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I really want to get tattoos but I have a lot of anxiety when it comes to my body. Do tattoo artists judge much?

Nope. From every artist I’ve been around, not just me, when you’re client is in the chair they’re canvas and it’s totally clinical. The tattoo artist’s goal is to get the work done and typically make you feel at ease, we’re definitely not going to judge someone’s appearance.


So ,,,, Otayuri Beauty & the Beast AU ,,,, I really have no way to make sense of this since the Beast suits Yurio more, but…I really just wanted to draw Yuri being impressed when he sees Beka in beast form lmao

rewatched part of sdc today with a friend and doodled some highschool boys

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alright, i gotta know just how embarrassed everyone is if MC catches them indulging in a little self-pleasure~



- omfg when you walk in, he’s so embarrassed!!!!
- his face is all red  and he’s try to pull his pants up and hE’S KNOCKING EVERYTHING OVER
- you’re just kinda standing there like “it’s totally normal for humans to do this??? It’s totally cool dude”
- but then you glance over at his phone and you figure out why he’s probably freaking out
- MC why are you surprised you’re his significant other???
- bruh now you’re extremely embarrassed
- you’re both these cute little blushing balls (sounds kinda dirty)
- you compose yourself though and say “why do you need to look at a picture of me when you have the real thing right here?”
- you give him a little wink before you saunter over to him
- you know how this ends ;;)))
- you and Jaehee have very clashing schedules, so you’re usually super lucky to have two weeks a night to yourselves???
- so it was kinda normal for her to indulge in a bit of self pleasure without u jaehee aint waiting for nobody on this sex train
- but when you come home because your boss gave the day off???
- oh god she’s so horrified
- you already knew she did this but to be caught in the middle of it???
- but nobody can stop Jaehee when she’s turned on
- so on the inside while she’s mortified, she looks so calm and collected on the outside
- “Oh, you’re finally home, MC, I’ve been waiting for you~”
- and oh my god you’re so embarrassed and you just start blushing right away
- She slips her shirt off and you just kEEP STARING
- You can’t move she’s too hot she’s gonna kill you
- You almost pass out, this is gonna be a very good night
- okay well we know how noble and overdramatic this boy is
- so when you catch him, he’s not only really embarrassed
- he is terribly disgusted with himself???
-It’s okay honey 626 will forgive u if u cut ur rat tail off
- and while he’s apologizing, you’re kinda thinking “wow he looks really good on his knees? It’s kinda hot???”
- “Hey Zen, take my pants off”
- “..what?”
- “If you’re going to apologize, I’d prefer you do it with your tongue”
- Dom MC gives me life ;;)))
- honestly this is no biggie for him
- like you walk in on him and he just stares at you expectantly
- “I’m not gonna stop, you can either join or leave”
- “I’d prefer if you got on your knees tho” wiNK WONK
- it’s a start to a very hot night tho ;)))
- he’s insanely embarrassed but he’s gonna try to be smooth like jumin
- he doesn’t want you to realize how embarrassed he actually is
- He gives you the Flynn Rider smolder
- “You’re going to help me, MC”
- you just kinda stare at him like ??? bruh you am tired u do nOT HAVE THE TIME
- “Nah I’m gonna leave bye”
- omfg you thought Yoosung was embarrassed??? Saeran’s reaction makes Yoosung look like a Daddy
- his whole face turns red
- he’s still trying to find himself sexually and he doesn’t want you to judge him???
- you just quietly put down the cookies you baked for him and say “Hey, it’s okay, I’m definitely not gonna judge, I do it too”
- you don’t want him to feel bad about it and you definitely don’t want him to feel pressured <3
- you totally don’t think about him later that night, nope, didn’t happen
- you would think that V of all people would be embarrassed, like he’d probably pull a Zen and get on in his knees for forgiveness
- but nah
- he’s much more smooth than you would think
- “would you like to join, MC?”
- you’re just stuttering and blushing and you trIP
- this anime boi picks u up princess style and carries u to ur bed

Decided to binge-watch all of Underverse so far and it’s even more magical than I remembered it being :’) I still get that hyped-want-to-scream feeling in my chest with every episode :D Definitely want to draw something for the Underversary, just not sure what yet…

Hawaii - Jimin

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Parts; Masterlist, One, Two, Three

Pairing; Jimin x Reader

Genre; Romance, Fluff

Word count; 2.736

“Ya JK, open the door!!” you heard someone yell whilst pounding on your door. You were startled as you were already asleep and as you moved to grab your phone you were getting angry because it was in the middle of the night and after the jetlag you suffered from flying from Europe to Hawaii, you finally fell asleep at a normal time but now there was a lunatic pounding down the door, yelling for someone named JK.

