties on herself the next morning, not shaw exhibiting dominance and putting them on her) 
  • i think shaw’s reaction to root bringing this up and the context of it also implies this, because root is pitting herself against tomas and how they can pleasure shaw and so i absolutely take form it that root took on the more dominant role on that occasion, she had shaw tied up etc.) 

i probably have more things to say, and i’ve probably said way too much about it so hopefully this kinda makes sense and this is all just my interpretations at the end of the day also i blame @constantlyhalfcocked because i did not feel this strongly about sub!shaw or bottom!shaw until i read their fics and from that point on there was no going back 

anonymous asked:

8! M&S

sorry this is so late anon, I haven’t been around much, but I hope you forgive me and enjoy this :) 

8. “Does he know about the baby?”

They lay folded together quietly, no sound but the flow of oxygen in and out of their lungs. His head rests in his favorite spot; the point where her neck becomes her chest. His fingers are caressing her bare stomach, marking their terrority. Her fingers do the same, stretching through his hair from the root to the tip of the strand that falls between his eyes. Their partnership - because that’s truly what it is, a partnership in all definitions of the word - is just that, they are everything to one another, from root to sprout, beginning to end. Becoming parents is just another branch.

She breaks the silence between them, “Do you think he knows?”

Mulder takes a deep breath, startled out of his daze, “Who knows, Scully?”

“My father.” She stops for a moment, not trusting her tears to lie still while her lips move.

“My father, does he know about the baby?”

She’s staring at the wall across from her when she asks. His eyes are closed. He doesn’t stop running his fingers across his swollen stomach when he speaks.

“He knows. Melissa knows. Samantha knows. My parents know. They know.” he says in a whisper

It didn’t sound like a whisper to her, it sounded like a piercing scream. She wouldn’t believe it if anyone else said it, she didn’t even fathom the possibility when she asked. But if Mulder says he knows, she believes him.

“Good” she says with a soft smile

He can’t see her but he knows she’s smiling. He lifts his head and nuzzles her neck with his nose and she bends to place a kiss in his hair.

“He would’ve liked you” Scully tells him

“He does” Mulder says to her, closing his eyes as his places a small kiss behind her ear.

Scully chuckles, “What else does he know?”

Mulder doesn’t miss a beat, just keeps tracing her stomach and nuzzling her neck as he tells her about her father, the man he never met, but the man he knows. He doesn’t need to meet him, he’s met her.

So they spend the rest of the night like that, Scully playing with his hair and swallowing tears as he tells her about her father.

“He’s proud of you. He knows how hard you work.”

“He knows about your cancer, but he also knows about your recovery.”

“He knows how you put everyone else before yourself.”

“He knows Melissa’s death wasn’t your fault.”

“He knows you loved Emily.”

“He knows you risked your life for me 1000x and more.”

“He knows you like baseball.”

“He knows you steal my fries when I’m not looking.”

“He knows you like foot massages after a long day.”

“He knows this baby means the world to you, to us.”

“He knows you’re scared, but he’s not going to leave your side, he never has.”

Her hands stop moving through his hair and she shifts her body lower to face him. She presses her tear-soaked swollen lips to his and whispers thank you across them. When she pulls away, he draws the comforter over them and she rests her head on his chest as his fingers begin to run through her hair - like she had just done to his.

The room grew quiet as they lay there intertwined, thinking about Mulder’s last statement. He broke the silence.

“He also knows you forgot to feed my fish last week and that’s why Flipper died.”

Scully laughed into his chest, “For some reason, I don’t think a man named Ahab is too upset about a dead fish.”

Mulder chuckled and tightened his grip on her, asking in a serious tone, “Scully?”


“Do you think Flipper knows?”

Scully smiled and kissed his chest, “Good night, Mulder.”

Rupaul's Drag Race All Stars 2: Family that Drags Together

I honestly don’t know where to start, you can stop reading now if you haven’t seen this fucking episode.

For the first time I am not boiling with rage and I’ll explain myself at the end.

1) Katya and Detox were the top two of the week and I was so happy for them.

2) Detox saving Roxxxy’s ass for the fifth time was completely insane but it showed that Rolaskatox was definitely alive and that they didn’t played fair. Detox’s chances of winning went down the drain with her decision tonight. 👋🏼 We’ve had it, officially.

3) Alyssa was sent home. She acted like a PROFESSIONAL and she was so sweet at her elimination speech. Her storyline in this episode made me cry and I couldn’t believe that Detox did not take it into consideration. Alyssa your fan base got you babe, we know who deserved to be in the top 3. You are amazing, funny and talented. You have CUNT written all over you and more. Always and forever! 💕

4) I don’t really blame Roxxxy for anything. She is so beautiful and she shouldn’t receive any hate. She definitely had her redemption and I’m glad to say I’m her fan now. It doesn’t mean that I don’t think she should’ve been eliminated long time ago.

5) Alaska’s behavior really surprised me and at the same time I’m glad she showed her true colors because THERES NO WAY I am rooting for her now. Bieeeeeeeee! 👋🏼

We all now that Alaska, Detox and Katya are going to be the top 3 of all stars, now there is nothing else for me to do but to be…


Tweet it, hashtag tag it, write about it on your blog if you are TEAM KATYA. Show your support and don’t let Alaska take that crown after all this bullshit.

If Katya wins I hope Alaska takes off her wig and shoes at the finale.