It wasn’t till you were fully awake that you saw your friend Mina hyperventilating, this was something new but as the guy kept yelling JK, she went completely crazy. “Why aren’t you opening the door?” you asked with a husky voice but she just waved me off, which made you get out of bed to open the door yourself, this was going to be interesting because if that person thought you were going to let him off easily, he was dead wrong. “YA KOOKIE OPEN UP!!” his voice was getting louder so you quickly put on your silk robe and open the door. “SHUT UP WILL YOU!” you yelled back but when you saw the person in front of you, you immediately wished you hadn’t said anything because it was the most handsome guy ever and there you stood yelling at him, he was also in shock that was a certain thing “That’s Jimin from bts.” you heard Mina choke out.

“Where is JK?” Jimin pushed you aside and walked into the room, he was reeking of alcohol and he must really be drunk. “There is no JK here, you have the wrong room.” you tried but he had already taken up the bed and after a few seconds, a soft snore came from him. “What the?” you were feeling shocked that was for certain and Mina just kept watching Jimin and who could really blame her, as he was beautiful even whilst being drunk. “Mina? You said he is Jimin from Bts right?”

“Ye, Park Jimin, you know who he is, I’ve shown pictures of him.”

“I know who he is but I’m not wearing my glasses and it’s night, you know my vision isn’t that clear, the only thing I can see is that he is really handsome.” you said apologetic and she nodded without looking away from a sleeping Jimin, this was going to be super awkward in the morning, you needed to find the guys or a manager to get him out of here. You grabbed a bra and sweats and a shirt and put on your glasses, so you were at least a bit presentable. “Mina please look over Jimin and don’t take pictures, I am going to look for someone of the Bts team.” you took the room key and went to look for someone you would recognize. After having no luck, you went up to the reception and asked if they could call someone from Bts’s team to meet me in the lobby and at first they denied that there was even someone from Bts and you actually had to tell them about Jimin and the fact that he was sleeping in your room. You quickly texted Mina to tell her to make a picture and send it to me, just to prove it to the receptionist and when she saw the picture of a sleeping Jimin, she immediately called one of the rooms and not long after a guy with glasses came walking up to you followed by none other than J-Hope and JungKook, now that you were wearing your glasses you recognized them right away.

You put up your hand to signal them and J-Hope was the first one that spotted you and he nudged the other guys. “Are you Y/N?” you nodded and bowed quickly. “Why is Jimin in your room?”

“I really don’t know but he was pounding down the door, calling for JK.”  Jk and J-Hope exchanged a certain look, which looked a bit like panic. “Look he is really drunk and he just passed out in my bed and I just thought you guys should go and get him.”

“Did you take any pictures?”

“Ani, we didn’t. We do respect your privacy.”

“Is it okay if you let him sleep in your room for just tonight, I know it’s weird but he has been down and hasn’t been sleeping, so if he is finally sleeping then we should really let him sleep.” they sounded apologetic and as they look at you with their puppy eyes, you couldn’t say no but you couldn’t help but sigh at this because how in the world were you going to get some rest. “Sure, does he need to be somewhere at a certain time later today?”

“Ye, he needs to be at the beach at 9 am.” of course he did, this was going to be a real bitch because it meant you had to be dressed and showered way before 9 am. “Okay, I will make sure he is at the beach on time, I’m sorry for waking you guys.”

“That’s okay, thank you for telling us, we were a bit worried when he didn’t come to his room.”

“Then I will go back, good night.” you bowed and started to walk towards the elevator when you got stopped by their manager. “I really don’t want to be rude but can we see your phone tomorrow?” You were happy he didn’t want to see your phone right now because there was a picture of Jimin sleeping like a baby on your phone. “Of course but really we won’t make any pictures of videos, that’s really disrespectful.” they nodded and bowed, which you took as your cue to walk away but before you returned to your room you asked for a few bottles of water, just in case Jimin woke up really thirsty. It also was a good thing that you brought painkillers. The minute you opened the door you couldn’t help but laugh at what was in front of you, Mina still sat the same way as you left her completely mesmerized by Jimin. “Ya Mina, get off the floor.” she turned and the look in her eyes told me she was completely smitten but somehow you couldn’t help but get a bit defensive about this.
“You are really being rude right now, just go to sleep.” she threw you a glance that told you to die right there but it was so funny you couldn’t help but giggle at this. She did get up and almost crawled in the same bed as Jimin, you quickly pulled her back by her shirt and pushed her on her own bed. “Are you crazy, you can’t sleep in the same bed as Jimin.”

“Ah why?!” she was actually whining in a low voice which made this situation even funnier “Just go to sleep and don’t bother him.” she groaned and whined for a bit but eventually she grew quiet and not long after her soft snores were heard. This made you relax a bit but you still couldn’t sleep so you put the water on the nightstand with two painkillers in a cup next to it, you couldn’t help but be drawn to the sleeping Jimin, his hair had fallen in front of his face and you couldn’t help but brush it away, next thing you know he grabs your hand and pulled you next to him, he actually pulled you into him, which would be really sweet if you would be dating but now it was way too intimate and you tried to get loose, which worked after a few tries, luckily he didn’t wake up but the thing that happened was that you just lost your heart to the sleeping boy.

Not knowing what to do, you grabbed your laptop and decided to watch a movie, you did set the alarm just in case you fell asleep. You took a seat on the chair which was in front of the window and you made yourself cozy, you did fall asleep but woke up by the sunlight, which was the best way ever to wake up. You stretched but stopped when you felt eyes on you and as you quickly sat up your eyes locked with Jimin’s and to say he looked confused and hungover as hell was an understatement. “How are you feeling?” you wanted to get a bit closer but he stopped me with just his hand. “Who are you?”

“Ah I’m Y/N, you were a bit drunk last night and were looking for JungKook.” you quickly explained but he started to look suspicious. “Why would I come here?”

“I don’t know but you were convinced that this was the right room and before we could stop you, you already crawled on my bed and fell asleep.”

“Why didn’t you wake me up?”

“We tried but you were fast asleep but I did contact your manager and told him that you were here and they told me to just let you sleep, so that’s what we did.”

“You didn’t take pictures right?” you hesitated and he immediately held out his hand for your phone and without thinking you gave him your phone but you already had deleted the picture because that was what you promised. “You didn’t take pictures?” he sounded surprised, which made you a bit sad because that meant that there were actually sasaengs that made that kind of pictures, which was a complete violation of their privacy. “Well we did make one picture but that was just to prove you were in our room.”

“Who needed the prove?”

“Ah, the receptionist but after that, I deleted the picture.”

“Thank you so much.” you smiled at him and he let himself fall back on the bed with his arms over his head. “I’m so embarrassed right now.”

“Ah don’t be.” you sat down on the bed and started to spin the top from the water bottle “You should drink some water and I have some painkillers if you need it.” you handed him the water bottle and was a bit surprised when he sat up and moved so close to you, his arm was touching yours and just like last night you felt the same spark but this time you noticed that he felt it too as he froze up for just a second but he recovered really fast as he continued to grab the bottle from your hand. “I’m sorry to ask this but do you maybe have a spare toothbrush?” he asked after drinking the water and you nodded as you quickly got up and opened your suitcase, showing the spare toothbrush. He got up and disappeared into the bathroom. You followed him with your eyes but stopped when you locked eyes with an angry looking Mina, she was definitely judging you hard for being so close to Jimin and you quickly looked down at the ground out of embarrassment. “Really Y/N?”

“Whatever,” you mumbled as you got up from the bed. Jimin didn’t take a long time and you quickly walked into the bathroom and listened to him introducing himself to Mina. You got dressed real quick and decided to put on some shorts and a sleeveless shirt and you braided your hair loosely, your makeup was minimal as you probably ended up swimming anyway. “Mina you can take a shower now,” you called out and sure enough she joined you in the bathroom with a cloudy expression. “You can have him,” she mumbled embarrassed and you wondered what happened there but knowing Mina she probably tried to flirt with Jimin and he most likely turned her down in the nicest way possible.

You walked out of the room when you heard Him gasp and you immediately looked down to see if there was something wrong but nothing was wrong and you looked up and jump back a bit as he was right in front of you. “Oh, you scared me,” you said a bit out of breath but he was actually smiling at you. “You look beautiful.” you felt the blush on your face when he said that which made him chuckle in a low voice. “Ah before I forget this, you need to be at the beach at 9 am.” He looked at his phone and made a small noise when he saw the time. “I need to leave like now.” he was already running towards the door when he suddenly turned around and came back, he pulled you into his arms and gave you a tight hug followed by a kiss on the cheek. “Thank you for taking care of me, I left my number on your phone and I called my phone with it, I will text you okay?” you nodded against his shoulder and that’s when he let you go.

You let yourself fall on the nearest bed and put the pillow on top of your face and screamed in it, this was the first time you could express your enthusiasm for having one of the most handsome guys in your room and to have him hug you and kiss you on the cheek, what kind of dream is this?

“You’re not dreaming but you did steal the guy from me,” Mina said when she walked into the room and you couldn’t help but giggle at her sour tone. “I really want to say sorry but then again I don’t.” which made her snicker as well. “You’re so bad, warning me to stay away from him and there you are taking care of him.”

“I know, I know but I couldn’t help it, I was just really drawn to him.”

“Let’s go rent jet skis.” she suddenly yelled and you immediately were on board because that would be so badass “Let’s go1” we grabbed our bags and a few minutes later we were paying for jet skis and the minute we got on the water, there wasn’t a single thought about Jimin and we just had fun, falling into the water a few times, we were completely exhausted by the time we got back, it was almost evening, which was good because that meant the sun wasn’t that strong anymore, not that it was relevant because you had been on the water for the entire day and got a bit tanned. You two walked to one of the lounge chairs when you spotted Rap Monster approaching you together with Jimin and their manager.

“Y/N, you’re finally back on land, we watched you play as we needed to talk.” You were way too tired to talk about serious things but you couldn’t really escape it. “Sure.” They asked you to follow them and as you took a seat at the chosen restaurant they immediately out some documents in front of you. “These are Nondisclosure documents and I need you to sign these.” Their manager was really bold about this and you actually felt a bit angry as it was offending as if you would tell people about Jimin being drunk, the guys noticed the change in you and they immediately tried to explain the situation. “I get it, I will sign them but know that I’m really offended as ARMY.” You quickly put your name on the documents and stood up and without looking back you walked away but was stopped the minute someone pulled you back.

“I’m sorry but they insisted, I do trust you but it’s just standard procedures.” Jimin was visibly upset but you were angry enough to not fall for it. “Look I’m really tired as I didn’t have much sleep last night, so just drop it.” you tried to pull your arm free, which was fruitless as he was much stronger than you. “Please forgive me.”

“Why would you even care about if I forgive you, I’m just a nobody and you don’t really know me anyway, so let’s just pretend that we never met and just let me be ARMY from afar.”

“Ani, I really don’t want to forget you, I really don’t think I can forget you, to be honest.”

“Why not?”

“Because I like you and want to know you better.”

“As if you have time for that.”

“I never really had a girlfriend but I think you have to be my first so please have dinner with me tomorrow.”

Part 2

You are good enough.

You are loved.

Your worth cannot be defined by your sexuality.

Your future cannot be determined by the opinions of others.

Monitor (M)

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REQUESTED: Jinyoung Slytherin au

Reader (you) x Jinyoung

Word Count: 1868

Warnings: SMUT!!

note: requested by the lovely, @athreeyeardelayedarmy! I’m a huge potterhead so this request was fun to write haha! i hope you enjoy this one, my dear! happy reading and take care -admin

You were seated in the pitch, watching the Quidditch match between your house, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin. You watched as the brooms flied past you with a whoosh of wind blowing your hair to the side. Slytherin was winning and you were hoping that one of the seekers could catch the Golden Snitch to end the game so you could go back to your studies. And Slytherin’s seeker was on it.

Everyone knew who he was because of his reputation. He was the top in all of his classes, Slytherin’s best player on the Quidditch team and, known of his handsome looks. Throughout his first year and second year at Hogwarts, everyone knew him as Junior. Now, he has made himself clear that his name was Jinyoung. Your friends called him Prince Jinyoung because of how he was treated in class and in the hallways. Just the presence of him would make girls turn their heads just to look at his shining figure. You, on the other hand, ignored his attention to focus on your studies.

“Jinyoung’s going in for the Snitch!” You heard through the speakers. Gripping the Ravenclaw flag in hand, you watched as Jinyoung dived down with his bromm, his arm fully stretched and the Snitch right in front of him. Soon, the crowd next to you screamed their heads off, jumping up and down meaning that Slytherin had won the game. Your friends next to you let out a disappointed sigh you started to file out of the pitch.

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Got7 reaction to you falling asleep on another member’s arm

JB would be mad, but try not to let it show. He would judge you from a far, mumbling to himself how you were his girlfriend and not someone else’s.

“If you want to cuddle… you should just ask me Y/N, your boyfriend.”

I feel like Mark would either be totally cool with it or very jealous but not wanting to show it to anyone. He would walk over and poke your cheeks until you woke up and he would wrap your arms around him so you could still sleep, just on his arm instead.

“Yeah… that’s not happening.” *wakes you* “Sleep on my arm, jagiya.”

Jackson would be the biggest drama queen about it. He would immediately walk over and scold the other member as well as pick you up and put you down as far away from them as possible. When you would ask what is wrong he would make it very clear to you that you are HIS girlfriend and not anyone else’s.

“Y/N, you are MY girlfriend. You can not just sleep on whoever you want to. You are mine, so you should sleep on me.”

Since he is more calm and collected, I feel like he would be very cool about it and just let you sleep, but he would definitely be judging you hard. He would maybe give the other member a glare before continuing what he was doing.

*death glare to the other member*

Our sunshine would probably be okay with it or let you sleep either way. But if he was to wake you up, he would probably wake you gently and tell you he’d want you to sleep on his arm instead.

This gif doesn’t have any relevance, it’s just amazingly adorable.
“Jagiya, can you sleep on me? My arm is cold anyway.”

Bammy would annoy you until you woke up and then give you a kiss to show you that he wanted your attention. When you were awake, he would probably sit you back down, letting you rest your head on his lap while playing with your hair.

“Y/N … Y/N-ah … wake up … I want to play with youuuu—”

Gyomie would get really teasing about it to the point where you would avoid falling asleep on any other members altogether. He would pinch your cheeks and say you two look cute together. He would do it to play with you but also to hide his jealousy.

You: “What are you doing?”
“I ship it. You two look so cute together.” You: “Stop.” “So cute”

I don’t own any of the gifs unless stated otherwise.


Atlus may have not shown him much in game but

RememberGoro2k16, he was the one who brought us news (the real mvp)

Hamilton High School AU!

A/N: I’m so excited for this! With every person’s headcanon there’s a little something about me too!

Request: no one asked for this, but did that stop me from writing it? No

Let’s start with Aaron because he is me

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Could you do some some headcanons for Sasuke, Deidara and Kisame how they would take care of their s/o who has her period and has strog pain? (Could you also do Naruto if you don't mind?) I'm in so much pain right now 😭 stupid Period!

I didn’t do Naruto because the rules specify that it’s only 3 characters per request for headcanons.


♦ Initially, Sasuke would be totally clueless about it. He’d notice that you were in pain, but as the cause wouldn’t be apparent, he’d confusedly stare at you for a few minutes before stepping in to ask you what’s wrong.

♦ When you’d tell him it’s period cramps, he’d let out an awkward “oh” and pause again for a while before asking you if he can do anything to help.

♦ He would be very embarrassed if you asked him to stop at the drug store to buy tampons or pads, but he’d run to it if it were just for painkillers.

♦ I think he would be the kind of guy to be terrified of periods and therefore would become totally whipped during this time of the month to make sure you don’t hold it against him. Or burst into tears or a fit of anger. In other words, even if he’s not a cuddle person usually, if you asked him for cuddles he’d immediately do it, no questions asked, just because he wants to do anything in his power to make you feel better.

♦ This time of the month would probably remind Sasuke of the times he was sick or his parents were gone and Itachi had to care for him. He’d definitely try to act like Itachi did to him back then and cook too much food. He’d probably try to ask Sakura for advice if he’s feeling hopeless.


♦ Deidara would probably be grossed out by it to be honest. I’m pretty sure periods are a taboo subject with him and mentioning it is enough to make him run away. He would be the kind of guy to see you in pain and say “Come on, it can’t be that bad”. He just doesn’t get it.

♦ The most he’d ever do for you during this time of the month is bring you medicine or your heating pad, but only if you ask for it. It’ll never be a spontaneous thing on his part.

♦ He would also be very hesitant on touching you in any way by fear of making things worse. He’s convinced that you need as much space as possible during your period and that things like kissing or cuddling will just make the pain worse for some reason. Like I said, he has no idea how periods actually work, and he’s not interested in learning about it.

♦ Asking him to buy you tampons or pads is useless. He won’t do it. Ever. His masculinity is too fragile for that.

♦ Deidara would be completely against the idea of period sex. He’s not putting his dick or his hands anywhere near your vagina. Hell no.


♦ Kisame would be one of the chillest people when you would be on your period. Need tampons or pads ? No problem, he’s got it covered. Need your heating pad ? Look beside you, he put it there about 5 minutes ago.

♦ He would give you the best back rubs if you asked him to give you one. He doesn’t understand how periods work but he knows it puts you in a lot of pain so he’d do anything to make it more bearable for you.

♦ Kisame is a firm believer of “take care of your s/o during their period and you’ll be rewarded for your actions for the next 3 weeks”, so you can be sure he’d do pretty much whatever you want when you’re on your period just so he can get his reward when it’s over, if you know what I mean

♦ Kisame definitely wouldn’t judge you if you ever had any weird period cravings and would 100% follow you if you ever felt like going out to eat ramen at 3AM.

♦ If you told him having sex could help relieve your pain, you can be sure he’d do it. It’s just blood. He’s not grossed out by it at all.

the signs and why they're judging you
  • !!!!! NOTE: CHECK BOTH SUN AND RISING SIGNS; if you don't know your rising sign, find out @
  • aries: they do not always judge people, even though they might seem intimidating. if they're judging you, it's because you seemed opinionated or pretentious to them, or tried to be domineering.
  • taurus: since they may be opinionated, they can come across as super judgmental even when they're trying to be supportive of you. once they've grown accustomed to things, though, they don't judge you at all and are super chill with you.
  • gemini: if you seem boring/bland to them, or if you don't have a good sense of humour, they're definitely judging you. they also judge you if you're not open-minded enough; they like people with whom they can have a good debate, and with whom they can discuss their various ideas and perspectives.
  • cancer: they try their best to be non-judgmental, but they absolutely hate people who are nasty and cruel for no reason. so if they're judging you, it's because you came across as a generally negative or pessimistic person.
  • leo: they judge people who are unoriginal; they appreciate creativity, uniqueness and independence, so they hate people who blindly copy others. they also judge you if you waste too much of your time on insignificant or trivial issues.
  • virgo: they judge you if you're careless with your actions and words - that is, if you don't think before you speak/act. they also judge you if you're too disorganized, unprepared for important events or too laid-back. they admire people who work hard for their achievements and detest disorder.
  • libra: libras and libra risings are usually open-minded and friendly, so they don't judge you often. but if they are judging you, it's because you seemed too impulsive and rushed to make a decision too quickly without considering other options. they may also judge you if you're unfair or untruthful; they respect justice and honesty, and dislike being misled into thinking the wrong thing.
  • scorpio: they're judging you if you're fake, or try to pretend to be someone you're not; scorpios and scorpio risings don't like people who seem untrustworthy. because of that, they may also judge you if you seemed to share too much. they are usually secretive as a rule, so people who are too open seem unreliable or disloyal to them.
  • sagittarius: they're one of the least judgmental signs. if they're judging you (which is rare because it's likely that they don't care enough to judge you), it's because you were overbearing and tried to push them around OR because you were selfish and didn't allow them their independence.
  • capricorn: they're judging you because you seemed lazy, or weren't interested in doing anything productive. they're judging you even more because, on top of all that, you choose to spend your time on irrelevant gossip or other uninteresting things.
  • aquarius: often considered the least judgmental and most open-minded sign of the zodiac, aquarius and aquarius risings only judge you in very rare circumstances. firstly, they're 100% judging you if you tried to confine them to some sort of routine, or tried to take away their independence, or if you tried to force them to do something they don't want to do. they also judge you if you seemed egoistical - not proud, which is something they can admire, but egoistical and boastful.
  • pisces: they're judging you if you criticized or seemed to belittle someone's dreams, especially their own. they're also judging you if you tried to pressurize them into doing tedious, boring work, or if you forced them to come to terms with reality.

Punching a judge is definitely a bad idea, so what if-

Phoenix is present during an AU to Ace Attorney Investigations 2 and acts as the most passive-aggressive little shit to anybody who compares Miles to Manfred von Karma. No matter if they’re a fellow defense attorney, a former and physically imposing cop, a Interpol agent, or an influential judge - if they talk smack about Miles, without even caring to learn what it was like for him under the older von Karma prosecutor, they’re fair game.